James Agazie Ed D

James Agazie Ed D

A retired college Professor  with educational backgrounds in law (JD) education (Ed.D, MA) counseling,( MS) and and mathematics.  Write on topics dealing with Nigerian families, marriages, education, and employment. 



Essay contains some profanities. Readers’ discretion is advised.

Frank was jealous of his wife’s Pastor. An older Nigerian student who had emigrated from Nigeria a few years earlier and was enrolled at a college located in this writer’s Georgia community, Frank was such a  remarkable character he could not be easily forgotten, The big news was that Frank knocked the front teeth of Pastor Smith’s mouth in retaliation for simple loss of consortium. 

Consortium is the benefits a man derives from being married to his wife. The benefits include but are not limited to sex, companionship, groping, association, syndicate, and consideration,   Frank said his wife was performing wifely duties meant for him  to another man, and he did not like it. Not one bit.

Frank’s wife was an ardent devotee who enthusiastically was addicted to the pursuit of a pastor and his Pentecostal brand of sermons. Frank, described himself as a Catholic Nigeria-American who had served the Biafran army as Ojukwu’s aide de-camp; he was noted for doing the most unheard of, the most unthinkable, and the crudest thing the Nigerian community thought a student was capable of doing. He gave an upper cut and Pastor Smith’s teeth sounded like broken glass as they fell on the marble floor.

Readers ought to be mindful that, since my family has a long list of pastors, I find it uncomfortable, painful, a scratchy pain-in-the-ass for a student to drag a college official into a  private war against pastors. I have often avoided such embarrassment until Frank made one startling statement that was provocative and inflammatory. It was also rabble-rousing at the age when women are derailing men’s careers with sex harassment charges. Frank  said he didn’t like men to mess with “my pussy.” He shouldn’t have said that, coming from an older Nigerian.

“What did you just say, Frank?” I asked half amused and half annoyed..

“I said I don’t want anyone to tamper with my very own pussy, didn’t I say that? “ He responded defiantly.

Look trouble! Didn’t I say I didn’t wish to be entwined in Nigerian students’ palaver with women? That’s what I said. In my long career as Professor and Director of the Office of International Students on several U S campuses, the thorniest assignment I had had to contend with was  break up fights among students over such silly stories as “this man  stole my pussy” and “that bitch’s pussy used to be mine.”  

Nigerian men have developed sudden interest in American women since the last time I heard women from Nigeria were not better than, and in some cases, not worse than their American counterparts in discernible ways.  Already, Nigerian men do have problems with women from their home, and the situation is disheartening when the same Nigerians men are also having problems with American women.

Getting back to Frank’s statement about someone tampering with “my own pussy,” the statement  was particularly troubling. Does a man have a vagina? Who would want to mess with  a man who had a vagina? What did Frank mean by “my pussy” and “my very own pussy”? Pressed to elaborate, Frank went on to qualify his statement with another parable which was equally nonsensical. He said that “a wise monkey is a monkey who does not monkey with another monkey’s monkey.”

Look at trouble again! This writer is not good at interpreting parables, and certainly not used to dissecting a folktale or allegory from any one of those Nigerian tongue-twisting languages. Frank’s parable about a wise monkey monkeying or not monkeying with a monkey’s monkey, stuck in this writer’s mind like chicken pox stuck to you as a child when your parents thought you were dying from oko na  aru oku na isi awuwa (Igbo for body itch, fever, and headache).

The purpose of this essay is to talk about monkeys and how a particular monkey monkeyed around until there was a repercussion. The moral of the story is that men seeking to be husbands must beware of pastors who, like monkeys, are creating problems in the community from the pulpit. The problem has come to be known as the PPP (pulpit people palaver). It is time we found ways to hammer a ceasefire between pastors and warring complainants.

The complainants are the boyfriends or husbands of female church goers who, like flies, flock to churches their husbands have marked as “no fly zone.” Paying attention to this essay would create a better relationship between pastors and their parishioners, as well as prevent an embarrassing altercation from escalating in the future to the point where teeth are knocked out.

The monkey altercation is not a friendly chat. It is not just a childish argument, quarrel, disagreement, or exchange. It is an adult dispute, confrontation, or clash in which a monkey is asserting inflexible rights over those who are being accused of monkeying with this particular monkey’s monkey.

A right asserted in a monkey business is an inflexible one in that the assertion is unbending, uncompromising, obstinate, unyielding, intransigent, or simply strict. Such was the situation Frank was in as he protected “my very own pussy.” Complaints about pastor’s incursions into homes or pastor’s  instances of misbehavior are rampant, widespread, fecund. And it is not new.  

Pastoral misconduct has spanned generations, having originated at the Garden of Eden with our doting Great Grandparents.  Adam and Eve had Paradise all to themselves along with the right to do as they chose. They had a blithe, untroubled existence. Their only restriction was “don’t eat from that particular tree”. What that fruit was is the subject of this essay, if readers can exercise patience and a spirit of discernment or perspicacity as the story unfolds.

Our Great Grandparents were the luckiest human beings on earth. Trouble came when  jaywalker Pastor named Serpent strayed from his path and sauntered into an area Serpent was not supposed to be. Satan was an uninvited guest, a meddler, a trespasser, and thief. He often lied. As expected, trouble always comes na mberede (Igbo for suddenly, unexpectedly, surprisingly, or all at once).  

Frank’s trouble started quite capriciously in stages: In Stage One: a monkey sees a monkey he likes. In Stage Two: the monkey interferes, hinders, restricts the movement, attempts to interject or obstructs a monkey’s freedom of association.  In Stage Three:  a serious attempt is made to steal a pussy, and here is where frank comes in with his boxing gloves or bare fists.

In Stage Four, the thief is apprehended, or caught red-handedly. In Stage Five: an altercation (palaver or commotion) takes place. Why did Moses or whoever wrote the book of Genesis use an apple as disguise, mask, camouflage, masquerade, cover, cloak, front, or veneer to illustrate a point, namely, the danger of monkeying around with a sex organ belonging to another?

Why didn’t the Bible call a spade a spade, or just call a pussy a pussy? What is so shameful about calling pussy by name, such as otu, ikpu or vagina?  Didn’t the Lord create it just as He had created the ear, nose , pubic hair, or clitoris?

If you really want to know why the hiding and falsification of a body part, you’d better take it up Moses or Joshua who took assumed leadership after the death of Moses and who led the people into the Promised Land. If you are still not satisfied with the answer you have, you may take it to the Emory University’s Candler School of Divinity before a committee of Professors of Old Testament.

The point is that Frank knocked out the teeth of Pastor Smith (fictitious ) who was fiddling with his wife’s vagina. Frank called Pastor Smith a serpent, and believed the serpent that deceived Eve was a pastor who had a habit of monkeying with an unwary male monkey’s female monkey.

 According to Frank’s theory, many people have historically dreaded or hated agwo (Igbo  for all poisonous snakes) for obvious reasons. The hatred extends to all snakes, and emanates mostly from  the snake’s  serpentine disposition. A serpentine is a person who is winding, meandering,  twisting, bending, roundabout, circuitous, or indirect like a poisonous snake or Pastor who uses sermons to steal pussy.

Who better captures that serpentine character than the clergy? The protagonist in this essay is a pastor. He is the main character. He plays the leading role as the hero. The only difference is that this hero is not the good guy. He is the BBB ( big bad bully) that steals pussy when owner-husband is not watching. 

From the story of Adam and Eve, Frank would have us believe that the Pastor and Serpent are two sides of the same coin. According to Frank, Mr. Pastor turned into Mr. Serpent when he told Grandmother Eve: “Hey, there! Don’t mind your husband and don’t believe the story he tells you that God said ‘Don’t eat that tree’s fruits’. There’s nothing wrong with the fruits. Eat them. Go on!”

Grandmother Eve said to her Pastor Serpent, “Oh, dear, I believe you. Our men are liars.” Serpent then said rather authoritatively: “Woman, never should you ever believe deceptive stories your men weave like spiders webs inside the home to control you and hinder your movements outside the home,”  

“Step out,” the Serpent ordered Eve, “B e mine.. Become my monkey, not your husband’s servant. Experience the freedom!”

Frank’s story shades light on Serpent’s deception. The aim of this story is to assist monkeys whose monkeys are being monkeyed with to resist pastors’ encroachments. Monkeys are advised to take better ownership of their homes and to wrest control from pastors

One way to wrest control is to be very assertive in ordering the Serpent out of the property through forcible ejection or direct commands (“Get out of here right now!”). Husbands should avoid saying “Would you please leave my property alone?’ You do not have to beg for what is yours. Be assertive, self-confident, and forceful, self-assured, confident, emphatic, and insistent

Frank did not like pastors.  I say “did not like pastors” because Frank has since passed on , leaving behind a daughter and American wife.  Frank and this writer had agreed on many issues affecting American churches but had  very strong disagreements  about  American pastors. It was Frank’s opinion that  pastors draw women to the churches by special magic as magnet pulls a needles, and that the women who fill pastors’  front pews each Sunday morning – under a  specific spell-have one purpose in mind: to have sex with pastors. Frank did not like pastors to trespass upon what he considered to be “my pussy’ and “my very own pussy.”

Trespass is defined in law by the act of knowingly entering another person’s property without permission. Such action is held to infringe upon a property owner’s legal right to enjoy the benefits of ownership. Criminal charges, which range from violation to felony, may be brought against someone who interferes with another person’s legal property rights.

Criminal trespasses, depending on the venue of jurisdiction and case circumstances, fall under Criminal trespasses, depending on the venue of jurisdiction and case circumstances, fall under different subsets of law. When a trespass is carried out against another person, rather than against his/her property, the trespasser is likely to be charged with assault or battery. Actions violating the real property another are handled as Trespasses to Land. Violations to personal property are handled as torts.

Under Tort  Law, a property owner like Frank may bring a Civil Law suit against a trespasser in order to recover damages or receive compensatory relief for injury suffered as a direct result of a trespass. In a tort action, the plaintiff must prove that the offender had, but knowingly violated, a legal duty to respect another person’s right to property, which resulted in direct injury or loss to the plaintiff.

Frank had neither the time nor the patience for the law. He didn’t have the money for litigation. Frank simply took the law into his Nigerian hands. “The worst offenders,” Frank said, “are the women who sit in front rows with short dresses and who keep legs ajar for a pastor to look under.” When asked why this was so, Frank  said: “ Women see pastors as gods that are visible to the naked eyes.” Frank’s special dislike  for pastors was absolute, meaning outright, out-and-out, utter, and unalterable.

“When I marry a woman”, Frank said,  “the pussy is all mine.” That was  Frank’s belief as he narrated a litany of the transgression of pastors, He decided to punch Pastor Smith

Frank’s wife was a fervent aficionado of preaching and preachers. She was a habitue’ of clergymen,  meaning she made a habit of frequenting a certain pastor’s place of work for some reasons. While Pastors’ sphere of influence ought to be limited to saving lost souls rather than to be in amorous relationship with another monkey’s monkey, sometimes strange things do happen a times. Frank had made it very clear to his small circle of friends,

“I am the king  of this place,  and I provide for and I protect this place from outside harms, especially from bad pastors.” To Frank, a bad pastor is a monkey that monkeys with another monkey’s monkey.

