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Fear is never justified

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Fear assumes that one is a body that can be harmed and destroyed; ultimately, fear is predicated on fear of death.

A course in miracles says that we are not body, that body is a dream figure we take on in our dream that we are separate from God and from our real self, the son of God.  It says that our true self is eternal, permanent and changeless. It says that we choose to separate from God and each other but could not do so in reality, eternity, in unified spirit self and went to sleep and seem to be dreaming and in our dreaming now seem separated; that we invented space, time and matter and now house ourselves in bodies and in bodies seem separated from each other.

The book says that we do not live in space, time and matter; indeed, it says that space, time and matter are illusions.

There are no bodies but we seem to live in bodies; we made those bodies seem vulnerable and destroyable and we came to fear that our bodies could be destroyed.  We are told that we are not bodies and therefore should not fear the destruction of our bodies.

Since we believe that our bodies can be destroyed other people believe that they can destroy our bodies; we fear that our bodies can be destroyed.

People do attack, harm and destroy our bodies but it is done in dreams; the book tells us that even when folks harm our bodies and destroys them that we are not harmed.

The book tells us not to be fearful for we are eternal; it says that we must forgive those who seem to harm our bodies for they did not harm or destroy our real selves.


The logic of this view is the same as the logic that fear is not justified; we are not egos; egos are the false identities we take on in dream states, dream figures.

Our true selves is said to be the eternal sons of God and that in our true states we are spirits and went to sleep and in our dreams take on dream figures called egos in bodies.

Believing that we are the dream selves we made we fear their death. A course in miracles tells us that we are not the dream figures, egos; that we are not ego s and bodies but are the sons of God.

If we are not egos and bodies then we must not fear the harm and death of our egos and bodies.


Mao Tse Tung.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 20, 2017

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