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Mental disorders are means of separating from love, union

Written by 


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

The twentieth century saw the rise of Western psychology and psychiatry. This Western conception of what constitutes mental health and mental disorders were presented as rooted in science. The world had already been prepared to accept whatever is seen as scientific; thus, folks are supposed to accept Western psychological conceptions because they are scientific. An uncritical world accepted the West's conceptions of mental disorders.

I, too, did initially swallow this propaganda presented as science until I began reflecting on what I was given as the scientific truth. Eventually, I reached a different conception of the origin and nature of mental disorders.

In this paper, I am going to present that new perspective on mental disorders, a new psychology, really; it is a perspective that essentially rejects aspects of Western psychology, especially its psychotherapy.

The West currently uses the shibboleth of biological determinism to make its case that its perspective on mental disorders is true but I am not deceived. Yes, biology and social experience does play roles in the etiology and maintenance of mental disorders but ultimately mental disorders are maneuvers by clever human minds to disguise their decision to separate from love and thus to be evil.

Evil is any behavior designed to avoid loving one's self, loving other people and loving the whole being that folks call God.

Love is any behavior designed to unify with all people and the wholeness of being we call God. Love accepts all selves as one, unified and the same and coequal and does what serves their mutual interests. Love serves social interests and public good.

Evil is whatever encourages separation from the whole and sees people as different from each other and does not serve their collective interests.

Human beings want to separate from each other hence are capable of evil. People use every conceivable maneuver to enable them seem separated from each other hence become evil.


Western psychology, in an attempt to remove religion and morality from human beings, denies the concept of evil and sin; that was an egoistic behavior; I return what they removed from human beings to them. Human beings are moral creatures; people are capable of good and bad behaviors; human beings have existential freedom, albeit limited.

Given their freedom, people can choose to harm or to help other people; they can choose anti-social behaviors or prosocial behaviors; each person is responsible for his choices and for his behaviors.

The individual's behaviors has consequences for him and for other people; other people are, therefore, interested in the individual's behaviors; if you do what harms other people they are rationally motivated to prevent you from harming them. Thus, other people, society, punish people's anti-social behaviors and positively reward people's prosocial behaviors.

Whereas religions recognize human freedom and capacity for good or bad behavior, psychologists and scientists in general tell us that people are the products of their environment; people, beginning with the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago, were produced by natural forces.

Science teaches that people are the victims of natural forces. If they are normal it is their genes and social upbringing that made them so; if they are neurotic and or psychotic it is their biological inheritance and negative social experience that made them so. Thus, it came to pass that people are now seen as inert victims of the concatenation of environmental events.

Since people were determined by their environment it follows that they are not responsible for their behaviors. If a person harms other people psychologists tell us that he did so because of his personality disorder or his neurosis or his psychosis. It is not his fault that Hitler killed people; it is the fault of his crummy biological inheritance and or negative social upbringing.

So, what should we do about criminals like Hitler? We have them go to psychologists and psychiatrists and may be give them medications and talk based psychotherapy. Alas a life time of psychiatric care and or psychotherapy does not heal any person!

The mental health field does not heal the so-called mentally ill because they place the cart before the horse; they place the etiology of mental disorder in the wrong place. People are not victims of their b environment; they chose their current environment; they chose their behaviors; they chose their mental disorders!

On earth, human beings are separated from each other hence are evil. Most religions recognize the evil nature of human beings and set up practices to mitigate that evil. Religions state the truth of human evil nature in an unvarnished manner.

Whereas on earth people are separated from each other hence evil, however, in their spiritual state, people are not evil. This is because in spirit people are unified as one self with one mind. In their state of union they are good not evil.

People came to this world to seem separated from each other hence to be evil and since evil is not good they do whatever they can to appear good and not evil. People attempt to mask their evil behaviors and present themselves as good, for in their essence in spirit they are good and they are therefore somewhat embarrassed by their efforts to seem evil while they are in ego separated states in body.

We live in the age of science; there is no disputing the utility of science.  This is because of all attempts to explain the universe science seems to have done the best job of doing it; nevertheless, science has not explained all there is.

