Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: ozodiosuji@gmail.com (907) 310-8176



Ozodi Thomas Osuji


       In the early twentieth century psychiatry and psychology came into full flowering; they made fun of religion; they reinterpreted religious ideas into psychological language. Religion, for example, defined certain behaviors as evil but psychology saw those behaviors as mere psychopathologies, mental disorders caused by malfunctioning bodies or negative social experience.

      Paranoid, narcissistic, antisocial and other personality disorders were explained as behavior disorders.

      In the meantime persons with those personality disorders commit mayhem. Adolf Hitler was a paranoid, anti-social and narcissistic personality disordered person. Instead of looking at his evil behaviors, his massacring fifty million people psychoanalysts tell us that he is mentally sick and that his behaviors can be understood as a product of mental disorder.

       Donald Trump came along and it was easy enough to see that he is a pathological narcissist. The man seeks attention and admiration from anything that looks like a human being; he is so self-centered that he does not care for other people and cares only about them to the extent that they admire him.  So we dismissed him as a sick narcissist. Then it became evident that the man is a racist and hates nonwhite people. If unchecked, the man would do enormous evil to nonwhite persons.

  Like fascist Hitler, Trump is on his way to dictatorship; from that unchecked power he would start killing people.

      Trump is an amoral, evil character; he is a hater and potential murderer. He is evidence that personality disorders are manifestations of evil.

     Igbo people seek superiority to their neighbors; they look down on them; because they seek deluded superiority they often do harmful things to people; their delusion of superiority leads to their harmful, evil behavior; they often engage in criminality and justify their behaviors because they fancy themselves better than those they steal from. The point is that their delusion disorder leads to their evil anti-social behaviors.

     Even the so-called minor personality disorders, such as dependent, avoidant and obsessive compulsive are used to commit evil. The avoidant personality feels anxious around people and withdraws from them. Why? He posited a self that seeks importance; that big self feels that it would not be accepted by other people so it avoids people and in isolation retain it. The shy, anxious neurotic wants to seem superior to people and in pursuit of that delusion harms people.  That is, neurosis leads to evil behaviors.

      Serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia, mania and delusion disorder are also probably covers for engaging in evil thinking and behavior.




     Psychiatry has transformed people to animal status; people are now seen as mere bodies and their thinking and behaviors are determined by their bodies and chemical balances in their brains. If they misbehave they are given medications to rebalance the supposed misbalanced chemicals in their brains.  Even though there is no evidence that people are healed by any of these medications yet psychiatry gets people to see themselves as mere animals who only need medications to change their behaviors.

       Having accepted that people are mere animals psychiatry condones what people used to call inappropriate behaviors, such as the various deviances from heterosexual sex.  These days, every type of sexuality is seen as genetically produced and society is forced to approve it.

       If this process of normalization of deviancy continues psychiatry would soon approve pedophilia (as due to genetic inheritance). When adults begin having sex with children and infants civilization collapses.

       Psychiatry is on a fast track to destroying civilization. We must, therefore, take away from these clowns the ability to define appropriate human behavior and institute a regime of moral rearmament in people.

    It is, therefore, time we returned to approaching people from a moral perspective and not just look at them from psychiatric and psychological perspective; psychiatry sees people as victims and takes responsibility for their behaviors away from them.




       Psychiatry has had its one hundred years run and has no record of actually improving any one; it is now time that we returned to moral and religious approaches to people, for those are more realistic than the childish attempt to take responsibility away from human beings.

     Donald Trump and other personality disordered persons are really evil persons; we cannot use the idea of mental disorder to make excuses for their evil.

      Donald Trump needs to be removed from the White House because he is the embodiment of evil; he is not just a sick narcissistic personality disordered man but is a criminal; if he is not removed from office he could lead to the death of millions if not billions of non-white persons, as the other psychopathic narcissist, Adolf Hitler led.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 16, 2017


In memory of Heather Heyer, I ask:


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

When I hear that a person has died I ask, what did he live for? I ask myself that question; I do not ask it of the dead or other persons.

The implication of my question is that each human being ought to be staying alive doing something; to stay alive just to stay alive, to me, is not enough.

If one stays alive just to be alive all that one is doing is eating food and dealing with one's medical issues until death does one a favor and takes one out. If one got to be alive one ought to be doing something that one deems socially important.

What is the something that the individual ought to be doing? Nobody can decide for another person what he should be doing. Only the individual knows what doing it he feels fully alive and not doing it he merely is surviving. It is not enough to just survive. One must be surviving for something.

Each of us has certain inherent aptitudes, certain trainings and certain interests; when the individual does what he likes doing and has an aptitude for doing he tends to feel alive.

Since we are also social beings, if the individual does what he likes doing that serves social interests, in one form or another, he tends to feel fully engaged.

So, what are you, the reader, doing that makes you feel that you are alive? As long as you are living for something you have reason to be alive but if not, well, you are like a living dead person.

