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Howard Flory: Men of Ideas

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Howard Florey (1898-1968) was an Australian pharmacologist. His notable contribution to medicine was finding a way to extract penicillin and mass produce it and use it to immunize the public against bacterial infection.  Apparently, he had read Alexander Fleming’s paper regarding the extraction of penicillin from penicillin and noted Fleming’s difficulties in extracting large enough quantities of penicillin to make it useful for immunizing the public. Fleming had given up on his efforts to extract large quantities of penicillin.

Florey and his associate, Ernst Boris Chain, found a way to accomplish what Fleming could not. For his work along with Chain and Alexander they were awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1945.

Florey’s contribution is in the nature of technology, not pure science. Alexander Fleming did the pure science work and Howard Florey found a technology to extract sufficient penicillin to make the effort worth while.


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