This Anambra businessman named Mike O had a serious problem similar to Frank’s. Because Mike’s Nigerian wife runs to her Pastor for everything before she runs to Mike,  Mike  enlisted this writer’s help the activities of a wife. Mike’s wife (Monica) goes to this Nigerian man’s church, despite her husband’s warning “to cool it.” To cool it meant Monika should not ignore to cook Sunday breakfast before rushing to Sunday School. She should also cook Wednesday and Friday dinners on days the Bible studies are held.

Monica dumps her entire nurse’s paycheck and on the pastor’s laps, though Mike needs some of that money to run his tire shop. Monica’s car is first in line at the head of a motorcade-like procession that takes the pastor to dinner on his birthday. She is a cosigner of the bank loan that purchased a luxury SUV for the pastor. She is the PFC (the principal financial cornerstone of the Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministry. 

Mike begged and this writer agreed  to pay a surprise visit to Mike’s wife’s  church where several  Nigerian women, including Monica, served as the deaconess and stewardesses. These women wear immaculate, expensive diamond-studded lappers and matching blouses; their shoes are like Cinderella’s  as they parade in front of church in the vicinity of the pastor’s podium.

Are they competing  for the pastor’s attention? Why was it that as the pastor preached and the choir sang, these Nigerian women would leave their seats and walk to the platform where they dumped large wads of money and gifts wrapped in little boxes?. They seemed to vie for who would outdo the others or to catch the pastor’s attention with the amounts of money and the number of wrapped goods they drop at the podium.   

Married men are losing their wives to vultures in priestly clothes also known as Ndi Okwu Chukwu (Igbo for People of the Word of God). They are known by other names, such as MOG (Men of God). Frank said Bishop Smith belonged to  Ndi Mmo Ojo-o (Igbo for People of the evil spirit or Satanic powers).

The trouble started when  Frank’s wife Elsie got a job as elementary school  teacher  and later moved on  to be Assistant Professor at State College in which Frank was enrolled as undergraduate student in accounting. Frank made history when he became the first foreign student to marry one of the College’s professors. He was also the first to graduate with the highest distinction in accounting, and the first to set up accounting business immediately after graduation. Elsie and Frank fell in love. They had a big wedding on campus. A baby was soon born.

All went well until Elsie developed a strong interest in a Pentecostal church and joined the membership. She sang well in the choir, and performed other duties, which included Pastor Smith’s church secretary. Bishop Smith liked the cakes and pies the new secretary baked and  brought behind the sanctuary Many mistakes had been made..

Mistake One  was that Pastor Smith fell in love with a church goer. Mistake Two was that the church goer  was Frank’s wife. Mistake Three was that Frank hated all pastors whom he accuses of stealing women’s pussy.

Pastor Smith was an ugly African-American veteran with broad nose and puckered face. He had  retired from the military and he had a rhetoric that magnetizes women. One thing going for Bro Smith was he was a good orator who expounds on the Word of God in ways that had women crying and hollering.

 A few things about this Frank thing often confused me and kept me smelling a rat, not just  worrying. Frank was older Nigerian man just coming to Ameican college campus after serving as aide-de-camp  in Ojulkwu’s  Biafran War. Wonders would never end in this world. What got into the head of a friend to go to parsonage,  to knock at the door and wait, and  when the pastor opened the door, the friend stepped in as if he were a guest invited for Sunday dinner? 

His fists were clenced, and he was a stocky, thickset, sturdy, stout man, and he regularly drank the bitter Stout beer and the Heinekens as he did in Biafra. Frank lifted the pastor up in the air with his left hand. As he set the pastor down, Frank landed a powerful blow to the pastor’s mouth. Pow! Frank said that he knocked out the pastor’s teeth along with some blood.

Something else bothered me about Elsie, the American woman, was that she had a child out of wedlock before setting eyes on Africans she was to marry. She hid the child from Frank until the day of the wedding. A good thing going for Elsie was that she had the MEd (Master of Education degree) and was hired as middle school teacher in town. Another thing was that set Elsie apart was that she was  seductive and had huge hips, tiny abdomen and very generous breasts. Friends said that Elsie had the Figure 8.

Under the Pentecostal denomination, there is  no prescribed training for preachers. You just “answer the call” and you learn under male pastors on how to set up your own house  of  prayer. If you are lucky and work hard under the church owner you are likely to be ordained as pastor in a matter of days.

An impatient man who drove taxi and did deliveries for local businesses and airports, Frank repeated the knock at the pastor’s door. He stood at attention with right hand balled in fists behind his  back. As soon as the door opened, Frank stepped in. Frank faced the pastor, Frank lifted the pastor up in the air with his left hand. As he set the pastor down, Frank’s balled fists jerked forward from his right side, and  landed a powerful blow to the pastor’ s mouth.  

Mike has not gone as far as Frank had gone. But anyone can understand Frank. It is a painful thing for a man to work his ass off on a job and another man is sucking his blood like a vampire through his fanatic wife who looks up to the Pastor as if he were God, and who  dresses the Pastor better than she dresses her husband.

Mike says his wife buys a silk suit made in China or japan for the Pastor while Mike wears  the cheap  stuff made of  polyester. The result is this: Husband works and Pastor enjoys. Husband is jealous, of Pastor. Husband thinks: “Oh, he smells better than I do. Perhaps, his penis is thicker ad longer than mine.”

Frank took a quick action  and made a quick exit, while Mike, like Adam,  foolishly stood there, helplessly watching events go by. You’ve heard it said that a wise monkey is a monkey who does not monkey with another monkey’s monkey.

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How Do You Love God You've Not Met or Seen?


A mutual friend introduced us (she and me) to each other. We live miles apart in North America. She is in New York, and I and I am in Georgia. We’ve never met face to face, though we had spent hours on the telephone, chatting and catching on news about home, our families, and tidbits on our checkered lives. Time came to say good bye, and as we were preparing to hang up, something happened that provided the purpose of the instant essay.

SHE: We’ll talk again.

ME: How do we get to know each other?

SHE: We’ll talk.

ME: And how do we get to love each other?    

SHE: We’ll talk.

ME: How do you love God whom you’ve not met or seen?

As soon as I clicked the cell phone off and was about to stand up, one of my sons walked into my bedroom. He did not just walk in . he did something else. He barged in and I was glad my son bulldozed in. To barge is to rush, charge, push, elbow, burst, surge, or shove. My son did not make any physical contact with me. He did something that was more appropriate, and that provided the impetus for this essay, impetus being the motivation,  push, incentive, energy, stimulus, impulse, energy, or spur.

I turned to my son and fired questions that had been disturbing me and that were meant to slow the bulldozing.

ME: Have you met God?

SON: No response

ME: Have you seen God?

SON: No response

ME: Do you love God?

SON: Yes, I do love God. I do.

ME: How do you love God you’ve not seen or met? How do you?

SON: When I see me I have seen God.  I meet God when I meet me.  I love God because He is in me, and I love myself. In a way, I am a god!

QUESTION? What has this got to do with how you feel about yourself?  Your spouse? About Nigeria?

Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , jamesagazies.blospot.com  11/12/2017

We who pray are aware that God is real and really answers prayers that meet His acceptable conditions. This essay argues that not all prayers are answered, that God isn't under any compelling obligation  to grant our requests, and finally that a prayer shall meet certain conditions before being answered. Nigeria has not met the conditions and .until she does so, she would continue to flounder, wobble, quaver, quiver, and sway as the nation faces more trying problems

This is not to rehash what is already known about Nigeria. Ours is a nation the world has considered to be the most corrupt  place on earth. It is also the most sinful , wicked, aberrant, immoral . Why must God answer prayers from sinful lips when He has destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?.  In order to receive answers to prayers, Nigeria must meet strict conditions and be unlike Gomorrah and Sodom.

This essay suggests  that Nigerians' prayers are vain, inconsequential, nonentity  and may not  be answered because these people are not making a valid promise which requires fulfillment of conditions God' finds acceptable. Nigerians have nor shown a change of heart. God is holy and shall be worshiped with a change of heart in truth and holiness.

First, we cannot come to God without first expressing belief and faith in God (Mark 9:23). Secondly we must come in the Name of Jesus Matthew 6:9. The third condition is that we cannot expect God to answer our prayer  if we have not confessed sins in our lives (Psalms 66:18). Next, we cannot expect the Lord to answer our prayer when we are not living for the Lord (Proverbs 28:9), We cannot expect God to answer prayer when we are not doing His will (John 9:23). God does not answer  prayers of those who are not at peace with each other (1 Peter 3:19). The fifth condition is that we must be persistent in our prayer. Finally, for our prayers to be answered , we must forgive those who offend us

Come to think of it, what surprises us is that Nigeria, the so-called  giant of Africa is quivering as she marks time behind the rest of the African nations in her ability to reach goals set on important indices of progress, such as education, wealth, trade, agriculture, and industry. Why is it that although Nigeria  is 50 percent Christian and the Nigerians believe in and pray fervently to God in different languages which include but are not limited to Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba to save their country from the quagmire or predicament the nation has fallen into, including bad leadership , and looting and management of resourses, nothing seems to work and things are getting worse?

Nigerians do pray  a lot quite alright. Granting their churches and mosques are crammed to the brim with throngs of worshippers who seek miracles, divine intervention, deliverance, and reversal of malaise or  quandary, they do not  see their prayers  being unanswered.   Things fall apart; the center cannot hold, and the sink hole is widening with every passing minute. Their problems continue unabated. Has God, abandoned my nation ? Has He moved from the front to the rear of a frightened tribe as he did in in days old (Exodus?

Although Nigerians are saddled with oppressive leadership issues and the people are hedged in by endemic  PUSH  (poverty, unemployment, sectionalism. and hunger), and tormented with  frequent power outages that turn  into hours of total night-long darkness, their God seems to  go about His business. ignoring  rather than acknowledging their pleas for help.

The IPOB cry out in anguish; the Fulan gnash murderous teeth; and the Yoruba run frenzy with stories of real and imagined marginalization Yet, Nigeria's problems continue unabated. Concerned observers once thought it was possible that the  Nigerians' prayers were offered in guile and dishonesty or to  gods that are unknown, fake, false, bogus, counterfeit, phony, sham, or akwala (a term  made up to describe a broken down Raleigh bicycle).

Things continue to deteriorate as usual. One wonders if the prayers of Nigerians are ineffectual or if they are offered to  an unknown god rather than to the Omnipotent. Have  prayers leaving the mouths of the people become silence that falls on deaf ears?  Is Nigeria the house built on a sandy foundation which  the storm battles and topples at any moment?. Behold the fall of the mighty! Has Nigeria the capacity to  erect a stronger structure  that withstands the squall?

In Psalms 127:1, the Bible writer says: "unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain that build it," meaning  that Nigeria , as a man, prays, prepares,  and  proposes or intends to build a nation but God disposes/organizes the building. To pray is to request, implore, plead, beg, crave, ask, entreat, or urge God to do us some favor. God responds to man's prayer with an answer which may be Yes, No, or Wait. An answered prayer shall be authentic, meaning true, reliable, trustworthy, faithful, accurate, genuine, and not okwu ashi or okwu ugha (Igbo for lies).

