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The world is our fantasy

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From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal:

Let me say this up front; individuals have different levels of intelligence. If you do not have superior IQ, anything above 132, please do not bother reading my notes, for all you are going to do is confuse yourself. Only the brainy can follow my cogitations. I write for brilliant, not for average and above average folks.


Build a mansion, say, the Versailles or the pyramid. It is built of rocks, sand and cement. Over time those would be worn down by nature and return to sand.  Sand is composed of elements (silicon, mostly) and those would decay to protons, neutrons and electrons and those particles would decay to quarks and photons. Photons would decay to the nothingness from whence it came.

Our bodies will similarly decay to sixty four elements (mostly carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen) that they are made of and those would decay to particles and those to nothingness.

In effect, everything in this world came from nothingness and returns to nothingness. But what is nothingness?


Fear alerts one to danger, to threat to one's body, to whatever could harm or destroy one's body; fear urges one to take measures to protect one's body so as to survive in body.  Fear protects body and the sense of separated self it houses.

Fear can protect the human body for, give or take, a hundred years; thereafter, the body dies and decays to the sixty four elements that compose it and those decay to particles and those decay to quarks and eventually to the nothingness from whence it came.

In effect, fear is really protecting nothingness pretending to be something (body). But what is nothingness?

Nothingness is spirit; spirit is beyond matter, energy, space and time. We cannot understand spirit with the categories of science so let us then just say that it is nothingness.

Nothingness literally means that which is not this or that but is everything; this is Buddhism's definition of God, nothingness.  God is nothing means that God is everything but not one particular thing!


Fear defends body and thus defends against the awareness of spirit; fear defends against your awareness of your real self which is spirit; fear defends against God, our collective real self. In fear you know yourself as body and ego and forget that you are part of unified spirit, aka God.

It follows that to know your real self, God, you must not be in a state of fear; to not be in a state of fear you must forget that you are a separated self in body.


There is a difference between men and women. Women love their bodies whereas men don't necessarily value their bodies.

If you do not understand this distinction you cannot relate well to women. If you want a woman to like you, you must value her body whereas a man does not care what you think of his body but wants you to value his sense of importance (grandiose ego).

A man will attack, even kill you if you denigrate his ego's importance; a woman will hate you if you denigrate her body's beauty; you must tell a man that he is a very important person; you must tell a woman that her body is gorgeous, tell her that she is Cleopatra or whoever is deemed the most beautiful woman in her world.

There is a bunch of primitive Africans called Igbos; they are aware that men want to be seen as important and they deliberately go out of their way to tell people that they are not important; those they insult occasionally smack them down, kill them; yet, the primitives do not learn from their sorry history and start respecting people; apparently, putting people down makes them feel neurotically, that is, falsely important and that is good enough for them.

You must respect men's sense of importance, albeit false importance, if you want them to keep you alive; you must value women's bodies if you want them to like you.

Women's vanity is body based whereas men's vanity is ego based. Both are vain, nevertheless.

To women love means seeing their bodies as valuable and worthwhile. In fact, they want you to value their vagina and in sex to tell them how great the sexual intercourse is for you; if you don't they feel like they are not good enough for you and will not like you. To most men sex is somatic tension release (a prostitute would do) and not much emotional value is attached to it but women attach much value to sex.

In effect, since body is nothingness and women value it they value nothingness. Nothingness or not that is what women value and you had better understand that: you must value and appreciate their bodies if you want to get along with them.  You must value their bodies to the point of giving those bodies good clothes, jewelry and house them in mansions and drive them around in expensive cars. If you do not give women these things you are bye- bye (this is a generalization; there are exceptions to every rule).


The normal person accepts his body. The neurotic, a person closer to God than normal persons (normal persons are still pure animals; they have not yet begun the awakening process, the return journey to their real self, to God), denies that he is body and seeks ideal body; the neurotic wants a body made of light that would not die.

Physical light, say, photons lasts billions of years and do not die; they are merely absorbed by matter; matter itself is made from light; matter is condensed light; eventually matter decays back to light so light essentially lives forever and ever.

The problem is that by mere wishes the neurotic ego cannot transform his body to light form even though his body was originally made of light.

The Holy Spirit, the right part of our minds, our real self that has the power of God in us, has already transformed our dense bodies to light bodies; each of us already has a light body; you can see that light body but to do so you must tune out seeing your matter based body.

The salient point is that the ego mind cannot transform the body to light forms; only the God in the temporal universe, the Holy Spirit can do that and has already done it.


Science studies the natural world as it is, no emotions entertained. Thus, scientists are said to be very realistic folks.

But the question of consciousness is not subject to scientific realism. You may say that physiological processes determine consciousness but that is an unproved statement, an assumption. We simply do not know what consciousness is talk more what determines it; many folks say that it is apart from matter and energy but that is an assumption.

Whereas realism is applicable to matter and energy it is not applicable to consciousness and spiritual matters.

Mind remains a mystery to me. Consider. My mind produces dreams while I sleep. How does it do it, some say by the dance of electrons, photons, neurotransmitters, electrical ions etc.  This is not a satisfactory explanation. The truth is that I do not know how my mind or my brain produces my dreams.  It is a mystery to me that in my dream I see a world that looks like the day world.

I suspect that mind is outside brain and produces the nightly dream as well as our day world (our day world is produced by our collective minds, whereas our nightly dreams are produced by each of us individually). I am inclined to say that an intelligent force produced my dreams.

As an existentialist thinker, however, I know that my nightly dreams and day world remains pointless and meaningless; so even if an intelligent force, aka son of God, produced them it produced a meaningless world.

The son of God, my supposed real self, might as well not have produced a meaningless world, a world we shall, sooner or later, blow up, with our nuclear capability.

I still say that the force that produced our world is an intelligent force but an intelligent fool; otherwise, why bother to produce a meaningless world?  No wonder scientists say that our universe is a product of accidents.

The problem is that there is determinism and plan in the universe, the mathematical precision undergirding the working of subatomic particles inside the atom cannot be the product of accidents but by design.

In my opinion, the universe was designed by an intelligent mad man. The son of God went insane and in his insanity designed our meaningless world.

Sanity lies in understanding the world we designed and, ultimately, through science unravelling it and awakening to the awareness of our minds before we went to sleep and dream this complex but idiotic world.

I want to wake up from this nightmare called our universe, don't you?

PS: If you have not read:

Horgan, John (1996). The End of Science. New York: Broadway Books.

Penrose, Roger (1989). The Emperor's New Mind.  New York: Penguin Books.

Morris, Richard (1997). Achilles in the Quantum Universe. New York: John Holt and company.

Read them, now, and talk to me about them; thanks.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 14, 2017

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