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The 12i's Necessary For Nigeria's independence Celebration

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On July 4, 1776, the thirteen American colonies claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States. Each year on July 4th, also known as Independence Day, Americans celebrate this historic event with the American flags, hot dogs, beer, cannon guns, and 250 million tons of fireworks..

On October 1st, 1960, the 3 Regions of Nigeria  gained independence from Great Britain. Each year, on October 1st, the Nigeria’s Independence is celebrated both in the capital Abuja and 36 states, with  the Presidential speech on television and radio to mark the commencement of Independence Day celebrations. There will be flag raising ceremony to honor the nation, armed forces parades, cultural dances followed by dance troops, singers, and students from all states taking part in the parades. Nigerians celebrate Independence with rice, beef, goat meat and foo-foo  .

Unfortunately, in both countries, the USA and Nigeria, violence erupts a few hours after the Independence Day celebration is over. Let us celebrate forthcoming October 1st, 2016 Nigeria’s Independent by acquiring the following 12i’s as stated below:

First, IGNITE, set fire to, or put a match to  a pleasing personality that makes the world turn around and exclaim : “There goes an excellent  Nigerian.”

Second, IMMERSE, submerge,  plunge into, or throw yourself into  the study of Nigeria’s history, geography, and personalities to ensure you’ll pass a test on Nigerian culture  with flying colors.

Third, IMPERSONATE, mimic, copy, pretend to be, masquerade as, or pose, or copy the good things you want Nigerians to have or be, because impersonation will turn dreams  into reality.

Fourth, IMPRESS. amaze, astonish people where you are such as the 15 Nigerians at Howard University in Wash D.C  who had people spellbound by grabbing the highest honors at graduation.

Fifth,  IMPROVISE, make do, manage, cope, or fashion a way where there is none, by getting into the deepest recesses of your being to survive because indeed you , being Nigeria, are meant to stay alive.

Sixth, INCLINE, predispose or bring round your 5 senses to absorb instructions from people or environment that would best serve you or others after your footprints fade away.

Seventh, INFLAME, arouse, set afire, stir up , provoke, agitate, ignite as a bomb all the good feelings and pleasurable attitudes that would make Nigeria a good place live harmoniously thereafter.

Eighth, INJECT, insert, bring in, instill, infuse, and introduce goodwill, humor and friendliness in every organization you belong to, rather than division and/or caustic tribalism.

Ninth, INSIST, persist, be adamant, do not take no for an answer, or be firm in honesty or fair dealing in business and social intercourse

Tenth, INTERROGATE, quiz, question, interview, and cross-examine your political leaders to be sure they are carrying out the mandate aright, since it is your money and they are your public servants.

Eleventh, INVENT, create, discover, formulate, originate, or redesign something in America you can carry home to make Nigeria better than you found it.

Finally, Twelfth but not the least, ISOLATE, cut off, segregate, separate, or detach yourself from any unbecoming acts like 419 that would bring shame or embarrassment to Nigeria and Nigerians.

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