James Agazie Ed D

James Agazie Ed D

A retired college Professor  with educational backgrounds in law (JD) education (Ed.D, MA) counseling,( MS) and and mathematics.  Write on topics dealing with Nigerian families, marriages, education, and employment. 



The purpose of this essay is to state that Nigeria is not living in the true spirit of true democracy . The truth must we told as fact, certainty, reality, veracity, or accuracy that readers of this essay  may want to hear presented to them  in a tasteless  way, meaning  that facts are not always pleasant, inoffensive, or appetizing,. Nigeria is a beautiful place if we keep it so. The acronym NIGERIA  stands for  something.

N stands for the Negotiations we use to resolve all problems without resorting to violence; the Nobility we expect of self and from our leaders.

I is the Indebtedness we owe others, our Gratitude and Thankfulness for being Nigerians; our Ingenuity.

G is the Generosity and Gratitude and Good-heartedness we show each of the 371 tribes in Nigeria; this is our Greatness.

E is the Energy and Enthusiasm we shall put into our work and being good citizens.

R is the Respect we accord each other, our Responsibilities, our Reverence to God, and our Reliability, our Resilience to never give up.

I is our Integrity  when we stand by the Truth, our Honesty, and Truthfulness in all we do.

A  is our  Agreeableness, our Affability  and  Attitude to work things out peacefully without bloodshed.

What truth do we want the Nigerians to hear right now in 2018? One truth is that Nigeria is a conglomeration of 371 ethnic groups, a hodgepodge. The contributions of any of its many groups are just as great as the contributions of its other groups. Our Nigerian democracy is as great as the level of enthusiasm and participation each element makes. The greater the participation the sweeter the juice, the freer the outcome, and the greater satisfaction one derives.  

This essay argues that there can be no Nigeria, there can be no freedom and no democracy is possible without the environment that encourages participation of all of the elements in Nigerian. The question is how do we stimulate, encourage and sustain participation? Nigerians should hold their leaders, including President Buhari and their governors, senators, local government members, and others accountable.

A person who is held accountable is said to be responsible for his/her constituency, answerable  to their people’s needs, and liable for harms suffered.  The truth is that, having tried the same experiment with the same group of leaders, there remains feelings of discrimination and hostilities directed against the same group. Our experiment has and produced the same decadent results. Perhaps it is time we did things differently. 

Nigeria’s behavior towards a section of its citizens, namely the Igbos, has been decadent, meaning the Nigerian leadership has been debauched, corrupt, depraved, dissolute, degenerate, immoral, licentious, or profligate. It is shamelessly wicked that a person who holds himself up as a leader of One Nigeria  sg should align himself with a section of the nation to treat other humans so shabbily. 

Whoever says that Nigeria is One Nigeria rather than Unfair Nigeria is not truthful and whoever  says Nigerian society is based on inequality is, to say the least, not untruthful. Nigeria can be both fair, truthful, and based on equality, depending upon what efforts each member of the 371 ethnic groups is willing to put in. Rome didn’t just appear one day from thin air.

It was the work of someone that Rome evolved, someone placing the first brick on top of the other to start the ball rolling. Nigerians must live and die by the Truth in order to save Nigeria and let justice shine.  According to the civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere  Nigeria is unjust and inhumane to some Nigerians, and most Nigerians are ignoring the inhumanity or are in the complicity.

Nigeria ought to evolve and not remain in the same rot year after year. To evolve is to change, grow, progress, advance, develop or move forward. Nigeria cannot afford to regress, meaning Nigerians shall not retreat, revert, relapse, degenerate, backslide, retrogress, or go back. To regress is to be disadvantaged. Change is the spice of life, and change is stimulating and invigorating.

Nigeria will run on electrical energy generated  by competing ideas, the enduring debate over proper balance between freedom and security, between equality and opportunity, and between  individual rights and the corporate or common good.   It is the responsibility of the Government and the individual being governed to determine what the level of participation is and what the balance ought to be.

Nigerians are united by our right to pursue happiness in every manner that does not infringe upon or interfere with the other’s way. What Nigeria is going through are the normal pains most nations had experienced in their development. It cannot be gainsaid, refuted, or contradicted that Nigeria is experiencing the sturm und drang (German for storm and stress) of development. This writer tells Nigerians: “Be fair. Live and let live Speak the Truth. Do not let silence rob you of the power of Truth.”  

However, without our faith and willingness to work hard, things don’t just happen by chance. This is not the age of the unmoved mover in human affairs.  Farmers who do not plant crops during the raining season, cannot expect to dig up yams and cassava when harvest time comes, do they?

We shall have Nigeria of our dream and making if we cross every t and dot each i and j. To make Nigeria nice  and fair is to first become nice and fair ourselves. It is to govern our behavior so we can help make our country governable. To make Nigeria nice, fair,  and governable is a duty each member of the 371 tribes has to perform.  It is advisable that we oppose measures we feel are unfair and oppressive to others, to act with honesty and fair dealing.

We cannot stack the heavy responsibility for making our nation nice, governable, safe,  and enjoyable upon the shoulders of any one person or group of persons. We cannot deny opportunities or behave in ways that are detrimental to any one group. For example, our President and selected persons cannot look elsewhere nonchalantly when grave wrongs are done to others, nor can we derive pleasure from stomping one group such as Igbos to the ground and enjoy witnessing their fall.

 It is unfair to single President Buhari  out as the person to whom we say: “Mr. “President, see to it that the need of each member of Nigeria’s 371 tribes is met.” It is also extremely unfair and extremely cruel to subjugate another group such as the Igbos to whom we say: “You are the cause of the War, therefore fix it or pay ultimate price.” What a humongous, ginormous task!

It is next to impossibility to think that any one person in Nigeria can carry out such a huge responsibility. of governing a titanic crowd of 180 million persons at different levels of self-discipline. The population of Nigeria is huge,  vast , gigantic, massive, enormous,   This writer finds answering to his family of 3 sons and 5 grandchildren a massive undertaking let alone governing Nigeria.

Where is Atlas who is believed to carry the world on his back? Perhaps Atlas, if he really exists, can tell us his secret. We are simply saying that governing Nigerians is an awesome responsibility that requires all hands on deck. The leaders cannot afford to be discriminatory, xenophobic, cruel, or given to partiality.

Our President is not super hero and cannot be worshipped as such because he is only human and cannot carry all of the Nigerians’ individual problems alone on his shoulders.  The governor of a state and his deputies should not be used as instruments of oppression against the Igbos We the people of Nigeria have a large part to play to make our nation what we desire.  We shall choose our leaders well to ensure our benefits outweigh our liabilities. No winners-No vanquished should be translated to a truism, not empty axiom.

We cannot just throw our hands up in the air and expect government to do this and that. Being citizens of Nigeria does not entitle us to fold our hands and ride the keke or gwongwolo free. My friend,  a ride on okada  is not free either. What is free about freedom?  Nothing.  Freedom is not free without some costs. Freedom requires lots of effort put into making freedom free for all to enjoy.

Nothing is free nowadays.  Free slaves cost money to purchase in Libyan open market. We read in news that you must have 400 Dollars or 144,000 Naira to buy one of those healthy Nigerian or Ghanaian male slaves.   Remember. It is not dash. You cannot enjoy freedom by denying others the opportunity generated by freedom.. You cannot enrich the North with the tears and sufferings of Igbos of the South. Freedom and servitude are incompatibles that cannot remain in close proximity.

You see, freedom is an abstract noun, meaning that freedom in nonconcrete. It is an intellectual or mental construct, meaning you have to be educated to understand democracy.  We are talking about democracy as a construct, defined as a concept, hypothesis, theory, paradigm, or idea.

You can only interpret an idea, but you cannot grab an idea (such as freedom  or democracy) to swallow as you  swallow foofoo made from  utara akpu, garri, or tuwo for freedom  is immaterial, intangible, nonfigurative, nonrepresentational , or theoretical.  

Every freedom is balanced with a corresponding responsibility. For instance, you are free to go a Lagos bar and grab a lady named Comfort if you pay her enough money to follow you to your home for whatever you have in mind. That’s your right and within your freedom. However, you have certain limit and compelling duties to keep her secure and free from harm.

Your freedom stops and becomes captivity if you force Comfort, your lady from Lagos bar to go with you. If you use force or threat of force, it is kidnapping.  And it is worse if you rape her then she can bring sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other grievous charges against you.

The point here is that freedom in not entirely free. There must be limits placed against human behavior so humans will not live like anu ohia (wild animals). No one wants chaos, disorder, confusion, bedlam,  or anarchy. The Nigerian government has the right to arrest freedom as police does a robber, when there is pandemonium, commotion, disarray, or turmoil such as is seen when the cattle rearers brandish the AK-47. When Muslims arekillings Christian farmers with AK-47, there are have many things to answer for.

Any lawless Nigerian behaving as cattle herders who shoot people down with the AK-47 (1) is behaving as anu ohia (wild animal) is (2) is uneducated, (3) is mentally deranged, or ill, (4) does not understanding that the freedom to carry AK-47 is only a  concept or idea, (5)  is unaware that carrying a firearm like the AK-47 entails a grave responsibility not to use the weapon to violate rights of others, (6) is a murderer and should be arrested and punished to the greatest extent of the law for taking a human life.

Freedom ought to be respected and handled carefully. The philosophy of Live and let live should be observed. Freedom is what you give others rather what you take yourself. Therefore, in order to enjoy your freedom, you have to give me the same freedom as I give you.  We cannot grab freedom as a man grabs his neighbor’s wife in secret.  Deny me my freedom and we both are in captivity.

You cannot drink freedom as you drink burukutu or kaikai. Freedom is not all that free so you can do as you please. It is not a free merchandize. In fact, nothing is free except the air you breathe, sunlight that warms your body, and rainfall that fall on our farmlands. While enjoying your free air, be sure you don’t poison the air in your neighbor’s house because of some grievances.

We are happy Nigeria is a great country. It is a democracy with a Constitution that guarantees certain rights and responsibilities. We in Nigeria have the freedom to assemble peacefully, express our opinions responsibly, worship our Maker the way we choose, and petition our government to help redress our difficulties.  We have the freedom to pursue our way of life so long as it does not interfere with the doings of members of other groups  There shall be no violence, or use of and threat of the use of force..


