Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: ozodiosuji@gmail.com (907) 310-8176



Ozodi Thomas Osuji


      If you observe people closely what you see are people who believe, at the deep level, that they have no existential significance; they feel totally worthless and valueless. But instead of accepting this fact they deny it and compensate for it. Thus, everywhere on earth, people seek significance and worth. Just about everything they do is to prove to them that they have worth and value. Whether it is seeking social position, social attention and admiration, political power, economic power, beautify, everything they do is motivated by desire to seem that they have worth in their eyes and in other people’s eyes. They are like slaves condemned to seeking worth at all costs.

       You ask: why do they do it, especially in light of the psychological pain they feel from not getting worth? They seek acceptance from other people, in effect, they ask other people to tell them that they have worth and when they are approved they feel fine but if not they feel bad. If rejected by other people they feel like they are nothing.

      Yet, all they have to do is accept that they are nothing and other peoples rejection would not even be noted by them. Nothingness does not see when it is treated as nothing by other nothing people, it is a wash.  So why are people condemned to seeking worth?

      My hypothesis, agreed to by A course in miracles and Gnosticism in general (see Plotinus Enneads), is that they came from a place of total worth. In unified spirit, aka God they have total worth. Then they decided to separate from unified spirit and go manifest as separated selves.

      To make their separation seem real they house themselves in bodies and live in space, time and matter.

       Alas, bodies would die and smell like shit so bodies have no worth. The awareness that their bodies are literally shit compounds their sense of worthlessness so they seek worth in body but will not get it for body is nothing.

       Nevertheless, since they came from total grandeur in God they cannot accept worthlessness and must seek it. They seek it in body and ego. But to get it they must let go of attachment to ego and body and return to the awareness that they are formless, bodiless spirit. But they do not want to let go of ego and body and return to spirit so they compulsively seek attention in body and are not going to get it.

      If you know all these to be true what should you do? You understand the futile dance for worth people are dancing and have sympathy for them.

       As Buddha said, you have compassion for people for they give themselves psychological pain by seeking worth based on ego and body, worth that they cannot get. That seeking, desire is the nature of this world and they must do it.

      Since they are slaves of seeking significance based on ego you have pity for them knowing that you cannot prevent them from doing what they are doing for it is the nature of existence of life on earth.

      Each of them must at some point realize that despite their herculean efforts to seem to have ego based worth that they cannot attain worth in body and ego and decide to stop doing so and stop seeking ego based worth.

      When one stops seeking ego and body based worth and one stays silent one actually escapes from this world and return to spirit and in that awareness knows that one has eternal and immortal life and in that life has total worth.

      Until the individual is ready to relinquish his desire for ego and body based worth there is nothing that you can do for him. You cannot make him do so.

      All you can do is writing about it, as I am doing here; you let each person to reach a point where he lets go of his attachment to the ego and return to egoless Christ self and in that no self state know peace and joy.


       Buddha summarized it thus: We live in ego and body to suffer. We suffer because we have desire to live in ego separated self in body. There is only one solution to suffering. It is in stopping desiring separation of life in ego and body. Those are his four noble truths.

     His eight noble paths to living well is love you, love other people, speak the truth, do not harm anyone etc

      Buddha is of course right. I have understood him and experienced what he called nirvana, an experience of indescribable peace. It is only experienced when the ego separated self is let go and one stays silent. In silence one experiences ones real self, the unified spirit self.

      In this piece I am talking about people’s song and dance for social and existential worth in ego and body. I have explicated why they do so and said that they must stop doing so and return to the awareness that worth cannot be found in ego and body and social position but in unified spirit self.

      This is a dogmatic assertion. Disprove it if you can. You cannot disprove it for it is the truth. Try doing what I asked you to do and see if there is no alternative to your self-enslavement to pursuit of ego based worth.



Ozodi Osuji

June 26, 2017



Nigeria is like an ostrich that buries its head in sand while its house burns. The fact is that if there is fire it must be put out. The real question is how best to put out that fire. Igbos feel that they are marginalized and held back in Nigeria. They feel that if they have their own country that they would be advancing at a much greater rate than they currently are. They feel that they are held down by other Nigerians and that without them they would have attained the level of South Korea in economic development by now.

I do not know if their belief is true or false but as long as they so believe they will feel angry being held down. The question is how to free them and let them do their thing. Under what conditions are they best able to do their thing?
Some Igbos believe that they need total break from Nigeria, they want to go form what they call Biafra (better called Republic of Alaigbo), whereas others feel that they ought to stay in Nigeria and have Nigeria restructured with each ethnic group more or less independent and develop according to their desires, kind of like Switzerland.

I am a believer that Igbo land is too small and need to be part of a larger confederation or federation. I want Nigeria reconfigured into twelve states (Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Edo, Ijaw, Efik, Urhobo, Idoma, Nape, Hausa, Kanuri, Borno etc.) with each state having total control over its resources and having its citizens pay, at least, 20% annual flat income tax with which the federal government is run.
If the federal government is run with tax money, politicians would no longer go to office to go steal the people's tax money. As for local money the centre would have the moral authority to insist that the leaders spend their people's moneys properly or they are sent to jail.
I believe that 36 states are simply unsustainable. We spend too much money maintaining the various governments and bureaucracies. We can reduce the amount spent on government by having twelve states and the rest of the money devoted to economic development.

We ought to try a restructured Nigeria before we talk about breaking it up. However, pretending that the present structure is tenable is playing with fire. You cannot allow only Hausas and Fulanis to rule Nigeria in perpetuity and expect Igbos to be happy with it.
Igbo's and Yoruba's fought for Nigeria's independence and now you want them to be happy to have their fellow Africans to rule them in perpetuity. If you think that they will allow that to exist you are not a thinking person. Igbo's are not slaves; they desire freedom.
If you think that you can cage them forever and ever you have no understanding of human nature. A caged bird is not a happy bird and will fly way if there is a crack in the cage. Moreover, if you cage a people they do not always work for the polity's good.
If you keep the present political structure in Nigeria you will have frustrated people working against the political system and the result is corruption and poor economic management of the nation's resources.

Let us for once try something that common sense calls for not the present unworkable structure that is designed to enable one tribe to rule others. If the rulers of Nigeria refuse to change things clearly Nigeria will collapse and I do not like that to happen.
I happen to believe that Nigeria needs to survive but structured so that all Nigerians feel happy in their country. For Christ's sake let Nigerians and Africans resolve to do the right thing for once in their chequered existence. Good news ought to come out of Africa instead of always bad news.

Ozodi Osuji
June 23, 2017


Writing is an interesting phenomenon. You do not write if you have nothing to write on. But if you have something to write on you will have nothing else to do but write and you must write or else you have no peace. Thus, in the last several years all I have done is write on assorted topics. The moment I was done I knew that I was done. I have nothing else to write about. When I try to write all I am really doing is repeating what I had written elsewhere. Thus, I knew that I am done. The first part of my life's task, put on paper a philosophy and psychology, is done.

My goal now is to republish books that I had independently published, the number of which I stopped counting when they got beyond sixty.

With the initial task of my life done the rest of my life is devoted to teaching, public lecturing and travelling, as I am now doing in Europe. A few years ago I would have considered it a waste of my time spending months away from writing, merely travelling.

It is amazing what life is all about.  Africa that for years had seemed of no interest to me except in so far that I give its issues philosophical pondering is now beckoning me. Clearly, it is now time to start visiting Africa.  I will begin with South Africa, and then proceed to Kenya and Egypt and perhaps that hell hole called Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country with a problem that everyone knows the solution of but its leaders seem incapable of solving it, or maybe they deliberately leave it as it is so that it remains chaotic so that they have the opportunity to keep on looting it until its oil revenue is gone and the country collapses into poverty and the people become refugees all over Africa.

Divide that god damned country into two states (each composed of a major ethnic group, hence Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Edo, Efik, Urhobo, Idoma, Plateau, Kanuri, Bornu, Nupe etc.),  and let each state have total control over its resources and have the citizens pay flat tax of 20% of their annual incomes to support the federal government.