When God answers  with a " Yes", He is saying" I will do it because the request is consistent, in agreement  or harmonizes with My will." God answered positively to Prophet Elijah who prayed for rain to fall on a thirsty land who stretched himself three times upon dead body of the widow woman's son  in order to drive out death. Didn't God divide the sea and create dry land when Pharaoh's army pursued former slaves? God answered Jonah who prayed himself out of a whale's stomach. Hannah the barren woman prayed for a baby, and God gave her Samuel. With a prayer, Elisha blinded an army sent to conquer a city. These are only a few examples of answered prayers.

The answer to a prayer can be: 'No, I will not do that because doing so violates My nature or what I stand for."  Jesus prayed to avoid a painful death  on a cold, bare and shameful  cross, and God answering  refused and ordered : "No, I cannot change My plan. Drink the cup; It is My will  that the cup shall not pass Dying  a humiliating death is the reason for you coming" The answer was a No when Moses prayed on the mountain to be allowed to enter the Promised land with former slaves he had led for 40 years.  God's answer was: "No. Look here, Moses, you shall not enter because doing so would force My people to worship you rather than Me who brought them out of Egypt."

Is God telling Nigerians this: You cannot have the answer you want when you are not doing enough to have a peaceful, non-violent nation. This is the wrong  time to ask, not the right moment. You are not yet ready to call yourself a democracy. First, get your house in order. Now, you'll wait for the right or the most appropriate moment and circumstances.  First of all, deal with your terrible robbery;  stem your crazy witchcraft; solve your heinous murders and kidnappings; discipline your have excessive greed  and appetite for money; work on your  in-fighting,  and divisions among tribes; your evangelists are deceitful and  full of lies; and there is the  stubbornness of politicians. No, Nigerians, you are not ready! You must wait for full confession and transformation!."

The Nigerians continue to suffer in silence since they appear to be receiving no answers to prayer, whereas Kenya, Ghana  and other African nations with the same size and circumstances as Nigeria seem to thrive. Why?  It is because Nigerians are not really praying to God in the truest sense of the words, and If perchance they were praying , their prayers are lacking in sincerity. Perhaps, they were faking or pretending . They may be praying amiss, or they were praying to persons other than El Sheddai, the Great I Am, the Omnipresent, the Omnipresent, and the Omniscient.

Why is it that the prayers of Nigerians are not being answered? It may be because Nigerians were beholding and praying to Buhari or some other politicians whom the Nigerians believe would save them, or who Nigerians feel are man-made gods holding  onto the purse strings of cash or political  muscle in the Senate and the House.

Chimo-oo!  (Oh , my God !). Nigerians  forget to ask themselves  questions, such as :  Did Buhari or Jonathan, or Obasanjo create Nigeria? Does Buhari or Obasanjo own Nigeria as they own a million cows, hectares of Ijaw land or the Ota Farms , respectively? Nigerians pray a lot to gods only for what they want and can get rather than for what they need. Nigerians do nor pray for strength to on obtain  needs that would benefit the largest number of citizens.

There is a vast difference between want and  need.  The Nigerians' prayers  of  "I want"  consist of an endless list  of give me, gimme, dash me this and dash me that.  The "I want" Nigerians are in the business of manipulating God into giving them such things, as money, children, promotions, or closeness to a favorite politician. The "Gimme" Nigerians  want to turn God into an errand boy or office messenger to whom they say, "Hey, Godwin, go get me water and groundnuts, and don't forget to bring some bananas, too. Do you hear me, Godwin.?"

Therefore , Nigerians' prayers end with  "May Thy kingdom and power in heaven  come down to dwell among  us earthlings so we have plenty of money" . Popular Nigerian preachers fly jets after a serenade of their pie-in-the-sky prosperity sermons.. Nigerians fall into the clever preachers' money traps. Tawoon! The Nigerian preachers are "wayo" mongers who steal parishioners' tithes to invest in private businesses and laugh their way to the banks.

Nigerians do not say prayers that are in accordance or agreement  with God's conditions of answered prayers.as outlined in 2nd Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14. The people  are used to offering prayers  outside of God's plan.  Don't we Christians know that we know that we know , and truly know  that the God we worship is Holy; He is  the Great I am, the Jealous One, the Ancient of Days who keeps promises (vows) from time immemorial  and who wants to be worshiped alone   "in Spirit and in Truth?  God is telling us: "Love Me for who I am , not for what I give you. Owe allegiance to Me and to no other."

Allegiance is defined as ntukwasi obi (Igbo for trust or putting your heart on someone). Allegiance is  loyalty, and faithfulness, If a man owes allegiance to God for blessings why does he pray as prostitutes  who owe allegiance to many suitors for brief moments of defilement, do?  Unless the Lord builds the house called Nigeria, the money gathered to build it is stolen prior to the laying of foundation. The Nigerians  buy the building materials and both materials and contractor disappear overnight.

God is our Father and we are His children. We are not prostitutes chasing after false suitors, such as  the Hausa with money as some Nigerians often do. While suitors break agreements, God does not break vows. He does what he says he would do.  His promises are Yes.yes, yes in the form of contract. Contracts control everything we do from buying, selling  marriage, education,  and development of careers.

Contracts are made in Truth and in the Spirit, written in living blood.  Doesn't a home owner buy a house through a promise made to a builder to pay builder some money if builder  promises to allow buyer  to occupy builder's house? Almost everything we do is governed by the  giving and receiving  of promises. It is a  promise –for--a promise arrangement.  G od is a promise-keeping  Diety.

If we know that, why then is it that our prayers to God  are not answered and we still sink deeper into the quicksand of poverty, persecution, penury, cynicism,  and violence? There is no one on earth who does not believe in the existence of Supreme God. Consequently, Chukwu (Igbo's Almighty God) is supreme.  Muslims call Him  Allah. Others call him alusi (Igbo for pagan' s wooden idols).

We worship God in accordance with  the bilateral promise that goes this way:" I promise to do A and you promise to do B." In the Bible's II Chronicles   7:14, God promised: "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Nigerians have to make confessions of their sins in killing thousands of innocent, they are to ask for forgiveness of those whose family members were slaughtered in pogroms, in Biafra and violent acts in Kaduna, Jos, and Umuahia.  They are to make amends. These  are conditions that are  precedent to (not subsequent to) God's redemption.  Precedent means to come before, and subsequent means to come after. For a prayer to be answered, certain conditions ought to be fulfilled. We cannot manipulate as we influence our local village chief.

Nothing happens when the Nigerians are calling upon their God despite how strenuously, powerfully, persistently, determinedly, energetically they pray. The Nigerians are not dealing with the sins that must be confessed and forgiven. They are covering  sins which pileup to the sky, while they are building churches everywhere and sending  missionaries worldwide.

What do they want from all their  activities? Why do they make  incessantly cries of "God, God, oh my God "while  they worship money, and while they worship powerful  persons who are only man-made idols> The Igbos name their children Maduabuchi (man is not God), Onyekachi (who is greater than God?),Jehovah. The Nigerians want peace in the land without being peaceful themselves.  They want prosperity, youth employment, friendly neighbors without feeding the children, providing employment for the youth  or taking care of the handicapped.

Nigerian preachers lack Elijah's spiritual calling by the Holy Spirit. Nigerian leaders don't wait for the anointing or indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the Inner Self or Life Force. They just get up and go to Aso Rock (Presidents)  or the pulpit (preachers) or to the Government House (politicians)  dressed arrogantly in ridiculous garb.  They expect to own a fleet of Mercedes and a row of mansions.

The Nigerians are ashawo, prostituting after money.  The leaders of Nigeria struggle to wield influence over a foolish and gullible people. The Nigerian church goers are foolishly gullible in that they are too trusting  and susceptible while owners of the churches are the jet-flying Nigerian thieves masquerading  as evangelists, Bishops, and MOG and WOG (men of God and women of God).

Except  the Nigerians and their  leaders (1) humble themselves and (2) observe a national day of atonement/ apology, their nation  is in total disarray.  Despite their prayers, the nation of Nigeria remains the same or worse since the day independence was granted to the colony nearly a century ago. God seems to ignore the prayers of His Nigerian supplicants. A supplicant is  applicant, aspirant, petitioner, mendicant, beggar for something to be done.

The purpose of this essay is to point out that it is not  a conundrum  or puzzle  that the prayer  the Nigerians offer up  are empty and not deserving  of an answer for obvious reasons, that include dishonesty, greed, witchcraft, and wicked spilling of innocent blood. Nigeria is making " much haste and no speed" . All is vanity unless the Master Builder shows up.

Some Nigerians and their preachers, who do not seek the face of God, are so empty of decency they seek the face of man; they worship tribalism, talisman; witchcraft, and engage in victimization of minorities, in addition to exploitation of women and children of poor families. Nigerian prayers are all about "give me money, give me mansions, give me this ,and give me that". They forget their Jesus says, "It is better to give than to receive."

What are Nigerians giving in return for the gifts they are asking to receive? Are the Nigerians moral? No, they have killed countless numbers of Igbos, they rob the treasury,  neglect children, and women; and they abandon he poor, the needy and the disabled. Are they loving and forgiving of persons who wrong them? No,  vengeance is their stock and trade.  Are the  Nigerian Pastor and Christians like their Master Jesus Christ and His disciples? No. they are the exact opposite.

While Christ slept  in caves and simple houses and preached from mountaintops and borrowed boats, today' s Nigerian pastors sleep in and preach from magnificent buildings that are palatial, extravagant, luxurious,  opulent, and grand.

While the early followers of Christ observed fasting to strengthen spirituality, their modern counterparts in Nigeria would rather feed on Naira, Dollar and Pound Sterling gathered from stealing, corruption, drugs,  money laundering, and investment of church goers' ten percent in private business. Why should they complain when God would not answer ungodly prayers absurdly offered from unholy, blasphemous, and unconsecrated lips?

Nigerian Christians and Muslims carry the Bible and Koran around respectively  yet they do not carry it in their hearts.  The Muslim holy book has nothing like "I love  you" or "Let me forgive my brother ." While Muslims emphasize land grab, enslavement, and jihadist  violence, the Christians are going ga-ga after money and regard  the Bible as a talisman or lucky charm to waylay/intercept/bushwhack the unwary masses who do not read the holy books, let alone understand the words written therein .

Praying Nigerians want to mix the worship of God with the worship of man and selected idols in order to move the hand of God to  grant their ephemeral desires/wants,  (particularly money), and . ephemeral goods are only short-lived, transient, momentary, temporary fleeting, passing, or transitory,  We shall say the following payer, we and our children.

, Lord, give us Your Holy Spirit. and Your good nature

In ways that are sublime and consistent with Your ways

Teach us Your humility and sincerity to rectify our failing economy,

Let us build better infrastructures  and provide better amenities so that

These struggling masses and the little ones and those yet to come

May  suffer no  more but will remember us as good shepherds

Who made a difference so they would be  proud to be Nigerians

So help us, Lord.

