Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: ozodiosuji@gmail.com (907) 310-8176


Ozodi Osuji

By the end of this present century, twenty first century, black persons would begin taking over control of this world. The takeover will take several hundred years, if not thousands of years before it is completed.

This is not a prediction but a statement of what is inevitably going to happen; by the end of the twenty first century Africans would have acquired the basics of scientific culture and would be ready to make civilizational moves; they would simply take over Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

This is because Africans are really morally a superior breed of humanity; they are also physically stronger than the other breeds of humanity but currently lack mental sophistication; when they acquire that sophistication through mass education, especially in the physical sciences they would be better equipped to rule the world.

Just as Africans left Africa about sixty thousand years ago and took over Europe, Asia and the rest of the world and displaced the less human creatures living in those lands they will do it again.

At present, those living in Europe and elsewhere are less morally developed human beings. As you watch American white folks and their uncaring nature, their inability to do what common sense requires people to do, such as give all their people publicly paid health insurance and publicly paid education through university (instead of doing the right thing they use statistics, the phony mathematics to rationalize not doing so; they tell you how expensive it is to do so while spending most of their country's moneys on manufacturing the weapons of death and selling those to third world dictators with which to kill their people) you recognize that they are not really completely human beings but pseudo human beings.

Listen, in my judgment, white Americans (I have lived with them since I left high school in Africa and came to America; I have lived with them longer than I have lived with Africans and ought to know them quite well) are not morally developed; they are stuck at near Neanderthal level of emotional and moral development; therefore, they must be replaced by a more morally advanced breed of human beings, Africans.

It does not mean that when Africans go to Europe, Asia and the Americas that they would kill off the morally inferior people already living there; no, just as in the past where they mixed with Neanderthals they will now mix with the non-Africans living wherever they go to and the resultant product of the race mixing would be a better breed of humanity.

One is not saying that the other races have no useful contributions to civilization.  Europeans have given the world science and technology and for that we all must thank them; as of today they are admittedly better at doing science and coming up with technological innovations.

Orientals, especially Hindus and Chinese have given the world useful metaphysics:  Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism etc. but other than that they have very poor interpersonal relationships.

Despite their useful musings on God, Hindus are probably the most racist human beings on earth; indeed, they organized their society in such a manner that black folks (called Dravidians) are placed at the bottom of society. Hindus use religion to rationalize the oppression of a group of human beings; Machiavelli could not have come up with a more pernicious means of oppressing and abusing a group of people. Simply put, despite their useful religions Asians are not sufficiently morally developed to be role models for mankind.

Contemporary Africans are not angels. All you need to do is observe African leaders self-centeredness, their carting the moneys that they could have devoted to bettering the lot of their people to their private pockets.

Moreover, Africans do not seem to know anything about leadership and management.

In several writings, I pointed out that Africans are inherently a loving people but at the present are a primitive people; they are primitive in their science, technology, governance and business practices. They are trying to catch up with the West and in the process resort to uncaring behaviors (even when they steal money, having used it to gratify their craziness to seem very important persons, they spend it on their people!).

At root Africans practice the Biblical injunction for human beings to be their brothers' keepers more than other members of the human race.

Africans are decidedly a more morally developed people. Civilization moves from lower to higher and higher levels of moral development, not backwards.

In as much as Africans are more morally refined they are at the apogee of contemporary human development.

At their best, human beings transcend their individual egos and do what serves the common good, what Alfred Adler called serving social interests.

The above observations are not based on self-serving prejudice but on pure empiricism; the black race is a morally superior race but unfortunately is very primitive. However, as they acquire the rudiments of science and technology, civilization they would have no competition from the other races of mankind; they will literally walk into Europe and take it over.

Europeans cannot really fight with Africans for they are too degenerate to be able to do so. What will happen is that the white race will take cowardly refuge in homosexuality and kill themselves off from the diseases that emanate from that bestial behavior. (This is not a politically correct thing to say; in our age we are supposed to close our eyes to stupid behaviors so that we do not offend those who engage in stupid behaviors. Nevertheless, truth must be said regardless of who is hurt.)

Africans really do not have to do anything to conquer Europe; all they need to do is build schools and give their people mass education through university and by the end of this century they will produce a critical mass of educated and sophisticated people. With sophisticated people they will find that the other races cannot compete with them.

Africans do not have to say or do anything about other people; they do not have to worry about other people's motivations (you cannot know what other people are thinking for you are not a mind reader); all they have to do is do what they believe is right: love all people and leave Europeans to specialize in exploiting and oppressing people; the oppressed   always have the last laugh.

If you speculate about what is in other people's minds your conclusions are mere conjectures and not facts; let facts speak for themselves. The facts are that white folks are less moral human beings; by white folks I include Arabs and the Semitic races, Hindus etc.

In the meantime, we must consciously train Africans in leadership and management and help them learn how to organize their societies; a well-organized social democratic Africa (with mixed capitalist and socialist economy) will take over the world and transform it to a better world.


My perception of the American people and their society is that America is really not a human society but an organization of anti-social personalities, thugs and thieves using the law to rob the poor and using their goon squads called the police and military to keep the poor oppressed.

Americans are organized thugs; America is an empire of thieves; America is a criminal based civilization; it has to be changed.

America must be replaced with a loving civilization where folks finally answer Caine's question to God: am I my brother's keeper with a resounding yes.

We are each other's keepers and helpers. A human being must transcend his ego selfishness and serve public good to have attained the fullest human potential. When he does so he knows peace and joy, bliss; he is now at the gate of heaven, waiting for other people to developmentally reach where he is at before we all reenter heaven.

We all left heaven at the same time and will return to it at the same time; those who have attained higher levels of spiritual development help those still caught at animal levels to reach where they are at.

Heaven is not a place; heaven is a state of mind; it is the awareness of our oneness, our eternal state of union; it is a formless state, an eternal, permanent and changeless knowledge of our interconnectedness and oneness; that knowledge is followed with total caring for all people for one knows that all people share one self and one mind: the self and mind of God. (God is not a person apart from us; he is the consciousness that we all share).

