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Introducing Nigerian-Americans for President Obama Campaign

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am pleased to introduce to Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee (NAPAC) members and all Nigerian-Americans the establishment of a donation portal on barackobama.com:


All donations made through this portal is tabulated on behalf of the Nigerian-American community, nationwide. Nigerian-Americans who support President Obama's re-election can make their donations through this site and we get recognized as a group. This is better than when we donate in isolation. Our community pledge is to raise $100,000 by June 30, 2012. Visit the site for donation criteria and requirements. Basically, US citizens and permanent residents can donate any amount, up to $2,500.

Our community's partnership with the President Obama's campaign and the National Democratic Committee (DNC) is a significant milestone in our effort to gain political recognition in this country. It is a great opportunity that we should seize and deliver on. We are affiliated with the African-American Leadership Council (AALC) within the DNC. The AALC will be working closely with us to facilitate our participation throughout the election season.

Our task as leaders is to publicize this campaign and support it. Please forward this email or the URL above to as many people as you know and encourage them to donate as a collective. There's power in numbers.

In addition to donating through barackobama.com, we plan to also organize fund-raising dinners, voter registration drives, get-out-to-vote drives and election rallies, nationwide. The AALC has pledged its support for training and resources. We will be needing volunteers and regional coordinators. For people, especially young people with political aspiration and interest, a career begins here.

A strategic meeting to determine specific action items for attaining our goal will be announced shortly. The plan is to establish a national strategy and to also make the campaign as inclusive as possible, so we will encourage non-NAPAC members to join in and participate. Again, we need volunteers and coordinators across the States.

Finally, $25,000 or more donors have the opportunity to meet with President Obama. For details about this and other related matters, please email or contact me at 909/456-0725. Also visit www.napacusa.org


Dr. Peter Deji Osilaja

Re-Elect President Obama Committee Chair

Nigerian-American Public Affairs Committee (NAPAC)


Maybe we can influence foreign policy enough to make a difference from the Diaspora. 

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