Unfortunately, some Nigerian  governors have joined the local preachers in a syndicate whose aim ostensibly is to move the hand of god to act on behalf of the nation, but in actuality they are fierce  lions in the clothing of timid sheep. They are thieves.  God seems unwilling or not interested in taking sides with acrimonious political jabbering and fake/sanctimonious prayers

The local Christian and  fake  preachers reach out to their Muslim counterparts in  erecting Muslim mosques in the vicinity of Christian churches. Other politicians have erected statutes of South African President Zuma  in a nation that has been traumatized by Zuma's drug lords. Nigeria is beset with poverty, religious intolerance, violence and corruption.

One cannot help but ask these perplexing questions "Does God exist all over the world except in the land named Nigeria? Why does God want to hear prayer from  a people desirous of genocidal  elimination of a  tribe,  whose  Civil War brought about the starvation of helpless children? If you were God =, would you bother about the  gory, disgusting,  horrible, Civil War whose  aftermath includes  armed robbery ,kidnapping, raping and terrorism perpetrated by herdsmen from the leader's  ethnic group, buoyed, sustained or maintained with military gear and financed by the Nigerian Government?

How come that, although Nigerians call upon their God (Chineke in Igbo, or Allah in Islam) day and night and spend billions of dollars erecting places of worship (including cathedrals, churches and mosques, their God appears to turn deaf rears to their suffering?

We  can count several verifiable times this God  abandoned this  people. One can find ample reasons to conclude that indeed God hates Nigerians in several ways. First, Nigerians are  confused about the essence of  democracy, they  mix religion with politics as strange bed fellows in a nation where the Sharia law and the Common Law operate side by side and they are so confounded they  elect weak, sickly and neurotic leaders to rule over then. It seems  that my people are  undeserving of God's  mercy and kindness, hence unanswered prayers.

This essay is written with certain assumptions. The first assumption is that Nigeria is a  nation of believers, including Muslims, Christians and followers of other traditional faiths . The second assumption is that Christians Muslims, and followers of African faiths are religious persons, and most religious people believe in the existence Person of God known by different names , including Yahweh, Jesus or Allah.

The third assumption is that Christians, Muslims and believers in traditional African religions hold their deities sacred and are enjoined to observe prayer. To  enjoin is to order a believer pray, to instruct one to observe moments of supplication, or to call upon the name of one's deity. Christians are ordered to pray without ceasing, and Muslims are required to pray six times daily while facing Mecca.

There is never a day that this writer and millions of other Nigerians do not worry about the difficult problems  that plague Nigeria  and Nigerians ranging from endemic poverty to pervasive instances of corruptions in high places, specifically among the inner circles of officers of  the Presidency, including the Senate and the House.  The church and judiciary are not exempt or untainted.  The behavior of the average man or woman on the street is influenced for better or worse by what they see the government and church leaders say and do.

This essay suggests  that Nigeria's prayers are vain, inconsequential, nonentity  and may not  be answered because these people are not making a valid promise which requires fulfillment of conditions of God's acceptance. Nigerians believe in the power of money rather in God and therefore their prayers do not reach the ears of God.

(1) we cannot come to God without belief and faith in God (Mark 9:23);

(2) we must come in the Name of Jesus Matthew 6:9);

(3) we cannot expect God to answer our prayer  if we have not confessed sins in our lives (Psalms 66:18)

(4) we cannot expect the Lord to answer our prayer when we are not living for the Lord (Proverbs 28:9)

(5) we cannot expect God to answer prayer when we are not doing His will (John 9:23)

(6) God does not answer our prayer of those who are not at peace with each other (1 Peter 3:19);

(7) we must be persistent in our prayers;

(8) for our prayers to be answered , we must forgive those who offend us

Written  by Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , jamesagazies.blogspot.com

10/27/2017. Posted  11/7/2017

The purpose of this essay is to narrate what happens when one is unarmed and to counteract the notion advanced by Dr. Osuji and other apologists that life  is safer when citizens are without  guns. See Dr. Odozi Osuji's essay in this forum entitled: "White Americans Like to Carry Guns Because They are A Fearful People. "   Americans of all races do not agree with Osuji and would strongly disagree with his logic.  We the law-abiding Nigerians would like to have the right to bear arms inserted in the Constitution of our country.

A few years ago as a young professor at one of Nigeria's newly established colleges, this writer was rudely awakened up at around 2:00 am when a group of robbers broke into my two-room dwelling place. They ransacked the whole place, scattering papers around and making away with my college diplomas and a few possessions I had brought with me, mostly baby's clothes.  I had just returned home after being in America to pursue an education. What pained me more than the stuff I lost was the abuse and intimidation. The robbers had weapons, and I had none.

While robbing me and putting my family in a great fear, the robbers ordered us to cover our heads. They lifted my three-month old child out of  the crib to look for money, Thinking that the robbers were taking the baby away for sacrifice, my maid raised her head up. For that, Lillian our baby nurse was hit with the flat of a machete.

We heard one of the robbers blaming me and saying: "This man was overseas enjoying while we are suffering here in the country". I was being blamed for getting an education and for the robbers' predicament, namely, for their choice of criminal career.  Was I to blame for being the victim or for going to America or for obtaining college degrees that included two doctorates and 2 Master's degrees? Did I force the hoodlums  to make a career out of armed robbery?

The game of blaming the victim has been going on forever. You blame me for carrying a gun to protect myself, and you also blame me for having no gun and being a victim of a gun carrier. Which way do I go?  Read  William Ryan's  Blaming The Victim(ISBN 9780394722269, July 12, 1976,  Mass Market paperback , published by Vintage).

Contrary to the opinions of proponents of gun-less  Nigeria, the right to carry guns ought  to be a topic of immense discussion. Killings have been going in Nigeria for the longest by gun-toting hoodlums who are determined to keep Buhari in power, including Fulani herdsmen, boko haram, armed robbers, and kidnappers. The right to carry firearms  to protect self and family should be enlarged in Nigeria as it is done in America  rather than be abridged or curtailed.

To enlarge is to increase, extend, broaden, widen, amplify, or made bigger. Why are there frequent reports of mugging, kidnapping, raping, and other violent crimes against Nigerians? Do not look any further than commonsense, if you are sincere. In Nigeria, crimes against persons and involving personal property are rampant, widespread, fecund, proliferating. rambling, or flourishing. Unarmed Nigerians are at the mercy of armed hoodlums. What does it mean? It means the good people are being maneuvered by the bad ones.

Why did a group of riff raffs choose to rob a man with a young family just returning from America to his nation in the middle of the night? It was just because I had no gun and was as naive as Dr. Osuji and the over educated gun control wiseacres who masquerade as messengers of patriotism, chauvinism, nationalism, or boastful and belligerent jingoism .

The issue of armed robbery is a clear case where one uses commonsense. You are more likely to be assaulted with a weapon if you are weaponless than if you had a gun.  Accept this fact and let's move forward.  Assume this writer is in his  garden minding his business with a fully loaded gun by his side when  Amadou, Buhari's  chief herdsman comes to graze his cows on this writer's bed of tomatoes, with the intention  to rape the writer's granddaughter and carry her away. If you think this writer would live to see his granddaughter taken away as a sex slave, keep thinking.

The aim of this essay is to advance reasons why this writer implicitly believes in and is wholeheartedly and comfortably in support of legislation that guarantees the rights of Nigerians  to bear arms. The right to bear arms is related to the issue of being a bona fide member of the Nigerian communities. The right to live freely implies the right to enjoy the benefits of citizenship, including safety and security in the community. One who has achieves security and safety in his country is said to have awesome greatness.

Dr. Osuji advocates the removal of guns from the people under the mistaken theory that (a) fearful persons carry guns to protect themselves; (b) fearless persons who do  not perceive threat all around do not carry guns for protection; and (c) loving people who have the sense of love and security do not carry guns to protect themselves.  One has the right to live in a fool's paradise so long as one does not intend to be a meddler or interloper into the other person's affair.

If you mess with me, I will mess with you. While ruffling my feathers and rubbing me the wrong way, Dr. Osuji seems to reason that if I carry a gun,  I am likely to discharge the bullets into an enemy. He further infers that because I am a fearful man, I am apt to carry a gun to banish  terror.  I disagree for the simple reason that fear  is a common denominator. It is the commonest and extremely  powerful  emotion humans share with other human beings.

Fear powers a range of human behavior, including the fight and flee action . Indeed, fear is at the nucleus  of human survival instinct.  Fear keeps mankind out of harm's way until man figures  out how to minimize the dangers involved in what man is about to do

We spend billions of research dollars before launching a spaceship towards the moon .Isn't survival (self-preservation) regarded as worthwhile goal? We spend billions to deter aggression. As we are discussing this, President Trump is sending  troops and warships equipped with weapons to North Korean borders  just in case.  Deterrence is a war strategy.  Like a gun, deterrence means "don't do it or I'll fire."

That's why I must buy a gun, procure the  gun license and practice shooting at the range, all in the attempt to prolong  my days on earth  in order to live and let live. Just in case. Just in case  is a preemption, prevention, restriction, limitation, or dissuasion, rather encouraging aggression

To carry guns is to safeguard personal freedom. To choose freedom  is not violence. It is an expression of liberty. Americans carry guns to maintain national liberty from foreign domination as well as  to control lawless others, Carrying guns, for most Americans,  is an inalienable right that must not be bridged.

What greater right solidifies citizenship status than the right to bear arms? To own a gun is to achieve greatness, and to be great is to be fortified.  An armed man is somebody rather than nobody. An unarmed man is a nonentity. He is banza, unknown, mediocrity, nobody, insignificant, or nothing.

A man is great when he's  armed in self-defense. For William Shakespeare, greatness is the ability to stand tall in the face of aggression. Shakespeare advises: "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them." {Twelfth Nights}

When one feels  free and secured as a true citizen of Nigeria or immigrant of the United States of America, one cannot take that freedom for granted. Because there is nothing free about freedom, one must realize that that freedom must be guarded enviably and protected forcefully Ownership of guns is a way to ensure that freedom is not lost. Freedom is a badge of honor, respectability, and greatness. That  right to  achieve greatness ought to be embedded or enshrined in the Constitution of any nation that truly advances or advocates inalienable rights in a  democracy. A man armed with a gun is expressing inalienable  right.

A right is inalienable if it is absolutely essential, unchallenged, incontrovertible, indisputable, or unassailable. It is heard in the battle cry: "Give me freedom or give me death." Removal of guns is an abridgment of one's right to protect oneself. To be a citizen without guns is to be no citizen at all or to be in state of homelessness. We are not meant to be vagabonds, are we? I must carry a gun as personal expression.  That's why I must buy a gun, obtain  the  gun license and practice shooting at the range, all for the purpose of prolonging my days on earth , to live and to let live.

I disagree with anyone who comes  around attempting  to convince me that fearful  persons perceive threat all around them  and, therefore, carry guns to protect themselves.  I do disagree because I live among disagreeable persons in a world that is becoming increasingly militant, dangerous and disagreeable.