Our true home is in heaven (oneness); we decided to separate from it and invented space, time and matter and now seem to live in them.

We have actually not left oneness, heaven, aka God; we are still in the state of oneness but while in it cast a magical spell on us and seem to be sleeping and dreaming that we live in  a universe that is the opposite of oneness.

The galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals and the entire physical universe of energy and matter was invented to produce  the 92 elements that exist in nature and with 64 of those our animal and plant bodies are made.

The same elements in human beings' bodies are in animals, plants and rocks and in in stars and everything.

The goal is for us to use those elements to produce animals that live in flesh and have them seem to think through flesh, their brains and come to understand their selves and the universe they made.

People came into being in bodies with the goal of understanding the universe of bodies they made. When they have completely understood how the physical universe is put together and use science and technology to manipulate it, for example, travel at the speed of light (186, 000 miles per second) and, ultimately, travel instantaneously (experiments on the non-locality of entangled particles show that that is already happening at the microscopic part of nature), when they have completely understood their universe they would end it.

In the future, we shall  scramble the whole physical universe of space, time and matter , momentarily awaken in heaven and thereafter go back to another sleep and in that sleep try to understand our new universe and when we have, in billions of years, done so we awaken and repeat the pattern.

This process has been going on forever and ever; it is what the children of God do to amuse themselves and give themselves a feeling that they are doing something worthwhile.

When you are doing science and technology you feel like you are engaged in a critically important work but when you awaken in God you know that you did nothing; you know that you are part of an already existing all-knowing self and did not have to struggle to know anything for you already know everything. By playing ignorant by the sleep of self-forgetfulness and dreaming you feel like you are doing important work.


The American basic premise that people are competitive and that each of them is out to win and have others lose is wrong; at root people are cooperative, loving and caring; people are by nature creatures that would like to work for each other's social interests.

However, in the here and now obviously people are competitive and few win and the many lose. This is due to the aspect of people that society currently accentuates, their evil side; people chose to ignore the good side of them.

The American polity is based on a faulty perception of the nature of people and therefore produces the sick and warped people that we call Americans. The American constitution simply has to be rewritten to accentuate people's caring nature.

The basic structure: Congress, President and Judiciary may remain the same but their functions have to be reconfigured; they have to be charged with the mission of propagating love and caring among the people.

I do not expect Americans to make this change for I believe that Americans are in personality structures mostly narcissists, sociopaths and amoral; I do not expect anti-social personalities to behave like loving and caring persons.

Americans perverted the very teaching of Jesus Christ that in the parable of the Good Samaritan delineated who is a Christian: a caring person, to mean that a Christian is a person who oppresses other people and does not care for the welfare of the people around him.

It is left for a different type of people and society, a society predicated on the African world view of seeing people as part of us to bring about the changes that mankind is yearning for.


In sum, human beings are moving to higher and higher levels of moral evolution. Africans carry the germ of higher morality; they will, by the next century, begin taking over the entire world and showing the people in the world what it means to care for all of us.

This is the next phase of human evolution; it is the African phase of civilization, the African centuries. People began in Africa and Africans will teach all people what living fully as human beings is: loving and caring for all people.

If you abuse, oppress and exploit people you are not quite a human being yet; you are a mere animal. Africans are the most human people on planet earth. They are so because they have a moral sense and understanding that what you do to other people you do to yourself, for you and other people are intrinsically intertwined.

Love and care for people and you love you; hate people and you hate you.

Ozodi Osuji

March 28, 2017



Ozodi Osuji

If one completely lets go of ones ego one would exit from this world; this is what forgiveness accomplishes; if you forgive what is done to you by other people  you overlook the reality of this world, the attack and defense reality of the world and become defenseless.

If you are defenseless (forgiving) you escape from this world of attack and defense and first return to the awareness of a different world, the world of light forms and, ultimately, to the formless world of light (God, and his heaven).

But if you want to live in this world of separation, space and time you must retain your ego of separation; what you can do is transform it to ego of love; here, you use your ego to love you (including your body although the body is designed to separate from other selves); you now use your ego to love other egos in bodies.   Your ego becomes ego of love, an ego used to unify with all people instead of ego of separation and hate that the ego was designed to be (the ego and body are means of separating from God, the whole, and from other people, parts of the whole).

This means that you do not forgive this world totally, you do not overcome the world totally; you are still defensive, your immune system still attacks and kills germs trying to attack and eat your body; you still kill animals and vegetables and eat them. But as much as is possible you use your ego to love other egos in bodies.

If you do so you attain relative peace and happiness, not the perfect peace and happiness of heaven (egoless unified state).

If you have learned to love you and other people then you can teach other people to transform their egos to egos of love; you do not make them love for only they will decide to love and obtain relative peace and joy; your job is to love you and people and teach them love by modeling love but not to make them love.

My conclusion is actually Ramakrishna's conclusion; he, too, taught transforming the ego of hate to the ego of love (see the Gospel of Ramakrishna by M and the writings of Vivekananda). Bahaullah, too, wanted to make his followers, Baha'is, loving egos but not awaken them to their truth as the formless children of God; he wanted to give them what he called the lesser peace outside the gate of heaven but not the perfect peace of heaven, for heaven requires egolessness and formlessness.

Many people will still choose to retain their ego of hate and not transform it to ego of love; it is not for you to worry about what they do.

Your leadership function is to understand that love is good for you and people and live love and establish an organization to teach ego of love. Your management function is to manage the business organization committed to teaching love in this world. This is because you are in the world, not outside it, yet.

In the world of egos you need leadership and management but if you are outside the world of space, time and matter, in the world of light forms and or in the state of pure light you do not need leadership and management.

Africans, as they are currently constituted have egos of hate and separation; it would take centuries before they learn the ego of love.

Europeans actually would learn the ego of love quicker than Africans.

