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Why Shouldn't Nigerian Politicians Resign Their Positions?

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The Nigerian politicians are something else . The Speaker of the Kano  House of  Assembly has resigned amidst allegations of bribery to influence investigation. It is reported that pandemonium broke out at the Kogi House of Assembly as hoodlums invaded a meeting of Kogi  legislators to beat up corrupt politicians.

This writer has just been assaulted by a caller because of the behavior of some of our Nigerian leaders, including  Alhaji Dangote, Emir Sanusi, and Alhaji Kabiru). I believe this caller is frustrated by the behavior of  Nigerian  leaders. She says she is US practicing woman attorney (whom I shall only refer as Attorney).

I am asking (rather demanding) that all misbehaving Nigerian office holders resign their positions prompto, including businessman Alhaji Dangote whom I have held up to be honest and who seems to have shady character in the use his ill-gotten wealth from monopoly to corrupt our politicians.

A woman called me to embarrass me,  identifying herself as a mother.  She said she had her undergraduate  education in Nigeria  and clinched a law degree from  Northwestern University. What started as a friendly chat soon degenerated to rude, dogged cross examination. She asked me: "What are you people doing?" I am not in Nigeria and definitely not a politician.

The  manner Attorney fired her questions relentlessly at me made me feel guilty of just writing about Igbos as bad people and forgetting Muslim politicians who hide behind Islamic religion to inflict pains on my fellow Nigerians, perpetrate crimes,  and  force me to drink impure water and travel on rough roads each time I vacation in my country .

I reckoned Attorney was feeling  justified to attack me for protecting Muslim politicians, particularly Emir Sanusi,  Alhaji Kabiru and Alhaji Dangote, while lampooning the Igbos. Why was this woman attacking me, seeing that I am not Muslim nor do I know any of these corrupt Alhajis.

Besides, I do  not like  getting into fights with women because they can get so rude your ego is bruised beyond repair, and if you are standing beside a woman and arguing, you don't  know what she might pull out of her massive handbag and throw at you. My cell phone rang and I picked up . What followed was so animated it was breathtaking.

ATTY: I hear you write a lot about Igbo thieving politicians and businesspeople?  What are you now writing?

ME:  About women like you who come to marry Nigerian Americans under false pretenses only to obtain Green Cards and them leave the men broken hearted.

ATTY: Haha! Whatever. I'm concerned  about a  Nigerian about  whom you all and the Nigeria newspapers make so much noise. I read it said that this man is the richest in the whole of Black Africa.

ME : Do you mean Alhaji Dangote, the business mogul?

ATTY; Yes. That's he. Who's he in the first place? Where does he get all that money and how is it that  when the Nigerian Government is running out of money and the citizens are languishing in poverty, Dangote is throwing money around? Who are his financiers? Where does he obtain  all that money I hear he has?

ME; Ma'am, I don't know all the answers. But I reckon he's well connected to the Government—

ATTY: And bribing all of our politicians?

ME: Like I said, I don't know all about that. However, l shall read more on him to find out more. Is that okay?

ATTY: Yes, read more! Doesn't Dangote look like a stupendous case of monopoly? Why is nobody talking about him? Does Nigerian allow a monopoly to dominate the entire country? Does Nigerian have laws against monopoly? Would this happen in the United States or Great Britain where laws are in place, where no man controls everything from cement, sugar, even rice  and other commodities?  To whom is Dangote accountable? Is he a government unto himself? Is he a sacred cow, a one-eyed man in the nation of the totally blind?

The purpose of this essay is to ask ALL MISBEHAVING Nigerian elected office holders to resign their positions to demonstrate they are untainted with the corruption virus (CV). We need to replace hundreds of "putrid eggs". Putrid means that these ignorant politicians are rotten, rotting, decomposed, decomposing, decaying, decayed, fetid, rancid, and morally bankrupt.