Scientists tell us that the universe is composed of 73% dark energy and 23% dark matter, for a total of 96% of dark stuff; science does not know anything about that dark stuff.

In effect, the part of the universe that we have begun to understand is 4%. We have not even understood one percent of that 4% of the visible universe. Let us then say that science has understood about one percent of the universe.

If you understand one percent of something can you make finalistic statements about its nature? Only a fool would presume to say that he has understood what he has understood only one percent of. If you are wise you would either keep quiet or listen to as many explanations of the universe as is possible.

I accept physics, chemistry, biology and the physical sciences in general; I believe that they are our best means for understanding our physical nature.  I accept the conjectures of astrophysics regarding the origin of the universe. However, I know that there is more to us than science teaches about us so I look to other types of explanations, including mythopoetic explanations.

Myths are necessary if we do not understand something fully; mythologies help us close the gap between what is fully understood, one percent of the universe, and what is not understood, ninety nine percent of the universe. Below, I present a mythological explanation of the origin of the universe.


In heaven, eternity, human beings are part of a unified whole. Even the Big Bang hypothesis starts by talking of our origin in a state of singularity, union that physics cannot explain (because the instruments of science can only explain separated states, not unified spiritual state).

Human beings wished to experience the opposite of their unified state, to be separated from their unified state.

To accomplish that desire they seem to have shattered union into smithereens (the Big Bang explosion).  Over time each resulting fragment is housed in a body (made from the matter made by the big bang, made by separation) and feels separated from other parts.

Each part feels like its interests are different from other parts. Each part struggles for personal survival and does not care for other parts survival.

Oh, if it pleases it, each part will cooperate with other parts for their mutual survival but when push comes to shove it will work for its survival at the expense of other parts.

Brothers may seem to work for their joint interests but eventually they will go their separate ways, marry and have their own children and each places his family's interests ahead of his brothers family interests and may actually work to harm the brother, even kill him if needs be to serve his personal interests (the Biblical Cain killed Abel for this reason).

We are in a world of self-serving people.  It is a world designed to serve individuals separated interests. Those who serve their interests at the expense of other folk's interests are by definition capable of evil. Human beings are born capable of evil.

To sin is to separate from the whole and from each member of the whole. Human beings are born sinners because they came here to separate from each other and serve their separated interests.  Because they are born sinners they do harm each other.


To be unified as part of one whole, the wholeness of God and his infinite sons is to be mentally healthy.  Separation from the whole, God, and from his other sons is the origin and nature of mental disorders.

Union is love; to be unified with God and all his creation is love. To separate from the whole, God and his sons, is to separate from love. To separate from love, due to the desire to experience the opposite of love, union, is mental disorder.

Mental disorders result from our efforts to separate from the whole, from God and from other people and from love.

Reality is unified; to desire separation from it is an oppositional act, an evil act.

To desire union with reality is a rational, sane act, a positive act.

Reality is unified but we desired to experience the opposite of it and separated from it. Reality is love (which is union) and we desired to separate from it; we desired to live loveless existence.

In eternity we are the same and coequal; we have common interests; we desired the opposite of those hence manifested in seeming separated states housed in bodies.

In our separated states we believe that we can do bad things to other people and since they seem apart from us what we do to them we believe that we have not done to us.

We do not want to know that we are unified with all existence; we admit to our current consciousness the apparent fact that we are separated. This awareness that we are separated from other people enables us to do bad things to them and believe that we are not doing bad things to us. We believe that we can be evil towards other people and what we did to them would not redound on us, we would not take the consequences of our bad actions towards other people.

We must forget that we are unified and believe that we are separated to do the evil things we do to other people; if we remembered that we are unified with all people and know that what we did to them we did to us we would not do evil things to other people for we would not want to do evil things to us.

Mental disorders, including psychosis, neurosis, anxiety disorders and personality disorders are means of forgetting that we are unified with other people; mental disorders are means of separating and maintaining separation from other people; mental disorders enable us to do evil things towards other people and believe that we have not done evil things to us.