Hindus, for all their talk of God, are as discriminatory as other human beings hence are as hateful as other people hence separate from other people and need to learn about the ego of love before they forgive their egos and attain the Samadhi (egoless state) that they talk about in their religion.

Ozodi Osuii

March 26, 2017

Saturday, 25 March 2017 17:07

Ending ones unhealthy neurotic dances

From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal:



All my life, I have lived with constant stomach upset; that stomach pain is registered on my face; my face looks strained and has been that way all my life, this is no longer acceptable to me.

Sadly, this situation is so while I study and talk spirituality; apparently, spirituality does not help me straighten out my bodily issues.

Those who talk spirituality invariably die from the bodily issues they have and neglected to pay attention to. Jane Roberts, Helen Schucman, Kenneth Warpnick, Wayne Dyer, Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha all died from physical issues.

Apparently, religion and spirituality is escape from physical reality.  Religions, Spirituality and their God do not heal any one's physical issues. Therefore, one should not look to them to heal one's physical issues; one should look to science and medical technology. Spirituality heals the mind not necessarily the body.


I have not lived a day without ego and its fear hence have not practiced spirituality, if spirituality means living without ego and fear; the same goes for Helen, Kenneth, Jane, Rufus and others who claim to be spiritual persons; we all have egos hence have pride and fear.

If one has not transcended ones ego why then does one expect to be healed if healing means transcending the ego?


If you are not in ego you are out of this world, for this world is a place of ego.  You will not even see this world if you awaken to your true state as the son of God.

You may identify with the Holy Spirit and see this world but know it as a nonsensical dream and ignore it.


You, the son of God, are not the ego or Holy Spirit but can identify with either and live as such. Right now we, in the world of egos, identify with the ego and live as ego; we can also identify as the Holy Spirit and live as such, and see this world and overlook it.

If you live as the Holy Spirit and Christ you reclaim the power of God and can heal the minds  of those who asked to be healed by you, not those who did not ask you to heal them, for the sons of God have a right to be in hell, in ego, if they so choose.


People want to experience whatever you did to them, good or bad, and what you will do to them in the future; you also wanted to experience whatever people did to you in the past or will do to you in the future. However, that does not mean that you should do bad things to people; you may decide not to do to them what their ego personalities called on you to do to them.

All the women that I have dealt with in my entire life asked to experience my treatment of them but I could have chosen to overlook their call to experience victimized ego status (women attack men and then act as if they are victims should you counter attack them) and love them, not ego love but spiritual love.

The point is that one should not go about feeling guilty for what one did to people in the past but from now onwards should overlook what other people as egos ask one to do to them and simply be a passive figure in their dreams that they are egos and want to experience attacks by attacking each other (they will not attack one if one has transcended the ego).




If you are healed you have let go of your ego and no longer behave from the ego; you now live in peace and joy.

If you have not let go of your ego you are unhealed and therefore cannot heal another person, for to heal him is to get him to let go of his ego; if you retain your ego you are an unhealed healer and cannot get another person to let go of his ego.


Psychotherapists retain their egos and therefore are not healed; they cannot heal other people by getting them to let go of their egos.

So-called ministers of God retain their egos and therefore cannot heal other people by getting them to let go of their egos.

Only those who have let go of their egos can get other people to let go of their egos hence heal them.

In this world there is no one who has completely let go of his ego so there is no healed person in the extant world; therefore, there is no healer in the world today.


The other day, my girlfriend of three years (apparently, she has come into money, we are talking real money, millions) inadvertently, told me that she is looking for a house, in the state where she lives, to buy. She told me this in passing, as an afterthought for she had been out with a girlfriend looking at houses.  She called me in the evening and I asked her what she has been doing with herself and she told me that she has been house hunting.  Apparently, she did not need my input into her decision making.

What this means is that she does not value my input into her behavior; it means that she does not respect or even love me.

Question: should she love and respect me and consult me before she does anything? The answer is no.

By the same token, I do not have to love or respect her or consult her before I do anything.  In this world the truth is that as one does to other people they inevitably do to one; she does not value my input and I do not have to value her input in doing anything.

My business is to overlook her behavior and not allow it to bother me; I leave her to dance her loveless dance and still see herself as a victim of men whereas she asks for the way she is treated cavalierly by men by not respecting them.

In my entire life I have never asked any human being, not even my parents for financial help and am not about to start doing so now. So, if it got into her head that I may ask her for money she is badly misinformed.

I must now let her go, for one should not be around a disrespectful woman. This is not an issue of power and control for I do not control anyone; I simply will not be around a person who disregards me in making critical decisions that supposedly affect me. If you are in a situation where you are not consulted before major decisions are made it damages your self-esteem and self-confidence, so I must pack it up and move on.  I will no longer pick up her phone calls. I end our unhealthy neurotic dance.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 25, 2017


Friday, 24 March 2017 15:12

Live your own independent point of view


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Here are some truths that cannot be denied; if you look at Africans they seem uneducated and ill informed; they seem to be living in a different century, may be in the thirteenth century (before the age of discovery and science); their views are simply not up to par with what you would expect in people living in the twenty first century who are educated in the scientific method and are up to snuff on modern science.

Many Africans talk in religious terms (Christianity and Islam) that, at best, seem primitive and magical religions; you are motivated to see them as primitive folk and avoid them.

Simply put, one, if rational, is motivated not to respect Africans points of views; one is motivated to dismiss Africans as not relevant for one in rational discourse. Honestly, one cannot respect typical Africans because their views seem superstitious and silly.

If you look at white folks, especially white Americans what you see are ill-educated people; they seem to be silly in their views; despite living in  the most scientifically advanced country in the world their individual  views are usually uneducated; in fact, most of them sound stupid. Thus, you cannot honestly respect individual Americans points of views and you dismiss them and move away from them.

If you look at the white American government, such as Donald Trump's government what you see is craziness; the government of America appears run by idiots; the government certainly does not seem to be governing on behalf of the people but on behalf of the few rich folks in the country.

