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Idealism is rooted in objective perception of ugly reality

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

When folks hear that one is an idealist they fancy one not a realistic person. They have an idea of who an idealist is: a naïve person who is not realistic; they see the realist as a tough skinned and hardnosed person who accepts the world and people as they are.

For example, the realistic accepts Charles Darwin's idea of evolution and twist given it by Herbert Spenser, the idea that we are in a struggle where the strongest survive and the weakest die out. In competition a few win and the less able to struggle lose. It is said that the realist takes this view of the world in stride and competes and does not care for losers.

Actually, this is a naïve view of what realism and idealism is. Generally, what folks call realists are not very intelligent folk; in terms of IQ they generally have less IQ than idealistic persons.

Consider the English idiot evolutionary biologist called Richard Dawkins. He said that we have selfish genes (Edward Wilson in social-biology makes similar assumptions) and do what we do for the survival of our genes, in us and in our progeny.

How about those who sacrifice for the group? Has this idiot been in the military and seen soldiers sacrifice their lives for their comrades; has he seen Muslim jihadists dying for the future of their Islam?

Dawkins is a silly academic who has lived his entire life in the ivory tower and is fed by the British tax payers; he has no clue about the human motivation and behaviours. If we are motivated by selfishness what motivates soldiers to die for their country? Is there no such thing as motivation by need for the good?

Idealism is rooted in acute perception of reality as it is but refusal to accept it on its terms and struggle to change it. The idealist is able to see that existence in body and ego is utterly pointless, purposeless and meaningless.

We live for, may be, 100 years and die. Evidence points to the fact that we are animals and like other animals live and die and disappear from existence. This is what observation shows us; we are nothing of importance. Our bodies are just meat, not different from the flesh of cows and cattle.

Look at a beautiful girl. She probably arouses your sexual fancy. Now look at her from an objective perspective. She is a beautiful body, alright. That beautiful twenty years old body in fifty years would age and look disgusting.

Have you seen older women, say, those from age seventy upwards, do they look sexual to you? They look yukky.

That beautiful body will die and is eaten by worms and bacteria. That beautiful body is food being prepared for worms. Indeed, that beautiful body does poop and the poop, faeces smells worse than garbage.

If you like the scientific approach, that beautiful body is composed of matter which is composed of elements; the human body has sixty four elements in it, the primary ones are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen; there are trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphor, zinc, copper, and iron in the human body.

Elements are different arrangements of atoms. Each atom has protons, neutrons and electrons with different quantities of them in each; for example, hydrogen has one proton and one electron, some hydrogen has isotypes, have neutrons in it; carbon has six electrons, six protons and six neutrons; oxygen has eight electrons, eight protons and eight neutrons; you go down the periodic table until you reach number 92, uranium with 92 electrons, 92 protons and 146 neutrons.

Our bodies are composed things that will eventually decompose. The atoms will decompose and the particles will decompose to quarks and photons and ultimately they will all end up as photons and photons end up in whatever they came from during the big bang 13.8 billion years ago.

The point is that where you see our bodies are elements, particles and photons and, ultimately, nothing. We are therefore at the physical level nothing.

Our bodies have no worth. If you cremate the typical human body you reduce it to three pounds of ashes that have no monetary value; your entire body is not even worth a penny, a cent!

How about that for the importance of your body, the body you are proud of and enslaved yourself to working hard to earn the means to support it.

You work twelve hour days to support a body that would die, decay and smell worse that shit. So much for your beautiful body!

The idealist in childhood quickly appreciates that his body and all bodies and society in general are worthless. Life in body is totally pointless and worthless.

As the German idealistic philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, observed in his book, World as will and idea, it were better that human beings did not exist; the universe apparently made a mistake in producing human beings.

At the moral level, just consider what people to do; they screw each other up to make a living and then they die and are eaten by common bacteria; they are nothing and it were better they did not exist.

This objective presentation of the human condition probably grosses you up, does it not? It probably makes you see me as pessimistic, doesn't it?

If you have a good enough intellect to appreciate human existence as it is you must be pessimistic; optimism is for morons, really. It is the mildly mentally retarded that take nothingness as something important.

The philosopher always sees life as pointless (existentialist thinkers like Sartre, Camus, Jasper, and Heidegger built their philosophies on the meaningless of being human). He is always pessimistic although like Horace he could seize the day, do what he can today for tomorrow he will die; like epicures he says enjoy the nothingness for you will die; like stoics he says grind your teeth and take it like a man but do not expect it to be a bed of roses and don't complain about it. The point is that life on earth is pointless.