We generally do what we think is good for us and our family members (wife and children) but do bad things to those we see as others, those we do not identify with, those we do not see as parts of us.

An example of ego self-interested behavior can be seen in a man that we shall call Joe; Joe is fighting for his family's survival but not his brothers survival; since he believes that his brothers are not helping him and his family he justifies what he is doing; he forgets that he is not doing anything helpful for them, either. Joe seized his and his brothers' father's properties and claims that they belong to him but not to his brothers; why so, the brothers ask him and he says that it is because his father helped his brothers more than he helped him, so he takes his father's properties as a kind of compensation of sorts for him. Of course, his action is misguided and generates unnecessary conflict between him and his brothers. In the end the brothers would regain their mutual properties. For our present purpose, the salient point is that the man is pursuing his self-interests at the expense of his brothers' interests; he is doing what serves his and his family's interests even though they are detrimental to his brothers' interests. This is the nature of the human ego self; the ego tries to optimize its self-interests at other egos interests and in the process initiate conflict and war between it and other egos; egos must always live in conflict and war.


The purpose of religion is to reduce people's inherent self-interested behaviors, to give them common purposes for them to work towards. In a good society people have unifying goals that they are working towards, goals they, hopefully, sacrifice some of their exaggerated self-interests for.

The goal of collective interests must be continually emphasized for left alone each person exists to pursue his self-interests. Left alone each human being would only do what serves his personal goals and, may be, what serves his wife's and children's interests; he would not remember to serve public good.

Society uses such instruments as religion to help unify the people and get them to work for common goals.

If religion is removed from society an alternative means must be obtained to be utilized to serve the purpose of unifying the people. One such alternative ideology is communism and socialism that teaches people to work for their collective goals.

In America people are told to work for individualistic goals, only, to be natural man and pursue only self-interests. In pursuit of self-interests Americans do accomplish a lot in material culture but America is not really a natural society; America is an artificial society held together by force, by the police, courts, judges, jails and military and when those become weak the entire house of cards would break down and the empire of self-interested persons would collapse; this may happen at any time now, for the American ego based empire has reached its breaking point!


Whereas the normal person inherently seeks his interests he remembers social interests and does what helps other people.  As it were, he is egoistic but also socialistic.

Those that develop mental disorders are those who do not want to work for self and other selves but just want to work for their selves alone.

The neurotic, the psychotic and the personality disordered person does not want to work for our collective good; he wants to exist as an alone person and serve his personal goals at the expense of others goals.

The mentally ill person serves only his self-interests.  He wants to aggrandize his self at the expense of other selves.

In the nature of things it is impossible to survive without the survival of other selves; thus, the wish to serve only the ego self at the expense of the collective ego selves run into problems.

Mental disorders are maneuvers to seem to have separated ego selves and different interests at the expense of other people while seeming to care for other persons.


The desire to have separated selves and different interests is masked by placing it in different bodies and those bodies made to seem problematic, thus seem to cause the problem of mental disorders.

Neuroscientists tell us about the biological and chemical underpinning of the various mental disorders. What they tell us is, by and large, correct.

The schizophrenic has issues with the neurotransmitter, dopamine; the manic person has issues with the neurotransmitter, adrenalin; the depressed person has issues with the neurotransmitter, serotonin; the anxious person has issues with the neurotransmitter, GABA and so on.

However, those biochemical imbalances in the nervous system, as well as the overall problematic bodies  of each individual was consciously chosen before birth on earth by each person to enable him live as a normal person or neurotic or psychotic person.

The human body was designed to enable people seem separated from each other; problematic human bodies were designed to accentuate separation; those born in problematic bodies chose them to accentuate their wish for accentuated separation from other persons.

Normal persons chose bodies that accentuate separation while enabling them to remember union hence their apparent normalness; the normal person serves his self-interests as well as other people's interests.

The mentally ill person chose to be separated from other selves and to serve mostly his self-interests. Mental illness is an attempt to serve only the self at the expense of other selves hence is a sinful and evil life style.

Please not that this conclusion is moral and religious; it is not based on amoral science, a science that victimizes people by telling them that they are determined by their environment when, in fact, they chose their environment and their behaviors.