Rotten politicians are known to (1) be uneducated; (2) wife abusers; ( 3) in possession of fake diplomas; (4) waste our resources on prostitutes; (4) incapable of living under laws they pass; and (5) are bad role models for impressionable Arewa youth. Nigerians ought to agree with this writer that the elections scheduled in 2019 should be postponed indefinitely until we do some homework with rotten office seekers. Our homework will be to recall or vote out rotten politicians.

We say recall or vote out for two reasons. First, with all due respect to President Buhari as a person, fighting corruption is a war Buhari cannot possibly win because he is too weak and laying  ill in hospital beds in far-away London  Secondly, Nigerian elected officials are, without exception, infected with acute kleptomaniacs, making winning a war against dishonesty fanciful. To be fanciful is to be imaginary, whimsical, far-fetched, bizarre.

Kleptomania is the inability to refrain from the urge of stealing items and is usually done for reasons not unconnected to personal or financial gain.  We have been suspecting that power corrupts holders of power,and that absolute power corrupts absolutely, totally, completely, utterly, and enormously.

We congratulate Speaker, Kano State House of Assembly, Speaker Alhaji Kabiru Rurum, onhis courage to resign amidst allegation of collecting money to scuttle investigation on the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II. Read more at: We congratulate Alhaji Kahiru Rurum for he has the fortitude to resign upon seeing he was wrong, as he does not want to derail our demcracy.

Every honest Nigerian  is experiencing  excruciating cognitive dissonance. The theory of cognitive dissonance refers to a situation in which a thinking person finds himself or herself confused and frustrated. Cognitive dissonance involves being burdened with conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors.

We love our politicians, yet we hate them for stealing what belongs to all of us, as though they were armed robbers and  our lives were worthless. A man or woman who steals from children does not deserve our respect.

Cognitive dissonance produces a feeling of discomfort in one going though the experience.  The going through leads one to alter/change one's attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance etc. This writer is  now saying: "I have changed; I no longer hold the same opinion as before."

Ndiigho are not the only crooked people in Nigeria. The Igbos are the least corrupt because they don't have as much access to vast national cake as the Muslims  The Hausa/Fulani are taking my country for a jolly ride. Corrupt office holders are found in the all Nigerian tribes. Hausa office holders can be corrupt just as the Fulani and Yoruba are corrupt kleptomaniac.

I had often believed that Igbos are the most corrupt and the most money hungry cheats in Africa until a Nigerian female lawyer in North America accosted me, forcing me to eat my own words as well as to experience cognitive dissonance.  Then I changed my opinion and handed the most corrupt championship crown to the Yorubas. Now, I am changing my mind and I have decided that the Hausas/ Fulanis are the most corrupt, thieving groups to ever vandalize the my country Nigeria.

Consider the case of the Speaker of Kano State House of Assembly, Little did I realize that Evans and his fellow kidnappers are not the worst groups destroying the Nigerian economy, creating insecurity, impoverishing the masses, and keeping our youths unemployed ,

Alhaji Kabiru Rurum, has resigned amidst allegation of collecting money to scuttle investigation.

I have concluded  that the Hausas/Fulanis are the more corrupt than the Yorubas and Igbos. You are corrupt when you are dishonest, crooked, have a shady character, or speak from both corners of mouths twisted by lies. In Nigeria,  you are the most corrupt when you accept money to miscarry justice, or to nail the door of the coffin of Truth  tight  with giant nails of falsehood that nobody, even the devil in hell can  open it. You are doubly corrupt when you dip your dirty hands in a bribery pot to prevent your country from being free to experience freedom. What is free about freedom?

This Nigerian woman attorney (whom I shall only refer as Attorney) was right to decry the behavior of our rotten leaders, and I join her in welcoming the resignations of our leaders,  including businessmen like Alhaji Dangote who uses ill-gotten wealth obtained from criminal monopoly to corrupt our leaders.

Dr. James C. Agazie

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