With federal money derived from taxes politicians would no longer run for offices to go steal it for you cannot steal the people's money and not get punished. At the state level if you misappropriate funds that belong to the people they would know and punish you.

Well, what needs to be done in Nigeria is obvious but who is willing to do it? These people are irritating.

Since my attention is now drawn to Africa I will start paying attention to the governance of African countries.

In the meantime, let me just say that I have very little else in terms of philosophy, psychology and spirituality to say. It is done.


Ozodiobi Osuji

June 20, 2017

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Look around Africa and what do you see?  You see that not one, let me repeat, not one African country is well governed. That is correct, not one African country is well governed.

Because of this reality there is now a general belief in the world that Africans cannot govern themselves correctly; it is believed that the black man does not have leadership and management skills and, therefore, cannot correctly govern himself.

If you live outside Africa, you probably have heard this view told you to your face. I doubt that you can be in the USA and Europe without realizing that white folks have total contempt for Africans leadership and management skills.  As they see it, African leaders are really sub-human beings and are thieves; Africans seek public offices to go steal their people's moneys not to govern them right. They steal their people's moneys and park the moneys in European and American banks.

African leaders come to the West to enjoy well-built cities and infrastructures but do not replicate what they see in the West in Africa.

If they are sick they go to Europe to seek medical treatment but why not build good hospitals in their countries that can treat them and other Africans in Africa?

What exactly is the matter with Africans, anyway? Are they really not intelligent as racist white folk's claim that they are? If they are marginally intelligent what would it take for them to realize that they need to govern their continent right?

Don't they realize that mankind is watching them and after another fifty years and no African country is well governed, what folks currently suspect, that Africans are sub human beings who do not have the intelligence to do anything right, would be believed and folks would give up on Africans and accept that they cannot govern themselves well.

May be a new political ideology would emerge that says that Africans are only good as slaves and a new scramble for Africa begins whereby non-Africans  go to Africa and enslave Africans and use them as slaves to work on plantations built in Africa by white and Chinese folk.

Alternatively, some people could argue that keeping Africans alive is superfluous; they would say that Africans are useless and that machines could be used to do the work needed done in the new Africa owned by Europeans and Asians.

The world has the means to wipe out all Africans in a month and can do it if it is believed that Africans are sub-human beings who cannot govern themselves, and are no good in science and technology.

I can actually see folks wanting all Africans killed and Africa turned into a wildlife preserve where Animals roam in the wild and folks from other continents come to it on safari to see animals in the wild.

Any number of things could happen to Africans if they refuse to govern themselves correctly. One of the things that would not happen is for non-Africans to accept Africans habitual excuses for not doing anything well.

Folks have heard the excuse of colonialism and neocolonialism, how Western capitalists deliberately keep non-Western countries down, want them to be raw materials producing plantations and have their raw materials shipped to Europe and transformed into manufactured goods and those shipped back to Africa and sold at exorbitant prices.

We have heard about the idea of metropolis, center and periphery. May be those ideas were true in the 1960s.  Today, many Asian countries who obtained their independence right around the same time that Africans did are industrialized and their standard of living is almost at the same level as those of Europe.

If hitherto colonized Asians could industrialize their countries, folks would no longer listen to the excuse that it was colonialism that underdeveloped Africa and that it is neocolonialism that keeps Africans backward; something else is keeping Africans backward; that something else is Africans themselves.

The evolving belief is that Africans lack the ability to govern themselves right. James Watson, the co-discoverer (with Francis Crick) of the DNA already said so. This may not be true but as long as it is a plausible explanation for Africans perpetual backwardness Africans ought to have thought about it and possibly felt shame at been perceived as unable to govern themselves and tried to develop their countries. But, no, everywhere Africa is worse than it was during European colonial rule of the continent.

Forever, Africans complain that African countries were artificially put together by Europeans. We are told how European powers gathered at the 1884 Berlin conference and simply divided up Africa and that ensuing African countries were put together to serve European economic interests. We have heard how different tribes are logged together to form artificial countries without considerations for the people.

To start with, let it be known that most countries were put together by non-indigenes. Celtic Britons were conquered by Rome and when Rome fell Germans (Anglo Saxons) took over the Island; then Scandinavians (Vikings) came and finally the French in 1066 conquered and ruled Britain.

France was originally the country of Celts (whom Romans called Gauls) but later was taken over by Franks (Germans).

The Iberians were conquered by Rome and when Rome fell the country was taken over by Visigoths (Germans) and was for seven hundred years (711-1492) ruled by Arabs.

The USA was conquered by the British and is today composed of people from all over the world. No excuse is given that Americans are from different tribes that cannot get along with each other; Americans are socialized to a common cultural and constitutional frame of references.

The two Americas, North and South America are composed of people from all over the world. The different tribes in these countries are not used as excuse for not governing them right.

In Nigeria there are many tribes; the major ones are Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani, Kanuri, Edo, Ijaw, Efik, Urhobo, Idoma, Tivi, Nupe and the small tribes around Jos Plateau.

Clearly, these groups are different from one another and it is difficult for them to get along with each other and identify as one people. That excuse contains a germ of truth.

But is 60 years of post-colonial self-rule not enough time to have solved the problem of internal structure of Nigeria? If Nigeria is to remain one, and it ought to do so, shouldn't Nigerians have restructured the Nigerian boondoggle and made each tribe a state?

Nigeria could have been restructured to have twelve economically viable states where each major ethnic group is a state and smaller tribes put into states provided that even the smallest ones is each made a county within a state with many tribes in it.

Twelve states is a reasonable structure for Nigeria. Each of the states would operate like US states do, with total control over its resources and the citizens pay taxes to support the central government.

One can see annual 20% flat income tax required of each individual Nigerian to support the central government. Other types of taxes can also be initiated, such as sales taxes, corporate taxes etc.

Each state could have a governor serving five years for two terms limit; a unicameral legislature of no more than fifty members, serving five years with four terms limit.  One can see an indecent judiciary.

At the central level one can see a president elected to serve five years with two terms limit, and a unicameral legislature elected to serve five years with four terms limit; one can see an independent judiciary headed by a supreme court (followed by appellate courts and districts courts).

In terms of the economy one can see a mixed capitalist-socialist economy where the public provides education for all citizens up to university and technical levels and provides all people with publicly paid health insurance and beyond those and a few other things leave individuals to fend for themselves.

One can see a robust mixed economy within a social democratic political context; one can see a country where laws are made and vigorously implemented and corrupt politicians and other criminals caught and sent to jails and prisons.

What exactly is so difficult about this realistic political structure for Nigeria (replicated in other African countries with multi ethnic units)?

Why are Africans unable to do the simplest of things and instead keep on being stupid and expecting the rest of the world to respect them despite their stupidity? No one would respect Africans for as long as they are unable to govern themselves correctly.

Now, let us talk about the Biafra bugaboo. Igbos want to form a separate country that they call Biafra.  The question folks have not asked is whether Biafra is a viable country?

Prior to Frederick Lugard, a British colonial administrator, using British might to put all Igbos into one political unit, Southern Nigeria, Igbos did not develop Igbo wide political structure. Each Igbo village or town pretty much ruled itself.

Igbos had no precolonial sense of all Igbos being in one country. To the present they have not developed a sense of nationalism where they put Igbo interests ahead of their clans' interests.  We have each Igbo identifying with his clan, such as Owerri, Mbaise, Mbano, Umuahia, Aba-Ngwa, Onitsha, Nnewi, Enugu, Orlu, Okigwe, Ikwerre, Asaba, Agbo and so on.

Each Igbo works for the good of his self, his family and to some extent for his clan's interests. There practically are no Igbos who actually identify with all Igbos and work for the good of all Igbos.

Igbos talk shop about Biafra but what they do is work for the good of their respective clans.

Each member of a clan's idea of governance is to redirect the resources of Igbo land to develop his clan and give work to people from his clan but not to other Igbos.