What seems rational is for the American government to give all Americans publicly paid health insurance and give all Americans publicly paid education through university.

American legislators and leaders in general still debate whether their people need health insurance or not. While they are having such silly debates they are shifting the tax payers' moneys to military and other areas that serve the wealthy contractors supplying the military with means of killing people.

The American government, to put it honestly, does not deserve respect; in fact, it is contemptible. I do not see how a rational person with integrity can respect the American government (to some extent the same goes for the other western governments).

As for non-Western governments, such as the Muslim governments in the Middle East, those are honestly sub human governments; no rational person can respect them.

So, what should you do? What the individual should do is seek the truth as he sees it; seek and come up with your truth and live it.

One should not live in accordance with what other people tell one are the truth but only what one concluded is the truth.  You must live your truth if you want to have integrity and self-respect.

Therefore, sit down and write down what you believe is the truth for you and live it. You should not seek approval of that truth from other people; nor should you try to approve other people's truth; you leave other people to live their own self derived truth.

You may identify people who seem to be living your truth. In US politics the only politician that lives the truth as I see it is Senator Bernie Sanders, the self-styled democratic socialist. He advocates publicly paid health insurance for all Americans and publicly paid education for all Americans through university.   I like what he represents although I do not call myself a socialist; I accept aspects of capitalism and aspects of socialism to form a mixed economy; I am a mixed economist.  My own independent thinking leads me to reach my politics and there I stand and will not budge.

Bernie Sanders is apparently a pacifist; he does not want to use the military to go after Muslim terrorists; I disagree with him; I want us to go after the Muslim terrorists and cut off their heads wherever they are in this world.

In fact, I want us to stamp out Islam for it is not a religion; it is a political ideology used for enslaving people to worshiping Mohammed.

I tolerate Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism as useful mythologies that help people to live peacefully with one another but if you ask my choice it is to do away with all religions and replace them with a rational approach to phenomena, what I call scientific culture.

Finally, you have to take back control of your life and live it well; you should not engage in self destructive behaviors such as eat too much and get fat ( my weight when I was twenty five was 145 lbs. but lately I found myself weighing considerably more than that so I decided that it is time to take back my life and went on starvation and did not eat for weeks and reduced my weight to under 150 lbs. and will keep it there even if it means not eating at all; I got into self-destructive habits of eating too much due to laziness and despair).

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 23, 2017


Friday, 24 March 2017 08:06

Accident or Determinism


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

This morning I woke and out of nowhere it occurred to me that since the Nigerian state has kept Nnamdi Kanu in detention for an extended period of time and, apparently, plan to keep him there much longer and there is nothing that he can do to get out, I decided to write to him a letter urging him to use his time in prison to write a book delineating what his Biafra struggle is all about. Moreover, it would help him kill time if he did that writing. I also suggested to him that other people who were jailed had taken the opportunity to write about their experiences and or philosophies and have other people edit them and thus tell the world what they stand for. Finally, I urged him to read the Russian writer, Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago and Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf as a way of killing time and learning from them.

This evening, bored I tried to find something to watch on TV that is not the usual American TV faire of escape and trivia. I did TV surfing and lighted on channel 63 (Newsmax TV) and lo and behold they are showing Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the writing of the Gulag Archipelago. Naturally, I am watching it (as I am typing this piece at 11: 30).

Is this a coincidence, serendipity or influenced by a higher part of my mind? If you are an atheist, of course, you would say that it is pure accident but if you are a believer in spirituality you would probably say that it is due to a higher part of my mind, spirit and that that part of me, made me do what I do.

Let it be said that generally I do not care that much about Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu but lately he has been in my mind, for I believe that he has been detained for too long, he ought to be tried and if found guilty imprisoned and if not released but not just held for over two years.  His detention, to me, seems unfair.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you the type of life that I find myself living: I would be thinking of something and it occurs and so on.  You make of this type of life what you like. (Below is my little piece to and on Nnamdi Kanu this morning; it was posted at some Nigerian Internet fora).

On Nnamdi Kanu

While in detention Nnamdi Kanu should take the opportunity to write a book on his vision for his Biafra. Many folks who were imprisoned have taken the opportunity to write books delineating their causes' philosophies, manifestos.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote the Gulag Archipelago* while in Siberian prison.  When Adolf Hitler was imprisoned in 1925 he wrote his manifesto, Mein Kampf, My struggle and had his friend, Hess edit it.

Kanu should write a book on what Biafra means to him and get one of his lieutenants to edit it for him and publish it; that way we get to know what this Biafra business is all about.

Moreover, writing a book would give him something to do as well as sharpen his writing skills; he should not be all talk and just commit his ideas to writing.

Put your ideas down on paper if you want them to be known by other people and to posterity. A four hundred and fifty pages book on Biafra would do more to sell Biafra than merely having unemployed Igbo youths demonstrate for it and get shot to death by the Nigerian state.

Africans should stop being idle motor mouths and become writing people.

If you have access to Mr. Nnamdi Kanu please relay this message to him. Thank you.

While in prison Nnamdi Kanu could also while away his time by reading the Gulag Archipelago.

The Gulag Archipelago - Wikipedia

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The Gulag Archipelago. The Gulag Archipelago is a book by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn about the Soviet forced labor camp system. The three-volume book is a narrative relying on eyewitness testimony and primary research material, as well as the author's own experiences as a prisoner in a gulag labor camp.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 23, 2017

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

In youth we have pleasant illusions that we have it in us to change the world. With that desire in us we are motivated to accomplish great things. We go to school and obtain useful education. Thereafter, we secure jobs, marry and have children. We devote ourselves to trying to actualize our youthful desires.

Our youthful desires pretty much take us into our mid-thirties. Thereafter, one begins to realize that the world is not for one to change it and that despite ones ideals that the old world would remain as it was when one was born. The world's core does not change, although we make changes in its periphery.

In our forties the goals that had excited us in our youth die and most people begin to die a slow death.