Nature did not design us to be living dead persons. Nature did not design us to just survive, survive for what? It is fear of harm and death that makes us not live doing what we feel is socially important.

Over the weekend (August 11-13, 2017) white Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, white alt-right and assorted other white supremacists descended on Charlottesville, Virginia to demonstrate their desire to take their country back from nonwhite folks (the immediate cause of their demonstration is the proposal to remove the statue of a confederate general, Robert Lee, from the center of this lovely college town...University of Virginia).

These white supremacists are convinced that white folks are superior to other races and resent the presence of nonwhites in the USA. They want to get rid of all non-whites and or use them as slaves.  That is their goal. That is what life means for them: to get rid of some people and or use them as slaves. Their goal is very crystal clear.

Those who believe that all people are the same and coequal came to Charlottesville to counter demonstrate.  The counter demonstrators knew that the racists are armed and dangerous; indeed, many of those folks were carrying weapons so opposing them places one's life in danger. Yet, the opposition came and opposed them.

One twenty year old white racist, James Alex Fields, from Ohio, drove his car into an area where the opposition was milling around; he injured nineteen persons and killed a young white woman, Heather Heyer.

Heather died fighting for what she believed in. Even though she was only thirty two years old most human beings would say that she lived fully and died a hero's death.

It is good to live for a day and live for what one believes is right and die than to live a hundred years as a coward. The woman lived fully and died a hero of mankind. A hundred years from today people will be writing about her life and sacrifice.  If there is such a thing as heaven she is headed to it.

The question I ask you is what are you living for?

I lived to understand people; I have filled the world with literature on my understanding of human nature. Writing is a passive activity but nevertheless it is a worthy effort. What matters most, however, is living what I know is true. What do I know is true?

I know that all people are the same and coequal and ought to be loved and respected. Do I love and respect all people? If I do then I am living according to my light.

And, in as much as we are social beings, I must also be involved in the struggle for creating the type of society that serves our common good. If I was at the Charlottesville area on Saturday I would have been there demonstrating against the bloody racists. I would do so because I know that this country and the entire world belong to all of us, not just to this or that group. Clobbering me to death is irrelevant, what is relevant is living the truth as I know it.

My political ideology is social-democracy with mixed economy (a mix of capitalism and socialism, as in Scandinavia); I am for providing all people with a single payer health insurance; I am for providing all young people with publicly paid education through university level.

If I am fighting for these goals regardless of the danger to my life I feel alive but if I merely write about them and do not engage in social action to bring them into being, perhaps because I am afraid of harm to my body and self I am a coward. As a coward I have no reason to be alive other than the animal desire to be alive. If I am living for nothing I might as well not be alive.

As we all can see, in Nigeria and much of Africa people just live to be alive but do not actually stand up for something that they are fighting for. Most Nigerians and Africans are driven by fear; they are cowards who are afraid to stick out their necks for noble social causes. They live for nothing hence live miserable lives.

Because they are not living for causes greater than their puny lives I really do not give a damn whether Nigerians lived or died. If I heard that a Nigerian is dead I do not bat an eye, for, to me, he was not alive when he supposedly was alive; he was a living dead person. What difference does it make that a living dead person died?

If Nigerians wanted to live they would organize and get rid of corruption in their country; they would organize and establish a government that cared for all the people; they would create a business friendly environment that attracts investors and industries that provided people with jobs.

Instead of working for the collectivity Nigerians indulge in the cowardly criminal activity of kidnapping people and holding them hostage for monetary ransom. That is a selfish behavior.

Courageous and prosocial behavior is if the young Nigerian criminals organized and take over the Nigerian government and transformed it to serving all Nigerians.

Instead of doing these social serving and courageous things Nigerians steal the treasury dry and use stolen wealth to masquerade around as very important persons (I call them very important garbage). As I see it, most Nigerians are living for nothing and, as such, are not alive; I do not miss them if they died.

So, what are you living for?  This is the question that each of us must ask his self.

Unless you are living for something get the hell out of my sight! I do not want you around me; and don't ask me to do anything for you, for to me you do not deserve to be alive.

Why should I do something that enables you to keep your unproductive-self alive if you are not doing something that contributes to public good?

It is not for me to do something to help you stay alive just because you want to live in fear of the harm the rulers of this world could do to you if you challenge them. Challenge them and if they killed you, you are a hero of mankind and deserve the company of Heather Heyer in the heaven she is in.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 15, 2017


(907) 310-8176

From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal:


When I was in graduate school I concluded that professors serve the powers that be in society and really are not critical of the status quo; if they criticize the gatekeepers of society they could lose their jobs or become marginalized. Thus, they keep quiet as their country and world burns.

It takes fearless, bold militants to go to the streets and mobilize to bring about social change (the society that I want is social democratic with mixed economy). Since professors do not do that I lost respect for them.

Nevertheless, I was trained for academia so occasionally I make halfhearted efforts to make it in academia. I would then have dreams that essentially tell me that I do not belong in academia. I belong in the world of action, where things are done, not Ivory tower where folks just talk and do nothing.  My dreams merely tell me what I already know about me and where I ought to be most useful.