When Nnamdi Azikiwe, a man from the Onitsha clan, ruled Eastern Nigeria practically all good jobs went to his clan members. He had no infrastructural development that one can see.

M.I Okpara, as premier of Eastern Nigeria, appeared to have somewhat transcended clan identification and located some developmental projects in areas other than his Umuahia clan.

In terms of psychological structure, Igbos have primitive and wild individualism. Each Igbo considers himself an individual and independent; he does not work for the group but mostly only for his self and his immediate family (wife and children).

The Igbo works hard but generally it is for his immediate good but not for other Igbos good or for the good of other human beings. Each Igbo wants to succeed and be seen as "Ogaranya", a big man. He is motivated by desire to be a very important person, a VIP. He wants to go to school, have a good job and or steal money and build a mansion in his village and that pretty much sums up his life style.  Igbos do not work together or for the good of all Igbos.

When Igbos start businesses they invariably are sole proprietor type. If they try partnerships their partners steal their capital; they generally do not establish corporate business.

As we all know, sole proprietor businesses tend to die with the death of their founders. Igbos are simply too egoistic to work in business teams.

In political activities, Igbos are characterized by each seeking office for prestige purposes, to enhance his sense of personal importance and seldom works for the good of all members; they want to be the president of the group so as to boast that they are important persons; they derive importance from social position not from what they do for society. Igbos are probably the world's most narcissistic and self-centered political actors.

Igbos are extremely self-centered and selfish; they are pragmatic to a fault; they are opportunistic and unprincipled; they will do anything to become rich and if that means circumventing the law they would do so.

Do whatever you can to make money and have other Igbos see you as a rich man is Igbos primary motivation in life.

If that is the case, and it is, one knows that if Igbos were to secede from Nigeria and form Biafra that each Igbo would work for his own good and not for other people's good. In that situation there would be extremely rich and extremely poor Igbos.

In a situation where no one cares for others, the poor would join criminal gangs and kidnap and hold their fellow Igbos hostage for ransom payment.  They are already doing so.

Igbo land would become criminals' haven. There would be no law and order. Igbo land would be like current Somalia and South Sudan. Anarchy and chaos would reign everywhere.

In my opinion, if you really want to govern Igbos correctly, you may need a strong hand that uses brutal force to compel Igbos to work for the group. Igbo land needs authoritarian and dictatorial leaders for a few centuries, folks who use draconian force to stifle Igbos wild individualism and teach them to develop collective spirit; left alone, as they currently are, I doubt that so-called Biafra would be a success.

If Igbos secede from Nigeria, given what we know from Nigerians past behaviors towards Igbos, other Nigerians will ask them to leave their areas.

In response to what they said is Igbos irritating call for secession, some Nigerians want to call Igbos bluff by asking them to leave Nigeria. Arewa, Northern Youths, have already given Igbos the ultimatum to leave the North by October 1, 2017. Yorubas and other Nigerians are probably going to follow suit.

Thus, the millions of Igbos living outside Alaigbo would descend on their little enclave and try to eke out a miserable living in it. Many will turn to criminal activities to survive.

The best hope for Igbos is for them to remain in present Nigeria or other larger political structure so that they have large space to operate in; their small territory is simply too little to feed all of them

If you compare Igbo land to the size of small countries, such as Israel what you are missing is that those countries have mechanized agriculture and can extract more food from each cultivated acre of land; Igbo farming is still subsistence based and is meant to feed the family of the farmer but do not produce surplus to feed city dwellers.

It should also be borne in mind that Igbo land is probably the most densely populated part of Africa. We do not have accurate census of Nigeria but I estimate that there are probably about 35 million Igbos. Visualize them trying to survive on land about the size of the Los Angeles Area in California. It will be nasty, I tell you.

Malnutrition and starvation are looking at Biafrans! In case they have forgotten, Igbos must remember their people with kwashiorkor during the civil war (1967-1970). Smart people do not fight several civil wars in fifty years!

Igbo land is perhaps no more than 150 miles from East to West and from South to North, from Igwe Ocha to Agbo, from Umuahia to Nsukka. All things being equal, Igbos are best served to remain in Nigeria.

But all things are seldom equal! Saying that it is probably best for Igbos to remain in Nigeria does not mean that the present status quo in Nigeria is tolerable. We all know that since the end of the Nigerian civil war in 1970 Hausas, Fulanis and Yorubas arranged to have Igbos marginalized. They essentially keep Igbos out of decision making points in Nigeria. They deprive them of political power and certainly prevent them from access to wealth.

Whereas most of the money with which Nigeria operates come from the Niger Delta and Igbo land (from oil) most of that money goes to the North and West and very little of it goes to the East.

Most of the oil fields are given to Hausas but not Igbos. Simply put, Igbos are treated like orphans in Nigeria and we all know it. We ought to not deceive ourselves about the political lay of the land in Nigeria. Igbos are a defeated people and are marginalized. To the victors go the spoils of war.

The treatment of Igbos is pretty much like the treatment of Germans after the First World War. In 1918 Germany was defeated by the allies. The ensuing Versailles treaty tried to reduce Germans, the most vigorous race in Europe, to slaves. Within two decades they rose up and caused another war, a war that even though they lost it destroyed Europe and gave rise to the USSR and USA as the world's superpowers.

By the same token, defeated Igbos are treated as slaves. The desire for Biafra is actually rooted in Igbos perception that they are second class citizens in Nigeria.

If human beings, not apes, ruled Nigeria, and they studied history, they would know that you cannot reduce the most vigorous African tribe, Igbos, to slave status and expect them to accept your ill treatment of them forever.

Initially, Igbos responded to their shabby treatment by sending their children overseas. Thus, today Igbos are found in every nook and cranny of the world. But in Nigeria Igbos are treated as if they do not matter.

That ill treatment will eventually lead to the fall of Nigeria. Unless Nigeria accommodates Igbos as equal citizens Igbos will continue agitating for Biafra.

Even though, as pointed out above, Biafra is probably not Igbos best option, as long as Igbo are treated with disrespect they would keep asking for it.

People will get to a point where they prefer death to living as slaves.

Hausas, Fulanis and Yorubas must realize that if they continue doing what they are currently doing to Igbos they would bring the Nigerian house down on their heads.

In the meantime, they are actually breeding the instability that characterizes Nigeria, for Igbos will resort to any kind of activity that does not work for the good of their Nigerian oppressors, just as they did not cooperate with British colonial masters.

Igbos will not cooperate with their Nigerian colonial masters. No one likes to be ruled by others. People seek freedom and liberty and will kill you if you stand on their way to getting it, as Nigerians do to Igbos.

It is actually stupid for Nigerians to believe that Igbos would accept second class citizenship in Nigeria, in a country whose independence from Britain they fought for. That Nigerians believe so shows that they are probably as unintelligent as white folks say that they are.

Every caged animal looks for an opportunity to regain its freedom by flying away. Igbos are currently caged in Nigeria and are looking for the opportunity to escape from the Nigerian cage, to regain their inherent right to freedom to live as they see fit without been told what to do by those they consider inferior to them, Hausas, Fulanis and Yorubas (they are not superior to those groups; one is just reporting what many Igbos belief).

Despite Hausas having political power in Nigeria, individual Hausas are actually not economically doing better than individual Igbos!

There are more Igbo college graduates than graduates from other tribes. There are Igbos teaching at many US universities and holding powerful jobs in the USA.

For now, the salient point is that it is in the best interest of all Nigerians, Igbo included, for Nigeria to restructure the country and have twelve states, have real fiscal federalism and have competence be the criterion for hiring people to work everywhere in Nigeria.

Merit for getting what one has must become the dominant mode of deciding who gets what in Nigeria. Failure to do so and continuation of the present situation guarantees that Nigeria will remain the bedlam it is.  If things do not change, Nigeria will collapse and each tribe goes its way.

The resultant mini states, in my opinion, is not good for Africa. Africa needs to unite; Africa needs to become one federation, Africa federation where each major ethnic group is a state.  Africans ought to work towards making Africa great.