Actually, all death is self-inflicted. People inflict death to themselves when they realize that their youthful ideas are not going to be realized. By their fifties people are eating too much, drinking too much and no longer exercising regularly  and generally do things that destroy their bodies. They get fat and bloated with protruding bellies (see a man with big belly see a walking dead man).

By age sixty many persons have given up on life and are now living shadows of their former selves; they are now ready to kick the bucket; they soon die from cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and stroke and other diseases caused by their bad habits.

The question is what to do when one experiences midlife crisis in ones fifties (now ones former  vigorous physical powers is almost gone and one is getting physically old and find it difficult to run a few miles without collapsing).

What you should do is rethink your youthful goals and come up with more realistic goals, not the idealism, illusions and delusions of youth.  You do not have to be despaired, desponded and depressed and give up; you can give yourself mature goals to live for during the rest of your life.  You do not have to overeat and get fat and look ugly.

So, what goals are realistic for you and excite you to action? Clearly, it cannot be the delusional goal of changing the world, for if you have not changed the world by age sixty you are not going to do so anymore; you simply do not have enough time left to do so, for, give and take you have no more than thirty useful years to live and that is not enough time to change the world.

According to Hinduism, folks over  sixty should have had their children trained and now have the time to ponder spiritual matters; thus, Hinduism says that folks in their sixties should now devote themselves to the search for God and see if there is God or not.

I began my search for God in my thirties and pretty much have concluded that I cannot use the intellect to discover whether there is God or not; science cannot help me understand whether there is God or not, either.  So, instead of making my life miserable seeking God I do what seems to me the next best thing: love me, love all people and forgive what can be forgiven and correct what can be corrected. I live love and teach love.

For the past two decades I have been engaged in philosophical and psychological writing. I have written enough books to make a difference in the world of ideas.

I did all these hiding in plain site; I propagated a new philosophy for mankind, one that says that God is unified state, and unified state is love so we must love one another, not as a moral issue but as a rational issue, for if we love one another we live in peace and enjoy some happiness in this impersonal and sorrowful world.

So, what are your own rethought mid-life goals for you?  Only you can determine it, my friend; no other person can do so for you. Good luck in that endeavor.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 23, 2017


Wednesday, 22 March 2017 19:34

Do not ever seek approval from other people


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

In childhood, I began out with a sense of deficit; I believed that there is something wrong with my body. I ended up asking other people to tell me that I am good enough.

I wanted to be like those that I perceived to be good so as to make me seem good. I wanted to attach me to those that seem good so as to feel good.

At school, I wanted to be like the children of the rich; in youth I wanted to be like the rich; in America I wanted to be like white folks.

Eventually, of course, I learned that the children of the rich are mostly garbage, the rich are mostly idiots (see Donald Trump the buffoon despite his billions of dollars) and white folks are mostly sociopaths).

So, where then do you go after you discover the nature of reality? You go to where you ought to have been all along: you accept yourself as you are in an unconditionally positive manner and have no desire to be like other people; you give up the sense that if you are this or that way other people will approve you.

You do not need to  have other people's approval and nobody needs your approval  to be who they are; you do not need to judge you or other people as good or bad; you just have to accept you and other people as they are.

You only concern yourself with other people if other people attempt to harm you; if they harm you thereafter you have every right to defend yourself and since the best defense is offense you attack and if needs be kill them (or if you so choose you forgive them and insist that they not harm you again, for forgiveness does not mean tolerating harmful behaviors from the forgiven).

Accept yourself as you are; do not make any efforts to approximate what you think that other people would like you to be before they accept you; you do not need other people's acceptance and they do not need your acceptance.

If you do so you have good mental health but if you insist that other people need to accept you then you are a neurotic.

Those you seek approval from are like you; we are all animals that live, die and rot and smell to high heaven so you do not need any such person's approval.

You may have medical and or biological deficits but that is your personal issues, not other people's issue; your medical deficit does not mean that there is something wrong with you. Just learn to deal with your issues without getting other people involved.

Whereas all over the world children call each other negative names and make fun of other children with physical deformities, certain primitive folks, such as Igbo adults, will call you put down names if they believe that you have physical deformities; what they do shows their uncivilized state so you do not have to worry about them; you overlook them as one overlooks savages; their infantile opinions do not matter.

If you are a black man you do not need the approval of white folks; you do not need the acceptance of slave masters and sociopaths; if it ever crosses your mind to get white folks approval stop right there and give it up.

I hope that this insight from my own life helps you.

PS: Last night, I watched on YouTube a replica of an Igbo compound or village in Virginia, USA. They constructed thatched huts; the huts are in a village exhibiting what life was like in the places from where Americans came from: England, Germany and Africa; the huts are part of the American heritage; many American slaves came from Alaigbo.  Those type of houses actually existed in Igbo land through the 1970s. I had been ashamed that our African people lived in such primitive state. I had put as much distance as is possible from such houses. I would not come to the USA and construct such primitive houses and exhibit them for the rest of the world to see how primitive Africans were. But I saw an Igbo professor proudly talking about the houses of his people. At that point I realized that what made some people ashamed does not make others ashamed. The proud professor accepted his people's primitive status while a shame bound professor did not like his people's primitive past. The proud professor is, of course, healthier than the shame feeling professor. Clearly, Igbo houses were primitive but why should one be ashamed of them? Are there people who were not in the past primitive?

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 22, 2017



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

I have read where those who are into metaphysics and new age religions deemphasize physics. This is a mistake. We on earth live in a three dimensional universe; we live in space, time and matter. Our bodies are made of matter (64 of the 92 elements in nature are found in our bodies). We walk in space and time. Simply put, we are part of the world of space, time and matter; those three do affect our bodies.

Our bodies do get sick (from shear wear and tear, fatigue  and from germs, such as bacteria, virus and fungi) and need to be healed with medications; we do get hungry and need food; we are affected by inclement weather and need to wear clothes (I live in Alaska; it is spring in other parts of the world but in Anchorage the weather, as I type, is about 10 degrees Fahrenheit so if you go outside without thick clothes you will die in a couple of hours; you simply have to wear weather appropriate clothes, and live in a well-insulated and heated house and drive in a heated car if you want to survive.

