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To defend your ego is to live in pain

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Every human child must invent an ego for himself. His inherited body and its medical state play a critical role in the nature of his ego state, whether it is flexible or rigid.

All of us, society, play roles in the child's formulation of his ego; we work in concert to help each other develop an ego separated self.

Because we helped each other develop our ego selves we must also work in tandem to help each other let go of his ego (as I have been doing; I am trying to help Africans let go of their absurdly big  egos, egos that prevent them from governing themselves well).

The ego self is the self we must, as human beings, have; it is a replacement self, a substitute self we invented and with it replace our real self.

Our real self is part of unified spirit self, also called the union of God and his son (who are formless light).

Because the ego self is not real, is a made up self, a make belief self we invented to enable us live in the dream of separation from our real self, God and his extensions, it must be defended to seem to exist.

As long as you defend your ego you inflict pain to you. If you stop defending your ego you stop giving you pain.

If you do not defend your ego you would not feel psychological pain; you do not feel heavy, you feel light.

If you continue to not defending your ego you literally see it disappear; since the ego comes with body you literally see your body also disappear (only few human beings have attained this level of spiritual development; Jesus Christ and a few others attained this high level of attainment of their real self while still on earth).

Your ego and body are literally dream figures in the dream of separation and dream of self-forgetfulness; they seem real but in truth neither the dream nor the ego exists.

The dream, our physical universe, does not exist but seems to exist for those who want it to exist and it exists for them.

Because the physical universe, body and ego are not real they must be defended to seem to exist for one. You must defend your body for it to exist for you; you must defend your ego for it to exist for you.

If you stop defending your body and ego they disappear from existence for at no time did they ever exist.

For now, the issue is that if you defend your ego you inflict pain to you. Is it not a good idea to stop inflicting pain on you by not defending your ego self?  Why do you not appreciate whoever tells you not to defend your ego, not to inflict pain on you?  You ought to be jumping up and down with joy from not defending your ego but you insist on defending your ego; you insist on giving you pain.

Why do you do it? Are you insane? Yes, you are insane! To be a human being is to be insane; to deliberately give one's self pain is insane!


You defend your ego because in doing so you feel that the self you invented to replace the self that God created you as is real. To defend your ego is to have made a different self from the self that God created you as.

In effect, to defend your ego is to feel more powerful than God, for you now have killed his son, your real self (you have crucified Christ and feel fearful and guilty and expect his father, God to punish you) and replaced him with the self you made, the ego separated self.

As long as you insist on this power struggle with God, this desire to defeat God and replace his son with your own son, ego, you will live in pain (and fear, anger and guilt).

You must have an ego self to feel fear, anger, paranoid, depressed, guilty and shamed. If you have no ego separated self you do not feel fear, anger, paranoid, depressed and guilty and shamed. No ego separated self no negative affects; there must be a separated self to have those pesky emotions.

The world exists because we, the sons of God, are in a struggle with God. We want to kill God; instead of accepting the self-God created us as, the son that is unified with him and with each other, we invented different selves for ourselves (we help each other in inventing our individual ego selves), selves that are apart from God; we house our new ego selves in bodies.

Our real selves, the sons of God are formless, are not in bodies, dense or light. Our real selves are particles of light in the wave of light called God.

Wave of light and its infinite particles are one; there is no separation between them, each is in the other.


Stop defending your ego with the various ego defense mechanisms (repression, suppression, denial, projection, displacement, rationalizations, excuses, fantasy, sublimation, reaction formation, fear, anger, shame, guilt and so on ) and you would stop inflicting pain on you; you would live even here on earth, in body, painlessly.

We use pain and sickness as means of making our body and ego seem real in our awareness; guilt and shame are also means of making our ego seem real in your awareness.

The person who feels shame or guilt is in ego state hence in a false self; guilt and shame are means of defending the ego. The person who feels guilty or shamed has denied his real self.

The ego does not understand how a person does not feel shame and guilt for it believes that the son of God has done something dreadfully wrong by separating from him hence must feel guilt and shame (this means that separation has, in fact, taken place but separation has not taken place; it took place only in dreams and what took place in dreams have not taken place in reality; the sons of God have not separated from him hence should not feel guilt or shame).


A certain paranoid, deluded Igbo man called Nebu keeps asking people to feel shame; in every paragraph he writes (he writes in paranoid English...his writing is akin to Hitler's paranoid German Hitler's Mein Kampf and appreciate paranoid writing) he tells people that they are shameless.  Why does he say that, I asked?

The behavior that other people enact before you is meant to help you learn about the ego, theirs and yours.

Nebu is an ego and, as such, believes that he has separated from God and feels shame and guilt. He denied his shame and guilt feeling (to make him feel innocent) and project it to other people. Now it is other people who are wrong and ought to feel shamed and guilty, not him.

By denying his shame and guilt he thinks that he has averted God's punishment of him for separating from him, for separate is to sin...he now points accusatory fingers at other people and say that they are the ones who separated from God, not him, and wants God to punish them, not him.

God knows that his son cannot separate from him hence cannot sin and therefore does not punish his son; to God his son is eternally innocent; he merely sleeps and dreams of separation, dreams of sin; but without waiting for God to punish other people, Nebu plays the ego god and wants to punish them on behalf of God.

In his mind other people did wrong and ought to feel shame and guilt and be punished by him, the grandiose, paranoid ego god.

If they buy into his devilish ego play and feel shame he controls them by threatening to shame them and that way they obey his satanic rebellious soul.

This deluded man's insistence on calling people shameless, which presumed that they ought to feel shame, made me study him and finally realize how the ego uses shame and guilt to control people and make them seem separated from God; and keep them in the egos world (the ego does not want you to leave this world, for he values this world and wants to keep you in it).

The fact is that we are not separated from God; we remain as God created us, unified with him and with each other; we are always in formless, unified state; therefore, we do not have guilt, shame, fear, anger, paranoia and depression.  The devilish ego of Nebu has paranoia; he is extremely fearful, depressed, and guilt and shame bound...the devil denies the existence of God and says that atheism is truth; atheism enables him to kill God and replace him with his own ego as the creator of the universe.


Stop defending your ego separated self (and its body) and you would literally feel no pain. To the extent that you defend the ego false self you inflict pain on you.

Ego defenses, pain, sickness, death, fear, guilt, shame, body are means of making the ego in you seem real; the ego is not real. Your real self is the formless son of God; that formless son of God takes form in a self in light form; the self in light form is called the Christ self. The Christ self is at the gate of heaven and, as such, approximates the true formless son of God.

Do not defend your ego and you literally see yourself disappear from the temporal universe of dense forms and (1) first see you in the world of light forms and (2) finally experience yourself as part of formless, unified spirit self, as a particle of light in the wave of light called God.

Ozodi Osuji

September, 23, 2016

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