The real question then is what does my mind want me to do, it cannot just be a negative force that tells me what not to do but what does it want me to do?

I actually know what I want to do. I want to invent a new thought system, a philosophy that would give mankind a better way of looking at phenomena. I do not want it rooted in the authority of religion or science but is self-evidently true.

I know what to do; I just haven't had the courage to boldly go do what I came to the world to do. I must do it or else nothing would work out well for me.

There is no one else to blame for my failure or success, for my bad or good; it is my mind that determines everything that I do and that other people do to me.

I am not a victim of the world; the world is my dream; I am responsible for the outcomes I get from life.


It is clear to me that I am very angry at the world for not rescuing me, doing anything to reduce my medical issues, leaving me in pain. I wanted to be helped, rescued and saved.

That underlying sense of anger at the world, especially at my significant others, my father and senior brother, is compounded when I feel that the world wants to use me to do something. During the Nigerian civil war I was angry at Ojukwu and Gowon for I felt that they wanted to use me to serve their ego needs. If I could I would have killed both of them for I asked: how dare they want to use me, what have they done for me?

My father had similar medical issues as I do and had a dependent need to be rescued by other people; needing rescue how could he rescue me? He felt overwhelmed by the world's demands on his body and wanted to retire and go rest but the problem was that his children were still young. From age fourteen he felt that I was a burden on him financially and felt that I needed to go away and relieve him of the need to pay my school fees.

I understand his issues. He could not help me for he needed help; he could not rescue me for the exigencies of his life made him seek rescuers.

There are no heroes out to rescue any one. What I need to do is overcome my medically induced desire for other people to rescue me and rescue myself, do for me whatever I need to do to survive and not depend on other people to do anything, good or bad for me.

I must finally become an adult man and take care of my business. This will affect my relationship with women for I would no longer treat them like they are my mother who ought to do something for me; I would do something for them and treat them as adult women; I would have them satisfy whatever  needs adult men desire from women and satisfy their needs from adult men (especially financially).

I must not look for other people's acceptance and approval of me; to ask for other people's acceptance and approval means that you are insulting you, for you must behave to seem as what you think that they would approve.

A sickly child needs his parents and other peoples acceptance and support to survive but an adult man does not need it; you do not need women to accept and love you for they are not your mother, so pleasing them to get them to love you is childish; you do not need men to love you for they are not your father; all you need do is accept you as you are, not as you think that you could become to be accepted by other people.

What all these mean is going from the psychology of a child to the psychology of an adult; this includes not seeking any religion's approval but merely living your life as you see fit.

I do not need Jesus or any other so-called religious authority to tell me who my real self is or what to do; I know who my real self is and know what to do with my life.


Generally, I am too quick to see the mistakes made by black folks, Africans, Nigerians and Igbos; in other words, mistakes made by people like me. I would then proceed to blame them. I also see the mistakes made by white folks but generally understand them without much criticism.

For example, I see white Americans reacting defensively to their perception that black and non-white folks are overwhelming them in numbers; I understand why they are afraid of foreigners. They believe themselves more advanced than other races and believe that if, say, there are too many Africans in America, given Africans backwardness in the world of science and technology, that their country would become backward. There is some truth to white fears for obviously Africans are less scientifically developed. In effect, I understand the source of white folk's fears.

On the other hand, I do not always make attempts to understand black folk's fears. I believe that this tendency to see what is wrong with black people and blame them is rooted in my desire to be modern, to be scientific and my association of backwardness with Africans.

I am terrified of being like Africans for to me they are primitive folks.  I want them to become modernized and scientific.

For me, the issue is not skin color for I could care less about a person's skin color but my association of backwardness with Africans. I simply do not want to be primitive.

Clearly, Western Europeans are way ahead of Africans in science and technology (I do not particularly care for Eastern Europeans for they are not scientific).

I understand the root of my quick criticism of black folks and toleration of white folk's egregious mistakes. It is however, not easy to change it since I fear what black folks represent, backwardness.

Nevertheless, I have to learn not to criticize black folks for their issues are actually very understandable.  I want a scientific culture and society; what I should do is work to transform black society to a scientific culture.

Please do not tell me to accept a non-scientific culture for that is not going to happen. My heroes are physicists, chemists and biologists, not superstitious folks.


In childhood, due to medical issues that made me feel not good enough, I posited an ideal self that I wanted to become and have been trying to become it. In pursuit of the ideal, powerful-self I tend to be inflexible and rigid.

I do not relate to people spontaneously.   I am always defending my desired ideal self and fearing relating from what seems to me a weak self. This way I am standoffish from people. Since, obviously, I know a lot people tend to see me as "a know it all", arrogant prick. Many persons resent my seeming haughtiness and pride.

I have superior intelligence; there is nothing that I can do about that. All I need to do is not look down on any one; I must be humble.

