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Why Do Trump And The Nigerian Politicians Teach Children How to Lie?

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Nobody should be above the law, and nobody has the unbridled right to lie. Politician cannot live without  telling lies, and Nigerian politicians are the most mendacious. Like Donald Trump, politicians in my home are deceitful, two-faced, dishonest, insincere, misleading, double-dealing, or false. There can never be an end to adjectives describing lying politicians. Don’t follow a liar unless you enjoy  cock-and-bull story, fabrication, and trumped-up story

Standing alongside the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny ahead of St Patrick's Day on Friday, and stressing the importance of American friendship with Ireland , the US president Donald Trump lies as he quotes his favorite Irish poem which he  said: " is a good one, this is one I like, I’ve heard it for many, many years and I love it.”   

The quote does not come from Ireland as Trump incorrectly alleges. Trump quotes from a poem written by a Nigerian Muslim named Albashir Adam  Alhassan. It is a marvelous thing that a Nigerian gave US President Trump the quote he was proudly mouthing for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. A  poem written by a Nigerian Muslim contained the quote the US President was proudly using, while the US President was banning  Muslim entry into America. Throughout his campaign for presidency, President Trump was adding insult to injury as he denigrated, disparaged, poured scorn on, put down, degraded, defamed, belittled, maligned, and made fun of Nigeria.  

Let’s assume Billionaire Trump made a mistake because he has zero intelligence. Perhaps, Trump is the type who enjoys squeezing blood from tomatoes, and  it would not be impossible for Trump to raise camels on Mars. Such is the description of professional egomania, also known as obsessive preoccupation with oneself (I-Me-Myself) or IMM.

The IMM (pronounced imi (Igbo for nose), implies someone has ungovernable impulses to exploit, impress and intimidate others .  That Trump has undeveloped amam ihe ( Igbo for wisdom) is not a viable reason to excuse the billionaire because Trump feels he can marshal enough dollars to devalue Nigeria currency within minutes of taking office. What prevents  billionaire Trump from employing a muslim with the best Nigerian intelligence to be his speech writer on a  Salary of mere 982,000 Naira per month (2,000 dollars at the rate of 491 Naira per dollar)?

This essay aims at showing how such bombastic politicians like MBDT (Multi-Billionaire Donald Trump)  and sneaky Nigerian politicians have been thumbing noses, misleading,  and taking advantage of the little people . It is more than the usual way of doing business. it is a classic case of fraud, trickery, deception, and chicanery.

This essay appeals to Trump and Nigerian politicians  to desist from falsehoods. This appeal to desist from lies is made especially to all Nigerian politicians , including President Buhari, Goodluck, Amechi, Ekweremadu, Rochas, Obasanjo, Fayose, Obi, Fashola, Shema, Kwankwaso, Tinubu and all former and current politicians from all Nigerian tribes no matter how innocent they  consider themselves to be if they have taken a Naira from public coffers.

The Nigerian politicians are asked to learn all they can from The Trump on how to protect our oil and natural resources.  However, Trump and the Nigerian politicians are not allowed to lie to little children. Lying consists of fraud, trickery, deception, and chicanery.  Fraud has no place in a democracy; it is anti-democratic.

Fraud is the criminal act of concealing, or misrepresenting the truth in order to convince a person to give up rights. Trickery suggests the use of slick practices to fool or cheat others. Deception, on the hand, is the act of deceiving or bamboozling, and may suggest cheating or double-dealing, or simply the sleight/craftiness of hands created in some clever magician’s illusions. Chicanery implies under-handed dealing, and petty legalistic trickery. Why is Trump’s lying particularly offensive?

Trump  is  the most visible leader of the free world, and he is in the midst of the most embarrassing squabble with the rest of the world, standing tall and unabashed to steal honor from my country and give tribute or respect to European nation.

Trump is unabashed when his words and actions are definitely brazen, shameless, bold, blatant, forward, brash, forthright, or unashamed. It is one thing to win an election, not by popular votes but by little understood electoral college (a system set up by wealthy racist powerful landowners  to keep slaves perpetually disenfranchised,  castigated, pilloried, and in stocks or leg irons.  It is another thing to be truthful. Candor is considered a virtue.

Trump’s mantra is to “Keep America Great Again.” One wants to ask Trump  two questions. One is “Has America ever being great without standing upon shoulders of others and stealing others’ ideas and bodies?” Another question to ask Trump is: “Won’t America be on a giant heap of nsi nama (cow manure) if Trump kicks out all the Nigerians, ISIS, Syrians, Lebanese, and so-called Islamic?”

A Mexican illegal immigrant added hilarity to the humorous discourse when he said : “in my country we do not drink beer or use those bad drugs. We manufacture those cocaine and cracks for the Americans who keep demanding “Bring more cocaine, Amigo. Please bring much more of that sweet thing. Hahaha.”    

Talking about illegal drugs, one wonders if the Trump  smokes so much of that stuffs he goes on  wild goose chase to make up unbelievable fables that former Kenyan President Obama has powerful surveillances permanently planted on Trump Towers or that the British espionage was collecting and disseminating some Trumpnosistic-isi-mgbaka (brain- destroying information for BBO (Black Barrack Obama).

Trump has been thumbing noses at Nigeria for the longest by showing my country crass disrespect. Trump makes my ass hurts, listening to okwu asi (Igbo for lies), and I am already in bed with a jar of Preparation H. And before I apply the Prep H to my hurt, I am appealing to all Nigerian politicians who have been investigated, convicted for embezzlement (you know who you are) desist from lying and taking without permission.

Here is the Nigerian Muslim’s poem from which Trump stole a quote:

Always remember to forget, 
The things that make you sad, 
But never forget to remember, 
The things that make you glad.

Always remember to forget, 
The friends that proved untrue, 
But never forget to remember, 
Those that have stuck to you.

Always remember to forget, 
The trouble that passed away, 
But never forget to remember, 
The blessings that come each day.

Always remember to do your duty, 
And some kindness day by day, 
But never forget to live a useful and happy life, 
That is the only way. 

Poem written by Nigerian Albashir  Adam  Alhassan.

Essay submitted by Dr, James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com

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