COMFORT: Popular Nigerian girl’s name, jokingly associated with a beautiful , bright lady.

AK-47: Very powerful  guns used in war or battle. The use of the AK-47 by the armed robbers and Fulani herdsmen to kill farmers should be investigated by the Nigerian Government . Possession of the AK-47 should be criminalized. These weapons should be collected and destroyed by the military and police.

UTARA AKPU: White foofoo made after cassava is peeled, soaked in a pot of water for 3 days, and   fermented. Don’t drink the awfully smelly water that looks and smells like palm wine. It’s cyanide and will kill you if you drink the white liquid.  Remove the fermented cassava from the pot and sift it with a basket to separate the unfermented solids from the starchy residue. Remove excess water. B oil the white cassava and pound it in a wooden mortar until it is soft. Boil it twice and pound it twice. Why? So that cyanide doesn’t kill you. This foofoo is delicious when eaten with palm wine. Go buy a gourd of palm wine if you so desire. Don’t go climb a palm tree to tap your own palm wine. Why? You might fall to your death. No insurance company will pay for a funeral that results from suicide.

GARRI: Popular Nigerian food eaten with different types of soups; egusi, ogbono, okra, vegetables

TUWO:: Hausa foofoo made of millet flour.Tuwo is eaten the same way as you would eat garri, and akpu. Igbos swallow foofoo like eke (python). Hausas chew it like ewu (goats), or nama (cattle).

BURUKUTU : Intoxicating drink made from fermented millet or other grains. Makes you slightly drunk Your eyes become red. It is advisable to avoid this. Why? It is made with dirty, impure water.

DASH: Free gift. Gratuity, Freebee such as a tip. It is like I give you one akara ball after you’ve bought 10 or 20. When you marry a Nigerian girl and you pay bride piece, you are not  buying the girl as they buy slaves in Libya. The money you pay for a wife is known as  dash or kola nut money. You pay more later.

GWONGWOLO: open lorry used to transport goods and passengers. It is covered with heavy tarpaulin to keep dust and rain out. You might suffocate in one of these. No insurance is paid at your death.

KAIKAI: Another cheap intoxicating drink made from fermented corn. It is white and could burn your intestines like fire. It can catch fire if you light it with a match. It’s  worse than gin or Russian Vodka. Be careful or stay away.

KEKE: The 3-wheeled motorized mode of transportation operated by young men. You have to hold tight or you fall out dead. Keep hands inside or someone will snatch your watch, purse or cell phone.

OKADA A dangerous, fast, and cheap way to travel on a motorcycle ridden by a young, crazy Nigerian man who has no operator’s license and who must make several trips in order to feed his family. Some passengers have fallen off the okada or moped and broken heads and sprained ankles. Roads are bad and no helmets are required by law.

ANU OHIA: Foolish person who behaves like a wild animal . Examples are armed robber, kidnapper, governor who steals the entire budget, senator who answers only to self, Fulani cattle herder who brandishes  A-47 with which he kills 74 farmers.

Written Sunday January 7, 2018

Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com


The question asked whether Nigeria is among Republican Trump's list of shithole nations. The answer is this: If Buhari and his governing team continue to do what drives Nigerians out to seek refuge in Libya and Trump's America, then Nigeria indeed is a shithole nation that needs massive help to turn this around .

By publicly rejecting immigrants from  "shit nations" and welcoming  Norwegians, Republican Trump is saying something Nigerians need to hear. You don't want someone to hang a sign outside his house , announcing "Not Welcome." What if someone hangs a  Nigerian white and green flat just a foot outside the gate of hell with a sign that says, "Not Welcome Here Either?" Nobody wants you. You're done. Chikina!  What are you going to do? Take heart. Don't despair. There's a solution.

Pregnant Russian women are invading Miami, Florida, in large numbers. They are falling all over each other to deliver babies in American hospitals. The excitement to deliver babies on American soil is reaching feverish tempo because the US Constitution guarantees citizenship to any child born in America  of foreign parents. Children born in a foreign country by American citizens also qualify.

This is where Nigerians come in. There are millions of Nigerian women in our villages waiting for someone to impregnate them . Once the women "get belle" the road to the land flowing with milk and honey, is wide open. Warara!

Millions of Nigerian children born in America will benefit from having the American passports and citizenship , at least to get back at Trump whose government is  bigoted, xenophobic, chauvinistic, or prejudiced. Hurry up! Don't waste time before Trump forces the 2018th Amendment through to block the loophole to Nigerian children's path to American citizenship. Time is of the essence.

In an angry tirade heavily laced with expletives, President Trump asked his advisers, "What the f.. are you bringing these motherf—people  here from these shit nations? Why don't you bring me the Norwegians/Scandinavian, the blue-blood-blue- eye  super race.

The shit nations are in Africa and Haiti. As usual, Nigeria is in top position of the list of these shit nations Trump is right and he's on the Dollar. Didn't he turn his father's small change into millions and later to billions of green Washington?

Republican Trump hates some immigrants, particularly those from poor beggar nations in Africa Nigeria included, though Trumps  father was a poor immigrant and Trump has a penchant for being romantically involved with foreign wives from Europe.

What problem does Trump have with shit? If you look around you at the people you know, your eyes will probably fall upon  Peter, Ifeanyi, Segun and many other friends with Nigerian names. You and your friends  didn't have running water in the houses you were born at or grew up in. You never saw oyibo toilet until you came to America.

Segun  lived outside Lagos where men and women  defecated in the cassava farm , using cassava leaves for toilet paper. Peter was worse off because he squatted while his legs straddled across a hideous hole dug in the earth filled with feces. Poor Peter was in that awkward position while expelling or evacuating his bodily waste.  That was the only way Peter could empty his bowels. Trump knows about Nigerians and their shitty background.

Peter called the cassava farm his latrine. Segun referred to the stinky hole as his toilet. Trump likes people who use the restroom  and soft paper tissues. Places where we empty our bowels all serve the same purpose, It shouldn't be Trump's business, should it? Trump shouldn't complain about whichever way one answers the call of nature. Nobody complains about the 100 restrooms in Trump Tower.

The Hausa and Yoruba people use water from a kettle which beats Trump's use of bare hands. One is at a great loss as to why Trump has such a big fuss about feces. All human wastes give off unpleasant odor that assaults the sense of smell  also known as olfaction.

I think I got it now. It's a game of money. Africans and  Haitians, like Mexicans, cannot resist constant sexual activities which swell the American population and overextend the cost of Welfare,  Food Stamps, and the AFDC (Aid for Families with Dependent  Children).

No true Republican  likes houses filled with too many babies.  Trump hates children hence the deportation of 800,000 illegal children and the Republicans' rush to repeal DACA, a program former President Obama had put in place to grant citizenship to children brought to America as babies.

The question asked: Is Nigeria among Republican Trump's list of shithole nations? The answer is this: if Buhari and his governing team continue to do what drives Nigerians away from the country in search of refuge in Libya and Trump's America, Nigeria indeed is a shithole nation that needs massive help to turn things around.


CHIKINA; All finished. End of the argument

WARARA: Open road with no check points manned by the Nigerian police

F-: Curse word having something to do with sex,   like waka

MOTHERF-: Abusive word directed towards your own mother and having something to do with sex

Submitted Friday January 12, 2018

Dr. James C, Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com

Friday, 05 January 2018 18:15

This is Nigeria the World knows

A little 2-year-old girl named Chimamada was playing a game she had learned at school . The time was  October, 2015, the year the white man believed that Nigeria would go up in cataclysmic smokes.  The setting  was Anambra village which is caught up in the crunch of poverty and wretchedness, and neglect. Anambra was formerly one of the more  vibrant  states of a rich country The name Chimamada is Igbo meaning My God Shall Never Fail.

Talk of the disintegration of Nigerian was rife in the air as the white man wanted to demonstrate once and for all the inevitability of his prognosis that the black man cannot be trusted to rule without the white man's tutelage. It is generally believed that to succeed, a black needs the white man's instruction, teaching, coaching, wing, expert hand, sponsorship, or protection, particularly in African country.

Africa was once known for centuries as the white man's burden. Africans have been in dire need of the white man's guiding hand. Had the white man not laid down his life on the line, what would protect 2-year-old Chimamada (sometimes pronounced Chimamanda)? Who would save Nigeria from being a wretch?

Indeed, the country is wretched. You look at the white man and you shake your head. You shake your head twice when you look at Nigeria. Why shake the head? You shake the head because you are alive and the head you are shaking belongs to you, isn't it? You are overwhelmed, flabbergasted, even driven as nutty as a fruit cake.

The purpose of this essay is to talk about destruction of the land you call home and to try to grapple with the concept of Pygmalion Effect or the self-fulfilling prophesy. Like you, many of your fellow Nigerians (if they are truly Nigerians with skulls) are supposed to make use of the cranium's grey matter to grapple with why Chimamada was reciting a poem describing the ills apparent  to a 2-year-old.

You ought to stop shaking your damned head because the white man has conditioned your minds and you have been behaving like rats in the Skinner box. You are participants in a successful operant conditioning experiment.  The billion Dollar question is: Why are we the people of Nigeria pressing the lever that delivers a pellet of food to a caged rat? Why are we Nigerians in the habit of pressing the lever in a depressing situation six decades after gaining independence from the white Britons?

The white man is happy we Nigerians are pressing the lever. We have a thorn in the flesh, and it is good to grapple with this thorn in the flesh, meaning that our aliveness seems to be dependent upon our unwillingness to face the thorn, deal with it, cope with the gnawing inconvenience, or handle it to the best of our ability.

We look everywhere to find some scapegoat to blame for the thorn when we ought to grab it, shake it, pull it out with tremendous force. Is this possible? No, we don't even see the thorn at all. We see the white man as our savior to blame if anything goes wrong under the sun. It is a type of symbiosis, an aggressive –dependent relationship.

The white man jeers, meaning he boos and taunts: "We gave you schools, didn't we?  We gave you Christianity, didn't we? We taught you British administration, didn't we?  Now, what? We don't want your money, but you keep bringing your cash to us in truck loads. Every time we look you people are breaking our Bank of London's doors hauling in your Pounds, Shillings, Dollars, Francs, and money in all currencies. What seems to be your trouble?"

