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We Applaud President Obasanjo's Determination That President Buhari Shall Not Run in 2019

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Much as we affirm the fact that Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians and is not the exclusive property of any one man such as Mr. Obasanjo or anyone else, the purpose of this essay is to support Obasanjo’s  suggestion  that, because  President Buhari has done all he can do for the country and cannot do any more,  President Buhari ‘s work ought to come  to an end . It is time Nigerians followed the letters and the spirit of their Constitution and chose a leader that has the interest of all Nigerians at heart. Obasanjo says:

“Let us accept that the present administration has done what it can do to the limit of its ability, aptitude and understanding. Let the administration and its political party platform agree with the rest of us that what they have done and what they are capable of doing is not good enough for us. They have given as best as they have and as best as they can give. Nigeria deserves and urgently needs better than what they have given or what we know they are capable of giving. To ask them to give more will be unrealistic and will only sentence Nigeria to a prison term of four years if not destroy it beyond the possibility of an early recovery and substantial growth.”

This is a fair assessment. We agree wholeheartedly. This is not the time to blame or point blaming fingers. It is time for a sober reflection. Nigerians ought to come to the end of their long history of greed, corruption, clannishness, and hero worship of so-called saviors. If there must be a blame, the liability lies with Nigerians who have abandoned their civic responsibility to help build their nation. Nigerians ought to carefully search their souls for weaknesses. They will  then examine each candidate running for public offices and choose those most capable and most trustworthy of representing the interests of all Nigerians, irrespective of tribe and tongue.  There should be:

No More War,

No ethnic cleansing, no barbaric conducts that shame Nigeria and Africa all over the world

No More summary execution of citizens without due process.

No More corruption where government officials carry public money away.

No More participation in governance by across-the-border persons who do not qualify as bonafide citizens.

No More Autocratic Leadership without citizen participation through proper representation. 

No More Marginalization of any one group.

No More turning of a blind eye when injustice of glaring proportion is being perpetrated.

No More denial of opportunities to members of any group.

No More nepotism  whereby government is run by one selected privileged group.

No More placing the personality/ego of one individual before the welfare of the Nation of Nigeria. 

No more ignoring of provision of such mundane social amenities as water, electricity, roads, and affordable healthcare.



This writer is not a member of any political party and does not support any candidate for election. He does not support violent changeover of government of Nigeria. This writer is NOT interested in any political appointment and would not welcome any.  He is a happily retired college teacher. May serve as  unpaid volunteer in any capacity requiring  advising  and speaking the truth.

Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    


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