The mentally ill are not victims but chose to be who they are: separated persons hence accentuate the evilness of human nature in them.

To be separated from the whole (the union of God and all his sons) is what Christians call sin. To be born on earth is to separate from the whole, God and all of us, hence is to be born in sin.

As sinners and evil persons we (and the mentally ill) are to be healed with a philosophy or religion that teach us to unify with the whole (God and all of us).

Our minds are to be taught to care for other minds, to return to unified state.  This is the only thing that would cure our mental disorders; mental disorders will not be cured by only giving people psychotropic medications or only talk based psychotherapy that tells them that they are victims of what other people did to them.  Nobody did wrong to the mentally ill; they chose to be separated, individualistic and serve their separated interests hence are mentally ill.

Alfred Adler got it right in stating that neurosis derives from wish to serve only ones ego self-interests (in pursuit of misguided superiority and power)  and that mental health lies in desire to serve social interests; that is, in desire to return to unified state, return to love (union of God and all of us). Because Adler's individualistic psychology is moralistic and in many ways religious, individualistic seeking ego America rejected it and instead accentuated Sigmund  Freud's gibberish that we are born with ID propensities that we must control via the superego, with the ego balancing both id and superego forces.

Later, America accepted behaviorism that sees us as determined by our environment; folks like B.F. Skinner waxed strong telling us that we do not have freedom and dignity because we are all determined by our environment and that we need him to schedule operant factors to recondition us to different patterns of behavior; alas all his behavior modification schemes did not modify any one's criminal behaviors.

At present, American accepts biological psychology that teaches that we are the products of our biological process.

America will accept whatever tells it that it is not making choices to be selfish and creating the incredible unjust society it has created, a society where one percent of the people owns as much wealth as ninety-nine percent of the people; a society that is so unjust that it is about to be overthrown by the exploited masses.


Mental health lies in jettisoning the ego separated self and returning to egoless state; that is, returning to unified state, which is return to love.

Mental health lies in returning to the condition of heaven where all of us share one unified self and each works for the good of all of us and no one is separating and using space, time and matter to construct separated selves to live as separated selves and serve separated self-interests.


Homo sapiens, wise creatures came from light beings, that is, they came from heaven. Heaven is a wave of light that has no beginning and no end, a wave of light that has existed eternally and will exist eternally.

Each human being is a particle of heaven's wave of light; the wave, God, and particles, us, is one! In our wave state we are eternal, permanent and changeless. While in the unified state, we had the delusion that we can separate from the whole light.

While in heaven, each of us desired to seem separated from the whole light, from God. In truth we cannot separate from God for God and his sons are unified as one self and one mind. Separation is impossible.

Since in truth we cannot separate from God and from each other we did the next best thing: go to sleep and in our sleep dream that we are now separated from God and from each other.

Our phenomenal world is the dream of separation; in it each of us sees himself living in space and time and matter; each person, working with all of us, gives himself the body that he lives in on earth; in his body he feels separated from God and all of us; what he did we all did.

Our evolution away from unified state, aka God, wave of light, first took us to living in dense forms (dense matter) where our true selves as light beings are hidden from our awareness. Now, however, we are moving towards awakening to our true beings as light beings, aka homo illuminous, lighted beings that illuminate the world.

In a few thousand years we shall become beings in light forms; we shall see ourselves in our present bodies but those bodies would be in light forms; the entire universe of things would be in light forms; this is what is meant by the new world and new man; what Christians call new Israel; it is us, human beings in light forms and everything in our world remade of light forms. It is a beautiful self and world; it is the self that God through his Holy Spirit has remade for his separated sons. It is our present world remade with love and forgiveness; it is our world purified with God's love.


Igbos, Nigerians and Africans in general are raw egotists; they see themselves as separated from each other; left alone all they care for is their individual egos and perhaps for their immediate family members egos (their wives and children); their egos are not yet expanded enough to incorporate other egos as parts of them; they do not work for their collective good but mostly for individual good.