The tragedy is this: although we know the thorn is there, piercing our lung, punching out our side, and choking the breath of life out of us, yet we are content to let the thorn remain where it is. Some Nigerians blame the white man for positioning the thorn where it can and often does deliver the greatest pain to us to the threshold of wishing we were dead.

The effects of the thorn in our flesh are multifarious and multiparous. That explains why we are in pain, we are hungry, our young people are addicted to drugs, our women sell their naked bodies to strange men in exchange for a plate of jollof rice, and some men unknown to us sell our youth in open slave markets. We worship a god that exacts a painful toll on us in that our faith brands us with iron roasted in red-hot coals as Muslim, Christian, and Other. How wretched we are!

Several forces are at work against us to destroy Nigeria. Muslem religion divides Nigeria while the tribe drives a wedge in the unity of the nation. Christians don't seem to get beyond tithing and belief in God's pie-in-the-sky promise to make us like Abraham the father of many nations and inheritor of great riches. Education in Nigeria is at its ebb, its lowest infancy as few people are tutored enough to read the Constitution to understand what rights and responsibilities are guaranteed therein.

Fewer Nigerians are able to understand or abide by the rule of law, nor do they fathom the political process, the two party system, and the duties  the elected officials owe to those who selected them, and the powers the voters have over their representatives.  Why don't the Nigerians teach and push for the separation of religion and politics? Do they know the functions of the legislative, judiciary, and executive? As the Nigerians fight each other over the issue of religion, little is known about the religious books (the Qumran and the Bible) that teach there is only one God who wants us to love each other, live as brothers, and enjoy our food.

There is no end to the opportunity to blame first the President and legislative branch, then the corrupt politicians and judges, and  finally the white man. The white man bares his crooked John Bull teeth as he often does to jeer, meaning he catcalls, hoots, or raspberries: "Any way, thank you, Nigerians, for being our slaves. Your foolishness is building our factories with your money, maintaining our Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, and our Queen's Buckingham Palace. But I tell you this: you are fools. Look at your foolish politicians trying to build refineries outside the mainland where the white man would manufacture your fuels for pennies and sell back to you for Dollars.

"You line up in long queues like fools under the blazing sun and cry:  'fuel subsidy, fuel subsidy'.  Who hears you cry? Nobody. The members of US Congress and UK Parliament laugh at you. The Queen smiles and goes about her important job of doing nothing. Your wealth keeps the Queen comfortable. You fight each other until you faint at the petrol stations. Your foolish groans and moans and the stupid noise you make in your native tongue-twisting and unpronounceable dialects do not impress us. Do we care? No, we don't.

" Look at your foolish billionaires buying jets, yachts and mansions around the world, laundering your money, and pretending to be whites. Why can't they invest that money to save their people from starvation, or give something to that ex-student out of work several years after graduation? " The white man hasn't  made an end to making fun of the Nigerians. He has gotten Nigerians to a place of no return.  To turn around is a problem and to go forward is also a problem.

"Fools," the white man roars, " smell your arse. Smell your mother's arse, too.  You thought you were free from our control with your empty independence celebrations. Where are your agitators for independence, your egotistical, big-grammar Zik, your ultra-tribalist, kola nut chewing Sardauna of Sokoto, and the juju priest Awolowo who was upset because his attempted  coup failed while the Biafran boys carried out the first  successful take-over.

"Awolowo would have been  a better Prime Minister on account of his education had the divisive Yoruba not divided  the State into two- the West and the Mid-West-  leading to the  Awo- Akintola fight that ended with the death of Akintola's son. You think you are free, eh? No, you are not free. You're still our slaves, aren't you? Hell, you are getting deeper and deeper into the hole our brilliant thinkers have dug and are still digging for you."

That's not right. The white man is wrong. He isn't exactly correct.  What keeps Nigerians moored to where they are is something steeper  deadlier, and more perplexing  than the hole the white man has dug. It is a deeper snare, that robs Nigerians of midnight snore, and Nigerians have built it for themselves. The snares are much worse than physical contraption.  You say: " The snare ? I fear it What's a snare?"

The snare is a trap, noose, gin, lasso, or catch whereby the Nigerians are captured, entrapped,  or ensnared in. The snaring is by, of, from, and to the Nigerians. The snare in simple terms is a mental enslavement, gross ignorance, insatiable appetite, and inflexible pride. This essay is all about snares that are grabbing the necks of the Nigerians in death-hold. The death of Nigeria is from within, not without.

Think of a devise like onya (Igbo for metal trap) which you set up in your house to catch the pesky little rats you found stealing your bread and eating smoked   fish, which made life unbearable in the cupboard in your mud house.  If you are ashamed to take the little rats outside to kill them by stomping on their tiny heads, you are not alone.

Consider the giant rodents that drove President Buhari  to run the 100-yard dash from beautiful  Aso Rock.  You didn't know the old man could run, did you? The rodents of Aso Rock were decontaminated through fumigation, but the Aso Rock rodents are nothing compared to the rats that are bothering the Nigerians and leading to destruction of their nation. How do you control your rats?

Now that you have the idea about snares and how they operate to destroy Nigeria,   let us be specific about how snares keep Nigerians confused to the point they are destroying the country and blaming the white man. How do control what you don't and can't see? To repeat, the snare in simple terms includes mental enslavement, ignorance, undisciplined appetite, and I-am-better-than-thee pride. This essay is all about snares that are grabbing the necks of the Nigerians in death-hold, and that are leading the Nigerians to destroy their country and blame others.

Blame not the white man. Blame not the stars. Don't blame God. Look at the mirror. Blame who you see. Blame you the Nigerians, foolish Nigerians, for your foolishness. Blame your hatred of education, for not supporting your schools. Blame yourselves for embracing the philosophy of boko haram . You foolish Hausa and Fulani, wanderers, the least educated of all Nigerian tribes,  why are you running away from education and running into politics to rob the treasury blind?

Your motto Boko haran or Education is a sin is flashed In bold letters across the sky .The world associates you with senseless violence,  ignorance, and abduction of schoolgirls. When shall you send your children to school and leave religion and the hijab at home? When will you  separate Islam and politics? When? When hell freezes over and virgins inhabit Sambissa Forest?

You Igbos are foolish. You are abandoning education and running after money like shameless prostitutes you are known for. All you Nigerians are foolish for your enslavement to other peoples' cultures, particularly the whites. When would you be proud of your own culture?

Look here, foolish  Nigerians, you have wasted billions from your oil wells, running to be fucked in the ass by six false lovers: America, Britain, Germany, Russia, France, and China your so-called Big Six shakers and permanent  UN members. Your governors come dressed as homosexuals to give all your money to your lovers Amebrigerussfarchan

Look here, Mr. President , you are unwise for your enslavement to your tribe and for your discrimination against persons of other tribes, and for filling all your cabinet ministerial posts with your incompetent tribesman and leaving out qualified Igbos, Edos, Biroms, and others who are more qualified  than your own people. Why does every Moslem  head enthrone mediocrity, nepotism, and disunity. Shame on them.


When will the Nigerians kiss their enslavement to the British farewell? Slavery persisted long after Abraham Lincoln's proclamation abolishing slavery in America because the former slaves went back to former masters asking to continue to live on the slave plantation to harvest cotton, tobacco, and watermelon. They asked in great fear and tears: "Where do we now go?"

The Nigerians experience great tears and fear. Since they are afraid of violence they can unleash on each other, the Nigerians cannot leave the British overlord alone nor can they overcome Europeanism, a rare form of mental enslavement, seen in an addictive craving for European foods, clothes, vehicles, building materials, and even white women.

The Nigerians haven't gotten over the child's separation anxiety which little Abimbola  feels on first day of school as the mother leaves the classroom. The child throws a tremendous temper tantrum, falling over everything , and crying inconsolably, uncontrollably: "Mama, Mama, where are you, Mama? Come back, Mama".

Foolish Nigerians,   instead of paving the road to Buckingham Palace with pure gold inlaid with uncut diamonds, why don't you  buy a doll or hard candy for the little 2-year-old village girl Chimamada? Her parents would appreciate an hour of electric light. O foolish, stupid Nigerians!

Nigerian seems to have a homosexual  relationship with  the white Briton. It is like an umbilical cord that refuses to be broken. A normal child separates from mother and married a woman.  It seems that to be a Nigerian is to be a Briton, to be tied to a mother's apron string, to acquire the British accent and mannerisms, such as placing forks on the left and knives of the right. Is it like incest when a child desires to have sex with the mother, a type of Electra Complex?

Why can't Nigerians  fall in love with their people, enjoy things Nigerian, including eating foo-foo and ogbono soup with mkpisi aka ise na aka nri (five fingers of the right hand). Why are the Nigerians filling every available space in the village and township with gigantic mansions in which no soul lives and which are overgrown with bushes  and teeming with  rats, bats, bees, and, snakes?  Why can't Nigeria go to farms to produce their rice, beans, wheat, and other foodstuffs which they import like insane people?

The Nigerians  run to London and American hospitals with ailments as common as malaria, earache, broken legs, or temperatures above 98.4 degrees when they can spruce up their local university hospitals and turn them to first-class status. The Nigerian importers are addicted to everything British, American, or German just to show off.  These people foolishly compete against each other  to the point of absurdity. Why can't they cooperate and be stronger?

Their oyibo (white man) addiction is such that the Chinese are saturating Nigeria with their cheap marbles, cheap roads, and beef made of human flesh. The Japanese are coming with tea leaves and sushi; the Brazilians ship in expensive tiles for the Nigerians  who want to show off and tell their fellows: "Look here. We live like the Europeans" Europeanism is a virus that eats deeply into the Nigerian brains kpatapkata (completely).

The Nigerians even refuse to eat their own food. They are eating American McDonald hamburgers and drinking carbonated Coca Cola laden with sugars. They are craving for the Chinese won-ton, the Korean egg rolls, and the Japanese raw fish. They are dying from the white man's diseases. Consider Ebola and Monkey Pox.  The Nigerians lose all their foreign exchange through  importation of parboiled rice,  black eye beans and soft wheat flour for making bread. They can't take their lazy asses to the farms to grow their rice, wheat, and beans?