There is no two ways of going about it. Your new age religion will not enable you to survive in Alaska if you do not abide by the dictates of its punitive weather.

The human body responds to the climate it lives in; the body's inherited nature plays a role in its response.

For example, since I was a born I have had low energy.  I do not have physical energy to do physical work, never had, not even as a child or young boy.  I intuitively understood my nature hence avoided physical work.  If I were to go do physical work I would probably collapse, faint and die in a few days.

I know enough about the human body and medical science to understand why I do not have physical energy. I can explain the biological reasons for it.

The point is that I cannot deny my physical reality and go follow those with sufficient physical energy to do physical work and do physical work. I cannot smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, drink alcohol, or do drugs; if I do I die. Indeed, I can only eat certain food, mostly vegetables and fruits. That is simply my reality.

We are each different. Those with abundant physical energy do physical work and sports and eat whatever they want to eat. People like me with low physical energy interestingly have abundant mental energy and do mental work; people like me read, think and produce ideas. No one expects the athletic type to produce philosophical ideas; they are too dense to do introspective thinking (they are more like work horses, no brains).

Physics, chemistry and biology influence the human body and determine what each of us can do; physics shape our behaviors; there is no use denying this reality while jabbering about spiritual matters.  To deny matter while one lives in matter is delusional.

I say this because I hear my new age religionist friends tell me that they are praying and that through prayers and other magical thinking that they can heal their bodies; Christian scientists take that delusional thinking to a whole new level and desist from taking medications and, of course, die.

Yet, there is spirit; our bodies are masks through which spirits act in the three dimensional universe. We wear bodily masks of different types and the mask, that is, bodies we inherited affect our behaviors while we are in body and on earth. In fact, our bodies enable us to play the roles we play on earth; spirit disguises itself as body and plays a role that its specific body enables it to play.

If you are physically strong your body probably designed you to be good at sports and physical work but you cannot do what my body disposed me to do, such as read most of western philosophy while a teenager and do psychology and then branch off to doing other things.

Body hides our real selves, which are spirits, but as long as we live in bodies body do affect what we do; there is no use denying this reality.

There are those who are so spiritually advanced that with practice they can leave their bodies and experience other universes. I have experienced the universe of light forms (in it people are like they are in our world but are made of pure light energy, they are in light forms; with thinking and wishes they can be anywhere in their universe of light forms; that universe still has space, time and refined matter).

Some people have experienced other universes including the universe where we are not in forms, dense or light but are pure thought, a universe where we are ideas in the whole idea that folks call God. Yes, there is heaven, a place of pure light; heaven is a wave of spiritual light and each of us is a unit, particle of that light. Wave and particles share one self and one mind and are thus one; there is no space and time between them; you can act as the whole or as the part of the whole.

You cannot understand heaven, in my terms, unified spirit self, by my talking about it for until you have experienced it you cannot know it, so, it is pointless for me to talk about it.

Moreover, in our three dimensional universe perhaps ten people have actually experienced union with all being; people are at different levels in their evolution through matter, space and time. You cannot rush your evolution; you are where you are in time and space and that is all there is to you.

For now the point that I am making is that we are in the universe of space, time and matter and live in bodies and bodies affect us and we must take care of our bodies with good food, medications, clothes and the other things we do on earth; above all we must study science.

If your level of science is below bachelor's degree you ought to improve your study, especially of physics and chemistry and bring your understanding of them to bachelor's degree level, at least.

Do not delude yourself that you are spirit and therefore deny your present reality: living in space, time and matter; those three limit what you can do.  If you jump from a high rise building you will smash your body on the ground and die.

Even if you are one of those spiritually highly evolved persons who know that you are, in truth, not matter and that the physical universe does not exist, is a dream, as long as you opt to live in our universe that universe will affect you.

When you experience other universes, as I have, you have the choice to stay in one of them or to come back to our universe; nobody forces you to return to our universe.

As long as you have chosen to live in our universe that universe has its laws and dynamics and they do affect you and you might as well study physics to be able to adapt realistically to our world.

When you have had enough of our world then you leave it and stay in other universes. We all have that choice.

What knowledge of other universes does for you is give you a sense of immortality; you know that when you seem to die on earth, in the dream of separation, you merely awaken in another universe (for those on earth, you awaken to the world of light forms).

You know that life is eternal, permanent and changeless. With this knowledge at the back of your mind you will no longer be prone to fear, anger, depression, paranoia, mania, schizophrenia, delusion and the other mental illnesses that afflict human beings.

For example, even if you point a gun at me I would not be afraid of your killing me. Indeed, that has always been the case with me. When I was a graduate student at UCLA (in my twenties) I had a part time job at a psychiatric hospital in Hollywood. Despite what you may have read about the glitter of Hollywood that tinsel town is mostly ghetto; it is smoke and mirrors!

(UCLA is located in heaven on earth; it is wedged between Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Brentwood, the most expensive real estate on planet earth; the campus is certainly better looking than any campus that you can think of and I have been to most of the good ones, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Caltech, Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Columbia etc. and they pale in comparison to the architectural beauty of the bruins.)

Anyway, I was in Hollywood and walking down a street and a Latino boy, no more than fifteen years of age, ran towards me with a gun pointing straight at my face. I went into my warrior mode and simply ignored him. He asked for my wallet and I ignored him and looked him in the ace without fear or saying anything. I remembered that the most he can do is shoot and kill me. I am born and will die so what is the point in being afraid and out of fear do what another person ask me to do. Thus, I simply ignored the rat. He stood there looking at me, fear written all over his face (criminals are cowards).  Other people were coming along and the coward decided to run off.

As long as you are not afraid other people cannot do any harmful thing to you but when you are in fear other people can screw you in any which way they want to.

