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An Open Letter To President Goodluck Jonathan Of Nigeria

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An Open Letter To President Goodluck Jonathan Of Nigeria

Date: December 26, 2013

To: President Goodluck Jonathan

From: Ozodi Osuji, PhD

Subject: The Restructuring of Nigeria to make it work and survive

Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, the President of Nigeria, I will begin this open letter to you by asking you this question: what would you like to be your legacy; what would you like folks, say, a hundred years from today, to remember you for? What have you done so far in office that you think that when your name is mentioned people will associate it with that accomplishment?

Mr. Jonathan, I must tell you that when your name is mentioned no accomplishment comes to my mind. What comes to my mind is that you have supervised the most corrupt political establishment in Nigeria.

The Nigerian government, we all know, is corrupt; that corruption did not begin under your administration; it has always been there, at least, since Nigeria gained her so-called independence from Britain in 1960.

We all know that in Nigeria folks seem to construe political offices as from which they steal.  Many Nigerians run for political office not for any specific agenda of what they are going to do for their country but because of their intention to steal as much money as is possible from the country.

Nigerians secure political jobs at Abuja, at state and local governments and in a few years are filthy rich. To the best of my knowledge Nigerians go into politics to get rich, not for public service; indeed, many of them cannot even define what constitutes social interest!

President John F. Kennedy asked Americans to ask what they can do for their country, not what their country can do for them.

In Nigeria, on the other hand, folks do not seem to ask what they can do for their country; they seem to ask for how they can best steal from it.

I do not need to belabor the obvious, for most Nigerians know that their politicians are thieves. So, my question to you, Mr. Jonathan, is this: is this really how you would like to be remembered, as the “Chief thief” of Nigeria, as the chap who supervised the massive looting of Nigeria?

Is that really good enough reputation for you?  Is that what life means to you, that you lived and accomplished nothing other than to enable kleptocrats to loot your country?

Do you really get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see, the chief thief of Nigeria?  If you do I must tell you that in my opinion you are less than my dog; at least, my dog knows when people around it are unhappy and does something to cheer them up; my dog has social utility whereas you do not seem to have any?

In the past Nigeria was ruled by questionably educated leaders, such as Obasanjo. We are told that you are different; we are told that you are a well-educated chap; indeed, we are told that you have a doctorate degree and were a university lecturer (?).

If that is the case, one could be pardoned if one believed that an educated man should know that political leaders are judged by what they did for their countries.

In America when one mentions names like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodor Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan etc. most Americans will tell one what they did for their country, what makes them proud of them.

In Britain, the people will tell you how proud they are of Winston Churchill; they are proud of him not because he occupied the Prime Minister’s office at Number 10 Downing Street, London, but because of what he did for their country: he saved Britain from Adolf Hitler and his fascism.  Churchill mobilized his threatened country and got his people to fight on until America was persuaded to enter the fray and saved England from the blood thirsty Hun.

Mr. Jonathan, what do you think folks say about you?  The word on the street is that all you do is get plastered, drunk, have sex and pass out, oblivious of what is going on around you.

Is this really all that you can do in office?  Don’t you have any kind of goal? Don’t you have any kind of shame, the shame that the universe gave you an opportunity to do something useful for Nigeria and you squandered it on alcohol and sex with disgustingly fat women? Is this really all that life means to you, to eat, drink and have rumps on the hay?

Nigeria has provided you with a fleet of jet planes and helicopters so you jet around the country and the world. Apparently, you also do nothing in the various places you jet to. It is my understanding that wherever you go to, folks see you as a nincompoop or at best as a mere tourist and show you their country. You are the perpetual Tourist President (aren’t leaders supposed to be in their countries and get some jobs done; do you get your job, whatever that is, done inside planes?).

Wherever you go, your hosts, apparently, have no illusion that you are a real head of state and that you stand for something. They simply ignore your presence.

Nelson Mandela recently died and as expected you were one of the first do nothing, Tourists Heads of States to go to South Africa. But since in the people’s minds you stand for nothing you were not even deemed worthy of making a speech at his funeral. At any rate, what would you be speaking about, how to “chop” Nigeria’s oil money? Could you have talked about industrializing Nigeria and what you are doing to that end?

Mr. Jonathan, the universal perception of you is that you do not stand for anything other than your belly, that you are a drunkard and for all intents and purposes useless.

Mr. Jonathan, let me break it down for you: folks can hardly wait for your increasingly alcohol bloated body to be shoved out of Aso Rock; people can hardly wait to replace you with a person who, hopefully, has some goals that he wants to accomplish for the country. Mr. Jonathan, is this really good enough for you?

Mr. Jonathan, the income of the average Nigerian per day is about US $2 dollars.  If that is the case, it makes Nigeria a poor country, wouldn’t you say so?  If the typical US citizen’s income per year is about $22, 000 and your country men live on $600 a year one would think that there is a gulf between the USA and Nigeria, right?