But despite ones idealistic wish for United Africa Federation (UAF), if Nigeria's short sighted so-called leaders continue on the present trajectory they are on they are going to produce another failed African state.

As soon as Nigeria runs out of oil, so that there is no money to be stolen by the kleptocrats that rule it, and with which they pay the military, the country would not be able to pay the military to keep the country together. At present, sometimes they go for months without paying their civil servants!

Without payment the military will disintegrate into bands of armed brigands and law and order would break down and Nigeria bites the dust.  This needs not happen!

I certainly do not like to see a failed African country. We can prevent it from happening in Nigeria by restructuring Nigeria and by beginning to govern Nigeria as if the leaders are actual human beings with brains in their heads not the monkeys and baboons with no idea of how to govern their land that currently govern Nigeria.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji, PhD

June 12, 2017

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(907) 310-8176

Dr. Osuji teaches at the University of Alaska, USA; from tomorrow, he will be in Europe for the summer; he can be reached at 1 (480) 509-8660.



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

In June of 2015, Donald J Trump declared his intention to compete to become the President of the United States of America. Prior to that date I did not know much about him.

Upon the declaration of his intention to become the president I did a little research on him; I read up on him.

His speeches struck me as that of a third grader at an elementary school, a boy of about eight years old. His diction was pedestrian. Clearly, the man was not well educated. I wondered whether he even completed high school but learned that, in fact, he did go to college.

I decided that he is a semi-illiterate. But that is no matter; there is nowhere it is written in the US Constitution that you have to be college educated to be the president. Harry Truman did not go to college but was a self-educated man; he knew as much about history as anyone else. So, I ignored Trump's apparent lack of sophistication and began paying attention to his behavior and character.

It did not take me more than a few days of observing the man to realize that he has narcissistic personality disorder with features of anti-social personality disorder.

He has malignant, pathological narcissism and thinks like a criminal. He has no social conscience and tells lies all the time; he wants to be seen as very good; he wants to be the center of social attention and to be perpetually told by all people that he is good.

Generally, as a child, the narcissist was pampered by his parents and therefore was raised to feel that he is very good. Generally, he is good at sports and schooling. Many of them actually have good records at school.

The point is that narcissists are no dummies. Trump is no dummy; if he were a dummy he would not have made billions of dollars from the real estate business.

Narcissism has nothing to do with the individual's intellect but with his psychological functioning; the person feels inordinately inferior and inadequate and wants other people to tell him that he is the best at whatever he does. Generally, he works hard and accomplishes a lot in life. Many business moguls and military generals are narcissistic.

The narcissist tends to have no qualms in using people to get what he wants. He uses people to get to where he wants to go and then discards them as if they are useless garbage.  He does not feel bad using people; to him people are inferior beings to be used by the superior person to get what he wants and not pay attention to their feelings.  Who cares about inferior persons feelings, is his approach to people.

The narcissist generally marries beautiful women. He does not love the woman he marries but marries her for her beauty. In his mind other men would be admiring him for having a smashingly beautiful woman around him. She is an appendage to his grandiose ego and makes him feel like he is the envy of the men he is competing with. The woman is a parlor trophy. She is given all the creature comfort, placed in a penthouse but not loved. She feels not loved but contend herself with the money and luxury that surrounds her.

Narcissistic Trump married beautiful women and used them to decorate his surroundings and when they get a bit old and ugly he discards them like rag dolls and gets on with other beautiful women.

After about a month of observing Trump, I wrote a piece on him; I said that he has narcissistic personality disorder with traits of anti-social personality.

I tend to be fascinated by folks with high IQ (IQ over 140, the geniuses of this world) and do not really care that much about average persons (average IQ is 85-115; above average IQ is 118-130; Superior IQ is 132-139; anything above 140 is genius; about 2% of the people have superior IQ; 2% have mental retardation, IQ under 70;  about 10% of the people have above average IQ, the rest of humanity is average). Trump seemed to me mediocre, average and, therefore, of no interest to me so I tuned him out.

However, recently, I have been thinking about Trump. I am thinking about what it means to place a man with personality disorder in a high political office.

Persons with personality disorders create havoc in the lives of those around them. In the 1930s Germans elected Adolf Hitler, a man with obvious genius level IQ but a man with paranoid, narcissistic and anti-social personality disorders. He wrought havoc on Europe. His desire to be the most powerful man on earth, to compensate for his sense of being utterly inferior, made him go to war and brought suffering to Germany, Europe and the world.

In America we have elected a personality disordered man and within six months in office he has given us a taste of what lies instore for us. This man is showing us what it means to have a personality disordered person in high political office.  Fortunately, unlike Hitler who was a genius, Trump is not smart so we can actually manage him!

If we surround him with healthy and assertive persons he is not going to do a lot of damage. Nevertheless, he is going to give us political excitement. The mad king is not going to be boring.

A personality disordered person is like you and I except that his habitual pattern of behavior is problematic. He is not mentally ill.

Mental health professionals define mental illness as those with schizophrenia and or mania, delusion disorder and depression but not those with personality disorders.

You may not know it, the person next to you, even you, may have a personality disorder. The person with personality disorder may seem perfectly normal. It takes professional mental health professionals (psychiatrists and psychologists) to differentiate personality disorders from normalcy.

American Psychiatry recognizes ten personality disorders: paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, narcissistic, histrionic, borderline, anti-social, avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive and passive aggressive personality disorders.  If you read up on those you probably will find traits of some of them in you; the fact that you are normal does not mean that you are not a bit crazy! What is mental health, anyway, and who defines it, human beings or God?

Folks with personality disorders are found in all walks of life; many of them are professors, medical doctors, engineers, judges, police men, military generals etc.

Psychoanalysts used to call those we now call personality disordered neurotics. According to psychoanalysis all of us have some neurosis. Have you in your entire life seen a perfectly mentally healthy person, and what does he or she look like? I have not seen a mentally healthy person!

Since we all have some mental health issues, in my view, we ought to test all high school kids' personalities and intelligence; we ought to give all of them the MMPI (personality test) and WAIS (IQ test) and give them feedback on their personality and level of intelligence and ask them to try to understand their issues.

The thesis of this essay is that folks with personality disorders tend to disturb the human polity. As we have seen, Donald Trump is disturbing not only the American polity but the entire world.

Mister Trump tells us that he is a billionaire; he is always bragging about how rich he is. Of course, it is nice to be rich. Wealth can give you access to the good things of this world; it is not a virtue to be poor!

Human experience also teaches us that wealth does not change folks' psychological states. If you have personality issues having all the monies in this world would not change you, unless you work at changing.

Mr. Trump, like all human beings feels worthless. That is correct; all human beings feel like they have no value, worth and importance. Why?

Existential thinkers like Jean Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Jasper and Heidegger tell us that the nature of our existence makes us feel worthless. We are born in bodies. Our bodies are weak; our bodies are meat that are not different from the meat we buy from grocery stores. Meat does rot and smell bad.

We live, may be, up to 120 years, and die. The bodies we had worked very hard to provide for decay, rot and smell like feces.

Natural events like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, cyclones, bacteria, virus and fungi kill us. Indeed, if other people wish to kill us they can do so (so we perpetually try to protect ourselves from potential killers). These facts make us feel like we are nothing of significance.

We do not see meaning in our lives. However, in pursuit of meaning we establish religions that posit gods that supposedly protect us and welcome us to their heaven when we die. When we think about those gods they seem mere myths not facts; at any rate, in this phenomenal world the gods do not protect us; only we protect us.

Have you been around a dead and decaying human body? You would close your nose for the smell is awful.

The awareness of our lack of existential specialness makes us feel lacking in worth.  If you care to think about it, and at some point in your life, especially during your teenage years, you did (that is why teenagers tend to commit suicide), you realized that our bodies are nothing.

Our minds are like those of the gods (of our imaginations) but our bodies are literally shit waiting to happen! As a result of this reality we feel worthless.

Of course, no one likes to feel worthless. Therefore, all of us try to do something to cover up our sense of worthlessness.