The Nigerians look down on local farmers, and import rice by millions of tons from China and Thailand. They blame the white man for the inflation that eats up their foreign exchange and renders Nigerian currency useless and drives prices of goods ceiling-high when a Dollar converts to 360 Naira.


The Nigerian primary and secondary schools are in shambles for lack of textbooks and non-payment of teachers' salaries.  Education minister Prof. Is-has Oloyede laments  that about  2,000,000 candidates sitting the JAMB examination for the year 2818 have paid N12 billion in fees but there are not enough  schools to absorb the candidates. .Fewer Nigerian youngsters are passing the WAEC exams to get into the universities. Literacy rate is down. The Southerners are driven further South, and Northeners slaughter Igbos because the North is unable to measure up. Foolish born-to-rule cattle herders!

Every Nigerian prefers politics to education  because there are numerous ways to collude and defraud  the government. There are high failures in WAEC examinations due to lack of qualified teachers and inadequate efforts to motivate students and instill reading. There was a court battles when the governor in Kaduna State dismissed 21,000 teachers who flunked a recent test for teachers.

Fewer Nigerians are interested in intellectual pursuit. The few that are making names for themselves are in obodo  oyibo (white man's land) and do not want to return home to help because there are no employment opportunities, salaries are not competitive, and one has to watch out for insecurity created by armed robberies and kidnappers.

The Nigerian government does not express the desire to want to recruit overseas educated Nigerians  to help build the nation. Intellectual pursuit is not rewarded in Nigeria so young people gravitate to trading.  Instead of paying teachers and strengthening schools, the government doesn't pay teacher on time and sometimes owes several months of teacher salary in arrears.

Instead of strengthening academic programs and teacher preparation, the government employs unqualified teachers and lowers the JAMB scores so unqualified students can get into universities. There is the proliferation of private schools which compete for students with State schools but whose standards have not been verified. How does one establish a university when one has not gone through a university but has a fake diploma from a bird's nest?

The Nigerian government appears to be unable to lure our brilliant Nigerians- in medicines, mathematics, technology and engineering from overseas to help build the nation  perhaps due to the climate of  jealousy and tribalism or fear of kidnapping. The government ought to reckon with others and recognize that education is the backbone of a developing nation.

The senators and governors and government officials are barely literate beyond primary school or Arabic studies. Many have fake diplomas and certificates from institutions they cannot name. The general philosophy of education is boko haram, meaning to hell with Western education.

The Nigerian schools and universities are neglected,  have dilapidated infrastructures. Very little  money is budgeted  for schools in a nation that produces millions of barrels of crude oil per year. Budgets meant for education are siphoned away as wealthy Nigerians have no pride in their country's educational system but are proud to send  their children to schools in Obodo oyibo (Eton, Harvard, and New England schools).


The fear of being kidnapped in Nigeria for ransom is real since Nigerians have the unquenchable desire to live like the wealthy white men and women, Hollywood stars, or football and basketball players they watch on television. Wealthy Nigerians do not pay adequate taxes, and do not help the poor relatives struggling with school fees and accommodations.

The wealth of Nigeria is concentrated in a few hands- fraudsters-senators, governors, judges, merchants who steal money meant to develop the nation. Rather than help others, the Nigerian wealthy class builds mansions all over Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. Who occupies these places?

The Nigerians are boastful braggart as they brag: "This money is my money. We get this money; Nigerian belongs to us.  We have seven mansions, each with seven vehicles of every make in every continent, even in Australia, Canada, the Alps, China, Singapore, and so forth."  Fools they are. They are uneducated, illiterate billionaires. They die and the money is lost because the children and wives do not know the bank account numbers.


A self-centered Nigerian often thinks of "I-Me-Myself. A governor drinks himself senseless with alcohol brewed in the brewery he helps to set up. Almost all members  of his household are members of his cabinet. He is a creature of nepotism which is known as favoritism, partiality, preference for members of his religion, political party, or tribe. Nigerian governance is based on tribalism which engenders prejudice, discrimination, one-sidedness, or preferential treatment.

The Nigerians are ethnocentric, xenophobic,  chauvinistic, intolerant, and hateful of their nation . Who do we blame for the poverty and wretchedness we see as we look at Chimamada's  face? Hint: there is no white man in the village, not even  one albino.

Submitted  Friday, January 5, 2018 at 7:12 pm Nigerian Time

Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazis.blogspot.com



The news has it that President Buhari of Nigeria has set up a 17-man Fact Finding Mission to bring back Nigerians stranded in Libya. The Mission, which is expected to have gone to Libya to observe the scene, has been given 38 days to complete its work.

It is further reported that "fewer than 5,037" Nigerians have volunteered to return to the country and "about 6,091" have been brought back from Libya through the efforts of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The purpose of this essay is not to claim  we are experts in governance or philanthropy. There are many Nigerians who love the country and are concerned with the well-being of our citizens, We are  interested in ascertaining, finding  out details of Buhari's next move with respect to settling  several hundreds of the Nigerians who have been brought back. If the President's aim is to help  relieve evacuees'  sufferings, there is hope things would get better in Nigeria for our people.

If,  on the other hand, the  President's aim is  borne out of embarrassment  or to temporarily cover or bandage  Nigeria's shameful face in order for the world to stop ridiculing us  or for us to just look good in the eyes of the world, then a hoax has been unfairly perpetrated and things will continue to grow worse. It appears the world is ridiculing Nigerians: "Hoot! They have oil and yet they are poor, unemployed, and now are becoming slaves in a foreign land."

While we commend President Buhari for his magnanimous gesture  in setting up the Fact Finding Mission, several pressing  questions remain to be answered

When did Nigerians begin leaving home for Libya?

How many Nigerians have left home for Libya? .

What are the reasons for the illegal migration to Libya?

What parts of Nigeria are the people leaving  the country come from?

What has the Nigeria government been doing that encourages  citizens to  want to leave home?

What can we do to discourage citizens from embarking on such perilous journeys through the desert and over a deep sea that might lead to death? .

How many survived the journey and arrived alive and how many died?

What is the total number of Nigeria now in Libya besides the "fewer than 5,037" and 6,091 returnees?  .

How many have expressed desire to return home? .

How many wished to remain in Libya and what were reasons for their decision? .

What are the Characteristics of persons leaving home for Libya, including  ages, sex, tribe, educational levels,  and so forth?

We ask too many questions with due respect  to presidency because it takes much more than "missions to bring home" and instruction to bring home in 38 days, to solve a monumental problem.  What happens after the citizens are brought home?  How are they to be re-integrated into a society that had abandoned them and that they had wanted to abandon?

Look at it this way: you have a girl friend or boyfriend you had jilted sometimes ago. To jilt is to reject, leave, drop, ditch, abandon, split up with, or walk out on someone. It is a bad feeling to be rejected by a lover. It also is a bad feeling to seek out the ex-lover who rejected you in the first place. Things have fallen apart, and things need to be put back right.

This is a dilemma  for both Nigeria and the people who were ejected or forced to leave by unpleasant conditions. You ask: " How and when did Nigeria  eject  people?" When bad conditions force a tenant to leave his/her home that constitutes constructive ejection . A man is ejected by violence, threat of violence, government  policies that make security and employment impossible.

You may have remembered that your old  "boy/girl"  is good after the break-up, and you are all bent over backwards in your efforts to find him or her  in order to reconcile and reconnect the relationship. It's not easy, it is like returning to a vomit. This reminds us of the Bible story of a prophet named Hosea who was abandoned by a wife who went on to become a temple prostitute. God told poor Hosea: "Go find her and love her as you had loved her before she left you."   Being the faithful prophet that he was, Hosea had no choice.

What are Buhari and his government going to do with and for the citizens they are bringing back to Nigeria  from Libya, plus those that are being repatriated from around the world for illegal immigration or other violations?

The usual government response or social work practice should not be to give the returnees a  few Naira and instructions to" go back where you come from." Going  back to where one comes from could mean going back to crimes  in order to eat a meal a day or to idleness  that comes from unemployment.

A s we are writing this essay, we are receiving news of the re-arrest of 14 of the  47 prison escapees from Ikot Ekpene Prison system  that was built with the capacity of 400  prisoners in mind  but that is currently holding 831 inmates. The prison head count  is over twice the original allowable capacity. The Akwa Ibom prison has witnessed numerous  riots and murders. Our question again is: what purpose does the decision to re-arrest serve? The re-arrested prisoners might as well be allowed to go free.

What Nigeria government needs to embark upon is a  massive rehabilitation programs to save the citizens from dire hardships. A hardship is dire when it is hopeless, terrible, awful, calamitous, ominous, dreadful, horrible, bleak, dismissal, grim, or very bad. It is bad when every citizen wants to leave the country even when it means going into slavery.

It would be a good gesture if the Nigerian Government undertakes  the revitalization and  rehabilitation programs for the masses. Revitalize the economy to keep citizens at home. Rehabilitate the disabled war veterans of the Biafran War and battles with the boko haran.

These soldiers who had served their nation and lost limbs in the process, should be trained and equipped with  useful skills they can market. Examples include but are not limited to: Tailoring, woodwork, auto mechanics, small engine repair, computer repair, assembling of computer parts=, toys,  and electronics.

Nigerians are very intelligent, they learn very fast, and they will appreciate the opportunity to feel fulfilled and develop a sense of self-actualization with government assistance and help from the private sector.

The government can partnership with Nigeria's wealthy importers and business owners to help build factories that would employ hundreds of our graduates. The government may work with the private sectors through by extending grants, law-interest loans, and free land on which to build factories. Thousands of recent college graduates can continue to serve as uniformed Youth Corpers, Peace Officers, and Community Organizers.

Other avenues the government may pursue include but are not limited to employment of university and college graduates in road construction, building of affordable housing , revamping  of dilapidated  school and university buildings, food distribution, and construction of sidewalks, public  toilets/latrines, and landfills for the disposal of garbage/refuse.

Dr. james C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.cm


This is the time we make our New Year Resolutions for 2018. Are we going to make resolutions we can keep or ignore? A resolution is a decree, declaration, or decision we make. It can be a personal ruling, promise, pledge, or oath made to simplify our life, things we intend to keep, do, or make part of our activities during the New Year. Problem is either we don’t often intend to keep our resolutions or we lack the zeal or motivation to do so. Sometimes, we do the opposite of our resolutions and sometimes we do things we never resolved to do in the first place. Here are a few resolutions you might consider making at this beginning of 2018. Endeavor to sign your resolutions

Please add to this list as you deem necessary.

