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Karma and the law of one

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Karma And My Thoughts On The Law Of One

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Each of us is born with a fate, a fate he chose and that chose him given his past lives behaviors. Reincarnation is real; we have recycled through this world several times. During each life time we do things that benefit or hurt other persons. We build positive and negative samsara.

What we did in past life times' work together to dispose us to choose to be born in certain biological forms and social circumstances (and in what country and race).

The body and society we are born in offer us the opportunity to use them as building blocks to shape our current ego personalities.

Each person's ego, separated personality is shaped by his inherited body and social experiences.  Those who are going to become criminals (anti-social personalities, sociopaths, psychopaths) inherited dense bodies (with less light; light is love; that is, they have less love in them).  These people are like predatory animals and do not have social conscience; they steal and kill without social conscience. This is who they are; you cannot change them for they came to the world to play the role of criminals. The world needs criminals after all without them there would be no ministers of religions moralizing against criminality.

For our present purposes, people are born with predispositions (to crimes or love) and you cannot change them. Every person will eventually learn from their behaviors that love is the best form of life.

Some persons are born with overly sensitive bodies, bodies prone to all kinds of medical problems and allergies. These sickly types, from their bodily experiences, understand our need to care for one another hence move towards love for all (some initially posit grandiose self-concepts and pursue  them and feel angry at those who do not acknowledge their powerful selves, that is, they are proud and deluded  and wish that they are god).

Normal persons inherit relatively healthy bodies and learn from their society and go get jobs and do their jobs and have peaceful existence.

The relevant point is that we all came here with a predisposition that led us to choose the bodies and societies we are born in and do what we do.

You cannot change other people; you cannot even change your body and predispositions. All you can do is learn about your body, self-concept and personality and understand what karmic issues that you are born with and are working on (such as lacking love and wishing power and learning to love all people).

Our world is a place of learning; we are in a classroom to understand the way matter, space and time works and to learn about our forgotten nature as loving persons (heaven is love).

When we have learned to love all people, which includes forgiving those who harmed us we graduate from the earth and upon death do not come back to it.

We move to other dimensions of living. There are many dimensions, including the dimension of love, the place where we are not in physical body but in light forms, and finally to the dimension where we are not in forms but are ideas and ultimately we return to where we came from, the formless light world, and pure knowledge where there is no individuality, what folks call God and heaven; it cannot be explained in words.

From unified state we leave and again go form other universes and then repeat the cycle of learning about the new universe we formed and learning about our forgotten nature, love, and returning to our real home. This process has been taking place eternally for we live eternally.  I have written about these ideas on metaphysics in several books and essays.

Last week, while browsing at Barnes and Nobles book store, bargain books section, I saw a book by David Wilcox called the Key to Synchronicity. I bought it and am yet to complete reading it.  In it he mentioned The Law of one and I looked it up.


The book, "The law of one" (it is a five volumes series) provided eight densities it says that we go through before returning to unified state and then separating from unity, again, and inventing new universes to experience.

In "The Law of one's cosmology, an entity that called itself Ra, who claims to have come from the sixth density (who were influenced by planet Venus) talked through an American woman called Carla L. Rueckert.

Ra said that originally there is what it calls the creator. The creator produces infinite smaller creators; the mini creators are a holograph of the original creator; each of them contains the entire creator; the part contains the whole (Hinduism's Brahman and Atman is the same, is the idea).

The creator and his parts are in a state of unity. However, the parts generally leave and go invent their own universes. In each of the universes that they invent they go through eight states (that it called densities).

First, they invent a stage which is tantamount to the creation in our present universe of matter, space and time; the next density is the emergence of animals and plants; the third density is the emergence of animals that have consciousness, who remember that in their state in unified state their nature is love so they begin their struggle to becoming loving.

We are in the third density; we must learn love and overcome our earthly tendency towards self-centeredness.  Each person must attain at least fifty one percent services towards other persons before he moves on to the fourth density.

Upon behaving in a loving manner one is harvested and proceeds to the fourth density. In the 4th density people are still in bodies but bodies with more light in them hence people have a lot more flexibility, the type we do not have in our totally dense bodies (our dense bodies weigh us down and limit our locomotion).

