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John Logie Baird: Men of Ideas

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John Logie Baird (1888-1946) was a Scottish inventor who played a key role in the invention of the Television. Whereas there is some dispute as to who actually invented the TV, the British have no doubt as to who did so, Baird did.

Baird is credited with being the first person to produce a live moving image on television in halftones by reflected light. Baird demonstrated his television and its live moving images in 1925, at a London Department Store.

He demonstrated the world’s first color transmission in 1926. In 1927 Baird demonstrated long distance transmission of television between London and Glasgow, a distance of over 400 miles. Subsequently, the BBC employed his Television to transmit moving images along with news.

Baird mechanical television was crude and has been replaced by electronic television systems as pioneered by Marconi, Shoenberg and Zworykin.

Baird embraced these improvements and in 1944 gave demonstration of the world’s first fully functioning electronic color television.

Baird had other ideas that if pursued would have further improved the television. But his ideas were sometimes too much ahead of his time. For example, he had ideas that if they had been applied would have produced today’s HDTV level quality television.

Baird made other inventions, such as a video recording device (which he called Phonodisc), radar etc. Baird however, is known for his contributions to the invention of television.


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