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Atheists delusion that there is no God

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I have just reread Richard Dawkins screed: The God delusion. I first read it when it came out in 2006 and wrote a review of it. During that same time period I also read Christopher Hitchens' God is not so great. Here are my further thoughts on these folks radical atheism.

Delusion and illusion are beliefs that are not based on facts that we all can verify; they are false ideas about reality that somehow the individual believes is true and behaves according to them.

For example, an individual may be physically weak and powerless but somehow manages to convince himself that he is strong and act as if he is indeed powerful. He then presents his imaginary powerful self to other people to see him as he wants to be seen, as a powerful person. Of course, rational people see him as he is, weak, not as he wants to be seen as, powerful. He resents those people who do not see him as he wants to be seen.

The paranoid personality disordered person generally quarrels with other people because they do not collude with him and see him as a powerful god.

Paranoia, Greek for trying to be who one is not, is really an attempt to be god, to convince one's self that one is not a weak human being but a powerful god.

Paranoid personalities feel inordinately inadequate, deny it and posit ideas of themselves as totally powerful (or all knowing or beautiful) and want other people to see them in this compensatory manner and if they do paranoids feel fine but if not they quarrel with them.

You must be in cahoots with the paranoid person and see him as the god he wants to be seen as if you want to get along with him; he does not want any one telling him about the reality of his powerlessness.

Delusions and illusions are created by our minds and made to seem true when, in fact, they are not true. For example, Satan does not exist. Human beings invent Satan and use his supposed power to harm people to scare themselves. People are afraid of Satan and the Devil; people intimidate themselves with the false idea of Satan/Devil; Satan is a delusional belief that people's minds invented.

Richard Dawkins, an Oxford University professor of biology, in his book, The God Delusion, is saying that God does not exist but that our minds invented him and subsequently pray to him to guide us and protect us. God is a mere delusion or illusion and does not exist but because we so want him to exist, we want a powerful agent to protect us, we believe that he exists.

In the Future of an Illusion, Sigmund Freud said that our minds make a nonexistent God seem to exist. The vagaries of the environment could snuff us out at any time; we feel vulnerable and live precarious lives so we think that we need a powerful god to protect us, to enable us survive in the impersonal world we live in. Alas, he does not exist; he is a mere magical entity we conjured out of thin air. We are still the ones who must protect ourselves, not some imaginary god.

As I write there was Hurricane Harvey in Texas (USA). We wish that a powerful god protected us from its destructiveness but since he does not exist he cannot protect us; only we can protect us.

In delusion disorder, what we wish to exist that does not exist now seems to exist for us even though it does not exist;  we are deluded when we believe what does not exist as existing and act on the basis of that false belief.

Dawkins made a persuasive argument that God does not exist and that belief in him is a delusion. However, his understanding of God is a problem; his god is the Abrahamic god. Belief in his Abrahamic god is delusional but that God is not the only type of God there is. Belief in god, properly delineated, is not delusional, is realistic and sane.


The Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam invented a father figure they call God and made him seem outside people; they urge people to pray to that imaginary God and worship that God of human invention.

Mr. Dawkins is telling us that we invented our idea of God. We invented God and then turned around and say that God created us. This is delusional belief.

Rational thinking, Dawkins believes, would dispose us to discard the gods of our inventions and do what he did, accept that there is no such thing as God.

We ought to become atheists and materialistic in philosophy. In his book, the Watch Maker, Mr. Dawkins tells us, in exhausting detail, how accidents, beginning from the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago, to the present produced people who can make the intricate machines called watches; accidents produced our brains that can figure out the makeup of the universe.

It is the concatenation of random events, chance accidents that produced Shakespeare and through him wrote his immortal tragedies and comedies.

If you sit in front of a computer and type randomly it probably will take you several trillion years, if at all, for you to pound out Shakespeare's Hamlet or Macbeth; the universe is not old enough for chance to have produced brains that can understand the universe. Let us play along with Mr. Dawkins.

According to the man's philosophy, it is accidents that made the discoveries of Galileo, Kepler, Eugene Huygens, Tyco Brahe, Newton, Harvey, Robert Boyle, John Dalton, Thomas Young, James Clark Maxwell, J.J. Thompson, Ludwig Boltzmann,  Henry Becquerel, Rontgen, Pierre and Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Neil Bohr, Louis Broglie, Warner Heisenberg, Emil Schrodinger, Paul Dirac, Max Born, Eddington, Alexander Friedman, George Lemaitre, Edwin Hubble, Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn, Strassman, Enrico Fermi, Thomas Oppenheimer, George Gamow, Fred Hoyle, Hugh Everett, John Bell, James Wheeler, Alan Aspect, Alan Goth, Murray Gellman, Eugene Wigner, Steven Weinberg, James Watson, Francis Crick, Mendel, Jenner, Pasteur, Laplace and the other physicists, chemists and biologists that enabled us to understand ourselves and our world.  There is no such thing as intentionality and purpose in the universe; there is no teleology in the universe; everything is the product of the workings of accidents, Dawkins tell us and wants us to believe it.