If that is the case could you please tell us the logic behind your traveling in a fleet of planes?  You want to be like the President of the USA, right?  And you want to live like the President of the USA without the economy of the USA, right?

You cannot even provide jobs for the millions of unemployed school leavers in Nigeria. What is the unemployment rate in Nigeria, 50%? And what is it in the USA, 7%? You are pathetic, my dear man.

Not long ago you made a childish plea for Nigeria to be admitted as a member of the Security Council of the United Nations. As we talk, there are disturbances in South Sudan (the Dinkas and Nuers are killing each other; Africa’s killing sports is at work; Africans have no respect for each other hence find it easy to kill each other, or do what you do: ignore their people’s needs). Can Nigeria intervene as the other five members of the UN Security Council could?  Do you have the logistics to ferry several thousand troops to Juba, right now? Of course not; apparently, your understanding of what planes are for is to carry your sorry ass to all over the world to go do nothing.

A country that does not manufacture even a spoke wants to be hobnobbing with the big boys of the industrialized world. What does that make you? It makes you a deluded character; you apparently do not know the difference between reality and wishful thinking, aka fantasy.

Nigeria is a poor country that but for the oil that nature placed under its soul, not what Nigerians produced, would be composed of starving folk and you want to play the role played by industrialized countries!

It would seem that if you are sane you would be working your buttocks off to become industrialized instead of fancying yourself the likes of America.

The British prime minister flies commercial airlines, so sell all those planes you have and fly commercial. Do not even drive around in fancy cars; a Volkswagen is all you deserve as the president whose entire annual economy is about that of Los Angeles County, California.

Who exactly do you think that you are deceiving but yourself? You are a poor church mouse pretending to be rich. Knock it off, my dear fellow; you are not amusing but silly. Mr. Jonathan, you are a clown; you are not even funny!

Get the hell out of Aso Rock and go live in a goddamned apartment somewhere in Abuja for that is all you deserve, the rest is pretense. You are the president of a banana republic pretending to be the president of a consequential country.

Mr. President of Nigeria instead of pretending to be a member of the industrialized club why don’t you do all of us a favor, will you? Concentrate on giving all Nigerians uninterrupted electricity for just one day. I mean just one day, not the entire three hundred and sixty five days of the year, just one day. A country that cannot give its people one day of uninterrupted electricity in the year thinking that it belongs in the same class as the USA, Britain and France is actually a joke. You are a big joke, Mr. Jonathan.

You are beyond making one laugh only you do not know it.  If I were to give you free advice I would suggest that you concentrate on industrializing Nigeria so that it joins the club of the Asian tigers instead of fancying yourself in the same class as Europeans; you aren’t; you are, at least, five hundred years behind Europe. We do not need to delude ourselves as to where we are.

Britain, France and the USA have the nuclear weapons to obliterate all of Africa in one hour and you fancy yourself in their class. You do not make me laugh; you make my angry at how stupid a human being can be.

Africans are drowning in the Mediterranean sea trying to get to Europe as economic refugees; Nigerian doctors come to the USA and stay and work as medical assistants instead of returning to Nigeria where the hospitals are like something out of the preindustrial age and you are thinking that you are like the President of the United States hence jetting around the world in planes manufactured in the USA that you know nothing about.

When you, your wife and the other useless bigwigs in your government are sick you go to Europe for treatment. Why do you do so? It is because you believe that the quality of medical treatment in Europe is better than in Nigeria; your action speaks louder than words.

If you had any kind of pride you would try to improve medical treatment in Nigeria instead of running to Europe whenever you have a head cold (how much does it cost Nigerians whenever you take your frequent medical tourism in Germany?); when those European medical experts of yours want you to die they could inject into your body slow acting poison! (If this makes you paranoid, it ought to, for your foolishness is beyond belief. You trust foreign doctors to take good care of you but not Nigerian doctors; shame on you.)

Seriously, do European leaders run to Nigeria for treatment?  Don’t you have shame or are you beyond shame? You are a nigger...a nigger is a black man who believes that only white folks can do anything right and that black folks cannot do anything right, in this case, your apparent belief that only white doctors can heal you but not Nigerian doctors.

In my opinion someone needs to whop you, flog your ass until you bleed so as to make you realistic instead of being deluded and thinking that you are what you are not.

I often wonder why the universe curses Africans with useless leaders like you. What evil did Africans commit to deserve the likes of you?

Mr. Jonathan, are you not aware that you are a nonentity who upon your death people run to the streets jubilant but not bereaved that they lost a man of the people? When John F. Kennedy died most Americans became depressed because they felt like they lost a caring leader.

Mr. Jonathan, do you think that if you died today any one would miss you; and if I may ask, miss you for what?

