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Georges Lamaitre: Men of Ideas

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Georges Lamaitre (1894-1966) was a Belgian physicist and astronomer.  In 1931 Lamaitre proposed what is now called the Big Bang hypothesis of the origin of the universe.

Einstein had postulated a steady state universe and Friedman and Lamaitre proved other wise that the universe is expanding.

Lamaitre posited that the universe began from a primeval atom that exploded and created space, time and matter.

Friedman merely talked about an expanding universe but it was Lamaitre who hypothesized that the universe had an origin in one atom that exploded and gave rise to it.

At first Lemaitre’s hypothesis met with opposition, including from Einstein until observation proved it to be correct and Einstein quickly endorsed it.

Lamaitre, a student of the cosmologist, Arthur Eddington, proposed that the universe started from an initial singularity, a cosmic egg, and exploded and in nanoseconds created space, time and particles (and over time particles formed into atoms and atoms formed the various elements which combined to form everything else).

Lamaitre’s fame rests on his one discovery, that the universe started in a primeval atom and is expanding out words (expanding to where, if everywhere is the universe).


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