Indeed, Dawkins, in another book, The Selfish Gene, agrees with Edward Wilson (Sociobiology) that human beings are just a bunch of selfish genes and whatever they do is motivated by desire to survive; they pass their surviving genes to their progeny.

Parents provide for their children not because they love them but because they want to survive through them; their behavior is selfish, not altruistic.

There is no such thing as God; there is no such thing as love; we are just self-centered animals cooperating with each other because we realize, as Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan) said, that we can kill each other so it is in our mutual self-interests to cooperate with each other and respect each other's rights but in nature only selfishness is realistic behavior.

Dawkins idea of God is clearly rooted in the Judeo-Christian conception of God. In this monotheistic idea of God, God is made a person who through magical means conjured the universe out of nowhere and created us (as delineated in the Christian Bible, Genesis).

Clearly, this view of God cannot be true. As far as I know, no one has seen Yahweh.  Indeed, if you think of the Jewish God you would conclude that he is insane and want to lock him up in a psychiatric hospital. He is a pathological narcissist; he flies into murderous rage when you do not admire him and pay attention to him.

Yahweh, according to the Old Testament portion of the Christian Bible, is reported to have struck dead those who disobeyed his massive ego; for example, he turned Lot's wife into a bag of salt just because curiosity overcame her and she turned around, when Yahweh told her not to do so, to see what god did to those who disobeyed him, burned them alive!

An actual human being who behaves like the Jewish God allegedly did is in our world considered insane.  Psychotherapy is recommended for folks with narcissistic personality disorder.

Donald J. Trump, the narcissistic king of narcissistic white Americans, ought to be in psychotherapy; the man is emotionally about nine years old; his vocabulary is a third grader's vocabulary; yet, the man fancies himself as very smart and takes every opportunity to tell us how he went to an Ivy League university, Pen State (Pen-State you produced an idiot, shame on you; you should have flunked out this dummy so that we did not have to contend with his dumb ass!).

Apparently, Richard Dawkins' education on religious matters, if at all he had any, is limited to Christianity. If he had bothered to take a course on comparative religion and studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen and other oriental religions he would have learned that they do not see God as a father to be praised.  Hinduism sees all of us as part of God.

In Hinduism God is called Brahman and each of us is called Atman. Brahman and Brahman share oneself; that one self is in all people, animals, trees and all things in the universe.

Buddhism sees what the occidental world calls God as an all pervading impersonal consciousness that operates in each of us; it is not our separated ego selves. Buddhism encourages people to tune out their egos and attain no ego self and in it experience nirvana (a sense of oneness with all things...Hinduism calls that experience Samadhi, Zen calls it Satori).

Listen, the Judeo-Christian conception of God is primitive and cannot possibly be true; it is not true. The Christian God does not exist, period.  That conception of God must be extinguished as we did to other primitive folk's concepts of God.

There was a time when folks believed in Greek gods and Roman gods but we have realized that they are products of human imagination and let them go. By the same token, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim conceptions of God are not true; we must dismiss those ideas of God from our minds.

As Joseph Campbell pointed out in his writings on the Hero with thousand faces, and the power of myth, human beings do not know it all; they need myth to explain what they have not yet understood.

Our old religious myths are now dead; they are dead because they no longer help us to understand the unknown portion of our universe.

We need a new and different myth, a different conception of God but not no god. Contemporary physics tells us that dark energy constitutes 73 percent of the universe, dark matter constitutes 23% of the universe; we do not know anything about that 96% of the universe; we are only beginning to understand less than one percent of the visible universe.

In a situation where we do not know anything meaningful about 99% of our universe it is presumptuous to rule out the existence of God, as flippant and arrogant atheists like Richard Dawkins do. Agnosticism remains the most honest approach to phenomena.

As a man defines his god he defines his self, for he is the god that he is defining and seeing as outside him.

God is limitless; God cannot be defined for to define him is to limit him; yet, we must have some sort of definition of God; we must limit God by defining him, for our human minds demand definitions of things.


God is not a person outside us. God is our real self. God is the universal intelligence that produced everything in the universe. That intelligence is not outside us; it is inside us; it is our real self.

God is the intelligence with which we think, create and do everything that we do; it is also the intelligence that operates in the stars, planets, animals, trees and everything. God is not apart from us, God is us and we are God.

We must change our old conceptions of God without altogether throwing out the idea of God. Atheism is correct in showing that the Christian definition of God is not the real God, is a delusion. Where atheism made a mistake is in saying that there is no such thing as God.

Atheists who believe that there is no God have delusion disorder; they are deluded because they do not even understand one percent of the universe yet they make finalistic statements about the universe; their atheism is based on ignorance, as much as religionists' gods are based on ignorance.

We need to heal atheists like Richard Dawkins their erroneous and arrogant belief that there is no God. We need to heal Richard Dawkins his obvious narcissistic personality disorder. We have allowed him, for too long, to run around the world seeking our attention and admiration by telling us that there is no god; it is now time for us to tell him that he is an empty vessel that makes a great deal of noise; the man is an empty suit!