Human beings use what psychoanalysts call ego defense mechanisms to mask their deeper awareness of who they are. The defense mechanisms are: repression, suppression, denial, projection, displacement, rationalization, sublimation, reaction-formation, fantasy, minimization acting out, anger, fear, guilt, shame, pride and so on.  We compensate with a sense of worth where hitherto we felt worthless.

A normal person is a person who has used the various ego defense mechanisms to avoid conscious awareness that he feels like nothing and therefore appears to have good self-esteem and works hard to provide for his self and for his loved ones.

If, perchance, ones sense of worthlessness enters ones conscious mind one may overtly strive to seem superior to other people and in the process develop what the psychoanalyst, Alfred Adler called neurosis.

Psychosis, that is mental disorder, actually occurs when the individual's usual ego defenses break down; he is decompensated; he no longer has an effective way to defend his ego; he panics from feeling of non-being, depersonalization and de-realization and tries to re-compensate with a more grandiose self-concept and self-image. Where the neurotic wished to be god and powerful, the psychotic now says that he is god and powerful. As god he believes that he has all the power to make the universe do as he wants. Of course, that is fantasy power, not real power.

In psychoses the individual hallucinates in one or more of the five senses (auditory and or visual hallucinations are most common) and has bizarre delusions (belief in what is not true as true, such as believe that one is God or Napoleon). There is no hallucination in personality disorder.

A narcissist is a neurotic person who is acutely aware that as a human being he is nothing. He cannot deal with that idea and therefore denies it and compensates with desire to be important. Beginning in youth he works hard to seem socially hence existentially important.

In social and economic success he manages to avoid thinking about his underlying sense of nothingness. If he did think about it he would read philosophy and religion and become a thoughtful person rather than be like Trump, a man who does not read. Trump is literally a child in an adult's body!

The narcissist and those with other types of personality disorders pursue the appearance of importance; they do so in what Alfred Adler call "all or nothing" manner. That is, they seek success in an obsessive-compulsive manner, as if an inner force pressures them do so and they cannot resist it; they cannot let up, relax and smell the coffee and roses. If they let up they sense that they are nothing!

Addiction to work, like other addictions, such as to alcohol, drugs, overeating and sex, are used to veil our existential angst.

In Karen Horney's psychoanalytical terms, the neurotic has basic anxiety, for he sees his real self as no good and rejects it and uses his imagination to create an alternative self that he thinks is perfect and pursues it; he feels anxious from the possibility of failing attaining his ideal self, for to fail is to be returned to his dreaded and rejected real self.

Thus, neurotics always have free floating anxiety. Trump has underling anxiety; this is from his fear of failure and becoming the nothing he thinks that he is.

By and large, narcissists tend to succeed and as the world sees it they are successful persons. Neurotic Trump is a billionaire; he could also have been a great scientist or general in the military; but deep down he knows that he is nothing. However, since he does not want to acknowledge his existential nothingness he must struggle to seem important and have people tell him that he is important.

Trump feels like he is shit. Yes, despite his billions of dollars he feels like feces. He denies that feeling and tries to seem important. Since he is in denial and seeks prestige he will do whatever he can to seem prestigious in his and other persons eyes.

Trump's drive for importance includes him manipulating the polity and telling lies. The man may even take us to war. He knows that only those Presidents who went to war and won them are judged great presidents. George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodor Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Franklyn Roosevelt were war presidents hence evaluated as great presidents.

Trump may provoke a war and take millions of American kids to it to go win glory to gratify his narcissistic desire for glory.

The point is that persons with personality disorders do things that disturb or excite the human polity. These people, like them or hate them, one thing that you cannot say about them is that they are boring.

Is Trump boring? See, I judged him an average kind of guy and tuned him out but he is nevertheless engaging my attention hence this writing!

Whenever a leader is personality disordered the human polity becomes exciting; think of the famous leaders that you know of, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Otto Von Bismarck, V.I. Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Mao Tso Tung, Fidel Castro; all of them had personality issues; were they boring? We are always talking about them, as we are already talking about Trump (even though he has actually not accomplished anything yet; not one of his proposed big policies, such as health care reform, tax reform and infrastructural development, and building the Trump great wall at the border with Mexico has passed Congress!).

Think of African leaders, are they boring? Many African leaders have what psychiatrists call Axis one mental disorders, not just personality disorders (which are axis two disorders).

My dear reader, we are in for four years of excitement during the reign of the new American king. So, go grab cans of beer, sit back and relax and enjoy the freak show and hope that it does not become nightmarish and bring death to us.

The American president is an elected king, he has more power than even the sun king, France's Louis the fourteen.

Let us enjoy the show given to us by our narcissistic king. I actually believe that such shows are occasionally necessary in the human polity. Normal leaders like Barack Obama are often boring.

I believe that sometimes we need semi mentally ill persons as our leaders. Wouldn't you say that Winston Churchill was a better leader than the normal Neville Chamberlain?

Personality disordered Hitler attacked Britain so Britain needed a mad dog to lead it to fight back; it did not need the civilized and gentle Chamberlain to fight the Hun on rampage!

In our age, mad Muslim Jihadists are running amok cutting off people's heads; we may need an equally crazy man to go cut off their heads.  Trump may be what we need to defeat Muslim jihadi terrorists.

So, let us understand our semi mad president but keep him around for he may well be what the universe thinks that we need to fight Muslims bent on returning mankind to prescientific life styles.

Sometimes what society needs are the rule of personality disordered persons, not the gentle but boring Barack Obamas of this world (that man would lay the carpet for Muslims to walk on and come take over the Christian world).

Finally, there are no cure for mental and personality disorders. Cognitive behavior psychotherapists like Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck try to heal personality disorder with their cognitive behavior therapy. I believe that a person with personality disorder can learn about his disorder. As to whether he can change himself, well, I have not seen one person do so (medications are not called for in treating personality disorders).

We, therefore, must brace ourselves to live with Trump and not have the illusion that we are going to heal him or that he is going to change his ways. We just have to learn to live with the child-man (he behaves like an eight year old child); we have to accept seeing him always telling us that he had great accomplishments that he did not have. We must learn to be amused by this clown in the White House.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

June 11, 2017


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Most African countries under the Sahara did not develop writing and had no written documents of their past activities.

Yet, as human beings they had activities. It just happened that those activities were not written down.

So, can we ascertain what transpired in preliterate societies or is all we can say about them mere conjectures?

Archeologists can date certain artifacts and from them infer the nature of a peoples life styles but that is not the same thing as having a peoples past behaviors written down on paper or on other materials.

Specifically, Igbos did not have writing. Today, some Igbos write books on what they claim to be their past history. They write stuff about what supposedly took place five hundred years ago, a thousand years ago and even two thousand or more years ago.  They write about them as if, in fact, they gleaned the information from written records.

At first glance one is inclined to dismiss what these folks write as fiction, as make belief stuff that has no basis in reality. Perhaps, they come up with made up stories about their people, stories that make their past glorious. But how do we prove that those stories are true?

How do we prove that some Jews left Israel or Egypt a few thousand years ago and wandered all the way to where Igbos are now living?   Is that even possible or are we engaged in fairy tales, mythology?

A chap, Fidelis Ekeimo, wrote the history of his town, Umuohiagu, a town where no one knew how to read or write until about a hundred years ago when Christian missionaries established an elementary school in his village. Yet, he wrote as if what he, in fact, wrote is true. The man traced his people to several places where they supposedly had lived before coming to settle where they currently are.

At some point in the past, he told us that they lived at Edo, at Ife (Yoruba), at Northern Nigeria, at Sudan and then proceeded to trace their origin to Egypt and Israel.

In as much as he has a need to trace his people to elsewhere other than where they currently live, you ask: why stop at Israel? According to the Bible, Jews supposedly came from Mesopotamia (village of Ur near present Bagdad) and before that from the Caucasus and only God knows where else before that.

Then you look a bit deeply and there was no written records from which he drew.  Apparently, he drew from what is in his head (I am assuming what other people told him what is in his head or that he made up those stories by his self).