I have to learn to be open emotionally; I have to let go of all ego defenses, let go of the wish for ideal, superior self and simply relax and smell the roses.

I have to relate to all people as brothers and sisters and stop fleeing from them to go maintain my desired ideal self in social isolation. That is to say that I have to heal my avoidant cum dependent personality issues, my neurosis ala psychoanalysts.

I have to laugh more often; actually, when I smile and or laugh those around me like it a lot for it is a break from my usual somber, reflective mood.

Life is not such a serious business; we are born and will die so why take life too seriously. As Horace said, seize the day (carpe diem); do whatever you can today and do not worry about tomorrow, for the one thing that is certain about the future is that we shall all die.

I must see the world as an elaborate joke, a dream, really, and have fun of it. I must become a jolly philosopher, not the too serious philosopher that currently I am.


My real self is a spark of spiritual light that lives through my body and when that body dies it is liberated from the imprisonment of body, from darkness.

In this world I can remember the light that is in me and all people and love it. That light is love, so I can love all people.

Love for all does not mean giving things to other persons for to give to others assumes their lack of what you give to them; yes, each person has certain lacks, the solution to them is to help people to do things for themselves and not do anything for them under the misguided religious belief that you need to give things to people; no, you don't.

Our obligation is to provide for young people through college but after that each person is on his own, to swim or drown. As I see it, we must provide all people with a single payer health insurance and education through university but beyond those each person is on his own.


I am my own savior just as I was the one who condemned me  to  the ego and body and its suffering; my salvation comes from me just as my slavery came from me; the left (ego) or right (Holy Spirit)  minds are part of me.

No other person, no God, no Holy Spirit and no Jesus or Buddha can save me, only me can save me.


Enlightenment is recognizing the light that is already in me that is masked by my ego and body and living from it. Enlightenment does not come from outside me but from inside me.

Each of us came to the world of the ego, separation, darkness with a spark of God's light in him. We cover that light with the ego and can unmask it and live from it. Living from the light means living from love.

Enlightenment means loving me and loving all people, living from love, for our real self is love.



Love is giving; if you give you feel alive; if you do not give you do not feel alive; if you expect to get and not give you are suffering; suffering is receiving love without giving love to you and other persons.

The essence of love is giving without expecting anything in return. God is love; he gives to us and does not expect anything in return from us.

Our true nature is part of God, part of love so we must, like God, give without expectation of returns.

When you give to people and not expect anything from them you are living in joy and happiness.





My body does not like coffee, tea and sugar and other stimulants (it also does not like downers). Therefore, if I want to feel ok I must avoid caffeine etc. Like a fool every once in a while I still drink coffee; I should not do so. I do not touch alcohol or any kind of drugs.


To be enlightened is to live from the light of God that is already in one; that light self is ones real-self.  That light self is love, it loves one and all people and corrects one's harmful behaviors and helps other persons to correct their harmful behaviors.

I live from that light self, my real self and to the extent that I do so I am enlightened. I don't always live from it; occasionally, my overlearned dependent tendencies try to assert itself and if I catch it and immediately correct it I am back to peace and joy.

What are my life's goals? My goals are living from the light, living from my real self and living from love and helping people to do so.

Publishing my books on living from the loving self, publishing a monthly magazine called living from the loving self and organizing my center for mind science into a college is my life's mission.

As long as I do these things I have no financial and social lacks and I live in peace and happiness but if I deviate from them I live in conflict.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 14, 2017


This is a follow up to the essay I wrote this morning on Igbos political naiveté. We must put our heads together and figure out a way to make Igbos politically realistic and get them to fight realistic political wars instead of wasting their times and energies on unrealistic causes, such as the struggle for Biafra.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

During the US 2016 Presidential election many Igbos, both in Nigeria and in the diaspora, supported Donald J. Trump. They even had demonstrations all over Alaigbo supporting Trump!

I asked those close to me who supported Trump why they did it. They told me that Barack Obama is a Muslim and were in cahoots with Muslims in Northern Nigeria in oppressing Igbos; they said that Obama does not represent Igbos interests. They said that they believed that Hillary Clinton would continue Obama's supposed anti-Igbo policies.

In their view, Trump is a Christian and would fight for Igbo Christian interests.  I asked them whether apart from his alleged Christianity there is anything in his background that would lead a rational person to believe that he supports black folk's causes.

In 1972 he was sued by black folks who had tried to rent some of his apartments and he turned them down.

There is nothing in Trump's background that is not racist. Indeed, he came to political lime light by championing the racist Birther movement. That movement was fueled by white folk's anger that a black man was elected the President of the United States of America; it sought ways to delegitimize him and did so by claiming that he was born in Africa hence not qualified to be their President.

Trump made life difficult for Obama and one must be blind not to realize that he did what he did because of racism. The man rode racists' anger at Obama to the White House.