We live in a world that is dis-likable and cantankerous, defined as being  irritable, crabby, argumentative, complaining , unreasonable, or belligerent. Belligerence may lead a certain trigger-happy  man or woman  to Walmart's  department store,  show a  driver's license and  purchase a gun to rid himself of the "devil that made  me do it." To do it is to use a gun on me or someone else as a target.

Do we need someone  to convince us that we live in a world that  is becoming increasingly ugly and that one needs to walk circumspectly in order to live and be safe.  One who proceeds circumspectly does so, not haphazardly. He does things cautiously, suspiciously, watchfully, charily, cagily, vigilantly, or carefully.  It is increasingly necessary to protect  myself with a gun. Guns do not kill per se. People kill. Therefore, people need to protect themselves  against potential killers.

Finally, we ought to stop saying that it is the good fearful  person who carries guns to protect himself. That's a lie. It is the bad, fearless and  criminally-minded  man, who in the first place carries a gun to bolster confidence in order to intimidate, terrorize, frighten, or coerce others. We congratulate Dr.Odozi Osuji on his courage to tackle some of those thorny, foul-tasting issues in our society, but we find his position on gun control distasteful and unacceptable.

Let the Nigerians For The Right to Bear Arms raise their voices and be heard!

By Dr, James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com


The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate how President Buhari should have used the Nnamdi Kanu episode as a governance tool, but failed to do so. Nigerian leadership and government led by Buhari could have handled the situation expertly, mobilized the nation in unity, and come out smelling good to the whole world. Alas, they failed the test. Since the majority is not always right and often is wrong, it is about time we subscribed to being anti-majoritarian in governance rather than to armamentarium.

Mr. Buhari and his handlers could have avoided a moral turpitude had they listened to reason and Buhari been able to manage his overwhelming hatred of Igbos in order to handle the sturm und drang (German for storm) of governance. What resulted was a studied cowering to religio-political sentiments, including the gobbledygook, gibberish and twaddle. There is nothing free about freedom which is worth dying for.

The Buhari leadership caved in to personality or principality; being overwhelmed by pressures of the moment as the job was intricate. It is time to tell the President; "If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." The President and his handlers misjudged, overestimated, miscalculated, and got the answer all wrong on a simple test requiring commonsense.

Democracy is all about talking and associating with people. Reasonable people would rather have talking mouths without a government than a government without talking mouths. We ought to show the world that we are a democracy,  the "indepanda."  Nigerians are not caged animals who have no voices and who cannot sing.

A good Nigerian government ought to free the people to enjoy the fruits of freedom of expression, to live where one chooses and engage in legitimate businesses. Who was Nnamdi Kanu and why were Buhari and his people so scared of a man armed with nothing  but rhetoric?  Loquacious people don't kill, but illiterate, wordless people do.

Nnamdi Kanu enjoyed a brief notoriety; as most 40-year-old Igbo, Arewa,or kanuri young man drunk with fanaticism and youthful exuberance, do . Kanu is not different; he had the inflated sense of self- importance. Unfortunately, Buhari interpreted the situation as being treasonable.

Kanu could do no more harm to a nation of 180,000,000 people, than leading a group of frustrated, hungry, unemployed youths, demanding their rights, just as the Arewa Boys demanded a Quit order which was a product of arrogant terrorism. Kanu could do no more harm than a blue fly would do to a carcass of slaughtered cow on a butcher's table.

Why must Nigeria and her legal system overreact to Nnamdi Kanu with explosive force? Nnamdi Kanu was not a serious threat. He  had no weapons other than onu, onu, ntaghari onu (mouth, mouth, talking mouth, propaganda).  A talking mouth demonstrates that democracy is well and alive in Nigeria

How could we be so unthinking as to use state-sanctioned violence and murder as crowd control mechanisms? How could a nation of 180 million people (with hundreds of universities and houses of worship) fail woefully to listen to the youthful leaders of the community?

Surely, my people ought not to lack the milk of human understanding that flows from fleshy hearts. Our hearts ought to not be stony or impervious, and we ought to lead by reason and good commonsense. How come we couldn't listen to young Kanus, find out what they want, and win then to our way of thinking?

Didn't we listen to Boko Haram? Didn't  we listen to the Delta Avengers? Didn't we hear from the Arewas and the Northern Elders? Why not hear from Kanu and the IPOB? Is it because they are Anyamirins? Buhari has failed Nigeria and ought to consider leaving Aso Rock!

It is our popular opinion that the bail conditions given to Nnamdi Kalu  were a violent overkill in the sense that the sentence did not fit the crime or that the conditions represented an attempt at overegging the pudding. It exacerbated an already volatile situation

It is an overkill to catch a tiny fish with a massive net. Buhari and Nigerians failed to look beyond a myopic, tunnel vision to see a larger picture that could have been exploited to unite the nation and pull us out of a conundrum. Nnamdi Kanu presented Nigeria with a conundrum, a hard, thorny question.

A conundrum refers to a riddle whose answer is a pun or a paradox, or to any problem whose answer is uncertain. Some conclusions to be drawn from an analysis of the Kanu's bail conditions can be seen at the end of this essay.

This leads us to our earlier conviction that the Biafra War is not yet concluded and, as Gods, the  Igbos have not accepted  defeat. What happens to Gowon's "No winners and no vanquished" pronouncement?

Nnamdi Kanu was released from Kuje Prison on Friday, April 28, following the bail conditions  imposed by Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court in Abuja that Tuesday, April 25.. Kanu spent one year and six months in detention after he was arrested by operatives of the Department of State Securities in Lagos upon his return from the United Kingdom on October 14, 2015.

This essay examines the harsh bail conditions Justice Nyako, sitting at Abuja Court, meted to her fellow Nigerian citizen. Nyako stipulated that  Mr. Kalu must agree to these harsh conditions before he could be released from prison to prepare for his defense.  There are some important conclusions to be drawn from the Kanu-Nyako episode. Read to the end of this essay to examine the conclusions.

Maintaining that the only reason she granted bail to Kanu was because of Kanu's  ill health, Justice Nyako of Nigeria marshaled out about thirteen (13) conditions that Kanu must meet prior to (not subsequent to) his release from detention. The conditions now follow below.

First, Mr. Kalu must not hold rallies. He must not grant interviews. He must not be in a crowd of more than 10 people.

Second, Mr. Kanu must provide three sureties in the sum of N100 million each. One of the sureties must be a senior highly placed person of Igbo extraction such as a senator. The second surety must be a highly respected Jewish leader since Mr. Kanu said his religion is Judaism. The third surety must be a highly respected person who owns landed property and is resident in Abuja.

Third, the IPOB leader must deposit both  his Nigerian passport and the British passport with the court. The order to deposit his Nigerian and British passports was meant to ensure Mr. Kanu the IPOB leader cannot travel out of the country to avoid prosecution.

Fourth, he must provide the court with reports on the progress of his health and treatment on a monthly basis.

Justice Nyako however refused bail to the three other defendants standing trial with Kanu, namely Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi. All three prisoners were seen wearing handcuffs in court.

The following are observations this writer is making in reaction to the incidence of the stiff bail conditions offered to IPOB leader Nnamdi Kalu by the Nigerian government through Justice Nyako.

Justice Nyako took Kanu's ill health into consideration. The ill health of an accused is a tenable, laudable, reasonable, justifiable, defensible, rational, plausible reason  to grant temporary or permanent  relief from  prosecution. For this reason, we commend the learned judge, Justice Nyako and we heap accolades on her for tempering justice with mercy. Judicial mercy is clemency, compassion, and understanding.

It is the opinion of this writer that the Nigerian leadership failed a test of commonsense. The Nigerian leadership did an overkill in the case of Defendant Nnamdi Kanu. An overkill is defined as an overindulgence, overstatement, or heavy-handedness,

It was too much of a good (or bad) thing  It is like adding a pound of sugar to your morning mug of coffee.It is like turning  your tongue and lips red hot and burning them with oku (fire) after eating ofe egusi (egusi soup) packed with fresh peppers..

An overkill is an overkill.  Justice Nyako did miscarry justice in the mad rush to demonize the prisoner. To demonize is to portray an individual or group of individuals as an evil, demonic, or dangerous criminal mind. What gain did the Nigerian judicial system make by making the IPOB leader look worse and more reprehensible/terrible/terrifying than he actually was?

Nyako did what she did perhaps to score a point, or perhaps to deal with pressure from President Buhari and the Buharians  who were bent on seeking  a revenge consisting of "Shakespearian pound of flesh," in order to steady a rocky, rocking boat.

Nigeria is a ship, and at the helm is the Queen of Great Britain, wearing a crown and assisted by hired African goons wearing chieftain titles.

Therefore, Nnamdi Kanu didn't stand a chance; he ran the risk of being charged with treasonable felony which is a crime against the Crown, where the offense may take place thousands of miles off the shores of Great Britain. .

Sometimes, the Queen orders an overkill or murder to protect her Empire. The goons carry out the order as  the loyal murder squad Kanu's chances of acquittal was as good as a snowball  in hell. What an overkill!

To overkill is to protect self through a revenge or to take punishment to such a comical level as to cause easy laughter or glee worldwide. An overkill can be seen in a soldier who shoots the victim down and continues to fire bullets into a lifeless corpse. An overkill is a dangerous thing

We must respect the learned Judge Nyako, for she is learning the rope and she is not the boss in a bureaucratic nation where judicial independence is a fairy tale, and where judges are hauled away to prison without due process. Judges are known to sound and serve as gramophone that repeats "his master's voice."

As extensions or appendages of the power accorded the Queen of England, Nigerian judges can often act without restraints. Restraint is seen as weakness or antithesis of power, and Nigerians have an inverted notion of justice that lacks restraint in personal or public life as seen in the massive embezzlement of huge sums of money belonging to the people.

Can anyone see overkill in the murder a Christian woman whose corpse was paraded in the open market as if she were a trophy, simply because she happened to dance to a different  religious drummer, who  believes in a different onye nwe anyi (our Lord) than the murderers' Allah?

While the rest of the free world subscribes to the principle of humane rehabilitation of offenders and changing conditions that breed lawlessness and that attack  constituted authority (such as the Nigerian government, for example), Justice Nyako and the government she represents uphold cruel punishment and excessive force to control the expression of human liberty.

Cruel punishment is the use of cruel sentencing, penalty, chastisement, castigation, reprimand, retribution, or death in its most extremely outrageous form to muzzle and silence citizens who dare to change the system.  Punishment cannot dissuade people from opposing a thing they consider to be cruelty,  meanness, nastiness, brutality, malice, spite, spitefulness, marginalizaion, or vindictiveness.

Rehabilitation, on the other hand, as contradictory to punishment, is the readiness to correct a behavior through the use of treatment, therapy, healing, cure, analysis, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, religion, or love.

Nigerian society is not and cannot be  "we versus they" or  "we-win-and-you-lose" society.  It is a "we-win-and-you-win" situation. Nigerians want the "you're okay and I'm okay" scenario. We say all these things to say that we need a WIN-WIN situation and that Nigeria ought to win her citizens over. Mr. Nnamdi kalu could have been won over to Buhari's side through rehabilitation, love, compassion, understanding,persuasion, and negotiation rather than through hate, armamentarium, or intimidation. Might does not always make it right.