 I, ------------------------------------------------------------- -(sign your full name)

  1. Resolve to take those extra 15-45 pounds of weight off my body through appropriate exercise and  dieting, being aware of the dangers excess body weight can create for my heart, liver, lungs, self-esteem, and lifestyle. 
  2. Resolve to examine what I eat that messes up my body by looking at labels on things I buy at Kroger, Wal-Mart, or my favorite grocery store. Look at the levels of cholesterol, trans fat, calories, sugars, and sodium my food items may contain. It is not always what I eat that keeps me unhealthy  and obese, but the number and amounts of harmful ingredients in what I eat. Form the habit of checking the ingredients in what I eat.
  3. Resolve to join a yoga class, weight-loss clinic. aerobics, or an exercise class at my local YMCA or recreation center. Why don’t I increase recreational activities that include cycling, jogging, swimming, dancing, or meditation?
  4. If you are a woman and think you are not pretty enough or that your husband /boyfriend spends more time with his buddies than he spends with you, or he keeps his eyes on other women at parties, resolve to ask him how he wants you to look or dress. Consult with or seek advice from beauty experts.  And visit Beauty Master for special make-ups  or enhancement products. Remember that internal factors such as personality and attitudes may have more to do with beauty , and not just the exterior  attributes.  
  5. Resolve to increase my daily intake of clean water to cleanse my body of impurities.
  6. Resolve to reduce my consumption of alcohol and poisonous chemicals contained in my soft drinks, such as  Pepsi, Coca cola, Sprite, and other carbonated drinks. I have a few friends just out of surgeries for kidney stones after taking too much carbonated drinks (cola) and not enough water. Drug abuse is a serious problem in Nigeria. Sanusi  II, Emir of Kano is suggesting that all the Nigerian religious leaders and politicians should be tested for drug abuse. Dr. F, a Nigerian physician, just texted on Christmas Day: “Drug abuse is very rampant in all the cities driven by unemployment of the youth.” Drug abuse is a big problem for Nigerians living  overseas.  
  7. If you are an alcoholic or having problems with abuse of drugs, resolve to seek rehabilitation and/or alcohol and drug counseling. Drug addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a disease (like malaria or cancer) that needs to be treated and defeated.
  8. Resolve to live an active life that involves moving around rather than sitting idle, sedentary in front of television or with gossiping  with a telephone in hand.
  9. Resolve to take a closer look at how I spend or waste resources. Do I shop till I drop or do I look for bargains in thrifty stores? Do I look in my garage or storage space to find items I can reuse rather than buying stuffs I do not need? Do I buy things I want but do not necessarily need? Examples are a new vehicle vs.  a slightly used one, a brand name medication vs. generic. I can spend thousands of dollar saved from wise shopping on some other pressing needs.
  10. Resolve to keep your brain from being dead or atrophied through inactivity. Be engaged in intellectual pursuits like going back to school to brush  up on some academic or technical skills training. Why not work toward the Master’s degree of PhD? Why not? You can do it. It makes more sense to acquire skills right now so you can say: “ I’m prepared when the right job comes along” rather than “the right job is here now but I am not prepared for it.”
  11. Resolve to improve your relationship with family members, including relationship with your God, wife, your husband, children, and extended family members.
  12. Resolve to stay away from being too angry with people who envy and annoy you or rub you the wrong way because excessive, unresolved rage or resentment can damage my heart or lead to depression, and other psychiatric  problems.
  13. Resolve to not let pursuit of money control my very existence (mind, body, and soul), but to be content with what I have while trying to do better; and be thankful I’ve made it this far. Remember that it is not just how much money you make that matters; it matters more how well you manage what you have. Try saving.
  14. Resolve to consider owning a piece of property in Nigeria if that is in your plan. Having a small house in a Nigerian city or village is not entirely a bad idea.
  15. Resolve to help persons less fortunate than I am by sending money to family members who are in need or have medical bills, and also encourage young Nigerians  to stay in school to obtain an  education or training necessary for employment.
  16. Resolve to widen my horizon by making new friends with someone from a different Nigerian tribe, religion, or social circle.
  17. Resolve to show interest in the political process in Nigeria and help to select the right Governor, Senator, and other persons  to represent our people.

 Submitted by Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com



America smells like effluvium as it further isolates itself in the world. The US has made good the egomaniac's threat to reduce the US contribution to the United Nation  by $285 million in retaliation for the UN  member's  128 to 9 vote  against  the egomaniac's recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel and move of the US embassy to the Holy City.

No one is surprised when a bully throws a temper tantrum.  One wonders if Trump's theatrical would stop the earth rotation on its lazy axis or halt the sun on its revolution. Can't the members of the United Nations Organization rightly decide to move its headquarters from the American soil entirely to a friendlier location? After all, what  will happen and who needs the Yankee and its wrackety-yerckety syndromes? Give us a break to take a couple of aspirins.

For one thing, the earth would still rotate in its rickety fashion and wobble as a handicapped man  even it a dollar equals a Naira and we finally defeat the boko haram. The egomaniac thinks every shot is his to call. It's not.

The United States has long had the self-arrogated impudence to call the shots as a bully often  does. A bully is a tormentor, persecutor,  tyrant, intimidator, aggressor, or onye aghogho  (Igbo for a trickster). One wonders where the billionaire's billions come from, how many bankruptcies have been filed, or how  many banks went under.

Who remembers the failed Trump University? Who knows the number of students duped of millions? And how many women have had their vaginas squeezed only to be told they were being tested for menstruation? Methinks running a government and running a corporation are entirely two different things.

We aren't worried about the $285 million cut. Any African country like Nigeria can easily be inveigled to fly a messenger carrying that much money in a Ghana-must-go on the Delta Airline on the theory that smaller African nations must follow the lead of America the new global super power. The Africans believe  anything that is stamped with the Almighty Dollar label. Who knows? The money could be pilfered  from  the NNPC slush fund. A bully can do anything seemingly impossible.

On a serious note, how does one characterize the bully and the country he represents? He wages unnecessary wars. He  even toppled  a benevolent dictator who once told the beggar African Unions to stop borrowing from the egomaniac's  nations. Numerous adjectives abound to describe the bully . He is a picture of narcissism. He is carping, captious, caviling, and censorious.

Carping is being characterized by unreasonable ill-natured picking of flaws, such as with the Arabs, Obama's birth place, and the Mexicans. He is captious, meaning marked with ill-natured readiness to find trivial faults such as with Obamacare and where Obama was born. Is Obama American or Kenyan?

One who is caviling is inclined to raise quibbling objections over petty details in order to lower taxes on the one present and balance the budget on the backs of the underclass, the suffering poor. Finally, the bully is censorious when he is harshly critical or severely condemning of persons who do not share his myopic views. This is Donald Trump, inventor of fake news and Russian-gate and rocket man.


EFFLUVIUM: an unpleasant or harmful odor, secretion or discharge of vapor usually from the anus. African visitors to China complain of the Chinese loud exhilaration of this vapor in the public. Africans say it is bad habit, but the Chinese defend the habit as ridding the body of harmful substances.

EGOMANIAC:  A man or woman who is a boaster, show-off, self-aggradizer, self-advertiser like President Trump

TRUMP: Man who carries a gold elephant tusk on his head and talks mean as a tiger when he is politicking.

$285 MILLION: a lot of money that can pave all roads  in Anambra

BENEVOLENT DICTATOR: Maumur Gaddaffi who lived in a tent while building houses for people in Tripoli. He was killed when the Europeans feared he was going to establish the African Union Bank to give interest-free loans to African nations so they do not go to sharks like the World Bank and  the IMF. It is believed that the fall of Libya led to black African slave trade

FAKE NEWS: Story that means the opposite of what is intended. Example (1): You tell a woman she is your wife when you mean she is your sex slave. Example (2) You are told to come to Europe for a big job with big money, and you find yourself in a slave market and someone is haggling to pay $400 to buy you.

ONYE AGHUGHO/ONYE AWUWO: Satanic trickster who uses the back of the cup to measure out garri or rice, and he does it so fast you don't even know the game, that you are being cheated.

OBAMACARE: Health Program of the first black U S President who loves gay people, but African governments will jail you if you follow him.

LIBYAN BLACK SLAVE TRADE: Black men and women left Nigeria and Ghana and a few other African countries to look for jobs they could not find in their homes and the world says: " Libyans  are selling slaves."

RUSSIANGATE: A crime punishable with death if an American invites Russia, a foreign nation, to interfere, meddle in American politics. Nigerians call is treasonable felony during Awolowo's trial.

GHANA-MUST-GO: colorful  sacks which Ghana prostitutes used to carry their belongings when Nigerians got tired and told the ashawos: "Oya. Make you nau go."

NARCISSISM: vanity, self-love, self-absorption, self-admiration, egotism,  conceit, self-importance, big manism.

CARPING,CAPTIOUS, CAVILING, SENSORIOUS:  inclined to find and point out faults and defects,

INVEIGLE: To steal something from someone by trick, charms, deception, or persuasion as when you sell a man into slavery with the promise of a good job.

Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , jamesagazies.blogspot.com


It is gratifying that someone finally makes a mighty sense with the recommendation that Nigerian leaders should be tested for drug  use and abuse.  We commend Emir Sanusi  II  of Kano for boldly coming out and taking the lead  in war against drug use in Nigeria. Emir Sanusi II  makes  the recommendation and  offers to undergo the drug test himself. He says he would give up his position if any illegal drugs are found in his body.

What an upright man! When a man thinks of his fellow man’s health and well-being of his country, that man needs to be commended. Concern for your fellow man and those running your country is an act of love and caring. That love and caring should be emulated by men and women of goodwill everywhere. Sanusi’s attitude cannot and should not go unnoticed. A man with such attitude deserves a massive pat on the back.  That said, It is our duty  as citizens to praise good behavior and condemn the bad ones.

There is hope that the Emir Sanusi’s concern can be addressed and taken care of with the assistance of the Nigerian Government, religious leaders, teachers, and the ordinary citizens. Let’s keep hope alive. First of all, first thing first!