Whoever sees his self as separated from other persons and works for his self-interest at the expense of others, which are all human beings, is a sinner. Africans work mostly for self-interests at the expense of collective interests and, as such, are sinners and evil persons. As long as they are egotists they will produce chaos and anarchy and will not have good governments in Africa.

It was only a hundred years ago that Africans were selling their people to Arabs and Europeans (and to themselves) hence lacked love for even themselves. Those who do not love themselves do not love other people; Africans had self-hate and hate for all people.

Therefore, Africans need a new philosophy (or religion) to illuminate for them the need to learn that at root we all share one self and one mind hence our need to work for each other, work for our common goals.

In the past Christianity and Islam and other universal religions (such as Hinduism and Buddhism) gave people a unifying instrument but unfortunately those religions are no longer performing the functions that good religions did in the past hence we now have a need for a reason based philosophy to teach people that we are one and should work for all of us.

My function is to teach the world (and especially Africans) a new unifying philosophy. In the meantime, I dismiss Africans as primitive egotists who cannot work for their common good; I, instead, concentrate on teaching them a new philosophy.


When a person has let go of his ego and is no longer defending his sense of separated self he is characterized by peace; his mind and body is calm; he is fearless; his mind is empty of ego chattering; he is not engaged in ego obsessive thinking. However, when he needs to talk or answer questions the Holy Spirit, his higher self, does the talking through his hitherto ego voice, a voice that is now calm and authoritative, for it speaks the truth of love and union, not ego divisiveness.

The egoless self is still in the human body but he now sees his body as kind of like a car that he drives around;  he uses his body to get around to teach people about our nature as unified self; he does not defend his ego but defends his body with food and clothing because he needs to do so to be in body to live with those in body; if he chooses, he can let go of defenses of his body and see himself in a light body but that would take him outside this world (place him in the world of light forms, the gate of heaven) but he needs to be in this world to help teach people  about our unified state.

Identification with the ego shows on one's face and body; being in ego makes our faces and bodies tense and fearful but when the ego is removed one feels calmly and smiles a lot, for one sees this world as a play, a drama that one is playing a role in; one sees the world as a place of mirth and one laughs a lot.

You know an enlightened person, the person who has remembered his true self, the light self, a teacher of God by the peace that exudes from every pore of his mind, body and what he says; he is now living in peace and gives his peace to the world. In fact, when you merely think of him peace enters your mind.

On the other hand, you know a false teacher of God by the conflict he generates in you, and by the lack of peace around him. Money hustling pastors do not give folks peace; they are unhealed healers; that is, they are still in egos and therefore cannot heal other egos. To be healed is to have jettisoned ones ego and identified with the Christ real self and is guided by the whole spirit, the Holy Spirit.

The teacher of love who is a teacher of  union and teacher of God lives for as long as his body is designed to live (the human body can live to be 120 years, although not all bodies can live that long). When he has done his part of teaching about love/union and God he lays his body down (as the world sees it, he dies); if he is an advanced teacher of God he may not even die; he may simply transit to light form living and see his earthly body in light form and thereafter live in the world of light forms (astral world, gate of heaven).


The world of light forms or astral world is the world those who have had near death experience see; it is not heaven.


Heaven is formless. Heaven is  one continuous wave of light in which each of us is a particle; the wave and particle are one; we experience the world that we want to experience (1) wave(whole, heaven), (2) light forms (gate of heaven),  (3) dense forms, earth (the earth separated into dense form or light form).


The egoless person is committed to living a loving life. He is not just interested in love but is committed to it.

For too long I was merely interested in spirituality and love but now I am committed to living and teaching it.

A teacher of God and love does not plan his day or what he is going to do from moment to moment.

Do we really plan our days or are our days planned for us? The ego lives in insecurity and fear and out of those plans the future for one. The ego plans ones day for one and fills it with fear of what may happen to one. In ego one feverishly struggles for the things of this world, such as money and power, for those enable one to survive in this world.

If one identifies with the Christ, ones real self in time and allows the Holy Spirit to plan ones day for one and guide one, one does not obsessively plan for the future but responds to the events of the day with love.


Who is best able to teach egotists the need to shrink their egos but a person who was a total egotist but has shrunk his ego?