Armamentarium is the effective equipment of a warship.  Nigeria does not want to always be a ship at war and equipped with war planes, fortifications, guns, rifles, foot soldiers, and armory, My country Nigeria  is arming or being armed to the teeth  for war. Most aspects of our so-called military might are purchased from white Europeans. They have expensive price tags. After purchasing what constitutes our might, there is no money left for education or to build roads and provide for electricity.

Who was Nnamdi Kanu? He could not be more than a mere 40-year-old Igbo young man, filled with youthful energy,  and drunk with an inflated sense of self- importance. Kanu  could do no harm to a nation of 180,000,000 people, a nation with fully functioning armed forces. Nigeria and her legal system overreacted with explosive force.

Nnamdi Kalu had no weapons other than onu, onu, ntaghari onu (mouth, mouth, talking mouth, propaganda).  A talking mouth demonstrates that democracy is well and alive in Nigeria.

This writer would rather have talking mouths without a government than a government without talking mouths. We ought to show the world that we are a democracy, the "indepanda."  Nigerians are not caged animals who have no voices and cannot sing. A good Nigerian government ought to free the people to enjoy the freedom of expression, to live where one chooses and engage in legitimate businesses Don't we know why caged animals die soon?. There is nothing free about freedom which is worth dying for.

Sunday, 15 October 2017 23:40

The Afrika Restaurant

This Is a true story of Dan Iloegbu who thought he had honest--to-goodness Nigerian friends. Names are changed to protect friends.  Dan's  friends were Igbo and Yoruba men he grew up with in Lagos and with whom he drove taxi cabs in America. I have spent hours writing the story. It is left up to readers to guess the purpose of this essay and suggest what lessons, if any,  to learn therefrom.

Driving the Yellow Cab had been Dan's main profession since he came to America in the late 80"s or early 90's. He cannot remember the exact year of his arrival. Dan knew these friends from Lagos where they had been running together as a pack of hyenas. They made ends meet, perfecting the 419 and  eating at each other's homes. Besides, they had  impregnated many of the Lagos loose women with empty promises. They had to leave Lagos and these girls behind in order to break new grounds ahead. Fast forward the story.

Dan is now in New York with his old buddies. Dan drank hard and  partied hard and sometimes  delved into hard narcotics  as most cab and 18-wheeler drivers often do . Life was good and money was coming aplenty.  Dan's friends were no riff-raffs they once were;  they set goals to achieve. First, they would quit driving Yellow Cab and decide they  must get into and own the private limousine company. Next , they bought some of the upscale New York homes for cash after years of Yellow Cabbing and 419. Their houses we posh, meaning ritzy, swish, and swank.

Next goals were bringing wives from home and raising some children. Dan sent invitation to his friends  to come to his home for his wedding anniversaries and christenings of his children. His children were born in rapid succession when money was good.  Dan continued to alternate  between evening college classes and driving cab and limousine even after he had bagged the MS in economics and the MS in public administration. Dan began settling down after he had bagged the  PhD in international  relations and administration.

Dr. Dan is a success story we hear of hardworking Igbo men. Dangota, as Dan Iloegbu was affectionately  known by his many friends around town, as Oke Dimkpa (strong man), the Oba of New York City, Chief Omemgbeoji 1 of Umunze in Anambra State. He was revered by all as far as being resourceful was concerned. Hardworking is a mild term  to describe my man. Dan was a broad-shouldered, proud Igboman .  Call him Nigerian, and Dan would immediately correct  you: "I'm Biafran!"

Dan reminds one of the Abakiliki yam farmer who makes any Igbo father as proud as a peacock at harvest. He is dark, big, ugly, and his wife and kids were equally large with obnoxious physical attributes. He was as strong as oxen.  What Dan did not have on a test of nma anu aru (bodily attractiveness ) he made up on  a test of ike okpukpu (bone or physical stamina).

Remove that hardworking exterior and njokiri anu aru (physical ugliness), and you would find Dr. Dan Dangota Iliegbu to be an okay man. He approached his work painstakingly. He was assiduous, marked by constant and devoted application to his business or enterprise; being diligent and punctilious, as a no-nonsense Igbo dude. Looking at the growing number of family mouths he has to feed and realizing he had to build a mansion in his village to convince folks he was not onye efukefu (prodigal).

Dan threw himself into work like akula obu onye ara (do not strike a mad man). He knew money was in short supply,  especially at this time of massive unemployment in Nigeria and the downsizing of government functions and closing of American factories where he and his friends sometimes  hang out after moonlighting as professional janitorial staff for extra food money, Dan hit upon an  idea at one of these moonlighting sessions.

Husband said to wife Uzoamaka: "Let's open up African restaurant  around town." Wife agreed.  "And, baby, let's make it purely Nigerian with isi ewu (goat head), nkwobi, ukpaka, pepper soup bitteerleaf, okporoko, abacha, ofe nsala."  Then Uzoamaka said: "Chi- mo. Dim oma" ( Oh, my God, my good husband).She quickly added ofe ogiri and ofe manu to the menu to appeal to her husband's Igbo and Yoruba friends, respctively. Ofe Ogiri is the strong foul smelling seasoning made from fermented beans   Ofe manu  is the oily stuff the Yorubas love till Thy Kingdom Come.

Husband and wife quickly agreed. Smart Dan and Dutiful Uzoamaka were not schooled in Igbo -ology nor did they study Yoruba trickonomy. They never understood or dealt with the lies, trickery, and anya ukwu (big eyes or greed) of their fellow Nigerians. What about the anya ufu (envy, bad heart) of Nigerians? They forgot the aghugho (trickery) of the Yorubas. Why did they forget that Awolowo led Ojukwu into Bafra War and later backed out when the going was rough?

As hardworking and cooperative with his wife as Dan Dangota Iloegbo is, Uzoamaka's Isi Ewu African Restaurant (named after his loyal wife) was opened one Monday morning. On grand opening day, come and see the massive support of Igbo community, plus the big do-da of the Yoruba guys and babes.

Taxi drivers, students, Igbo professionals, and white men who had done some work in Nigeria, were all there, chopping, licking five fingers dipped in ogbono soup,  and swaying thick waists as the High Life music blasted and guests  bellowed , yelled, bawled, and, hollered. The owambe dance  caught fire.

To make the occasion sweet and memorable, Dan and Uzoamaka reduced food prices so low: $2 for pepper soup, nkwobi, ga rri with onugbu or egusi, or okra soup made with large pieces of goat and hen. Free soda flowed like a river. Don't even mention intoxicating drinks.

Someone yelled,: "Dan, nwokem (my man Dan), you need to supply some beers at this restaurant. Odi egwu. Igbo Kwenu!" One rough  looking taxi driver seconded: "Yeay, yeah. Odi egwu. Kwezue nu!"

Dan made a serious mistake: he counted on deceitful friends to support his wealth-growing ventures. As cheap as the menu was, Dan was shocked when his friends wouldn't pay, and sometimes argued with management about the cost of pounded yam. "It's too costly," some said.  "I don't have money now; why don't I pay you tomorrow?" Some asked , knowingly fully well there was a sign that says "NO CREDIT" hanging on the wall in front of them. Some customers feigned ignorance, or illiteracy. Some said they never saw the sign. A few burly Igbo customers threatened to fight Dan and hurt him if he continued to insist there was no credit.

A distant cousin of Dan  said: "Fuck you, and I'll kick your stinky ass." Dan's best friend from his village  said: "You are talking and eating shit  because of this lousy food  Come on, fellows. Let's get the fuck out of this fucking place." Others thought of a sinister plan to close their friend's business. Igbo-ology means  eating with your friends with a long spoon and clearing your escape route behind with a sharp machete, The Yoruba man says:   "Wayo man die-o-, wayo man buryam-o."

As Uzoamaka's  Isi Ewu African Restaurant grew  in popularity and revenue, so did open and secret enemies. Dan and wife added delivery service which Dan ran while picking and dropping passengers with his Yellow Cab.   A Naija physician who ate at the grand opening was pleased and wondered if his wife could to cook from Uzoamaka who appeared so humble and obedient to Dan her husband.

As resourceful as the Igboman he was, Dan added beers of various flavors, without first obtaining license),   including popular Heinekens, bitter Guinness Stout, stomach-bloating Nigerian Golden Guinea, and cheap American watery  stuff .Life was sweet and good.

Uzoamaka's Isi Ewu  African Restaurant blossomed and became packed at night and on weekends. So-called friends, like Mr. Judas Iscariot, went to police and told on their friend. They revealed  all  their friend's business secrets to the police.

They said to Police: "That African man  thinks he is smart. He sells beer without  a license, and he delivers marijuana with his Yellow Cab, and brings marijuana into town with his 18 wheeler We know akwunakwunas (prostitutes) operate there as waitresses."

Police raided Uzoamaka's Isi Ewu African Restaurant. They searched the Yellow Cab for drugs. They confiscated Uzoamaka's  Isi Ewu African Restaurant business license. They queried Dan and his employees. Finally, police quenched Dan's  right to operate the restaurant. Uzoamaka had bags of tears under her eyes for weeks. Dan cried to his friends for rescue. No one comes by to say: "Hi" anymore. No man or woman.

Written by Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blodspot.com


Saturday, 07 October 2017 15:50

Where Do Men Go To Find Their Women/Wives?

 The Good Book says "whoever finds a good wife finds a good thing"

Women are losing good men in large numbers as you can see

Men are finding good women in unlikely places

Ask yourself: where do happily married men go to find partners?

They don't go to beer parlors, houses of prostitution, nor crack joints

Which types of women are men attracted to nowadays?

Men seek the worshipping type you find in unsuspecting places

Why worshipping types and unsuspecting places?

Men want to stay alive and away from stressed and early graves

Men seek the adoring, loving, revering, adulating

Women in demand are deifying, endearing, and praying

Men seek the humble women unscarred by fortune and fame

They seek women like the Chinese, Filipino, Koreans, Mexicans

Women men want are the humble, worshipping types

Men don't go to beer parlors, prostitutes, or drugs

Men go to beauty parlors to women who are in humble occupations

Who submissively wash feet, cut finger and toe nails of husbands

Scratching dandruffs off dry hair, consoling, empathizing

These are not the women Nigerian women want to imitate

They are those whom Nigeria women ignored and listened not to

Please listen to this gym trainer tell a story to me, you and our women

Charles is his name, and he is a good gym trainer

Known by the growing numbers of his clients

A young man weighed down with marital burdens came to Charles

Listen to Charles lecture this young married man

Who was complaining about his estranged wife

"My wife is highly demanding of me, rude and uninviting

The words 'thank you', and 'please' are not in her vocabulary"

After Trainer Charles was done with his regular paying customers  he stopped

Stopping after training was necessary to devote to other pressing concerns

It gave the complaining young man time to get heavy stuff off his chest

"My wife is not friendly, nor understanding, nor patient; doesn't listen "

An excellent trainer is Charles,  and he has heavy muscles and strong biceps.

People come to him to lose weight, strengthen muscles, flatten bellies

Charles' clients come from all works of life and of all ages and all races.

