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National Security Strategy for the Congo - by Dr. Paul Nzinga Komba

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There you go, Dr. Paul Komba. Border security around the Republic of Congo has been a long standing issue for military and policy. Dr. Komba weighs in with insight and solution offering a degree of hopeful outcome. From your analytic research and competence, here is a book that stands out on security issues and porous border challenges. Thank you Dr. Komba for challenging yourself to write this master piece on Security around the Congo borders. By craving to inform and solve the problems posed out there, you have offered what I will call a rare degree of solution in just 45 pages with the best English language no one else can hand to President Joseph Kabila and others in the region. 

Significantly, your book as posted analyses national security strategy for the Congo by critically assessing an array of issues woven in ever-changing patterns. The processes of such strategy are described as often irregular and based on decisions laden with serious risks. In short, it is a theme understood only by a few and confusing to most people. At the same time, it is a subject of overwhelming importance to the fate of the Congo whose military plans have been tested during the war of aggression against Rwanda and Uganda in recent history.

Prof. Paul Komba indicates how various legal, political, economic and socio-historical factors affect the making and delivery of strategy in the Congo, and offers some recommendations of how the Congo can reclaim its hitherto porous borders. The scope of the book ensures that it will be read by military strategists in the Congo and undergraduates in international relations and strategic studies. 

Your insightful book critically captures what will help diplomats and policy outcomes to settle issues in the borders. I just want to congratulate you on this milestone. This is an effort that will lead similar intellectual and skillful attempts in the following decades to come. I remember our Leuven University era and have no doubt you will champion issues like this book systematically offers. An outstanding book, a must read. Get a copy. Bravo! 


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Patrick Iroegbu Ph.D

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