People have a need to understand their past but in the absence of written records can they really have certainty that what they are talking about as their past is true?

This question is probably the primary issue with African history. How do we know that anything we say about black Africa, anything more than a few hundred years ago, is true?

From West Africans encounter with the Portuguese in the fifteenth century we can pretty much accept what is written as possibly true. But how about before the fifteenth century?

I am not talking about the history of Ghana, Mali and Songhai and Bornu because those were written down, albeit in Arabic but they were written down hence probably true.

Could someone please help me to understand how to see the spate of supposed history written by modern Africans about their past?

Is the stuff that Igbos write about Nri kingdom that took place two thousand years ago true?  How does one verify this story? Or is one supposed to accept this stuff as true just because Igbo nationalists wrote them down and call them their history?

I am tempted to dismiss these so-called histories and or see them as creative writing, as fiction. Is history mere fiction written by a people to suit their desires for a glorious past?

A people can actually delude themselves and become paranoid if they write make belief stories and come to believe that those false stories are true and act on them.

What is a psychotic but a person who holds false beliefs about reality and behaves in accordance with his false beliefs?

I am sorry to say it but the fact is that I see many deluded Africans who take their fictional histories as true. They live in thatched huts but tell us that their ancestors built the Pyramids of Egypt. If your ancestors built those stone structures in Egypt how come you did not even build a simple brick house in your sub-Saharan homes? How did you lose the skill set necessary to build pyramids and now live in thatched huts? How did Africans go from the high culture needed to operate ancient Egypt to being naked persons running around the rain forests of Africa?


I understand that most people's stories are a mixture of fictions and facts. European and Asian histories are replete with mythologies.

Most of us can tell the difference between the history and fiction contained in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey and in Virgil's Aeneid; we know that those books attempted to conjoin history and mythology and therefore are not deceived. We know that there is such a thing as objective history despite the mythological aspects of it.

American history, for example, makes America's founding fathers super human in their achievements but that been said they did, in fact, exist and did some of the things they were supposed to have done. We can distinguish real history from made up history; one hopes that we can also distinguish between fiction and facts in African history.

Finally I can be accused of having a need to denigrate Igbo, African and black history, to present them in a negative light. If that is the case you ask: why do I have the need to denigrate my people's efforts to seem important, what do I have against their pursuit of existential and social importance?

Human beings feel inadequate and everywhere struggle to seem adequate. What are human beings but creatures that feel inferior and struggle to seem superior? If so why not leave black folks to do what all other human beings do: struggle to seem to have value, worth and importance in the absence of those?  What is human civilization but the struggle to seem to have worth in the face of flesh's worthlessness? We are born and must die hence are not special so we struggle to seem special; what is wrong with that as long as it does not become pathological?

Listen, if it makes you feel fine to see me as having a need to put Africans down please by all means go ahead and do so. I do not see myself in that light. I see myself as a man interested in the truth and nothing but the truth.


We need to have some certainty in African history! This means separating fiction from facts; to me, there is too much fiction in African history.

If you have answers to my questions please write them down and publish them, and don't forget to send a copy of your writing to me.  Below is my email address to send it to. Thanks.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

June 8, 2017

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Please answer some questions for me!


Ozodi Osuji

I spent most of June 6, 2017 watching YouTube videos on the giants of African studies: Josef Ben Yochannan, John Henrik Clarke and Ivan Van Sertima. My mind is filled with their perspectives on history, especially Africa's role in history. They all say that Africa is the origin of everything. Essentially, they refuted the notion that Europeans and Arabs and other peoples are responsible for the modern world; to them Africans are responsible for whatever is good in the world.

What shall one make of these guys claims? Are they just black men made inferior by western civilization who are responding to their dreadful situation by making claims that place them in a positive light; in Alfred Adler's psychological terms, are they merely compensating with superiority for their underlying inferiority feeling?

Conversely, is there merit to what they are saying?  And if Africans were the progenitors of everything good in the world how come in our contemporary world Africans are at the bottom of the world? What happened to make Africans the laughing stock of the contemporary world?  How did a people who initiated human civilization come to be those who don't even seem able to govern themselves (in Nigeria you have to bribe to even obtain a form from a government office)?  What happened?

Can anyone out there please answer this question for me? I do not want a made up story, a fiction masquerading as answer.

I know that if someone has low self-esteem you can tell him that his ancestors built the pyramids and that temporarily makes him feel fine but if he cannot build the pyramid today, if he does not have what it takes to run modern science and technology based civilization  he is not going to have lasting positive self-esteem.

In our world it is those who are competent, who can do what it takes to adapt to their world that have positive self-esteem, not those who make claims about a past that may or not be glorious.

If Africans were good in the past what made them bad in the present? Slavery? Okay. The powerful enslave the weak so how did Africans become weak so that Romans, Arabs and Europeans enslaved them?

I need objective answers to these questions, not answers that insult my intelligence.

In the past I had read about the above mentioned three gentlemen; indeed, I had written reviews of their major works.  That is, I am not new to their contributions to African history. It just happened that this is the first time I have seen them in person talking about their ideas, ideas that generally support Chancellor Williams' thesis on "the destruction of black civilization", Walter Rodney's views on "how Europe underdeveloped Africa" and Goodson's thesis on the miseducation of the Negro and Anta Chiak Diop's "the African Origin of Egyptian civilization".

I had thought about why Africans are backward and settled on the explanations given by Jared Diamond in his book, Guns, Germs and Steel as the probable cause of this conundrum. But given Afrocentricists insistence that there were great civilizations in Africa and since I do not see them in contemporary Africa I want someone to help me understand what happened to set Africa back.

If I may ask: was ancient Egypt a black civilization? And if so how come the rest of tropical Africa lived in huts when Europeans came to their world in the nineteenth century (and many of them still do so today)?

As they say, success does not need explanation, it is failure that needs to be explained. So, help me explain Africa's present unenviable condition, a condition that led white racists to conclude that Africans are incapable of mounting advanced human civilization.

Racists were aghast that a black man, Barack Obama was elected the president of the USA for they assumed that he is not capable of governing the country. To show that only a white man can govern the country they elected as their president a buffoon, Donald Trump; Trump reasons like an eight year old child and obviously cannot govern the country well. Is this turn of events poetic justice or what? Is the universe teaching us not to judge a person by the color of his skin but by his competence?

Please just answer my question: is the thesis of Afrocentrism correct?

Ozodi Osuji

June 7, 2017

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Afis, my main man,

I knew and still know that despite your occasional descent to the gutter, apparently to reach the Biafrans where they choose to live, name calling, in social discourse you have it in you to operate at the most elevated level.

Your write up below, especially your reflections on Alexis Charles Henri Clerel de Tocqueville, Viscount de Tocqueville (1805-1859) proves my thesis that you are a well-educated and smart man who occasionally discards decorum and operates like a street hoodlum. Thank you for the view on de Tocqueville.

The man was a French Aristocrat from Normandy; he attended the best French schools and visited   the USA in the early 1830s and went home and wrote his two volumes "Democracy in America" in 1835 and 1840. He was a member of the French National Assembly and later Chamber of Deputies and served as the Foreign minister for a while. The two books are a must read for anyone who wants to understand American politics; its observations on America have remained true today as they were in the early nineteenth hundreds. Thanks for sharing that piece of information.

You and Bolaji Aluko (by the way, where is that man hiding; I seldom hear from him anymore, his incisive take on all things Nigerian is generally educative) got it correct; the death of the USA is exaggerated!

A chap at Yale University, Paul Kennedy, wrote a book on the coming decline and fall of the USA. ( www.nytimes.com/books/98/12/06/specials/kennedy-powers.html

By Paul Kennedy. Maps and tables. 677 ... particularly American policy makers. ... In his new book, ''The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers,'' Mr. Kennedy...)

America will be here for a while longer, certainly in the duration of our lifetimes.  I personally believe that if the USA makes amends for its sin of slavery and discrimination against black folks and make some changes in its body politics that it might postpone its inevitable decline and fall (all empires must eventually fall and become replaced for the spirit that took them up is no longer the zeitgeist of the new age).