He is nice and smiles a lot from ear to ear, all smiling teeth showing

Which undoubtedly give Charles a magnetic persona and physique

That pull customers  as fluttering bees drawn to the yellow sunflower

Charles paces the gym floor as Sunflower with rechecher, a rare choice

With lavish elegance, a studied exquisiteness,  excessive refinement

He genuinely cares for women and is a husband of one wife

His smiles and physique, for sure, fetch Charles lots of persons to train.

Wednesday afternoons, Charles pastors a church at the gym

I overheard Charles lecture man who was complaining about his wife.

His wife, the young man said, is rude, unappreciative, and demanding

She demands of his money and time; doesn't care; seems to not love him

The word appreciation is not in her vocabulary; affection seems foreign

And she is not friendly, understanding, nor patient, nor a good listener

When Charles opens his mouth, choicest words of wisdom and care flow out :

This is Charles the trainer speaking words of amam ihe (wisdom)

"Troubles with today's women and wives are many

They are as numerous as fish in the sea

Today's women seem to not care anymore

As much as  their mothers once did

They care only for money for themselves and no one else

They are the receivers, not givers or sharers

Society educates women wrongly to be as independent as the men

Women are educated out of marital wisdom and never like their mothers

Where do successful men go to find loving wives?

A woman with money or education feels like "I don't need your shit."

A woman men don't want is like " I know and have it all."

Men go for the humble, caring, submissive, and downtrodden

To find love, comfort, support, peace, and understanding

Thursday, 28 September 2017 05:42

A Tribute to Nnamdi Kanu

Such is the nature of an idea whose time has come

It is borne in the heart and hardly dies a true death

A woman cries out: "Where's the body of my brother?"

There is a deafening silence as the nation sleeps uneasily

Dead or alive, the body of Nnamdi was award-winning

He's only a lad whose message has consuming urgency

Enemies prized him above rubbles, above the Constitution

That governs the sacred  land bisected by three rivers

A lawyer cries: "Your Honor, I beseech you entreatingly

Order the Captn's boys to produce my client in this Court

Stlll, there was rancorous  silence

At last. the pythons went home joltingly

Congratulating the Captain, the shooters:

Intone:"Mission Accomplished. Sir"

"Really, we did it, boys, didn't we?"

Was Captain's jubilatory chutzpah, effrontery

My soul  cries: "Fools, they are, aren't they?

They cannot kill an idea with a gun

Nor trap the wind with a spider's web"

Nor convict for  murder without a body

You cannot kill an idea with a bullet, can you?

There are better ways for Captain to annihilate

One, incline ears with the patience of Job

You are in the business of persuasion

Not with barrels of the cannons filled with steel balls

Not with guns fitted with bonnet smelling of gunpowder

Gone are the armamentaria days of old

When a soldier shoots, slits and asks questions later

Two, infiltrate the group with healthier ideas

The fastest way to harvest corn is to destroy it

If you kill the kernel by burial in earth's bowels

It rises in hundred-fold, thousand-fold, millions

Consider the quest  for referendum

Does a government silence voices to the nth generation?

Can a government Kill the quest through fragmentation

Infinitesimally in small particles?

Consider the old rugged cross

Where a man spreads agonizing arms across

In an it-is-finished mockery surrender

Only to take the world as if by cataclysmic storm

Never thought possible by all estimation

Doth not the bones rise again from a lifeless state

In the valley of bleached, dry Bones?

You've heard the minstrel sing: Okpukpu ga adi ndi ozo

And The Boys Brigade in khaki strut, gyrate, burst in song

One, two, and three, the bones shall rise again

Indeed, they shall augument, intensify, upsurge

invariably, perpetually, till oge mgbe ebighi ebi

Didn't they slaughter 300 IPOB officers in the Sixties

Dragged charred Aguiyi Ironsi behind a vehicle

Gutted babes out of 100,000 pregnant women

And burned bodies that didn't fit in gwongwolo

As if  that was not sufficient to abate maddening frenzy

They filled Suburban trains with decomposing bodies

From Kafanchan, Taraku, Oturkpo going to Enugu

They sent Paulina's mother home down East

With the beheaded head of Apollos, Paulina's father

Though 70-year-old Paulina has seen it all

A day before he fell to Kanu's bullets

The 28-year-old grandson said to 70-year –old Paulina:

"I'd rather have discussions without government

Than government without discussions"

Such is the nature of an idea whose time has come

The Arewa Boys are mistaken to lump all Ndiigbo in a bundle and pass them off as deplorable undesirables. I am Igbo, and I sometimes  dislike some of the things my fellow Igbo people do. While I admire Ndiigbo as a hard-working tribe, I dislike bip (pronounced B-E-E-P, meaning bad Igbo people). I do dislike some of my people  very intensely for many reasons.

The purpose of this essay is to state categorically that Ndiigbo are responsible for their predicament in Nigeria.  This explains why the bad Igbo people have earned the title "the most   reprehensible, blameworthy, and antisocial  persons." Igbos are not the  unwittinly innocent victims of other people's  evil machinations; they are the architects of their misfortune and objects of national ridicule.

The purpose of this essay is to paint the Igbos with the true color in order to help them change selves. The truth is that Igbos are everything  that has nothing to do with goodness.  The Igbos can and ought to change.You may say to me: "Why this sudden change of attitudes towards your own Igbo people? You used to love them, didn't you? Are you Igbo?"  Igbos need to swallow the bitter pills of truth from time to time. You ask: "Are you truly Igbo and why are you attacking your people?"

I am nwafor Igbo (naturally born Igbo man), from the State of Anambra, in one of the best premier Local Governments. I am  what you may call ezigbo Onye Igbo (true Igbo person). I used to love Igbos until they betrayed me.  Being Igbo doesn't prevent me from criticizing  other Igbos. You criticize people you love. A loving father is expected to discipline a cherished  child.  I criticize who I love because I want him or her to be better, more palatable, less disappointing.   We are each other's keepers. Doesn't iron sharpen iron? If you don't understand that, you  are Igbo hater and need to wisen up.

Surely, Igbos are naturally bad.  Igbos were once gods in this writer's private world, but are now becoming increasingly devilish.  Didn't some Igbos drug pushers  murder some  church members at Ozubulu Catholic  Church in Anambra to show their badness as a sacrilege? A sacrilege is  a blaspheme, irreverence, disrespect, profanity. It is an insult to God the Creator of all lives, isn't it?

My God is ashamed  for creating the murderous  Anayamirins . Can anything good come out of Anyamirin land? Can Igboman justifiably destroy what he did not create? Ndiigbo are bad in the sense  they love money to the extent that nothing else on earth matters more.

The Igbos  would love you when you praise them, butter their bread on both sides with the smear of dishonesty, deceit, lies, falsehood, fabrication, mendacity, deception. Tell igbos they are good, and you become their bosom friends forever and ever. Tell them the truth like "you are bad and you eat too much, drink too much beer, and fuck each others' wives too often."  What happens? They would crucify you upside down  no osisi obe nenwu oku (on a wooden, burning cross).

The truth is this: Igbos are a very  bad people If you live among and can understand  how  Igbos' warped mindset works. Ever wonder why Igbos are suffering in Nigeria ?  One Igbo man stopped me in front of Walmart  to ask me a perplexing  question: "Why are our people so bad? I asked Edward Okoye (I believe that was the name his father gave him) the same question.

Edward perplexes me with a perplexing question  while I stood perplexed  in front of Walmart under the August scorching, sizzling, blazing, sweltering, blistering, and baking late August sun's  heat. I was perplexed. To be perplexed , is to be confused, at a loss, mystified, confounded, baffled, thrown, or bewildered. This essay answered some of Edward's questions. Ndiigbo are bad because badness is in the blood of Ndiigbo.

Some Ndiigbo have  robbed  you, disappointed you, wounded you, and left  you perplexed. Other  Ndiigbo members of your family have done you a great wrong in that while you re attempting to be a model family member who is naively trusting, accepting  and loving of my people,  your fellow siblings have stabbed you in the back and robbed  you from my blind spot. Isn't it  bad when you are afraid of your own family?

When you were naïve, inexperienced, raw, trusting, immature, green as apple, something like a naïve man you were,  your family members told others you were  a bloody fool, yet  you are a wise man without whose help your  nieces and nephews would not have graduated  from universities and opened businesses. Who knows if Chineke (God of Ndiigbo) has kept you alive so you can continue to be blessings to others?

Some Ndiigbo people  are predatory in that they are voracious, greedy, rapacious, and grasping, insulting, disappointing, and waiting  to kick my flat ass in order to suck out the last kobo. Sometimes, they are so uncaring they would  bury  a living blood relation alive, just to have a funeral . They would  leave a relative gasping for air while the relative is perplexed, and scared stiff. Igbos can be pernicious. Sometimes this writer wonders if there is any benefit in belonging to the tribe.

Some Ndiigbo people  can be bad, awfully terrible , dreadfully appalling, shockingly horrific, and ghastly inhumane and horrific. They are perspicacious, suggesting a special keenness and ability to cause harm. There is no end to the appellations descriptive of Ndiigbo.

Are you surprised to read this from this writer who  has  been penning some good stuffs about my Igbo people because they are my people,  because they gave birth to me, because I speak their language, think as they do, and surprisingly (shockingly) behave as they do.

I could not help painting the Igbos with a broad brush and strokes  of immaculate praise and depicting Igbos in sketches that are glorious, full of tall tales of conquests that are wonderful, splendid, marvelous, celebrated, superb, impressive, fabulous, famous, heroic, and herculean, which suggests the superhuman size and strength of Greek god  Hercules. All these have been in the past before I shed the cloak of immaturity. Ndiigbo are a bad specimen of humanity.

I love being a child of Igbo parents. To me, being Igbo is epoch-making. Call it unreal, childish, puerile, infatuation, rubbish, lacking of seriousness or good judgment.  Sometimes, I scratch my head and pinch  my butt. when  my soul says: "Dianyi, were nwayo. Ina ekwu eziokwu?" ( My friend, take it easy. Are you being truthful?. The Igbos perplex beyond measures for they are more devilish than godly. They are bamboozling. I have to remind myself constantly: "You cannot lose faith in your people"

My love affair with the Igbos has taken a terrible beating. The Igbos like it when you speak something flowerily about them  or spread a tale that is spuriously fictional, fictitious, fastidious, or fabulous  about them , when you kiss their anyamirin ass, and when you inflate their sickening  ego just as you would pump up a flat tire with ikuku (air), provided the air is compressed lies, and you did the pumping with an object rather than the mouth you eat foo-foo with.

Many Igbos have the capacity to fill their stomachs up with so much deceits/falsehoods, they become constipated. Many Igbos  often steal from close family members because  they are full of excessive greed and envy of neighbors whose bank accounts have an extra  Naira. Igbos are fixated on material possessions. Fixation is a psychological term meaning the Igbos often go after and are immersed in something like wealth. Igbo fixation with money is not an unusual obsession; it is fascination, mania, addiction , or compulsive passion.

Ndiigbo are so fixated on money it seems they stop growing and become transfixed, motionless, as If suspended in midair at the sight or smell of Naira. They stop moving as a result of surprise, shock, interest, amazement, awe, terror that comes from the sight or smell of currency. Why? That's the kind of power money has on Ndiigbo, including wealth's centrifugal and centripetal forces.

