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God, son of God, Holy Spirit and ego are parts of the same force

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There cannot be two or more forces in the universe for were it so the universe would not exist, it would self-destroy.

There can be only one force for the universe to exist, for a house divided collapses. Yet that one force does not always operate in the same manner. Clearly, in some instances it operates positively and at other times it operates negatively.

People are both good and bad.  Perceiving themselves to be dual in nature, people invented God as the good part of them and Satan as the bad part of them.

In our age where folks do not believe in Satan and the devil we invented the ego. The ego is now the evil aspect of us and God is the good aspect of us.

If the ego is capable of doing all the evils attributed to him and since there is more evil in our world than good then the ego is more powerful than God. If God is the most powerful force in the universe, therefore, the ego cannot be apart from God.

What exists is one God; God is like a coin; a coin has two sides. One side of that coin is God and the other side is the son of God; one side good and the other bad. Head and tail, God and his son are really the same force.

In the temporal universe, God operates through his son.  When we say that the son of God did this or that we mean to say that God remains as God (good) and a side of him does something bad.  God remains unified and a part of him, the sons of God, appear separated from him and from each other.

The parts that seem separated then invented our world of separation and multiplicity. God in his true essence remains unified while a part of him that we call the son of God seems to have separated from him and dream this world.

It is God that did what his sons did although in doing so he remains as himself, unified hence innocent of the evils done on earth.

God as the sons of God invented a divided world. The same God wants the divided world to exist and then operates as the Holy Spirit and unifies his divided world on its own terms.

The Holy Spirit is God in the temporal universe unifying the world of separation. The Holy Spirit accepts separation, space and time and gets the people and things in that separated world to unify whereas in God there is no space and time and nothing to unify.

The ego is the God that identifies with the separated world. That is correct; the ego is God when he identifies with the separated self. We say that the ego is the identity of the sleeping son of God, that is true but if the sleeping son of God is God the ego is the identity of the sleeping God.

All these are fanciful terms; what is really going on is that there is one force in the universe; that force remains one and a part of it seems to sleep and dream our world of separated selves.

Each of us is the ego, the son of God, the Holy Spirit and God; it all depends on what aspect of one that one is operating from.

You are God, you are the son of God, you are the Holy Spirit and you are the ego.  Only you as God are real and that real you is not known to your separated consciousness (which is son of God) and cannot be known to you for as long as you see yourself as separated from anything in the universe.

In the end Hinduism is correct in stating that only Brahman is the one force in the universe. Christianity is wrong in talking about God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit and the ego (aka Satan).

So, one must take responsibility for everything that happens to one in one's life; only one does everything done in the universe; one is the universe in different guises.

The ideas explicated above are in line with the philosophy of the eight century Hindu Vedanta, (non-dualistic view of God) philosopher, Shankara.


If you look at our world you see some pleasure and lots of pain and death in it. You wonder how a loving God could have created this world and pure reason cannot accept that hypothesis.

One way to avoid rejecting the idea of good entirely is to say that there is no God, as atheists say, or to say that the son of God or a rebellious angel such as Lucifer or Demiurge invented our world and enticed us to come live in it with him.

If that is the case how come God allows the world of suffering invented by his son to exist?  You say that God had already banished our world of suffering but that we retain it in memory and replay it over and over, again.

A course in miracles, the purveyor of the hypothesis that the son of God invented this world, made excuses for God; it attempted to retain God's good name while making his son seem the blameworthy person who invented our world of pain, suffering and death.

A course in miracles says that it is not blaming the son of God because he did not invent the real but merely dream it and what is done in dreams is not real. Our world does not exist and therefore what is done in it has not been done.

As A course in miracle sees it, the murderer on earth did so in a dream but has not murdered any one in real life; the murderer is still innocent in spirit. As for the person murdered he asked for it, so it really is not the fault of the murderer!

All these are silly attempts to accept human suffering and still see good in existence.

Here is the fact: God remains as God, unified in his heaven but a part of him is projected out as our divided world (a dream) and another part of him corrects the divided world in the world of light forms; the same God is doing it all and since he is doing it in a dream he has done nothing; therefore, there is no one to blame; what needs to be done is to wake up from the dream.

Ozodi Osuji

July 19, 2016

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