Let all of us Nigerians do one thing, and that is, STOP pointing hypocritical fingers at one another. We are all at fault for failing our nation. We ought to cease mouthing dishonest religious sermons when we and  our adults and children are dying from bad habits. The bad habit is “chopping” drugs as we do foo-foo and dying as victims who have no sense. Hey, Nigerians, let’s not be prisoners in the house of of drugs. Let’s be free us from bad learned habits that include the use of alcohol, cocaine, tobacco, and prescription pills. We were not born drug users. We picked up the diseased habit  due to greed.

Let’s admit we have some serious mental health problems that need to be addressed in Nigeria. Because Nigerians have long been suffering poor mental health , some of which are not unconnected with drugs use, we posted two essays on the subject. The latest essay is Nigerians Needn’t Suffer Mental Health Problems When Help is Available.http://jamesagazies.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2017-12-02T17:15:00-08:00&max-results=7.

The purpose of the present essay is to commend Emir Sanusi II and suggest  ways we can implement the Emir’s recommendation. We cannot allow our country to be lost, meaning that Nigeria oughtn’t  be engulfed, swallowed up, and finished kpatakpata.by an unseen enemy.  The unseen enemy is drug addiction. Nigeria is a citadel of dangerous drugs, dealers, sellers, users and abusers. A citadel is a fortress, stronghold, bastion, castle, refuse, or sanctuary.  Drug use is affecting us badly in more than one way. We cannot handle democracy well; we are mismanaging our resources, impoverishing our people, and we are destroying our minds and bodies in the process.   Here are the naked facts:

  1. More people die in Nigeria each year from drug use, drug overdose and self-administered bad drugs than those who perish from malaria.
  2. More Nigerians are executed or locked up in prisons around the world for drug-related  activities than for illegal immigration and other reasons
  3. One of the reasons the Nigerian Airways was prohibited from flying to American, Canadian and European countries was the discovery that Nigerian pilots and passengers were using the aircraft as a vehicle to trade on illegal drugs with unabashed impunity.
  4. Thousands of security personnel  are employed at airports worldwide and security is being beefed up solely for the purpose of catching and imprisoning Nigerian  drug traffickers, including  those who swallow bags of cocaine and die when the bags burst in the stomach, and women  who carry dead infants abroad whose bellies are filled with drugs and sown up.
  5. The use of drugs seems to feature in hundreds of armed robberies and kidnappings that make daily headlines in our country’s newspapers.
  6. Make no mistake about this: beer, wine, kaikai, kola nuts and cigarettes are all considered dangerous drugs rather than just harmless recreational substances, but  few Nigerians are unaware of the fact.
  7. Numerous Nigerian governors and religious leaders (Christian and Muslim) are virtual alcoholics and drug addicts who  believe it is okay to saturate their states with more breweries and manufacture  of illicit drugs than building legitimate factories to generate employment-for the youth. Breweries seem to keep citizens dazed, confused, and unable to participate fully in the democratic process let alone understand the activities of their leaders. 

One point we cannot overlook is that Nigerian men and women are given to excessive drug use. Drugs seem to provide the only means of recreation and relief from stress caused by bad governance and lack of amenities in an environment as inhospitable as Nigeria.  At one time, and it continues to be the case, prisons in America,  Canada, and Europe were filled with tens of thousands of Nigerians convicted of drug trafficking. The execution of Nigerian drug traffickers in Asian countries (such as Singapore, Indonesia for examples)  continues and has gotten to the point where stories of Nigerians being executed outside their home are becoming old news not worth listening to. What’s new?

What is new is that Nigeria must tackle its drug problems energetically before the problems tackle Nigeria. Friends who used to proudly fly the Nigerian Airways are lamenting that some of the reasons the Nigerian Airways was banned from operation in many countries were  (1) Nigerians’ scandalous habit of fighting each other over drugs and (2) the Nigerians’ penchant for drug use, abuse, and criminal behavior leading  to the national embarrassment  of using our commercial aircraft to carry drugs overseas.   A penchant is a liking, proclivity, fondness, desire, partiality, weakness, taste, predilection, or liking to fight for everything that looks or feels like money. We need to save face and clean our country. The use of drugs is killing us.

This writer has lost several dear colleagues to drugs and does not wish to lose more. Alcohol is a drug as deadly as cocaine. Drugs are more dangerous than the herdsmen’s AK-47’s because while a gun kills an individual at a time, the drug destroys the entire community.  Lord, do not let this writer lose more friends, like I lost my bright friend, a namesake,  brilliant mathematician,  from near Jos;  Joseph  the professor of biology ied of alcohol delirium.

Dr. S.K. a business professor was stabbed to death by a student he was drinking alcohol with during a quarrel the two had over a girlfriend they both shared together. A few years ago, this writer attended the funeral of Special Education professor whose death was caused by a head-on collision with a drunken motorist who survived the accident after killing my friend.

There is a strong suspicion that some of the Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, and Tiv governors, if not all, are struggling with serious alcohol problems.  The suspicion is strong because many of my Nigerian friends in North America from these States, including professors and business owners, are predisposed to drug abuse; some are recovering alcoholics, some  have lost their wives and jobs as a result of drug use while many are in treatment.

Many Nigerian husbands are being ordered by courts to attend anger management classes for beating wives in moments of drunkenness.  Friends have had to snatch alcohol bottles and glasses of liquor from friends  at parties because they did not want friends  killed driving home  from parties at 5:oo am. Nigerians  don’t know how to drink, when to stop, and how much to consume. Believe it or not, drug use is a disease.  The victim needs treatment or rehabilitation rather than punishment.

This writer once shocked  friends at a wedding party at Abuja when he refused offer of a bottle of expensive imported liquor because he does not drink.  It was like “What, James? You don’t drink? What?” It was a shocking surprise to friends,  wedding guests,  who were retiring Generals,  ambassadors, navy commanders. There are many people who are teetotalers, non-drinkers of alcohol.  Why were friends shocked? Nigerians can stop drinking and using drugs, It is not a must that one should drink and use drugs. Drugs can be destructive of both mind and body,

One young 25-year-old Igbo Nigerian came to America with a pitiful story that he was an orphan. He asked for help to survive. We leased a Ford truck furnished with refrigerator and music for the purpose of selling ice cream during the summer, to him. He took the truck and disappeared for months without paying the minimum monthly fees. He wrecked the truck and went to court, pretending to be the truck's owner, to claim damages after suing the other driver for the accident.

After we caught him and took the truck back, he bought a small car with which he was selling drugs in an unfamiliar community. Neighbors called police. Arresting police officers found a loaded gun the 25-year-old was carrying to protect himself in the neighborhood, on the front seat. Case went to court. Judge sentenced the young Nigerian to 20 years in prison for drug possessing with the intent to distribute. I tell this story to illustrate some of the evils of drugs

The Nigerian Government needs to help the nation to quit use of drug among its top current and retired officers or at least to curtail the habit, to limit it. We can reduce the amount of money spent on accidental deaths, and needless loss of lives, which leave children without parents. We ought to do this as an act of love and caring for our nation. We propose  Eight-Step Plan of Action in order to make Emir Sanusi’s recommendation a realizable dream:

STEP ONE: Let’s admit we have a drug problem without feeling shame or funny.  Shame is useless. We do not  and cannot feel  shame or funny when we have venereal  disease, and don’t we go to the doctor or pharmacist for treatment ?  We cannot be ashamed of having drug problems when addiction is a disease needing treatment. If you drink beer or chew tobacco or kola nuts, you are on drugs. Don’t you know that tobacco and  kola nuts contain caffeine, a dangerous chemical  that is highly addictive at that? We maintain emphatically that all Nigerians are on some kind of addictive drugs and need to be set free.

We shall maintain confidentiality (doctor-patient privilege); there shall be no name-calling, no revealing of names , no revealing of private information of addicted persons should ever be made in the evaluation and treatment of our citizens who need to be free from addiction to drugs. Privacy and confidentiality are necessary to obtain full participation by our people

STEP TWO: All Nigerian offices including the Aso Rock, legislature, Ministries, schools, universities and colleges,  army and police offices and barracks should be declared  as No Zone drug-free environments  where no drugs should be tolerated .

STEP THREE  A national campaign against drugs should be mounted by churches and government to root out the cancer of drug use in all of Nigeria.

STEP FOUR: All politicians, including the President, governors, deputy governors, members of the senate and House at the federal and State levels, judges, lawyers, council members, and anyone remotely connected with governance, should be tested for drugs and they shall pass a drug test/examination before assuming offices .

The drug evaluation should be provided free of charge whenever there is reason to suspect the individual has a drug problem. 

Those who fail to pass the test should be required to continue employment while voluntarily undergoing treatment which they pay for out of pocket until the doctor certifies he/she is free from addiction.

Refusal to be tested and refusal to be treated should mean resignation from positions of trust with the government.

We shall give second chances to persons addicted to drugs rather than automatic or summary termination of employment because drug use is a disease that needs treatment rather termination. We do not fire or dismiss an employee for having malaria or high blood pressure, do we?

STEP FIVE: Let’s say No to any foreign country that wants to use Nigeria and Nigerians as dumping grounds and consumers, respectively, of the foreign land’s bad and expired  drugs. We shall say No to any country that wants to kill us. We have heard that some greedy Nigerians have been taking bribes from foreign countries that seek to bury radioactive  substances in Nigerian soil. How many of our children have died from ingesting these radioactive materials in water, air, or food?

STEP SIX: Let’s budget adequate money to set up rehabilitation hospitals and treatment centers staffed with qualified personnel to treat citizens afflicted with addiction to illegal drugs.

STEP SEVEN: The University Departments of Rehabilitative Professions should be set up to train counselors and psychiatric nurses  in the management of mental illness and this should be done as a matter of urgency.

STEP EIGHT: All of our politicians, including governors, deputy governors, ministers, members of Senate and House should be required to provide official documents certifying they are drug free. Those who fail to do so within a reasonable length of time (6 months) should be required to do immediately or relinquish their positions.

Prepared by Dr. James C. Agazie;  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com


One of the things this writer agonizes over as he relates to Nigeria and Nigerians through visits, phone calls, emails, and normal conversations humans have with each other, is the presence of tribalism. Tribalism is endemic, meaning that tribalism is rife, prevalent, common, widespread, rampant, or pervasive. It is like a metastatic cancer that has spread to the brain.    Yes, let's stop saying the British created tribalism when they slapped the land together  with no regard given to  tongue and ethnic differences. Let's see us as persons causing tribalism.. Aren't we stupid?