Many Igbos cannot work together as the Hausas and Yorubas do, and when the Igbos do work cooperatively, some idiotic Igbo chairman or secretary carries the money belonging to the group and vamooses. To vamoose is slang, meaning to hurry away as some boorish scoundrels. These are the thieves or one-eyed bandits  you find in President Buhari's  cabinet and Ndiigbo governor's mansions. Ndiigbo can be not just bad; they are  treacherous.

And when an Igbo steals, he doesn't  just  pinch or pilfer. He carries not just some, but all of the goodies, including the money bags and financial statements  so you cannot trace anything, leaving nothing to chance.  While stealing, the Igbo thief gallops at 770 mps ( miles per second  in a zone marked for 10 yards. A thief runs fast when no man pursues. Some enterprising Igbos ransack the entire department and burn down the building so that no accountant can trace what actually happened.

It seems that some Igbos cannot organize themselves into a viable group with one voice for political purpose. Igbo voices are clamorous, boisterous, obstreperous, and vociferous. The four adjectives describe something obtrusively loud, noisy, rowdy, and disorganized. Ndiigbo talk so mush the police can easily round up the criminals in one swoop.

Consider a situation where one enterprising Igboman named  Chief Obioma comes out to run for  Nigerian political office . Watch hell break loose! When the majority of Obioma 's fellow Igbos are in the running, pulling Obioma down and questioning his backgrounds and  qualifications. The confusion gives  the Northern hegemony time to collecting millions of Naira, not to support  Chief Obioma, but to bribe  him or his opponents  so he would abandon his political ambitions.

Selfish and greedy as most Igbos are, Chief Obioma is more likely to take Hausa money and disappear to the village than be is true to himself and his willingness to serve his community. Money rules the Igbo conscience more than integrity or truthfulness.

Obioma's Village advisors would urge  Chief Kanoye: " Oga, please  pick the bags of Hausa Naira from Kaduna and let's head home to the village in Anambra before our people rob us kpatakpata." There would be a party awaiting Chief Kanoye  upon his return to his secluded village in the East. If you believe this scenario to be true , you are  not only right but you have hit the nail on the head. Nigerians do not take the Igbos serious; some say Igbos are play toys to be manipulated arbitrarily as yoyo's. Money is the thing that kills many Igbos dead as rat poison does  "nkakwu" (Igbo for ugly rats with long mouths).

Someone asks: "Why can't Nigeria have an Igbo President? " The best answer to this is this: How can wild animals have a king over them? Have you been to a kingdom where there is one government led by  Super Lion assisted by many other equally fearsome super King Lions in the bush or have you gone to lunch with two or three captains of the same soccer team? Aren't you looking for palaver when you organize a birthday party for your daughter and twenty hefty male rapists show up?

Come to think of it, Yorubas would riot and throw themselves into Lagos lagoon if you come up with the suggestion that Lagos  should have two Obas of Lagos. The Pope would abdicate  his position as head of the Catholic Church upon hearing rumors that there are two Virgin Mary's. Christianity as we know it today would come to an end if there were two Saviors  named Jesus Christs.   For Igbos, it is one soccer team with a dozen captains. Come to think of it, the Igbos are so aggressive they get nothing done. They keep producing bees without producing honey. The Igbos  are good at destroying  the beehive with billowing , fluttering, smoldering smoke.

The purpose of this essay is to expose my people for what they are without beating about the bush. Exposing Igbos can perhaps make Igbo modify their behavior, do better job of being humbler , more  organized in order to rid themselves of excessive shit. The Igbos  do not like for you to wash their akpa nsi (bags of shit)  in the public, and that's why they appear in public with all manners of bogus titles like Chief Ogbu Agu (killer of lions) or Lolo Adaeze Igwe(Madam the Queen of Heaven).

Not all Igbos are bad.  A handful of rotten eggs can turn the whole  bunch as rotten as effluvium . Some  Igbo are bad.  That's for sure. And , if you want them to like you, you must  own several bicycle pumps with which  to inflate their egos to two or three times their normal sizes. The Igbos are so bad they cherish being continually praised when all is said and done. To Praise is when you admire Igbos, commend Igbos, extol or honor Igbos, eulogize or congratulate Igbos, pay tribute to then , or go extra miles, and be in raptures over these people.Though Igbos love the praises of men, yet Igbos are very undeservedly vain  in that the Igbos are subhuman  at evolutionary  development stage regarded as not being fully human .

We are saying the Igbos are not good,  and we mean it in all sincerity and with every fiber of our beings. However, they Igbos do not like feeling good when good stuffs are ascribed to others as when the umpire hands  a badge of honor or Olympic gold medals to Yoruba or Fulani winners  in wrestling matches and the Igbo is not one of the winners. So long as Ndiigbo are unaware of their handicaps, the presidency of Nigeria shall continue to  elude them, and they shall continue to lose grounds inexorably, unavoidably, and ubiquitously.

For  instance, this writer penned an essay which the Igbos loved to death. The title of the essay was The Igbos Are Gods. This essay written about a week ago had garnered 500 readers almost instantaneously.  But Igbos need to hear the truth once in a while.

By Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com

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If Money Is worthless, Why Die For It?

The idea of this essay comes from a book  this writer  saw a Korean man read while we were sitting beside  each other in a Jumbo airplane,  travelling  from America to China in 2013. I am sitting in this very large airplane beside this smallish Korean national who has a book in his hands. The front page of the book is written in the manner a chicken does with its legs as it scratches the ground to find food. The letters on the covers and inside the book are incomprehensible, meaning you cannot make a head or tail of the damned thing. I can recognize just one sentence written in English in bold letters at the very bottom of the front cover. It says: "WHAT MONEY CAN'T BUY."  All the  pages in the book are filled with chicken scratches.

I say to the Korean, a total stranger sitting beside me:  May I take a look at your book for a few moments? The Korean ignores me because we aren't speaking the same language.  Unable to contain my curiosity much longer, I waited a little longer until the Korean rested his head on the head rest and then placed the book in back jacket of the seat in front of him. I reached for the book and pulled it out from a seat 's  jacket, where  it lay on top of other equally scratched up magazines in front of the Korean man.  The Korean ignores me, says nothing,  knowing too well we are on a 18-hour flight from America to China, and there is no way on God's earth  I could steal the book nor understand  the contents. I am asking for what does not make sense, asking for a thing that doesn't add meaning to existence.

I take an eager look inside the book, and immediately become frustrated. My frustration comes from  knowing  nothng, and from  realizing  how little I know of life,  how little I know about money. My mind goes back to the essay I wrote a few months ago entitled WHO OWNS THIS MONEY? Then, I decide to engage this Korean in an uneasy discussion, Please tell me some of the stuffs money cannot buy.  He shakes his head from side to side and nodded up and down with a smile to indicate he doesn't understand or speak English. We were total strangers born in different parts of God's earth.

I want to ask this Korean: "WHAT CAN'T MONEY BUY FOR ME OR YOU?" To me, the question is urgent and pressing. I need an answer right then, however trivial and feeble. It then hit me: Money can buy absolutely nothing. You may just say: Money can't buy anything that is  substantial. A thing is substantial if it is important, significant, consequential, or considerable. I can hear some readers heckle: (A) Money can buy food, clothes, vehicles, houses, or shelters; (B) Money can buy weapons of war with which we obtain greater wealth from people in possession of oil, metals, and things that convert easily to money.

This essay is purposed to underscore a problem that is destroying and  eating away the very fabric of life in my country.. We need to underline, highlight, emphasize, accentuate, and stress the fact that Nigeria and Nigerians are dying from  a problem  that is killing both the  old and young, from our leaders in the three branches of the Nigerian governance  to the child hawking  akara balls on the streets. The problem is  progressing rapidly and assuming  an epidemic significance. The problem is earth-shattering, worse than an invasion and eventual conquest by armies  of foreign nations.

The problem is Nigerians' untoward attitude that is unpleasant, problematic, and improper. How do we begin to explain why three young  Nigerians should be languishing for a total of 235 years after they were extradited from South Africa to Mississippi, USA,   for allegedly participating in international scam. These Nigerians received unbelievably stiff jail sentences.  Oladimeji  Seun  Ayelotan, 30, was handed 95 years in prison. Rasaq Aderoju Raheem, 31, was given 115 years in prison, and Femi Alexander Mewase, 45, was handed 25 years in prison.

The sentences  were handed out after a three-week trial in early 2017, where a U S federal jury found each defendant guilty of several offenses including mail fraud, wire fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud and theft of government property. Additional charges were conspiracies to commit bank fraud and money laundering.

Can money authenticate or  repair these young Nigerian men's inauthentic  lives or replace years wasted away in a dungeon? Will money  ( ego in Igbo; kwudi in Hausa; owo in Yoruba) validate, confirm, or substantiate our wasted existence? Surely, it cannot bring back the lives of babies murdered at Ozubulu Catholic Church by seekers of money?  Alas, the  babies did not even know  what the bullets shattering  their bodies were all about. Little did they realize that the guns and bullets were not toys Daddy buys from K-Mart.

Can money buy, delay, or rush time? Can it disfigure the universe so I can leave New York one night and be at Lagos, Nigerian a day earlier? Can money make it possible for a favorite uncle who died in 1975 to come visit today and witness my metamorphosis, transformation, or transmutation of his village?   What exactly can money buy for you or me that nothing else can buy? Nothing! Zero! Zilch! Nought! Nonentity!

The longer we think about the value of money, the more we are convinced that money is more of a curse than a blessing. Look around you and observe the level of poverty, hatred, waste, death, envy and misery that we can justly attribute to money or as originating from money. The men I grew up with are all dead victims of money. They'd splash stolen money in unimaginable ways you thought they would not die.

Money does lots of meaningless things.  If you mention food, clothes, vehicles, vacation time and wartime as things money can buy, then I would ask you:  Aren't these things luxuries that do not add anything to life other than your  journey  from your mother's womb;  to the dining table,  to the toilet and finally to the grave in a borrowed attire? Where is the list of things money can buy that are not ephemeral, meaning short-lived, transient, passing, fleeting, brief, momentary,  rather than  lasting ?  Read to the end of this essay to find out.

Money is meaningless.  A thing is not meaningless  if it is  carrying great weight, is momentous, or  having an important effect. The question of what money can and cannot buy is a persistent one in the light of the disservice that money is doing to the human race in general and to Nigeria in particular, bearing in mind the dishonor people who have or lack money are doing to themselves. We are compelled to wager that money is an insubstantial, insignificant, worthless  piece of paper. We conclude  that:

Money cannot buy God, or  life, (the state of not dying from disease, old age, or accident).

Money cannot buy peace, love, respect, justice, being law abiding, or decency.

Money cannot buy commonsense, fairness, fair dealing, equality, or freedom from mental enslavement.

Money cannot buy weapons  to prevent human annihilation by the wicked.

Money cannot buy hope, salvation from fear, or freedom from old age and  eventual death.

Money cannot buy me; I don't know about you.

Money cannot buy anything we can be satisfied with without needing more.

By Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com



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