The idealist to be is aware of the pointlessness of being and how being ought to not be. But instead of accepting this reality and perhaps die (some commit suicide) he hopes that perhaps with ideation, mentation, cognition, thinking, imagination that he can improve the world.

Idealism is a chimeric attempt to improve shit and make it a better shit; it is futile for shit remains shit.

Igbos say that life is like the human anus and that no matter how much soap you use in washing it that it would still smell of faeces.

Life in body is pointless but the idealist wants to make it desirable; he wants to justify living by using his mind to wish for a better life in body.

He uses his imagination to visualize how beautiful his body could become and to accomplish it embarks on rigorous exercises and eating well; he posits an idealized body and pursues it; he uses the imaginary ideal body he posited to judge his own body and all bodies and find them not good enough and despairs.

He knows that his ego self is imperfect and he posits an idealized, perfect ego self and wants to become it; he uses the ego ideal to judge his own ego and other egos and find them not good enough and despairs.

He posits how society and government ought to become ideal to replace the current shitty society.

For example, if truth is said, Nigerians are garbage in human bodies; just about all they know how to do is steal; they cannot govern themselves well; put them in government and they steal from it. If you observe them with objective eyes you despair from their depredation. But you can imagine that in the future they would improve and become less criminally oriented.

That is not going happen! They are cowards who are afraid of standing up and fighting for justice and therefore will always tolerate abusive governments, just as their ancestors tolerated been enslaved by Arabs and Europeans in America; their leaders are always cowards who know only how to steal from them but not work for their good.

Nothing good is going to come out of Africa, certainly not soon.  The idealist does not give up on Africans, on human beings and their government; he uses his mind and imagination to come up with how man and his society can be improved and struggle towards meeting that chimera.

If he were to accept the evidence of his eyes he would conclude that man is worse than predatory animals and, as such, ought to be wiped off the face of the earth.

This was how Adolf Hitler thought; he was an right wing, fascist idealist (to make Germans ideal people, ala Hegel's philosophy) and then realized that they are not going to become ideal so he wanted to kill all of them and gave Albert Speer the order to destroy all Germans...see Hitler, Mein Kampf; also see Albert Speer, inside the Third Reich.

The point is that idealism is perception of things as they are and refusal to accept them as they are; the idealist has idealistic wishes that one can improve ugly reality.

You cannot improve shit and make it less smelly. Garbage is garbage. People will always be garbage and you either accept them as they are or you leave them. People are not going to be perfect and you might as well accept them as incurably imperfect and that their governments and society will be imperfect.

You can see life in ego and body as a dream that cannot become perfect and accept it at that level and hope that there are better dreams and that ultimately there is a life that is not a dream and that life must be outside body and ego, outside space and time; this is the mystic's solution to the nonsense that is human life.

One can also see people as they are and not expect them to improve and leave it at that. If you do not have desire for improved people you will not be disappointed if they do not improve. If you want peace and emotional equanimity do not expect people to be better than you see them; that is, give up your idealism for your idealistic goals are not going to come into being.

The point I have made here is that the idealist is aware of what folks call realism but refuses to accept it because it is too awful for him to contemplate.

Consider the American conservative; he fancies himself realistic. He makes money and lives well. But fifty million Americans do not have health insurance and many of them do not have money to go to college, yet the conservative does not feel appalled by this dreadful situation. What does that make him in your eyes?

In my eyes the white American conservative is a sub human being; I have total contempt for American Republicans; it were better that they did not exist, for their emotional and mental state is less developed than those of dogs.

This does not mean that I like American liberals; those have not seen any deviant behaviour that they do not want to embrace. Instead of fighting for economic equality they fight for so-called transgendered men to have access to the same bathrooms with six year old girls. The American liberal is on track to not only approve homosexuality but paedophilia and bestiality. He will fight for these silly issues instead of fight for economic justice.

One is not naïve and knows that there are individual differences in intellect and physical vigour so no matter what you do to improve society there will be winners and losers but, at least, men of good will ought to give all children access to education at all levels: elementary, secondary, university and technical vocational paid by the public and give all people publicly paid health insurance. Having done that people are then left to compete and some will win and others lose.

The poor will always be with us but, at least, we try to help them but to ignore them as American Republicans do while masquerading around as Christians is sickening. I am ashamed to be a member of the same human race with conservative Americans.

Look, I am not writing political ideology here. My present goal is the clarification of the roots of idealism in objective grasp of reality. I hope that I have made that point.

Tomorrow, I will be in London and, the next day, go to New York. My compulsive desire to share ideas with folks, for now, comes to an end.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 11, 2017


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