Christian Europe has thrown out their Christian primitive god but refused to also tell Muslims that their conception of God is false.

European liberals wax powerful desecrating their Christian God but find it a no go area criticizing the Muslims God. They leave Muslims alone. Apparently, they are aware that Muslims are crazy folks and all you need to do is say a bad word about their imaginary Allah and his supposed prophet, Mohammed, the man who married a ten year old girl, along with twelve other women, and Muslims come after you.

Muslim Jihadists will kill you if you say one word against their religion. Thus, cowardly Western liberals feel free to desecrate the Christian God for they know that Christians would not come and cut off their heads, but desist from making similar statements about Allah and his prophet for they know that to do so is to risk a fatwa pronounced on them by Muslim clerics and their throats are cut off.

Cowardly Liberal Richard Dawkins says nasty things about the Judeo-Christian God but did not say a negative word about Allah. The man is a lily livered coward who is afraid of being killed by radical Muslims.

These days' western liberals support everything but traditional morality. They have not seen any deviant behavior that they do not like. They are now the champions of every type of sexual deviancy; they support homosexuality and no doubt will soon be supporting pedophilia and bestiality; they will tell us that some people are born with sexual craving for children and or for animals.

Liberals are on a fast track to destroying organized society and replace it with chaos and anarchy so that they have the freedom to behave as they please. They want to be unchained so that they return to Rousseau's imaginary world of Noble Savages.

Clearly, we must find a way to chain these wild men called liberals before they destroyed organized society. There must be restrictions in our behaviors if we are not to harm and destroy each other. If you doubt it, remove the police from any city and see what happens as the urban savages' loot each other's properties and make life brutish, nasty and short.

Western liberal atheists, while telling their people to give up their primitive Christian god ignore Muslims equally primitive god and the result is that Muslims have literally taken over many English towns, such as Oxford.

I just came back from England; over there I could not believe that not only are Muslims everywhere but are ruling many cities; it is only a matter of time before they institute sharia law and force all people to read the Koran and the Hadith.

Muslims are now the mayor of London, Oxford and major English cities. Western liberals, pursuing their multiculturalism and political correctness that would never criticize Islam, have paved the way for Muslims to take over Europe.

What Muslims could not accomplish in 711 AD when they swept into Spain and in 733 when they got near Paris liberals have enabled them to accomplish, take over Europe and, soon, North America.

Thanks to cowardly western liberals we are now exposing ourselves to Muslim culture, a culture of blind belief, and a world where folk's heads are chopped off for stating the truth as they see it.

Western individualism is now dead. The enlightenment mission began by Pascal, Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Berkeley, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and other valiant free thinkers have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and multiculturalism.

All cultures are not equally good; some cultures are primitive. India used to burn its widows on their dead husbands' funeral pyres; this practice is not as good as a culture that helps its widows survive.

What we need is not to encourage this or that culture but to construct a culture based on science.

Scientific culture is what we need to have. In as much as people need religion we may have to tolerate Christianity until we complete Saint Simon and August Comte's mission of inventing a scientific religion.

Western liberals have allowed Arabs to conquer them and impose the Arabian primitive religion of Islam on them. Soon, all Englishmen, Europeans and Americans will be praying facing Mecca and making annual pilgrimages to Mecca, the Prophet's town. What Arab Muslims could not accomplish through the sword cowardly Western liberals have handed to them in a gold platter.

These liberal idiots have sent the world back to the seventh century Arab world view. Thank you, Richard Dawkins, for enabling Islam to take over England and transform English culture to Muslim culture.

Liberals unwittingly help implement sharia law; it is their heads that will be the first to be beheaded by blood thirsty Muslims when they begin beheading whoever blasphemies Allah and his prophet.


Listen, there is something that our primitive ancestors called God; it is pure intelligence, the intelligence that operates through you, me, animals, trees, rocks, stars and everything. This is not Spinoza's pantheism or any other ism but the simple truth that there is an intelligent aspect to our universe. I do not pretend to have understood that intelligence but its existence seems self-evident to me (I gravitate to what Henri Bergson called Elan Vital, a life force that operates through everything).

There is intelligence in the universe; that intelligence is one; each of us is a unit of it, is a particle of it. That intelligence thinks through us and we think through it.  This is the unvarnished truth.

Universal intelligence is synonymous with light; light has intelligence; in our brains we think through electrons; electrons are light, photons, with negligible mass.

During the big bang a particle of light appeared, exploded and expanded and invented our physical universe of matter, space and time; that light has intelligence in it.

Whereas physical light has intelligence in it, spiritual light, the source of physical light, has more intelligence in it.


Rene Descartes said: Cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am. There is a thinking agent in us; that thinking agent is our real self.

Our primitive ancestors called the thinking part of us god but it is nameless, it is pure intelligence, it is eternal, permanent and changeless. We need to keep trying to understand the nature of universal intelligence instead of cavalierly dismissing it, as brain dead atheists like Richard Dawkins do.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

September 2, 2017

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