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The human tragedy is our belief that we have separated selves

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What it means to be a human being is the belief that one has a separated self housed in body. One defends that self and defence makes it seem real to one. One sees other separated selves doing good or bad things to one. If they do good things to one, one feels okay but if they do what harms one, one feels not okay. One anticipates other people doing bad things to one and avoids them or fights them. The goal is for the separated self to survive at all costs. The separated self engages in the struggle for survival for about a hundred years and then dies. It is heard from no more.  The struggle to have a separated self continues for those still alive in bodies.

Now suppose one tells one's self that the separated self is an illusion, a chimera that does not  exist or seems to exist only in a dream setting and when defended it seems real but when not defended it is not real. If you do not defend your ego self it literally does not exist.

Now suppose that you believe that the self needs defence to exist and that without defence it does not exist and you refuse to defend your ego self what do you think would happen. You would see other people do good or bad things to your supposed self and ignore them. You do not defend yourself when rejected by other people or when attacked by other people.

Your ego tells you that if you do not defend yourself that you would die. Okay, why not find out and not defend it. It is defence to give your body food and other things that make it survive, so defence at the level of body is inevitable to live.

Having defended the body now do not defend you r self-concept, your self-image, your ego. When you see other people attack your ego self concept just ignores it. What would happen is that soon you realize that you are not your ego for you would be peaceful and calm most of the time regardless of what other people say or do to your ego self. You would live in peace.

If you continue defencelessness sooner or later you experience your ego disappear. This is literal not figurative. Your self would disappear and you experience yourself in a different world, first in a world of light forms where you see yourself in your present form but in a form made of light. If you do not defend that light form of you, you will get to a point where you experience yourself as only an idea of self without form. If you continue you get to a point where your ego separated self disappears and you merge with a universal self, the unified spirit self that folks call God.

The universal self is one and yet infinite in numbers. You are that unified self and all of us is it. No one can describe it in words for it is ineffable. All that can be said is that in it you feel eternal and immortal and peaceful, a type of peace that your ego self cannot understand.

To reach the no ego self state, that is, to return to God, to eternity is probably asking too much. Okay, we came to this world to seem to have a separated self. Everything in this world is designed to make each of us seem to have a separated self. So you have a separated self. Just realize that what you call your ego separated self housed in body is not your real self, that your real self is formless spirit, a self that is beyond words to describe it. I cannot describe it; you just have to experience it to know that it is real and when you know that it is real any talk that it is not real would amuse you for it is the only reality there is, the rest are illusions, dreams.

For now think about the idea that your present self, the ego separated self housed in body may not be your real self, consider that your real self is part of unified spirit self, aka God. Ponder this possibility and see where such cogitation leads you.  Try ego defencelessness. When other folks say bad things about you do not feel angry or fearful for they talked about your dream self, the ego self not about your real self. Your real self, the spirit self is perfect, as is the real self of other people and no one can say anything to detract from its perfection.  Just shine off the good or bad other people say about you.

Try to be non judgemental; do not say anything good or bad about you and other people. The other people you see are their dreams selves, dream figures, not their real selves. So instead of talking about them or judging them just let them be. They are acting out their ego selves, that is, dreaming and what is done in dreams have not been done in reality. They remain perfect in their real selves despite what you see them do in the dream of separation. Just say nothing good or bad about you or other people and let all have the type of dreams they came to have in this world.

If you do so you will increasingly feel calm and peaceful.  Pass through the world without evaluating it as good or bad but let it go.   The people you see around you are people projected out by you and they projected you out in our mutual dreams that separation is possible. Our real selves are beyond our present understanding.

Try meditating where you silence your ego mind and thinking and stay quiet. Whatever you think that you know is a perception based on incomplete information hence not true. All you have are opinions and opinions are not the truth.

What the truth are you as an ego cannot know. So stop thinking, stop having opinions and stay quiet. In a mind swept clean of all ego concepts reality dawns by itself. First, you see you in light form and finally know you as an idea and ultimately transcend ideas and experience yourself as one with unified spirit self, aka God.

The self you currently believe you are is false, is a chimera, a dreams self; you have another self, a self in light form, aka the Christ self; finally you have a self that transcends words and forms, a self that is part of God; that real self is variously called the son of God or Buddha or Atman,. It has no name.

As long as you believe that you have a separated self you will have psychological pain; you are tragic for that separated self will make you do what leads to death.

The good news is that you have a different self that is not your ego separated self housed in body, a formless eternal self.

All these seem quaint ideas so you dismiss them as foolishness but give them a try and see if there is some truth to them.


Ozodi Osuji

June 27, 2017


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