I was a total egotist; I was a sinner and evil person. I was not a loving person. I strove to separate from God and other people and to protect my perceived illusory different interests; I lived to defend my ego. In ego I lived in fear and pain.

At some point I learnt that the ego is hell, literally not figuratively. To live in ego is to live in fear; to live in fear is to live in hell.

I decided to let go of living from the ego separated self and live from the unified self, the Christ self and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me. The result is my living in peace and joy.

I teach other people what I have first taught me, how to live egolessly; I give to other people what I first gave to me, living fearlessly hence in peace and joy.

No son of God can give to other sons of God what he has not first given to himself; if you give you ego hence fear and conflict you must give to other people ego, fear and conflict; if you eliminate your ego hence give you peace and joy, you give to other people the means to eliminate their egos (you cannot do it for them) hence give them the means to obtain peace (each of them has to work for peace by letting go of his ego, you cannot do so for them).


I have worked with those generally called mentally ill persons, from schizophrenics to manic, depressed, anxious, personality disordered and children with all sorts of problems, including autism, conduct disorders, ADHD and oppositional defiance disorders.

Why did I find it necessary to say that I have worked with the mentally ill? It is because I can see a smart Alek type of person say that this guy has not really seen the mentally ill and therefore does not know what he is talking about when he said that they are products of separation from the whole and hence evil.

Listen, all mental disorders are the products of the wish to be separated from God and people. This may not be apparent when you see it, for example, in the autistic child who appears withdrawn from society and hitting his head on the wall etc. This child is doing what he is doing because he wants to withdraw from God and people (the biological aspect of his issues is real enough so one is not discounting them).

The schizophrenic who is withdrawn from society and hears voices and is deluded (say, believe that he is god) is doing what he is doing to separate from God and people; the manic person who is euphoric, laughing to himself and claiming to be the wealthiest man on earth is doing what he is doing because he wants to withdraw from God and people. The depressed person who is full of guilt, feels like she is so bad that God would punish her, feels like life is not worth living, has lost interests in the activities of daily living, has no desire to work, go to school, play, groom herself etc. is doing what she is doing to withdraw from God and people; the deluded person who fancies himself the most superior human being on earth is actually doing it to withdraw from God; if he is more important than God then how can he obey God or move towards him.

The anxious person who is full of fears is doing what he is doing to withdraw from people and God. The various personality disordered persons (paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, narcissistic, histrionic, borderline, antisocial, avoidant, dependent, and obsessive compulsive, passive aggressive) do what they do to separate from God and people and protect their separated selves.

Those with dissociative disorders and even those with organic mental disorders (brain damage) do what they do to separate from God and people.

There are  biological aspects in most mental disorders; one is not denying the biological correlation with mental disorders; one is, however, saying that the biological issues were chosen to make the specific mental disorders seem caused by body when, in fact,  they were chosen by mind that wishes separation from God.

It will take a book to explain my thesis but be assured that I have thought about all mental disorders and wondered what caused them and what maintains them.

Whereas in this brief paper what I said may seem a mere assertion it is a fact. All mental disorders result from separation from God and people.

Healing of every mental disorder lies in the person returning to union with God and people and eliminating his ego; the mechanics of how to accomplish this task is for another paper.

A skeptic can ask: how do we know that my conception that in eternity, heaven we are unified is true; indeed, how do we verify that heaven exists? Heaven seems a mere assumption; and if it is nonexistent how can we be said to have separated from it? The whole paper seems speculative hence easily dismissed.

The age of science requires us to have demonstrable proof for our ideas and since there does not seem empirical proof that heaven and separation from it exists this paper then seems an exercise in philosophical idealism.  This is a good observation. Yet what it says is true!

How? The thesis can be proved through love for all people and forgiveness for those who wronged us and correction of their wrongs.

After the individual has forgiven and loved people let him go into meditation and stop his ego thinking and remain silent. If he can keep his mind free of ego based thinking for an hour he can experience the world of light forms. If he persists he can even experience the world of formless heaven.