Honesty requires me to state that Trump's antimuslimism stood well with me. I even wrote an article agreeing with him on that score. As I see it, America and Europe must remain Christian and scientific. Muslims have a way of taking countries back to the feudal seventh century when Mohammed founded his religion.  I did not like Angela Merkle allowing over a million Syrian Muslims crashing into Germany.

Apart from seeing eye to eye with Trump on the Muslim issue I did not see anything else in him that would lead a black man to support him.

The man's antecedent behaviors tell us that he is a racist. His grandfather was an alleged Ku Klux Klan member.

Well, my Igbo brothers still supported the man. At Facebook they became his mouthpiece reposting all those fake news that Trump's supporters posted about Hillary Clinton. To them Hillary was the devil itself.

I took offense with some of these Igbos, such as Zubbie Ekwueme and Emenike Nwankwo. After trying to get them to see reason and they wouldn't I simply unfriended and blocked them. I blocked many Igbos posts at Facebook from reaching me.

I wish that I could block the posts of such Igbo idiots as Nebu Adiele and Daniel Akusobi from reaching my mail box. Those two Igbos lack critical reasoning; no university in this world would give them a bachelor's degree; I doubt that they even had secondary school education? They write like bush men!

Today, we see what is happening at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville (I have been to that campus; it is a lovely campus; it was designed and built by Thomas Jefferson...the campus is close to Jefferson's Monticello estate, his slave den).

The apparent cause of the problem is that some citizens demanded that a statue of Robert Lee, the commander in chief of the Confederate army, a racist army, be removed from their town.

David Duke and his KKK and other white supremacist groups opposed the removal of the statue. Things got to a head, yesterday, when white nationalists from several states came to the University to demonstrate their support for the continued stay of the said statue. They carried placards saying that they want to take America back (one presumes, from those they see as niggers).

The racists were confronted by a small group of "black lives matter" and other liberals. Apparently, the racist Neanderthals outnumbered the human beings opposing them and a scuffle ensued. People were beaten up.

A twenty year old racist from Ohio drove his car into a crowd of those opposing the racists; it is reported that he killed one young woman and injured nineteen others; a police helicopter crashed killing two police men bringing to a total of three dead and dozens hospitalized.

It is clear that these white supremacists were emboldened by the election of the racist in chief, Donald Trump. The election of this dumb shit has given racists signal to crawl out of their closets and make noise about taking back their country (never mind that African slaves built America and the interlopers from Europe want to reap where they did not sow).

Trump and two senators want to introduce legislation essentially accepting only immigrants who already speak English (this is a code term meaning those from Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), and those who have skills that America desires (meaning computer skills, and certain rare medical skills and so on). They also want to reduce the legal immigration from its current 500, 000 a year to 250, 000 a year and abolish the Visa Lotto (annually, 50, 000) that had favored those countries that traditionally were underrepresented in America, such as Africans.

If you read between the lines you know that Trump wants to stop immigrants from Africa and other non-white countries. He would like to send Nigerians back to where they came from; he probably sees most Nigerians as corrupt and criminals.

Since many Igbos engage in 419 scams, bank loans scams, credit card scams, social security number thefts, and drug pushing (the number of Igbos in American jails  and prisons is high)there is no doubt that Trump would like to round them up and ship them back to the corruption haven they came from.

I am writing these observations not to engage in a comprehensive examination of Trump's racist government but to point out one more instance of Igbos poor political skills at work.

Most Africans saw Trump for what he is, a goddamned, freaking racist, a lying, psychopathic narcissist but many Igbos saw a savior in him.

My question is this: what is it about Igbos that they cannot read the tea leafs correctly? As we speak, they are supporting a megalomaniac called Nnamdi Kanu; they see him as their savior, indeed, some Igbos say that he is more important than Jesus Christ!

If that egotist is not quickly removed from the political limelight he would cause Igbos so much death that the death that occurred during civil war would be a child's play.

I do not understand how any thoughtful Igbo person would support Kanu. What does he stand for? Biafra? What is Biafra, a Portuguese village?

What is his reasoned political manifesto, a clearly articulated program he plans to put in place for Igbos? Has he written an outline of how his Biafra would be organized; I mean a sketched Biafra constitution?

And while at it, who is in his Biafra; is it only Igbos; does it include Ijaw, Efik, Edo, Itsekiri, Urhobo? Has he bothered to consult these people to find out if they want to go on the ride to death that he wants to take them or is he god and knows what is good for other persons?

Indeed, how does he even know that many Igbos support him? Having unemployed Igbo youth adore him does not mean that Igbo intelligentsia support him.

All Kanu has accomplished is, like other foolish Igbos, call Nigerians put down names. He calls Nigeria the zoo. If he had bothered to go to school and taken some biology classes he would have learned that human beings are animals and that animals live in zoos.

I understand that Mr. Kanu has not successfully completed any project he undertook and that he dropped out of college and has not held a reasonable job for extended time; I understand that the Casanova was supported by numerous girlfriends while he lived in London. In time he found a gig:  making radio broadcasts where he insulted any and all Nigerians.