This writer misses the humor, pleasantness, or playfulness that used to exist among the Nigerian tribes during his primary school days. As a student at a unique secondary school  that was located in Northern Nigeria in the 60's, this writer had had a delightful detribalized experience. The school whose student body was drawn from all over the country, had classmates  who were Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Fulani, Tiv, Efik  Idoma, and many other tribes.

It appeared that the founders of the school , British, were interested in mixing students from different parts of the country to teach Nigerians the value coexistence and to combat tribalism. There were Christian and Muslim students in my secondary school. We were all young innocent boys aged 14 years and over. There was openness, sociability among the students at our residential  school, and we were of good behavior and academically inclined.

The purpose of this essay is to decry tribalism which the Nigerian political leaders from presidency to the governors and senators seem to be encouraging and to ask questions that need to be asked.  Have Nigerians of different tribe ever lived together in their history?  Can they live together as one people or at least learn to tolerate each other and coexist amicably, and what militates against their living together as civilized people do? This essay is being written with the view that only the truth will destroy prejudice and only by discussing tribalism in all its ramifications can the disease be cured.

Igbos who grew up in Lagos among the Yoruba talk about the outgoingness, approachability, and responsiveness they felt, visiting each other's families  and being welcomed to dinner tables. There was some affability, kindness or friendliness this writer's family members felt while living among the Idoma of Benue State where we schooled, worked, and died.

What is going wrong today with Nigerian tribes? Why are they becoming so antagonistic, secretive, exclusionary,  protective , distrustful, shielding, or defensive of "what's mine" ? Tribalism is a nightmare in Nigeria. Where does tribalism come from, and who is the father of tribalism? What roles do Yoruba, Fulani, Hausa, and Igbo play in transmitting the virus of tribalism into the community? If you say no role is being played, you are part of the problem. What is tribalism?

We begin this essay by stating that all nations in the world are made up of tribes. There are tribes  in Africa, America, United Kingdom, India, China, Russia, and so forth.  In the African context, the term tribe includes but is not limited to the community, society, population, people, ethnic, family, clan, or kinfolk.

The perplexing questions are many. Does being in a tribe mean that each group must be at the throat of each other? What are the tribes fighting for? For political dominance, control of limited resources, sexuality, or what? If the tribes are fighting for political dominance, why can't the Constitution be written in such a way as to settle that? If they are fighting for access to limited resources, why don't the country's governing bodies and policy makers expand activities to ensure adequate wealth is generated to go around? Why are Nigerian leaders and so-called intelligentsia unable to think beyond narrow parochialism, and tribal cocoon, beyond ROMEO (Robert Mugabe mentality)?

Are Nigerians at all intelligent enough to govern themselves without running to England or should the colonial masters be called back for a few more years? Can Buhari and the other Nigerian politicians learn from the white man in countries they visit and in which they empty their sacks of money? The trouble, in the case of Nigeria, is that the Constitution is not agreed upon by the majority; it is written in secret by a few tribalists and foisted upon the people. To foist is to impose, finagle, thrust upon, palm off, or pass off.

Now, I  get it! My country is bedeviled by a sickness called xenophobia which is the fear, hatred, and distrust of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange, Each Nigerian tribe is led as a foreign nation headed by uninformed, narrow-minded, bigoted  tribesmen masquerading as demigods who coach a group of tribesmen  to hate the other tribes. It is a dangerous thing to vote racists like U S Donald Trump or haters like Atiku, Jonathan, Obasanjo, Okorocha, Fashola, Tinubu, and Buhari into power because they are masters of xenophobic manipulation. Continued involvement of these men in Nigerian politics is destructive and ought to be condemned, eschewed.

Young, educated  Nigerian men and women aged 40-45 years with moral character, energy,  and fresh  ideas  should be encouraged to run for political offices in place of the corrupt, old bags on donkey backs. Nigerians infected with the disease of tribalism are incorrigible, meaning they are the hopeless, intractable,  irredeemable, dyed-in-the-wool  people who refuse to change and do things differently.

Listen to President Buhari say; "those who use the social media as another platform to fan the embers of division in the country to desist or face the full wrath of the law." He is promising to be violent against persons who dared to protest against tribalism and social injustice. What a glaring manifestation of xenophobia! It appears that tribalism is strengthened and maintained by the use of violence and threats of violence. Tribalism is like armed robbery in that both cannot operate without the use of force, threats.  Nigerians know better and cannot be intimidated.

Xenophobia manifests itself in many ways involving the relations and perceptions of an in-group (we the conquering Fulani; we the wealthy Igbo; or we the marginalized Yoruba and owners of Lagos) towards an out-group (they Igbos the defeated people;  they the conquered Yoruba), and so forth.  Xenophobia  is the  fear of losing identity (Fulani empire, Ndiigbo, Ohaneze, Oduduwa, Arewa), It is the  suspicion of activities of others, aggression towards others , and desire to eliminate others (such as disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu, silencing of  IPOB and Delta boys, etc).

The Nigerian trouble is not caused by tribes per se, but by persons who divert a good thing to create a trap for fools and by the greedy, gluttonous  groups whose interest the racists and haters seem to protect and whose appetite for material  goods outweigh the desire for "One Nigeria.". Tribalism allows Nigerians to be manipulated, fucked in the ass to the point they hate neighbors on the basis of language and cultural ways of doing things. Hatred is a learned behavior rather than innate or inherited.

Few Nigerians are more xenophobic  than the born-to-rule Fulani/Hausa because they are the most chauvinistic intolerant, racist, nationalistic, prejudiced group interested in maintaining separation of tribes because they benefit the  most from tribalism.

I belong to the Igbo tribe, I make no apology, and I do not care what tribe you belong to so long as you respect me. The tribe is not something to be ashamed of if one sees the term to mean one of the broad categories of grouping into which people of the world fall.  Tribe is something to be proud of. It is not a thing that causes shame unless one is saddled with the most untreatable, incurable poor self-concept. This writer had experienced detribalization at the secondary school and at a foreign university campus. The secondary school has been talked about. Now is the foreign place.

At the University of Knowles, USA,  where  the University officials had consistently admitted thousands  of international students drawn from  Africa, China, Europe, and many other parts of the world, we  African students  from Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, and Zambia used  to be proud of our heritage.

We prided ourselves as others knew us "people of the African tribes," "African students"  or "African tribesmen". We lovingly referred to each other as "native", "bush," or "jungle."  One particular man from Uganda named Solomon Olebe (now deceased) would invite us to his house for parties, and as we ate, drank beer and  danced  to Congolese and African music,  the feelings of tribeness was overpowering, yet we were from different tribes in Africa.

Solomon would yell out names of popular African leaders, such as Tom Mboya,  Kenyata,  Azikiwe, Nkrumah, Odinga  Oginga, Lumumba, and so forth. Africa and their leaders were sweet in  our ears and etched  deeply in our memory, and we dreamed of going home to put what we had learned to use, to make meaningful contribution to our community. We loved to hear Solomon yell out names of those African leaders.We revered the African political leaders. That was when African politicians were leaders.

We  enjoyed belonging to the International community, the committee of nations of which the tribes featured significantly, were respected . We enjoyed being members of the tribe as we enjoyed participation in the International Day Festivities where cuisines from different parts of Africa and the world were served.

It is with utmost fondness, nostalgia that this writer remembers the unity foreign students had under  Dr. Johnson, the white International Student Advisor and Mrs. Wilde, the white Associate Foreign Student Advisor. Our unity at predominately Caucasian University in Tennessee was firmer than what this writer has ever witnessed in post-independent Nigeria. Does it mean that whites have more sense than Nigerians, better sense of fairness and impartiality? It seems to be the case. Many Nigerians at home and abroad do not feel  happy, safe, and welcome in Nigeria , for we are regarded as unwanted foreigners who the other tribes ignore and hate.

In Nigeria, things did not go well after the amalgamation of the colony and the protectorates of Lagos and the southern Nigeria and the subsequent amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Nigeria. The struggle to appease the colonial masters on one hand and mollify or conciliate the discordant sentiments of the tribes became the undoing of the Nigerian leaders. Nigerians cannot help being suckered into tribalism by leaders who meant the nation no good.

Early Nigerian political leaders, who had little or no experience with public administration, felt that their job was to cater only to the needs of members of their tribes: Hausa for Hausas, Igbo for Igbos, Yoruba for the Yorubas.  Ethnocentric attitudes  became the order of the day, followed by xenophobia.

In America, Nigerians are in all 50 states, schooling, holding jobs, and raising families. Nobody cares where we are from so long as we are law-abiding and have proper immigration documents. This is not the case if we were to be in Nigeria where tribalism may present problems for me, an Igbo, to find employment in Yorubaland, Hausaland, or among the so-called people of Calabarland. When citizens are not treated as equals in a country they all belong to, it is tribalism of the most reprehensible category. 

The principal concerns of the early Nigerian politicians (Azikiwe, Ahmadu Bello, and Awolowo, and Akintola)  seemed  first and foremost to endear themselves to members of their tribes in order to curry favor, maintain misplaced loyalty and support, in order to solidify positions through the voting process. No one cared for the common good or well-being of all Nigerian people. In other words, Nigerian political leaders ceased being loving fathers and nurturers  of their people; they degenerated to being paramount chiefs, chief commanders of warring tribes.

The Eastern Nigeria, Western Nigeria, and Muslim North were comfortable doing business as usual so long as the interests of the three major tribes were protected. One thing that nobody remembered  was that there are nearly 400 other minor Nigerian tribes who were taxed without representation and entirely forgotten in the body politics. When these forgotten tribes began complaining of marginalization, the agitation  for inclusion became deafening , leading to the creation of more states. The trouble in Nigeria is bad leadership, not religion or tribes.