The point is that if you know that there are other worlds you will overcome fear and anger for you accept your immortality and thus nothing can threaten your peace.   That is what knowledge of spiritual matters does for you.

Spirituality does not give you the power to do magic, to physically heal people or awaken the dead etc. In the meantime, go study physics and science in general and use that information to make the most of our physical universe.

Don't ever deny your present reality of physics and pretend that the study of metaphysics would make you not affected by your physical environment.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 21, 2017


Monday, 20 March 2017 19:09

Fear is never justified

Fear assumes that one is a body that can be harmed and destroyed; ultimately, fear is predicated on fear of death.

A course in miracles says that we are not body, that body is a dream figure we take on in our dream that we are separate from God and from our real self, the son of God.  It says that our true self is eternal, permanent and changeless. It says that we choose to separate from God and each other but could not do so in reality, eternity, in unified spirit self and went to sleep and seem to be dreaming and in our dreaming now seem separated; that we invented space, time and matter and now house ourselves in bodies and in bodies seem separated from each other.

The book says that we do not live in space, time and matter; indeed, it says that space, time and matter are illusions.

There are no bodies but we seem to live in bodies; we made those bodies seem vulnerable and destroyable and we came to fear that our bodies could be destroyed.  We are told that we are not bodies and therefore should not fear the destruction of our bodies.

Since we believe that our bodies can be destroyed other people believe that they can destroy our bodies; we fear that our bodies can be destroyed.

People do attack, harm and destroy our bodies but it is done in dreams; the book tells us that even when folks harm our bodies and destroys them that we are not harmed.

The book tells us not to be fearful for we are eternal; it says that we must forgive those who seem to harm our bodies for they did not harm or destroy our real selves.


The logic of this view is the same as the logic that fear is not justified; we are not egos; egos are the false identities we take on in dream states, dream figures.

Our true selves is said to be the eternal sons of God and that in our true states we are spirits and went to sleep and in our dreams take on dream figures called egos in bodies.

Believing that we are the dream selves we made we fear their death. A course in miracles tells us that we are not the dream figures, egos; that we are not ego s and bodies but are the sons of God.

If we are not egos and bodies then we must not fear the harm and death of our egos and bodies.


Mao Tse Tung.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 20, 2017


Monday, 20 March 2017 05:00

Anger is never justified


(The Journey towards enlightenment)

Ozodi Thomas Osuji


In childhood I kept quiet and mostly stayed to myself but if you dared to tell me what to do I asked you who the hell you think that you are telling me what to do; If you tried to force it, such as when my uncle Bernard insisted that I go to do farming for our grandmother I felt angry and simply refused to go to their farm to do farm work. I flat out refused to do their farm work and you could not make me do it. They called me a stubborn, unruly boy but I simply refused to do physical work (my fragile physical body could not do farm work, so it was not just irrational stubbornness at work).

As a teenager I was forced to live in what is called Biafra; Igbos were fighting with Nigerians. The Igbos were conscripting boys above age fourteen into their army. They came to our compound with the intention of conscripting the teenage boys. I was so angry at them that I was ready to kill them. I told them to get the fuck out of our compound. I asked them why they think that their idiot Ojukwu and idiot Gowon should go bring about a war and not go fight it like men, amano-amano, with each other, and, instead, come to conscript innocent boys like me to fight their goddamned war for them. The soldiers looked at me like I was insane but I simply ordered them out of our compound. I reminded them that the Geneva Convention forbids conscripting children under age eighteen into the army. The alternative they have was to shoot and kill me but not ask me to do what I do not want to do; no human being has ever done that to me. I only do what I want to do not what other men born of women ask me to do. I have been that way since I was born.

So, why do I feel angry when other people ask me to do something? I believe that I have now found the answer.

As a child I was traumatized by pain (due to inherited mitochondria disorder).  In pain I felt abandoned by God and man. I felt that no one is helping me to overcome my pain and felt angry at God and people for abandoning me to live in pain.

My sense of abandonment was compounded when at age eight my parents sent me to their village for two years to go live with their parents and my uncle Bernard asked me to follow him and his son, Fabian, to go do our grandmother's farm work (Iko-ji).  I resolutely said no. and they looked at me as a crazy boy; in their world an eight year old boy simply does not disobey his uncles.

I believe that what my parents did, send me to go live with their parents, added to my sense of abandonment by God and man. I felt alone in this wide world.

If I am in pain and alone and no one helps me reduce my pain, who the hell do you think that you are telling me what to do; what do you do for me; do you make my pain go away?

In the USA, lately, I ran into a bunch of idiot Igbos at Nigerian Internet forums and they want every Igbo to kowtow to their brain dead ideas and if you disagree with them they call you all sorts of put down names. If you agree with them you are fine and welcomed into their world but if you disagree with them they come at you with their limited vocabulary calling you all sorts of abusive names. They want you to conform to their mass delusion disorder and see their nonsensical construction of reality as reality.

I felt angry at these Bushmen for wanting to tell me what to believe and do. I literally wanted to kill all of them. How dare these primitives to tell me what is true and not true? How dare they construct reality for me?

Are these not the same people whose parents until a hundred years ago were capturing and selling their people to white men? I have total disrespect for them.

Well, in time I learned to tune them out and do not pay attention to what they say. The relevant point is that I felt angry at them for daring to dictate to me what to believe and do.

The issue here is that I have always felt abandoned by God and people and therefore have a simmering anger at people and at God.  As a teenager, all you needed to do is mention the word god and I would say to you: fuck you and your god; your god does not help eradicate my pain. God is useless, I said, and walked away from religionists who were always shoving the bible into my face (I would take their bible, though, and read it!).

My father is pretty much like me; he, too, had physical pains but he adapted by trying to achieve something so that his people would accept and praise him. After schooling he left his village and in a few years had made money from trading; he bought all sorts of modern gadgets for his brothers and villagers. His goal in life was to be an achiever, a rich man so that his people would recognize him as such. He wanted respect from his people.