America actually knows what to do but refused to do it because of the issue of minorities. It seems to me that white Americans would have given all white folks publicly paid, single payer health insurance and given all whites publicly paid education through university (and given the not so bright ones German styled vocational training after high school) if all Americans were whites. That is to say that the USA would have become more like the Scandinavian countries if the country were all white.

But because of the presence of blacks, the hated minority persons, they refused to make the necessary changes to their political economy to make it last long.

My politics is social democracy (ala Bernie Sanders). I believe that a robust and vigorous mixed economy, capitalism and socialism, and social democracy, is at this stage in human history the best form of political organization.

I believe that most American academics know it hence they tend to be on the left on the political spectrum, but the white ruling establishment does not want to bring it about for they do not want black folks to live long (the life span of African-Americans is 62, for whites 88) and be productive citizens; they like what we currently got, black kids being prison pile, heading from secondary school to jails and prisons.

I believe that if the USA makes appropriate changes it might remain on top of the food chain through this century, but if it does not and instead harken to the worst in human nature, listen to white racists, it will gravitate to fascism.

We all know what happens to fascist regimes (in Italy and Germany); they seldom last more than two decades before they self-destroy. If the likes of the chicken brained racist, Donald Trump are allowed to rule America just because they appeal to racism, well, the days of the USA as a superpower are numbered.

This apparent negative assessment of America is not based on my wish for America to fall to gratify my oppressed African understandable wishes for my oppressor to go away; no, I am a proud American and wish my country the best; I just want it to be improved, not die; but die it must if it does not change its current trajectory.

I do not believe that China or any Asian country is able to replace the USA. For one thing, those Asian countries do not have what the USA has: a universe of many races. The USA has whites (whites give us science and technology), blacks (blacks give us popular culture...is any one in Asia capable of giving the world the type of music black Americans give to the world, can Asians do in sports what black Americans do?).

The multiracial composition of the USA makes it very competitive in everything. If the talents of all Americans, whites and blacks are utilized no other country would outcompete the USA in anything.  Yes, the death of the USA is exaggerated! That been said the country must make fundamental changes for it to continue being at the top.

I am doing comparative politics study of the main Western European countries. My goal is to see if the EU (GDP $16 trillion) has what it takes to replace the USA (GDP $17 trillion) in world politics.  Russia's GDP is less than $2 trillion, which is less than California with GDP of almost $3 trillion!

I like your inclination to academic thinking as exhibited in your understanding of Tocqueville's seminal observations on the incipient USA. How I wished that Biafra idiots like Nebu and Chukwuma actually went to school and have read the great books that are supposed to inform the thinking and writing of educated men. They vomit whatever ill-informed ideas are in their heads and in their boastful ignorance believe that they are making useful contributions to social discourse.

They talk nauseously about Biafra; the blow heads have not sat down and written on the political economy and political structure of their proposed heaven on earth.

Joe Atueyi (the man says that he went to St. Gregory's Lagos, UNN and Harvard but reasons like a bush man) tells us that Igbos are republicans and seem to assume that that is all there is to Igbo political organization.

What exactly is republicanism, anyway; is it Igbos wild individualism that leads to lack of cooperation; is it John Lock's limited government (Second Treaty on Government); if so are Igbos not prone to worshipping brain dead dictatorial leaders, such as Ojukwu and Nnamdi Kanu; is it Adam Smith's (Wealth of Nations) free enterprise and if so can that make it in the twenty first century or do we need to inject Karl Marx (Communist Manifesto, Der Capital) into it?

These people do not engage in serious thinking but merely express untested ideas. You are a refreshing alternative to their supercilious ideas on social phenomena!


Ozodiobi Osuji

June 6, 2017


From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal


It is really true what mystics say, that most people are animals, not human beings, yet (in the case of Sodom and Gomorra only Lot was a good man); it is also true what practical men of politics say, that most men are too afraid to act in a way to change society.  Extraordinary political leaders believe that ordinary people are nothing and are only good to be used at wars to accomplish goals set by the leaders.

Most people, as I see them, are without useful ideas in their heads. Some are scientists and can study things as they are and, as such, are useful in our quest to adapt to this world but beyond that they are existentially useless, for they are asleep and do not know what the truth is.

If you go through a typical nation you would probably find no more than a person who is awake to the realities of the human condition; you may perhaps find a handful of persons who are political leaders of historical quality (Napoleon, Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, Mao are such leaders).


The Idealistic person is aware that the people are sleeping and dreaming and are nothing but has the desire, the delusion, really, to make them wake up hence perfect people; this cannot be done for the people as egos and bodies are dream figures and do not even exist; instead of trying to change people one should just be oneself and leave it at that.


As I look at all of Igbo land I cannot find one person who seems to be awake to his truth; they are all sleepers, dreaming and taking their dreams as real; at best one sees them as children, fools; Nigerians and Africans are the same; not one of them is awake to his spiritual reality.

In the area of politics not one African is concerned enough about the shithole their continent is to organize a movement to solve its problems; Africa is a continent without real human beings in it.

The best that can be said for Africa is for there to emerge one strong leader to organize and use the millions of sleepers for a good cause otherwise Africans are garbage; they are living for nothing; they are not even living; they are sleeping and dreaming and that is not real life.

Western liberals are noise makers who are afraid to fight for anything worthwhile; they only know how to use the law to bring about political correctness, which is not the same thing as the truth; they will force a school to close down instead of not providing a bathroom for a sexually deviant child.

Conservatives believe in evil but are willing to engage in street brawls to bring about the type of evil government and society they want.

I see white conservative Americans, the Republican Party turning into fascist party fighting to preserve white rule. Fascists in Hitler's Germany fought for their self-preservation and American conservatives are doing the same thing.

Liberals must go beyond talking and become what they are: social democrats and fight on the streets for it; they must fight for health care and education for all people and at all levels.

If you are not willing to fight for what you want you are not going to get it; that is the nature of the universe; nobody gives you anything without you fighting for it.

My ex friend, Mr. Ozurumba was fearful and did not fight for anything because he feared harm and death; he deserved to die for he was living for nothing.

My brothers, M and E are living for nothing; they are just existing; they are afraid to stand up for something lest they are harmed and killed by other people; fear has made them prisoners of the ego.

These people might as well be dead for they are not really alive; propping them up alive is a waste of time for they have no real goals that they are living for; let them die.

As my mother used to say: let folks die and go rethink the meaning of life and return to the earth, to the dream and in it struggle to know the truth and live that truth and not fear harm and death.


Deep down people know that their bodies are worthless piece of meat that would die, rot and smell worse than shit. But they do not want to die; their bodies are all they know life to be. So, they deny their self-assessment that their bodies are nothing of importance and compensate with efforts to make their bodies seem important; thus, they put beautiful clothes and jewelry on their bodies; they house their bodies in houses and drive them around in beautiful cars; generally, people do whatever protects their bodies and egos.

They have to do these things for they believe that their lives are coterminous with the death of their bodies.  That notwithstanding, bodies are nothing and will die so people are not important; on earth, people are doing nothing of importance.

If you know this observation to be true then you stay amused by people's efforts to make their bodies seem important but you do not prevent people from doing what they are doing. You just understand the nothingness of being a human being and live in accordance with your understanding and live in peace.


I must stop denying my understandings about reality; I must commit to living the truth I know to be so instead of pretending to not know the truth. I know the truth at least the truth as it refers to our bodies and egos. I must stop doubting what I know is the truth and accept it as the truth.

I am intellectually awakened to the nothingness of being a human being and must laugh at people taking nothingness seriously; they do so because they have not understood the nothingness of being. They are not like me and cannot know what I know or do what I must do, see life as a thing of mirth and laugh at it. I am probably one of a handful of persons that are intellectually awakened persons on planet earth. I must stop denying this fact; it is not delusional grandiosity to believe in the obvious truth; it is the truth that most people are sleep walking through life and only a handful of people are awake to the reality of the nothingness of life in ego and body.