Nigerians ought to stop blaming the British for their political leaders' ineptitude, inability to govern with equity and equanimity.  How to handle the Nigerian tribes which number in the neighborhood of 400 became and continues to become the nation's ruin, ruination, downfall, collapse, destruction, humiliation, shame, or defeat. Being a politician in Nigeria is to fan the embers of tribalism in order to hide your ignorance A Nigerian leader keeps a lot of mess going on to obfuscate real issues. To obfuscate is to confuse,  obscure, muddy, cloud, mystify,  muddle,  befuddle, or confuse.  It is like "if you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, you can at least baffle them with your bullshit." Take Okorocha for illustration. Remember his statute for Zuma of South Africa and  a sister who is Commissioner for Happiness?

Nigerian leaders from  Independence have been playing one tribe against the others and stealing our money in the confusion .  How do the Fulani herdsmen acquire the AK-47? Who masterminded the disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB protesters?   How do the governors  obtain $1Billion to continue fighting boko haran after President Buhari had announced the insurgents had been destroyed and neutralized?

Nigerians of various tribes get along well in America, UK, Canada, to name only a few place. Why is it that they don't get along in Nigeria. Someone says that the elements in Nigeria, including the air and water  plus the sky, food, and soil predispose Nigerians to hate members of other tribes. The cure? This essay deals with causes and implications of tribalism Cure is beyond the scope of this essay and may be  topic for a future essay.

Yes, let's stop saying the British created tribalism when they slapped the land together  with no regard given to  tongue and ethnic differences. What have we done with us? Let's see us as persons causing tribalism.. Aren't we stupid?

Submitted by  Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com

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We posted an essay on December 13, 2017 regarding the trouble brewing in Kaduna State where the Governor dismissed 21,700 teachers from service for failing a test.. The teachers sued the government at the industrial court, seeking an injunction to restrain the government from chasing the teachers out of the classrooms on the basis of flunking a test conducted in June. On December 15, 2017, the court granted relief to the teachers.

The Court gave mixed messages. On one hand, the Court allowed Kaduna teachers to continue to do botched- up job of miseducating our children. On the other hand, the Court condemns and decries the low quality of teachers Kaduna State has. The Court says:  

The teachers should just step aside and save Kaduna and the Nation by bringing a gradual reduction to the production of un-educated illiterates on the streets. Now, these are primary school teachers, and if they eventually continue to teach the pupils to the secondary level, there is an assurance that they will turn to be one of the half-baked graduates that flock the Nigerian labour market.

There were no winners and no losers in this lawsuit. Both the Governor and the teachers have work to do.

The Court is too busy with dispensing justice and not equipped to delve into the nuances of learning and teaching and the administration of public schools as it pertains to the hiring and dismissal of teachers. Although the Court may not have the time and expertise to monitor teachers and what goes on in classroom, it can direct Kaduna State to take steps to improve things through ongoing retraining of the teaching staff. No meaningful learning can take place without qualified teachers.

Education of our children should be taken very seriously. No games should be played with the future of our nation that falls heavily upon the shoulders of our young children.. In order to properly educate our children, we shall first give teachers the skills and tools they need to do excellent job.

We are reading in the Nigerian newspapers that President Buhari is throwing his full weight in support of the State Governor’s action to fire 21,000 teachers. We advise caution and restraint. Nigerian schools and teachers are not solely to blame for the problems in education. Past and present political leaders have a large share of the blame.

For example, Southern  political leaders have been withholding both teachers’ salaries and materials needed for effective  teaching. Northern political leaders have failed to provide the security needed for teaching and learning to flourish. Spreading blame is childish and would do us  no good. Working together to solve our common educational problems is the best way to go.     

We repeat the recommendations we offered in our first essay before the Court decided the case.

(1)    Mandatory In-Service Programs for teachers during the week after regular hours of work and on weekend in order to strengthen teachers’ knowledge base and test-taking skills  during the week, where teachers may be provided with small stipends for participation.

(2)    A massive retraining of teachers during the months schools are closed aimed at strengthening skills in reading, writing, computation, and teaching area, also with stipends.

(3)    Teacher Certification Examination that requires teachers to pass a proficiency/competency  test in basic English, science math, and their teaching fields, where teachers pay a fee for the examination.

(4)    Teachers who fail to make acceptable scores on the Teacher Certificate after 2 or 3 attempts are asking to be dismissed, and those who pass should be the pool from which future employment decisions are made.

 Submitted by Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com


We have been writing  for awhile on the poor educational climate in Nigeria in general and specifically in Northern Nigeria . This writer had served as teacher and headmaster in primary schools in then Benue Plateau State. Readers should  please check out our featured  essay (How Do We Educate the Children of Northern Nigeria?) at jamesagazies.blogspot.com. 30 May, 2015.

When Governor Nasir El-Rufai of kaduna State sacked about 21,000 teachers who had failed a recently conducted examination in the state, there was a huge hullabaloo.   See https://dailytimes.ng/features/kaduna-el-rufais-burden-teachers-failure-national-emergency-2/decision. The Governor buttressed his decision by sharing the results of some of the primary 4 competency test scripts conducted for primary teachers in Kaduna State.

Though the teachers’ performance on the test was pathetic, there is still hope that things would turn around with a little work. Kaduna State cannot throw the baby out with the dirty bath water. There is  a lot of salvaging to do. To salvage is to save, recover, rescue, retrieve, recoup, reclaim, or re-claim. Of all the definitions of salvage, to retrain comes readily to mind. We recommend:

(1)    Mandatory In-Service Programs for teachers during the week after regular hours of work and on weekend in order to strengthen teachers’ knowledge base and test-taking skills, where teachers may be provided with small stipends for participation.

(2)    A massive retraining of teachers during the months schools are closed aimed at strengthening skills in reading, writing, computation, and teaching area, also with stipends.

(3)    Teacher Certification Examination that requires teachers to pass a proficiency/competency  test in basic English, science math, and their teaching fields, where teachers pay a fee for the examination.

(4)    Teachers who fail to make acceptable scores on the Teacher Certificate after 2 or 3 attempts are asking to be dismissed, and those who pass should be the pool from which future employment decisions are made.

The dereliction of education in Northern Nigeria took years to come into fruition, and it will take a little time and planning to correct. Dereliction refers to years of neglect, disregard, negligence, carelessness, recklessness, failure, abandonment. Leaders and policy makers in Northern Nigeria ought to cease fighting against education of young people. It takes more than just money to educate young learners; it takes caring and nurturance. Nigerian schools should be user-friendly places that are inclusive of all learners,  where teachers are paid well and encouraged to be creative,  and where interesting lessons are related to the child’s culture and experiences.

Nigerians should learn a bitter lesson from Sir Ahmadu Bello, Premier of Northern Nigeria , who must be recognized as the notorious father of efforts to destroy education in the North. While this writer and other Nigerian secondary school students were preoccupied with completing the WASC and enrolling in the Higher School Certificate institutions  in order to gain admissions to the three available universities at that time  (Nsukka, Ibadan, and Zaria), the Sardauna was promoting vitriolic anti-Igbo messages and  promulgating the Northernization Policy aimed at kicking Igbo children out of Northern schools. 

The Northernization Policy shall not mean watering down the curriculum or hiring unqualified Northern teachers when qualified others are available . It does not mean hiring Northerners who failed WAEC examinations or NCE and paying them higher salaries to teach primary school children when qualified Southerners can be hired.  It shall not mean saturating the Nigerian armed forces with persons who have failed the WAEC and other examinations.

Uneducated military is a bane rather than a boost. Northernization shall not mean protection of inefficiency in Northerners or discrimination against non-Northerners in hiring and compensation. Rather, Northernization  policy shall mean strengthening  the quality of teachers  at both the pre-college and college sectors in all of Nigeria.

Efforts should be made to augment President Buhari ‘s efforts to weaken boko haran whose insurgency has killed hundreds of teachers and thousands of school children, in addition to displacing millions of villagers. Fear should not be allowed to grip teachers and parents whose support is needed if our children’s education is to succeed. Fear of violence shall not continue to drive Southern teachers and children away from Northern schools.

How could the North catch up with the South in education when the North’s leaders and parents  had formed  very negative attitudes towards education in the 50’s, 60’s, 70s, such that while this writer and thousands of his 3-5 year-old classmates were learning the multiplication tables and English alphabets in mud walled windowless schoolhouses in Benue State, the Muslim children were encouraged to look down upon the Western education, as they were gloating over their special relationship with conqueror Ottoman Dan Fodio.

It is time we placed education of all Nigerian boys and girls at the front of our national priority and scheme of things, particularly in the Northern Nigerian schools, Girl students will no longer be considered only as an afterthought or postscript. Girls are more important to society than we realize, and much more significant than just being concubines, domestic help, or sex slaves. Girls are equal partners with the males. Gone are the days when girls and young women were relegated to the kitchen and “the other room.” Girls have important roles to play in society as cherished mothers of the nation.

The quality of the teaching staff and learners will improve in all of Nigeria when we emphasize equality of the sexes and the importance education plays in the health and well-being of both the individual and the nation as a whole. Educated citizens make better employers and employees, and they make more suitable marriage partners. Educated Nigerians are better tax payers and vote in elections with greater understanding of issues. Educated persons are less likely to be poor and unemployable than the less educated. It is better to trust educated people and hand over the task of governance to them than we would the uneducated.

We ought to divest or strip education of its religious overtones by teaching the reading, writing and ‘rithmetics in secular schools, without appealing to religious sentiments and indoctrination of the church or mosques.  Education ought to be secular.

 Secularization means education should be earthly, worldly, and nonspiritual.  In other words, all religious teachings and religious indoctrination ought to be left at the door of the Methodist Church , Catholic Church,  Mosque, or other houses of worship. Let’s emphasize science, technology, engineering, agriculture, and mathematics (STEAM) in schools above other considerations.

The Nigerian Constitution should provide for a complete separation of state and religion. There should be no more  boko haram dictating policy or kidnapping female students from boarding schools.  Boko haram and all it stands for should be wiped out of Nigeria. Every attempts shall  be made to create a safe school environment. We should cease the use of school buildings or school property for non-school activities, such as army camps, barracks, military deployments, weapons, ammunition, and supply depots.

Teachers and students shall be safe at schools and universities. Schools ought to be built in safe places where teachers and students shall be guaranteed a measure of protection and security.  Reasonable people would agree that no meaningful teaching and learning can take place under stress and  duress, or threat of violence or insecurity. There should be immediate cessation of all attacks, and threats of attacks, that target schools, students, teachers, school administrators, and other civilians.

Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com

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