Since he gave and gave to his brothers at a certain point he felt angry that they gave him nothing in return. When he sent me to the village he expected his brothers in the village to take care of me. They did not.

My mother, at Lagos, sent monthly parcels of rice, beans, stock fish, sardines, evaporated milk, margarine, corned beef and all kinds of goodies to me. Above all she sent money to me.

Mother sent enough money that her money was actually feeding those who were supposed to take care of me!

I was one of two boys in the village who went to school in clean and ironed clothes and wore shoes and always had pocket money. During recess (recreation, as they called it in the village school) I would buy most of the other kids in my class all kinds of candies, even food, for they had no money.

I am digressing; let me return to the main subject at hand, abandonment and anger. The issue is that I was angry because I was in pain and felt that the universe of God and man did not help me out of my pain and therefore people had no right to tell me what to do for they did not help me out of my pain.

When I read A course in miracles it says that anger is never justified. It says that anger is predicated on the grounds that people did something bad to you; it says that the world is a dream and what people did to you were done in a dream hence have not been done. Since what you see people do to you on earth is done in a dream and has no effect on you, for it has not been done, you should forgive them.

It says that your real self is the son of God; your real self is always in God, protected and safe; he is not in body for he is part of the unified spirit folks call God.

Despite the seeming evils folks do to each other on earth, in the dream, our real selves is said to be holy, innocent, sinless and guiltless.

Well, the book said that my anger is not justified because no one has really done anything bad to me; I had not been abandoned by God and man; it says that I am always in God but while in him I choose to sleep and in my sleep dream that I am separated from God and now live in body; I am still loved by God and man; I am taken care of by God and man. Even the bad that I see people do to me, if interpreted from the Holy Spirit is designed for me to overlook them and in doing so become saved.

I stopped right there and thought about what the book is saying. Initially, it seemed to be talking arrant nonsense but as I thought about its thesis it made eminent sense to me!

If the world is a dream (quantum physics says that our universe is a three dimensional universe and that there are infinite universes, each with its own dimensions and all of them are in one place!) it follows that my physical pains is not real; my pain takes place only in dreams and what takes place in dreams have not taken place in reality.

In reality I am spirit and in spirit I am not in body and what I see happen to me in body has not happened to me. White folks discrimination that I see happen to me has not happened to me, for it took place on earth, in a dream; no one has, in effect, discriminated against me.

The book added kudos to its thesis by saying that the world is our individual and collective dream hence we are collectively responsible for what happens to us.

On earth, in the dream, those who did to you what your ego calls good or bad did it to you according to your wish. You want to experience what other people, good or bad, did to you.  The dreamer is responsible for his dream; nothing you do not want to experience enters your dream.

Since people did to you what you want to experience why do you feel angry at them, the book asks you?

The book asks you to overlook the dream; it asks you to forgive the dream and love the dreamers. Overlook what other people do to you on earth and love their real selves, the Christ in them.

All these seem to make sense to me. Then I asked: why did I give me a crummy, pained body to feel the way I felt, especially in childhood when I was in excruciating pain? Why did I ask my father to send me to his village at age eight to make me feel abandoned by him hence justify my life long anger at him (I did not forgive my father for sending me to his Igbo village to go live with those that even at age eight I considered primitive folk).

I did it to me to experience life in body and feel pain; in feeling pain I feel that I am body hence deny my spirit self; in identifying with body I separated from spirit and denied the reality of spirit (as I did in adolescence when I rejected religion).

A course in miracles tells me that in reality there is no one in body and that I am not in body and that there is no earth and that I am not on earth; it says that body and earth are mere dreams that I chose to enter and if I want to I can awaken from them and know myself as not in body and not on earth; therefore, I do not have to be angry at God and man for doing anything to my body, a body that does not exist!

This is what the book teaches.  At first, what it teaches seems like loads of nonsense, bullshit, until I had mystical experiences that took me to non-material spheres, to the world of light forms and beyond and thereafter I recognized that the book makes a different kind of sense, not our usual ego sense but the sense of the Holy Spirit.

From my mystical experiences I learned that I am not body hence what was done to my body and ego was done in dreams and has not been done. Therefore, as the good book says, anger is not justified at those I see do bad things to me on earth, in the dream for they have done nothing to me.

Even when something was done to my body and ego, the book says that I chose them to experience whatever I experienced and therefore I am not a victim.


A course in miracles says that I choose whatever happens to me on earth, in the dream.  This type of logic has made it impossible for me to justify anger at those I see doing bad things to me.

For example, at Nigerian Internet forums there are Idiot Igbos who specialize in verbally abusing folks. If they verbally abused me when I had not accepted a metaphysics that asks me to forgive them I would have gone after them and taken them down. I do not care if they crawl into their mother's filthy vaginas and hide in their mothers' bloody wombs, I would reap their mothers' stomachs open and drag them out and dash their idiot heads at the nearest rock.

But now their abuses merely amuse me, for I know that they are done in a dream state and have not been done. Besides, I called for their verbal abuses by trying to teach them an alternative way of living. If I had left them alone they would not have verbally abused me.

In effect, I asked them to verbally abuse me; I am not their victim for even in the dream I asked them to do to me what they did to me. In time I learned that their abuses are like water off my skin and do not matter.


Anger, as A course in miracles teaches, is never justified if one accepts that what is done on earth is done in a dream and has not in fact been done. People who seem to have abandoned me, attacked me did so in a dream and in reality have not done so.

In reality we all remain as God created us: spirit beings, not egos in bodies.


If life in body is not a dream and there is no bodiless dreamers, since the earth gives us enormous pain it is better that we destroyed the earth for it does not matter and there is no need to keep people suffering in body.

But if the earth is a dream then let people dream on in body and ego; for even if you destroy their body based civilization they can just reinvent other bodies to dream on earth with.

Thus, let people dream on until they are ready to awaken from their dream of separation and know that they are part of unified spirit self.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 19, 2017


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