The proof for the thesis of this paper is obtained through what Christian religion calls the mystical union of God and his son, what Hinduism calls Samadhi, Buddhism calls Nirvana and Zen calls Satori. This paper cannot be proved through the yardsticks of secular science.

In a world where science explains only one percent of reality the reader is invited to entertain the possibility that the rest of reality can be verified through nonscientific means.


I studied what the west calls psychology; I worked in the mental health system for twenty years. I have seen the mentally ill in every milieu that they are seen: psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers and have tried to help them utilizing what the West calls psychotherapy.

Over time, I realized that what the West does for the mentally ill does not heal them. I recognized that the West does not heal the mentally ill because its tools for healing them are faulty.

The West's conceptualization of the origin and nature of mental illness is only partially correct. It correctly sees the diseased self-concept, the ego and the diseased body it lives in.

The West tries to change the self-concept and improve the body via medications. Those are useful efforts. However, the West forgot that people are spiritual beings who chose to have separated existence in body, matter, space and time.

The world is an oppositional place; we came here to oppose God, oppose union and oppose love.  What will heal us is for us to return to love, union and God.

The mentally ill is all of us; however, the so-called normal person while seeking separated self somewhat remembers social interests so he appears healthy but not really.

The neurotic and psychotic completely forgot our unified nature and accentuate separated self and separated interests hence are alienated from their true nature (unified self).

What would heal the normal, the neurotic and the psychotic person is teaching them, all of us, to let go of our identification with our separated  ego selves, stop defending the ego and return to identifying with our true selves, unified selves.

And while we are still in the temporal universe to be mentally healthy we must work for our common good.

This is the truth, a truth that capitalist America that emphasizes self-interest at the expense of collective interest does not want you to know and does not teach.

As a teacher of love, teacher of union and teacher of God my function are to teach us what capitalists do not want us to know, that we are one shared self and, as such, ought to work for our collective good.

Yes, capitalism is perhaps the most productive economy but we must combine it with aspects of socialism that tell us to share our goods.

As Karl Marx enjoined us to do: "from each his abilities and to each his needs".

A mixed capitalist and socialist economy and a political economy that provides all citizens with such things as publicly paid health insurance and provides all young people publicly paid education through university and thereafter leave them to fend for themselves, is the best  society to live in, the best society that enhances our mental health.

Mental health lies in one living from our unified self; that requires us to love all people and work for all people's social interests.

Finally, let me say that the Christian Church is correct in stating that human beings are born in sin and live in sin and need redemption, salvation and deliverance from their sinful nature. The reason given for this sinful human nature is because Adam and Eve, the supposed initial sons of God, disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit while in the Garden of Eden (in the state of oneness).

What the Garden of Eden metaphor is teaching us is that we were created by God and that God has us live with him in his heaven, unified spirit state but we chose to leave it, to separate from it and go live independently.

Like the prodigal son we separated from our father in pursuit of prideful independence. As long as we live ego independence we shall suffer. We live in separation means that we live in sin and suffering.

When we choose to relinquish our prideful ego and return to living with our father we return to living in his grace and our suffering ends.

In the meantime, our ego desire for separation is so strong that we need deliverance by a power greater than us, the Holy Spirit and his most obedient student, Jesus Christ.  Left alone we will keep living in ego separation hence in sin and suffer.

To return to unified state (egolessness) is to live in God's grace, and to partake in his infinite abundance already given to us.

In our egoistic world sin and evil is real. Human society cannot exist if there is no legal mechanism for apprehending and punishing evil persons. Society must have police, courts and jails or else there will be no law and order. At the international level, criminal organizations like Muslim Jihadists (for example, ISIS) must be hunted down and destroyed. As long as human beings have the capacity for evil and do choose evil behaviors people must protect themselves from evil persons and their evil behaviors.

. The ideas explored in this paper can be found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, Gnosticism and A course in miracles and, of course, western psychology and philosophy. The writer has studied those thought system and extrapolated from them what he deems useful to him and incorporated them into his worldview. The paper represents what makes sense to him regardless of where he may have gotten the ideas in it.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

January 24, 2017


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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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