Each of the densities is characterized by how much light permeates it, with higher states becoming pure light hence more flexibility to move around (I suppose travel at the speed of light; in heaven, regardless of distance,  people communicate non-locally, instantaneously).

The harvesters are those who help human beings learn love. They are said to be those who have progressed beyond the third density.

Jesus Christ, for example, had learned love, made choice for love and then moved beyond the third dimension and was at the fourth density level and could have moved beyond it to the fifth density but chose to return to the earth to help people learn love; he became a harvester and wanderer (a wanderer had ascended to higher densities but choose to return to the world to help people learn love; he is kind of like the Buddhist Bodhisattva).

According to this cosmology each of us contains everything and is part of the creator and the other mini creators created by the main creator; all are in a unified state (hence we are one and the term the law of one).

We left the unified state and started our present universe and go through the eight density processes and when we reach seventh density of pure light forms we return to the eight density,  which is akin to Christian concept of heaven. From there we leave and go invent new universes and repeat the process.

Apparently, what Judaism calls its God, Yahweh, was a person who was at the sixth density who came to help people in our world as we were emerging from the animal state. Apparently, he and his fellow sixth density fellows took 5% of their DNA and placed it into specie of the great apes and those then proceed to become human beings.  It says that our DNA is only five percent different from the DNA of chimpanzees and gorillas (according to biology we are only three percent different from chimpanzees).

This placement of genes from more advanced breed of people in us was done to hasten our progress. Thereafter, Yahweh, a mere man, made himself the god of the human beings whose development he hastened. Thus, folks called a mere human being, albeit a more advanced one from another density their God.  He is not God; the real God, the creator is in each of us and in the 8th density.

(In Gnosticism, the Jewish God, Yahweh is considered a rebellious son of God who left God to go form his own world; he is called the Demiurge, a false god; the Catholic Church has the same idea in Lucifer, the proud angel who left God and his unified heaven to go form our separated world and rule it. See Plotinus's Ennead for explication of Gnosticism.)

This cosmology says that we have 75, 000 years in the third density to complete our learning on earth and graduate to the fourth density; those who did not graduate go to other planets whose density is like earth's third density and continue learning. In the third density, the density of self-forgetfulness (we forget that we are the gods) we have to remember that we are love (which is god) and choose to love all people before we can move to the fourth density. The third density is the density of choice (between social service and service to the self only; it is density of polarity)

It is not necessary to accept the law of one's eight densities schema; what is necessary is to accept that there are many levels of being.

In my schema, reached from pure intellection and personal experience, I posit three dimensions: (1) our world of dense light, (2) a world of light forms and (3) third dimension of formless light, unity, aka heaven.

Clearly, you can give many dimensions to each of my first two levels of being. The law of one posited the  (1) density of matter, space and time, (2) the density of animals, (3) the density of self-conscious animals, us; these three can  fit into my dense world.

My world of light forms can include what the law of one calls (4) the density of beginning light bodies, (5) the density of Wisdom, (6) the density of unity and love.

My third level of being subsumes the law of one's level (7) the density of disembodied self as ideas and (8) density of formless unity.

Hinduism calls heaven Brahmaloca and has several levels of Brahmaloca.

In my schema, we return to heaven, union and rest for a while and leave to go invent new universes and repeat the cycle; this is an eternal recurrent process. The law of one agrees with me.

What the law of one calls three distortions: (1) free will, (2) love and (3) light can be subsumed in the idea of separation.

Originally, we are one; we chose to separate from oneness and distorted our nature in heaven; we are allowed to do whatever we want but we distort that freedom and used it to separate from our creator.

In eternal union we are love; we distort that love by choosing to experience the opposite of love; our true state is spiritual light and we choose to experience its opposite, physical light.  Everything in the material universe is made from light. Our bodies, trees, mountains, planets, stars, galaxies are all made from light; you can return all of them to light, through intense heat or whatever decays atoms to protons, neutrons  and electrons and decay those to quarks and decay quarks to photons, light. We are made from light and remain light; we merely have the illusion that we are dense matter. Matter, energy, space and time are illusions and do not exist, in fact; they exist as in a dream.