Is this never do well man going to make Biafrans do well?

My question is this: what is it about Igbos that their political judgement is unrealistic?  I would like someone to educate me on this phenomenon. I am really, really sick and tired of been the only one pointing out Igbos apparent poor political skills.

Can other Igbos please join me; let us help our brothers lost in the wilderness of political never-never land? We must extricate Igbos from political magical thinking and teach them political realism. We must improve Igbos political judgment.

In America, we must teach Igbos to develop courage so that they stand with our African American brothers and fight racism; at present they are not anywhere to be found when black folks fight racist alt-right, neo-Nazis, white nationalists and other white supremacist groups.

At present they hide, may be seeking ways to make money; they allow other black folks to go fight racism and secure some benefits for black folks. Thereafter, they come out of hiding and try to reap the benefits other folks fought and died for.

People from Ghana generally join black Americans in fighting racism; I bet you that if you were at Charlottesville today, you would find Ghanaians among those fighting the alt-right racist Neanderthals; that is why African Americans hold Ghanaians in high esteem; their idea of visiting Africa is to go to Ghana, not Nigeria.

We must teach Igbos to fight the right wars and do it with political finesse; that is what it means to be real human beings.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 12, 2017

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Saturday, 12 August 2017 09:57

Igbos need to learn real politics


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Recently, there were changes of governments in the USA, Britain and France. The three countries have new presidents or prime ministers and foreign ministers. These folks will be making decisions that affect Igbos; their positions on whether Igbos should be allowed to have a referendum matters. They are in a position to pressure the Nigerian government to allow referendum or not.

The Hausa Fulani know this fact and so probably are doing something about it. They have stated their opposition to referendum, for it is not in their self-interests to do so; it would lead to losing the Niger Delta hence the source of their revenue.

Yorubas can be persuaded to go along with referendum, provided that they see it as in their self-interests. If Igbos are politically savvy they would concentrate on getting Yorubas to agree on referendum for all tribes in Nigeria to decide whether they would like to stay in Nigeria or leave Nigeria.

Instead, Igbos are busy gratifying their neurotic need to insult Yorubas so as to feel imaginarily superior to them. In putting down Yorubas they lose a potential ally in their struggle for separation from Nigeria.

I bet you that Northern Nigerian governors and or their surrogates have probably met with the new British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, and the new US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. They have probably presented to them what they consider to be good for Nigeria, which would be the continued corporate existence of Nigeria as one country. In effect, they have lobbied the rulers of the two significant countries that could make or unmake Nigeria.

There is no way that you can break up Nigeria without British approval, after all Nigeria is their baby, they put it together and as their handiwork they want it to survive. The fact that Nigeria, on paper, is independent does not mean that it can do whatever it wants without the approval of other nations who are vested in its politics.

If you try to break up Nigeria Britain can actually intervene to keep it together; this is called geopolitics and real politics but naïve Igbos apparently think that Britain must hands off Nigeria and thus allow them to just leave the country.

Countries were put together by military force and are only broken with military force, real or perceived. If a state in the USA tries to secede it would learn that democracy is ideal but not reality; Uncle Sam would attack and destroy it; it happened during the American civil war and the South was literally destroyed; the south actually has not fully resurrected from General Sherman's march through it, burning down its cities, including Atlanta that was razed to the ground.

Naïve Igbos talk about Britain giving Scotland the opportunity for a referendum. How do they know that Britain would have accepted a yes vote by the Scots?

How many wars did the English fight to conquer Scotland and bring it under their control? Try looking at five hundred years war, from the 1200s to the final 1707 unification of the two kingdoms...by force!

How do you know that Spain would allow Catalonia to separate from it? Many wars were fought to keep Spain together, beginning with the Reconquista from Muslim Arabs.

Many Igbos take their wishes for a separate country as real politics. Politics is war by other means, as war is politics by other means, Otto Von Clausewitz said in his famous book, On war.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR, broke up in 1991 because of the relentless efforts by the Capitalist West to destroy it. That is, the country allowed the secession of the sixteen republics that had constituted it because it was weak; it was flat on its back. As Russia becomes powerful and the US' power wanes it might reconstitute its former empire! Ukraine is already feeling the anger of a Russia angry at its shrunken empire!

Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia broke up because they were not countries until after the First World War. Those who put them together, the West, at the treaty of Versailles in 1919, wanted them apart to get at Russia, to weaken Russia, reduce her sphere of influence!

British India was split into India and Pakistan for many inevitable reasons, including religious differences.

Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan by India so it could easily demand and separate from Pakistan.

East Timor separated from Indonesia only after many pogroms. As we talk, Indonesia is killing thousands of Western New Guineans who want to separate from Indonesia and the world keeps silent over their massacre.

South Sudan fought with Sudan from 1956 to 2010 before it was allowed to separate; that is, over fifty years' war.

The Biafran war lasted only thirty months before Igbos gave up! People with a tendency to immediate gratification, as Igbos are, are probably not going to be able to sustain a protracted fifty years war!