To be a human being is to be mad; it is mad because deep down we know that our bodies are nothing; our bodies and ego based behaviors have not taken place or take place in dreams hence have not taken place and are nothing; however, we want them to be real and take them seriously.

To be a human being is to deny the truth, the truth that our bodies are shit and that our behaviors have not taken place; to be a human being is to pretend that what we see on earth, our egos, bodies and behaviors are real and important when they are not; thus, to be a human being is to be insane.

The problem of humanity is insanity; insanity is the desire to accept the unreal as real.




God is awake; he knows that his children are sleeping and dreaming; he knows that what is done in dreams have not been done; he overlooks what we do on earth; so, he has already forgiven us and wants us to do to us as he did to us. He wants us to overlook our earthly behaviors, good and bad, and thus forgive ourselves and awaken to his state of mind.

God's representative in the dream, the Holy Spirit knows that the earth is a dream and overlooks it; he overlooks our ego behaviors, good or bad; he asks us to do what he does, overlook the earth and its activities and wake up. He knows that whatever is done on earth is done in dreams and is nothing and has not been done.

Because we have not done what we see ourselves do on earth we remain as God created us, innocent of the evil things we do on earth; we remain joined to God and to one another hence holy, sinless and guiltless.

To be saved is to see you, despite all your evils on earth, as innocent for you have not done what you did; and to see other people as innocent despite what they did on earth.


Both you and other people actually were fated by your bodies and personalities to do what you and they did on earth, in the dream so there is no use blaming anyone.

Moreover, you attracted to you those that did good or bad to you and they attracted you to them to do the good or bad you did to them. We did so in the delusion, dream that separation is real.

The important point is that what you and other people did have not been done for they were done in dreams, and what was done in dreams have not been done; therefore, all people remain as God created them, innocent, holy, guiltless and sinless.

To sin is to separate from God but since no one has separated from God, we are only dreaming that we are separated from God; there is no separation hence no one has sinned (we only dream of separation and have dream sins).

If you know this to be true, that you and all people are innocent despite the evils we do on earth, you are saved.

However, since other people do not know it to be true and take the dream as real, see the evils folks do on earth as real and defend against them your function is to teach them that they are still innocent despite their actions.


Forgiveness does not mean condoning people's evil behaviors. Yes, the earth is a dream but those in it believe that it is real; they see their bodies as real; believing in their egos and bodies as real they do feel pain when you hurt their egos and bodies. Though what they feel is dream pain and death you must not inflict pain and death on people.

If you hurt people you will come back to be given pain and death. Karma is real, albeit dream karma.

You must only love all people for we are love.  Therefore, I am not encouraging any one to harm other people with the misguided belief that it is only dream harm hence has not taken place.

Listen, the moment you harm other people you have given them the right to defend themselves by harming you.

If you are a Muslim terrorist and kill people you have asked other people to kill you. Forgiveness is not permission to harm people.  Like mad dogs, Muslim terrorists will be hunted down and killed.

The only rightful behavior from one son of God to another is loving behavior.

Though the world is a dream people have a right to have a happy dream, not nightmarish dreams where terrorists harm them and increase their level of fear.

People already feel fear from their belief in separation and fear of God's punishment. God knows that they did not separate from him and is not going to punish them (but they do not know that hence feel fearful of God's punishment).


Humanity is wracked by belief in separation and that what they did in separation, on earth is real; they feel guilty for the evils they do to other people (though they deny their apparent evils and see those they did evils to as those who did evils to them, as the guilty ones).

They make their bodies sick because of the evils they did; they are punishing themselves for their sins.

The Savior of the world teaches people that despite what they did that harmed other persons that since they did so in dreams they have done nothing hence are innocent; in seeing people as innocent he heals them of their physical and psychological issues.

J, a lady who believed that she punished me, did not do  evil to me or to any one else; she merely had dreams of hurting me; she remains as God created her, innocent; I see her as innocent.

Now, she must add her own belief in innocence to my belief that she is innocent for her to be healed. She must believe in her and my and all people's innocence.

J, see all as innocent despite the evil things all folks seem to have done to you (and you did to them although you may deny your own dream evils and see yourself in ego innocence; real innocence sees all people as innocent), and you are healed of your present physiological issues.

However, J, as long as you see other persons as guilty, bear grievances towards them and want them to be punished by your understanding of God as a punitive God (the real God does not punish any one) and society you will punish yourself with physical illness, for as we wish and or do to others is done to us.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

June 4, 2017



Marvin Robinson:

I feel your pain; as an American patriot, I appreciate your desire to resurrect the supposed glory that was the USA. However, there is something that you need to know. History does not stand still. Despite Americans claim of American exceptionalism the fact is that there is such a thing as historical reality; that reality catches up with all nations whether they like it or not. They try to cheat it but they cannot.

We had great empires in Sumeria, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, the Ottomans, Britain, France and the USSR; those were great empires that today are in the dustbin of had been great powers.

Before the Second World War Britain, France and Germany were the great powers.  Japan, the USA and USSR were considered regional powers. Hitler induced Europe to self-destroy and when the dust settled the USA and USSR emerged as the superpowers of the world.

The USSR collapsed in 1991. Thus, leaving only one superpower. The USA became the world hegemon. Neoconservatives, in their infantile hubris, actually came to believe that it is up to them to tell the rest of the world what to do. They embarked on the policy of preemption, using force to remove powers that they did not like.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya were dismantled; now they are now trying it in Syria and Yemen and North Korea. These gunboat actions required money and since they did not want to tax the people they borrowed to the hilt to fund their arrogant, ill-advised military adventures.

In the meantime, quietly, the Asian countries built up their economies. As we know from history, great political powers ride on the back of great economies.

As of today, the world's manufacturing has shifted to China, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Malesia and Singapore and Indonesia and Brazil.

China is, as we speak, the number one world economy, although the US still has the delusion that it is; the USA is propped up with Asians funds, it owes over $20 trillion to others.

Most economists assume that the USA's debt maximum is $25 trillion (the US has $17 trillion dollars economy); Trump, in his attempt to build up the US military, will probably reach that optimal debt structure vis the economy in four years. Thus, the USA might collapse during the rule of the eight year old, third grader in the White House.

The point is that power has shifted and it is inevitable that it shifts. Actually, the USA has had a long ride, 1945-2025 (that is, 100 years been at the top is long as far as history goes).

After 2025 the USA will be more like Egypt, Greece, Italy and Turkey and Iran, once superpowers but now basket cases.  This is the nature of history; there is really nothing that anyone can do about it!

Trump's election is the action of a dying world power thinking that a return to what gave it its rise, slavery and racism, would make the rest of the world take it seriously.

Trump's racism actually makes the rest of the world see the USA as a clown (did anyone take apartheid South Africa seriously?). Racism is of the past; new economies have to be built on equality.

Go to Africa and you find Chinese folks in African villages doing their business, quietly taking over Africa...they are the new colonizers...let us hope that after the twenty first century Africans will get into the game of thrones. Asians do not present themselves as superior persons as white clowns did.

Apart from death, change is the only thing that we know for sure; things are changing!  Trump is the symbol of America's decay; you cannot resurrect dying empires once they begin the death and dying process! Whatever they do compounds and hastens their inevitable death; Trumps childish actions will hasten the collapse of the USA. (If you are interested in these matters see Edward Gibbons, the Decline and Fall of Rome.)

The USSR collapsed in a few short years (1989-1991...although Goberchov's Glasnost and Perestroika paved the way); the USA will probably collapse in one year.

The USA is a house of cards, a Ponzi, pyramid scheme and once it begins to fall there is no stopping it.

Moreover, the USA is built on the evil of slavery and racism; the universe abhors that evil so its end is already written.

The universe dictates that the future belong to those who treat all people equally. The world's last great empire will probably emerge in Africa in a couple hundred years.

Civilization began in Africa and returns to Africa, for man's final dream of greatness before he regains awareness of his oneness with his creator, God. Cheers, my friend.

Ozodi Osuji

June 1, 2017

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