Or, perhaps, power has gotten into your head and you now believe that you would live forever? If so, I got bad news for you: every human being is born to die and you are a human being and will die and your body will rot and smell like feces. It is only what people do that makes the difference between them and dead animals.

Perhaps, you are liked by those around you, those who see you as the storekeeper that allows them to steal from the store as much as they could; as such, those people are afraid of losing you and having you replaced by a more conscientious leader who would check their stealing.

Mr. Jonathan is this really good enough for you? Are you so drunk that you do not know the difference between doing something that your country men would be proud of you for and merely occupying space at the presidential villa and hoping that folks have accepted the idea of rule of law and legal change of government so that no one takes your useless body out of that presidential house.

Thomas Jefferson, though responsible for American democracy nevertheless recommended that the people are entitled to chase off leaders who abuse their offices, elected or not. And to make this possible he wanted all citizens to have access to guns...the second amendment to the US constitution guarantees citizens right to guns so that they can form posse and chase useless presidents out of office.

Mr. Jonathan, it is above my head to understand why a fellow like you does not appreciate the need to do something good for our people. All over the world Africans are perceived as jokes.

I am sure that you know that if you, Mr., President, were to be seen walking the streets of certain parts of America, such as Bell Air and Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, California) you would be circled by white police men who assume that as a black man you are a potential thief.

If, you, Mr. Jonathan, given your dark color, are at a typical American department store security guards would keep an eye on you to make sure that you did not steal from the store; they assume that as a black man, regardless of your social position, you would steal (I suppose that you do not disappoint them if you do steal from the Nigerian folks are supposed to be thieves and you gladly live up to that expectation!).

You are aware or should be aware that as a Nigerian if you are traveling in Europe or the Americas border immigration officers will harass you for they assume that you are (1) a smuggler, (2) a thief (3) is planning to stay in their country, fleeing from Africa’s endemic poverty; they do not want you to stay for they see you as unproductive and (4) a potential scammer who would take advantage of their open society and behind their backs scam them.

In the West, even in Asia, Nigerians, Africans and black folks in general are undesired persons and are treated as second class persons.

Why are they so maltreated? It is because Africa is perceived as a primitive place, and Africans seen as savages.

If Africa is perceived as civilized and developed do you think that folks all over the world would treat them as they are currently treated, as if they have no dignity and are not worthy of respect?

If the black man is treated like shit because he came from an undeveloped continent would it not stand to reason to expect African leaders to do their best to develop that much maligned continent?

Instead, you literally do nothing; to the best of my knowledge all you do is jet around the world as a tourist president. Do you see David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Hollander and Barack Obama always on the road, as you are? Those have to stay home and do some work; it is not enough for them to call themselves presidents or prime ministers of chancellors of their countries and show nothing in the department of accomplishment.

Mr. Jonathan, your lack of pride, pride that would have disposed you to work your behind off for your people’s good, amazes me. I am actually having a difficult time seeing you as a human being; a monkey is more like it!

Since most African leaders are doing what you are doing, nothing, is James Watson, of DNA fame correct in saying that Africans are so unintelligent that they cannot govern themselves correctly?

Mr. Jonathan, if you have a bachelor’s degree, as I am told that you do, I expect you to be, at least, average in intelligence and, as such, ought to be able to figure out what needs to be done to improve the downtrodden continent called the heart of darkness by the Polish writer, Joseph Conrad.

Mr. Jonathan, are you mentally retarded, as many white folks assume Africans to be? Africans average IQ is said to be 70, the cut off mark for mental retardation in the USA. So, are you a mentally retarded African and, as such, does not understand what needs to be done to drag Africa into the modern age?

Although I do not think that you are particularly sharp yet I do not think that you are mentally retarded. No one can graduate from a university with mental retardation, not even from Mickey-Mouse Nigerian universities where grades are sold and bought.  I am going to assume that you are, at least, average in intelligence and further assume that your do nothingness has nothing to do with mental retardation but with other reasons.

Mr. Jonathan, if it is true that you are an alcoholic (don’t be ashamed of it, after all President Boris Yeltsin of Russia was in your company) why don’t you start an Alcohol Anonymous meeting at the Presidential Villa; may be freedom from ogogoro would enable you to understand what needs to be done for Nigeria?

They say that a man’s antecedent behaviors tell us what he is doing to do in the present and future.  So far, you have done nothing that any one is proud of and building on that you must pardon me if I expect you to do nothing that anyone would be proud of in the future.  That is to say most people have written you off as unproductive and expect nothing good to come out of you!

Do you really like it that most people see you as clueless and expect nothing profound to come out of you? Are you really dumb, as they say that you are?

When Mr. Obasanjo’s government was besieged by his detractors he apparently tried to redirect attention from his troubles by calling for a national conference to discuss Nigeria’s future. Thus, for a few weeks or months Nigerians were reverted to talking about what Nigeria should be like.

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: (907) 310-8176