No leader wants his country to break apart and only allows it if he is weak and has no choice. Nigerian leaders are not yet that weak to allow Biafrans to leave a country they conquered by force during the Nigerian civil war.

As long as Nigeria has money from oil and can buy weapons its leaders will fight to keep the country together? But when revenue from oil is gone and the country has no money to pay its military, it would be weak and will be forced to concede power to secessionists.

Now, ask if Igbo governors have sought meetings with Tillerson or Johnson? I can confidently say that the answer is no.  Of course they have not met Theresa May and Donald Trump.  They have not presented their agenda to the rulers of the extant world and tried to persuade them to see things their way.

Where exactly are Biafrans figuring on buying weapons with which to fight Nigeria, from the moon? Have they made arrangements with those who are going to supply them with weapons? Are they figuring on fighting with sticks, as they did during the civil war?

Are they planning to sacrifice their people, have them slaughtered by well-armed Nigerians? That is criminal behavior, you know!

This shows Igbo political naiveté. Igbos are too busy struggling to seem individually important by seeking money with which to seem rich to actually do what they have to do for the good of all Igbos.

Nnamdi Kanu is allowed by the powers that be in Nigeria to run around, violate his probation conditions, making noise about Biafra this or that.

It does not take rocket science to realize that Nigerians have short attention span. Nnamdi Kanu will soon fade away. Indeed, the killing at an Ozubulu church has taken attention away from him. We have not heard much from him and his entourage since the Ozubulu tragedy.

The man will retain the attention of the media until there is a different game in town. Perhaps, the powers that be in Nigeria dangle money before him and he takes the bait and it is leaked to the Press who write about it and he is finished.

Something is going to go down and our attention shifts away and we forget about Kanu, as we have forgotten his boss, Ralph Uwazurike of the mobilization for the actualization of sovereign state of Biafra.

A few years ago Uwazurike and his gang were all over Alaigbo demonstrating and the Nigerian police mowed some of them down and the rest of them disappeared from public limelight.

Kanu and his gang are literally acting like thugs; if you are perceived to oppose them you would be beaten up, if not killed. They are using force to intimidate folks into silence. So much for the Biafra that is going to become democracy's haven!

I wrote a piece on the Ozubulu massacre and for some reasons Nigerians liked it and it went viral; it is all over Nigeria, both in print and electronic media.

The Biafrans are angry at me and try to threaten me; indeed, some of them wrote to me and asked we to withdraw it, or else. I smiled.

They have no clue who they are dealing with. They are like the clueless Igbos at Nigerian Internet forums that felt that they could take me down by writing incredible lies about me.

If I am convinced that something is the truth you can stand on your head and oppose me and I would not flinch. Apparently, these folks do not seem to have the ability to read people well and know who to oppose and who not to try to intimidate.

Intimidate me? No man born of a woman can intimidate me. Not even Jesus or God can make me change my mind if I believe that something is true.

Threatening me would do them no good. What they need to do is work with me. If I choose to I can teach them International relationships and world politics (I became a professor of Government at age thirty, and, thereafter, branched off to psychology).

I do not see any Igbo in the horizon who actually understands politics, domestic or international, and if I choose to I can teach it to them.  I can couch them on how to make presentations to decision makers and those listen to them.

This would happen if I supported their secessionist movement. Unfortunately for them, I do not whole heartedly support the balkanization of Nigeria.

However, I want Nigeria to be restructured into about twelve ethnically based states, with Alaigbo, from Agbo to Igwe Ocha and from Arochukwu to Nnsuka to become a state. Each state must have total control of its resources and its citizens pay tax to support the central government. I am talking about something that looks like the USA in its federalism.

Igbos never had Igbo wide political structure; they need to have an opportunity to govern all of Alaigbo and learn how to govern a human polity. They need to do so for a couple hundred years until they acquire political and leadership skills.

I believe that if they precipitously separate from Nigeria, given their political naiveté, they would go over the cliff and descend into darkness, chaos and anarchy.

Given Igbos proclivity to individualism and lack of concern for other people's welfare, Alaigbo could very well become Thomas Hobbes State of nature; each person would be at war with others and life would become nasty, brutish and short; with the absence of a leviathan, a powerful government to constrain Igbos, they would live in perpetual insecurity.

The chaos we see in South Sudan and Somalia might be a child's play compared to what could ensue in Alaigbo.

Igbos need to learn to work for the collectivity; at present they mostly work for the individual and then like children boast about their individual achievements. They don't even want to pay taxes with which public goods like roads, water and electricity are provide for all people.

Each Igbo construes his so-called republicanism as being wild, living in the jungle where each person looks after his self-interest but does not do anything to serve social interests.

Igbos wild, independent egos need to be brutally subjugated to serving the group. Serving the group's interest instead of the individual's interests, alone, is what civilization is all about. Every republic or empire is maintained by those who are dedicated to it, not by individuals talking about their silly individual achievements. At present I do not see Igbos who are dedicated to serving Igbos public good; in effect, I do not see leaders in Alaigbo!