These three distortions are necessary for our universe of matter, space and time to exist.

What the law of one call polarity is what I call our world of opposites; we choose to live in a world of opposites, what Taoism calls Yin and Yang; light and darkness, good and bad, man and woman etc. In our true home there are no opposites, no polarities, there is only one self that is simultaneously infinite selves; they are love and light.

What the law of one calls Ascension, Graduation and Harvesting are fancy terms for learning that we are love and graduating from it; we came to earth to forget that we are unified, love, and when we learn that we are unified love and behave lovingly to all people we graduate from this world and go to other worlds; we ascend to the fourth density (in my terms, to the world of light forms).

As it were, we are harvested (in my terms, by our conscience) and go to other dimensions while those who have not learned love either return to our world or to other planets where they are offered opportunities to learn love.

What the law of one calls Wanderers are those who have learned all there is no learn about love but upon death choose to return here to help those who have not learned love to do so. They are the teachers of love, those that A course in miracles calls the teachers of God. Such persons do not feel comfortable in their bodies and egos and this world but are here to teach those still at home in this world about love (right from the get go I rejected my body and ego and have never felt comfortable in this world and sought knowledge of a better world; my driving force is the quest for knowledge; in Hindu terms I am a Jnana yogi; in the language of the law of one I am a wanderer and a harvester).

Carla considers herself a wanderer, a teacher of love teaching mankind to love one another and dedicate themselves to social service, not only service to the self.

The law of one states that all of us invented this world; this is akin to A course in miracles saying that the sons of God separated from God and invented our world.

Each unit of God (what the law of one calls the creator) is holographic and contains the creator (the son is in the father and the father is in the son).

The law of one talks about sex as means of transferring energy from one person to another; it talks about what it calls tantric sex (Hinduism has that concept); it talks about sex without doing it with other people, such as having orgasm by merely touching another person.

The law of one explained homosexuality in a unique manner! It said that we all reincarnate several times; apparently, some women have reincarnated as men in other life times and in the present life time, even though they are physiologically female, they are men and desire sex with other females. The same applies to gay men; they reincarnated as women in past life times and even though in this life time they have male sexual organs they want to have sex as women do: have men put their penises into their bodies (anus and mouths). Interesting speculation, I say.

The book says that whichever manner the individual chooses to experience sex: heterosexual, homosexual and whatever are fine; people are god experiencing his self in different sexual forms. This explanation appears mere rationalization for homosexuality and is unconvincing.

Carla, the literature and librarian major, who channeled the law of one (in conjunction with a mechanical engineer called Don Elkins and a writer called James McCarty) is nominally a member of the Episcopalian church and accepts Jesus Christ as her lord and savior. However, she considers herself a mystical Christian.

As a 19 year old college student (at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, in 1962) her boyfriend, apparently, physics major was taking a class from a physics professor called Don Elkins, a man who was on the side doing research on extra-terrestrial beings. Professor Elkins had gathered twelve of his students to do meditation trying to see if they would reach ETs. Carla asked to join the group and was accepted. Thus, from 1962 onwards she began experimenting with channeling.

In 1976 she made a break through and had disembodied persons come through her.  From 1981 to 1984 Ra (Is Ra related to the Egyptian God Ra? The man said that he and his 6th density confederation helped build Egyptian and other ancient civilizations) began talking through her while she was in deep trance (sleeping).

The law of one is the message that came through her as she was in trance. Don Elkins asked questions and Jim wrote the answers down.  These three persons managed to write down a useful metaphysics.

As I pointed out at several places, the scientific method, useful as it is, made a mistake in closing its doors to other ways of knowing. There is a part of people that we might call spirit. What it is I do not know but the fact that we do not know is not reason to close doors to trying to know it.

We must continue our efforts to understand metaphysical issues. The law of one, like most new age spirituality, is not verifiable and, as such, should be seen as heuristic, ideas to be played with but not taken as facts.

I only became aware of the law of one last week. I intend to check it out some more and know what it is all about. I will update folks about it in the future.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 11, 2017

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