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Are you a true leader?

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In all my life I have not found a black man (including African Americans, Africans, Nigerians and Igbos) who has completely let go of his ego and behaves  egolessly; all the black people(myself included)  that I know of cherish their egos. While black folks seem capable of doing some social good when push comes to shove they behave egoistically.

Humility does not seem part of black folks mental set; black folks are arrogant, prideful and vain and narcissistic.

If giving up the ego and its pride is the precondition for salvation, for enlightenment to one's real self, this means that not even one black man has been saved and enlightened!

Salvation means while still in this world letting go of one's ego and living from egoless Christ, Holy Spirit and total love.

Africans sold their people into slavery because they were egoistic. Even in the present, what Africans care for is to make money and use that money to buy paraphernalia that makes them seem very  important persons and masquerade around as African big men.

The African seems to have only one motivation: to seem like he is a big man; he will sell his parents, siblings and children to have money and with which he pretends that he is a big man; he does not work for his society's good. (Dr. Olumba, Dr. Duncan, Dr. Brown and Osuji etc. were and are all egoistic hence not saved, not enlightened to their real selves.)


If truth is told, I have not seen one African (Nigerian, Igbos) who so believes in something to be true that he is willing to fight and die for it; what I see are self-centered Africans who want to live at all costs and if it means tolerating slavery to Arabs, white folks and their African leaders they would do so just so they stayed alive.  In effect, Africans are cowards!

Since Africans are cowards one should not sacrifice one's life for them; one should not fight and die to benefit them for they are not worth dying for. What are they living for, anyway, just to be alive like animals? One should not die for animals; one should only die for courageous persons, for only courageous persons are worthy of living.


One should only fight for the truth, as one defines it to be, not for cowardly and corruption prone  Africans.

For example, one can fight for social justice and equality under the law and if needs be, die for it; one then is dying for abstract truth, not for Africans even though Africans would benefit from ones activities and death.


One must be excruciatingly truthful to one's self and state ones truth as one sees it. One must never tell one's self lies about who one thinks that one is. Those who tell themselves lies often wear masks, pretend to be, say, courageous while, in fact, are cowards.

Each of us has a personality, a habitual pattern of behaving and thinking; he must observe that pattern and know who he is and reinforce the strengths in his personality and work on improving his personality's weakness.

Since I was a child I was invested in knowing what the truth is; all my life I have sought the truth.  I generally state the truth as I see it, which may not be the truth for I doubt that I have understood what the truth is. All said, I seek the truth and state that truth.

However, while stating the truth I retain my ego; I have not allowed my ego to die in pursuit of the truth. I am an egotistical son of a bitch. All you have to do is affront my ego and I desire to take you down; your death would not mean much to me if you attacked my ego. I am a prideful son of a gun; or, in Nietzsche's term, I am human, all too human; I have not transcended human nature; that is, I have not transcended the ego for to have an ego is to be human and to transcend the ego is to be godly (to be godly is to be a loving person).

I seek the truth but do not fight for the truth that I know!  That is to say that I am not a leader.

A leader is a person who understands what he believes is the truth and fights for it. In fighting for it he does not mind if he dies in the process. What matters to him is to bring about the truth he knows to be so in his world. His idea of the truth may, of course, be wrong but he nevertheless stands up for it and fights for it.

In the black world Malcolm, X, Stockly Carmichael  and Martin Luther King stood up for the truth they knew, articulated it, worked for it (and two of them paid the price of been killed for trying to live their truth).  Those three were leaders and heroes of mankind.

In Africa, I believe that Steve Biko of South Africa was a man who stood up for the truth he knew to be so; I suspect that Nelson Mandela was also such a man; both were leaders and, as such, admirable human beings.

Nigeria has not produced one single person who sought the truth and fought for it; Nigeria has not produced a single leader of men; Nigeria produces bribe takers, corrupt people and outright thieves.

Nigeria produces contemptible and despicable cowards. No Nigerian of my awareness is worthy of human respect; they are all cowardly garbage.

Azikiwe and Awolowo did make some noises but neither transcended their egos; they were egoists and probably took bribes, too. Emeka Ojukwu was a capital coward who ought to have been shot to death for abandoning his troops to go seek personal survival; he assumed that his useless life was more important than the life of his soldiers; he was what a human being ought to not be; his body ought to be dug up and burned!

It is really not necessary for me to worry about Nigerians for they are what human beings ought to not be; what matters is for me to fight for the truth that I know to be so.

For example, I know that all human beings are equal and the same so I must fight for that concept; I want a world where all children are given publicly paid education up to university level and a world where all citizens are given publicly paid health insurance. Thereafter, the people should be on their own and fend for themselves; it is not right for an adult to feed other adults but he must help educate them.

Above all, I believe in the scientific culture, a world whose culture is not multiculturalism but a universal culture based on science.

These are some truths that I know to be so; I must therefore live them and fight for them; if I do so I am a leader. A leader believes in something, dedicates his life to it and fights for it.


I separated from God and want to seem powerful; I want to be the creator of me and the world; I am willing to kill me to prove to me that I have the power to do so, to destroy God's son hence seem more powerful than God.

Alternatively, I would give up the struggle over the authority question (who created me, me or God) and accept that God created me and ask him to guide me while I dream that I am apart from him, live in the world of dreams, on earth.

God created the Holy Spirit and placed him in our right minds and if we ask him he guides us and makes us live happy dreams while we are in the world of dreams. To do so means relinquishing ones ego and allowing the Holy Spirit and Christ (the son of God who has relinquished his ego and lives in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Spirit, love and forgiveness) to guide me.

I do not have to destroy my body with my only vice, coffee drinking. Caffeine is not good for me; it gives folks heart attack and stroke etc.


E is dogmatic and inflexible; he sticks to what he thinks needs to be done but will not socially fight for it, as a courageous man should; he stays in the background and while in the background affirms his beliefs. Because he is unassertive he is not making a good living.

Apparently, he expects other persons to take the consequences of his lack of courage by supporting him. But why should he live if he is not assertive; what is he living for, to be afraid  and just survive; that is not good enough reason to stay alive for; if he wants to live let him stand up and fight his own wars.

If he stays, as he is at the moment, in the background, he is going to amount to nothing significant in his life. In this world only courageous persons amount to something socially.

M is dependent and unassertive; he wants other people to fight his wars for him; he wants other folks to do for him what he needs to do by himself; for example, his idiot brother, G, rents out his father's house, a house that he wants to live in; instead of doing what he has to do to get the tenants to get the fuck out he wants other persons to fight that battle for him. He drags me, E and Emmanuel into it, to get G to get the folks to move out. He could solve that problem in a week but he lacks the guts to do it.


In these cogitations I managed to define what constitutes a leader and said that Africans have not produced leaders because they are over identified with their egos and do not transcend their egos and work for social interests.

Only those who transcend their egos and work for public good are leaders and are worthy of social admiration; the self-centered person is a contemptible coward.

Africans, so far, have been stuck at self-centered existence; they need to transcend their egos and begin to work to improve their collective good.  Africans need to go from animal status to Christ status.

Ozodi Osuji

January 28, 2017

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