I am writing this little essay to show how politically unsophisticated Igbos are by pointing out that their leaders are not currently networking with the powers that be in the world, the rulers of Britain, France and the USA, the three countries that can make or break their wish to separate from Nigeria or to restructure Nigeria to their advantage.  They apparently believe that demonstrating would force the Nigerian state to call for referendum; it wouldn't.

Neither would their efforts lead the United Nations or Africa Union to call for a referendum in Nigeria.

Talking about the UN and AU, I bet you that Igbo leaders have not   had meetings with the new secretary general of the UN and the Secretary of the AU.

I tell you, Igbos do not understand how real politics works. They really, really could use some couching on the art of real politics; at present they are merely filling the air with hot air that would lead them to nowhere.

Nor is their effort at making Nigerians to feel guilty, by always reminding them that they killed Igbos during the civil war, going to lead Nigerians to do what they want.

Calling Nigerians abusive, put down names actually would make them dig in and they frustrate whatever goals Igbos have.

Igbos have to learn diplomacy and tactfulness; they have to learn to say nice things about their supposed enemies; they have to learn how to schmooze with those who can help or frustrate their goal attainment. Sun Tzu made these points in his book, The Art of War.

PS: Lately, my preoccupation is psychology. Increasingly, however, I feel like putting on my political scientist's hat and giving Igbos some training in real politics; their incessant jabbering on wishful politics, magical thinking, really, irritates me no end.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji, PhD

August 12, 2017

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

In the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis, it is said that God created this universe and the people in it. Thus, many Christians believe in intelligent design of the universe.

Beginning with Charles Darwin, many biologists believe that human beings, like everything else in the universe, gradually evolved from matter.

Evolutionary biologists teach that accidental changes in the environment led to the formation of human beings. It is said to begin about 3.5 billion years ago when the earth had cooled enough and water had covered 70% of the surface of the earth. Somewhere in a pool of water carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper, zinc, phosphor and the other 64 elements in biological life forms accidentally coalesced and electrical current from lightening acted as source of heat and got those elements to mix and formed into molecules that eventually evolved into single celled biological organisms.

Accidents led to the attachment of many cells together to form multicellular organisms and eventually to trees and animals.  Animals evolved to human beings.

About 100, 000 years ago Homo sapiens, the wise animals, evolved somewhere in East Africa and later spread to the four corners of planet earth.

The position of biology, on the surface, seems to make eminent sense. For one can ask: if God created our world what was the point? Why did he create it? He created people to live for a maximum of 120 years and then die. When they die their bodies decay and the 64 elements in their bodies go their separate ways. The elements, in time, decay to the electrons, protons and neutrons that composed them. Those particles eventually decay to quarks and photons and in the long run to nothing (?).

We know that the universe is composed of gazillions of galaxies, stars and planets and moons. On the goldilocks region of a spiral galaxy, where it is neither too hot nor too cold, planet earth, plants and animals evolved.

We know that stars are cauldrons of hydrogen that eventually will stop fusing hydrogen into helium and start fusing into other elements and in time reach iron, expand and explode (supernovae).

In time all stars would explode. The planets orbiting stars would die with the stars that support them. It is estimated that in about a trillion years that all the stars and planets would have died and the universe would be composed of only protons. Eventually, protons, hardy as they are, would decay to quarks.

Quarks do not stay together for a second before they decay to photons, light. Thus, the universe would end in cold light.

The universe began in hot light and ends in cold light. So, if God created it why did he bother creating this thing that would eventually run down and die; what is the point? It does not make sense.

As existential philosophers, such as Sartre, Camus, Jasper and Heidegger, tell us, our lives seem meaningless and purposeless. Therefore, it is kind of difficult to see why an intelligent being would bother creating us and the supporting universe.

Materialistic philosophers (David Hume, for example) claim that the accidental concatenation of matter produced human beings and is responsible for human beings thinking.

Human thinking, looked at with powerful electronic microscopes, is nothing but the dance of electrons in our brains.

Electrons are light with negligible mass. So, what we call our thinking is photons of light jumping around in our brains. It seems that we are matter and that is the end of the argument.

Last night, for some reason, I pondered the human body. Please do not ask me why such ideas enter my head. They just do.  I began thinking about the human body.

Look at your body. It is a mass of flesh. That mass of flesh cannot stand up and walk around. For it to stand up and move around there got to be an internal non flesh frame to it. Thus, calcium and other elements evolved into bones and bones were used to construct a frame, a chassis on which flesh was pasted to make your body able to stand up and walk. If you removed the internal bone frame your body would collapse into a mass of useless flesh.

When we build houses, especially modern high rises we use steel frames as internal superstructures to hold the houses together. We first construct steel frames and then paste cement etc. on them and wham the house stands and lasts hundreds of years. Without that internal structure the house would not stand.

Extrapolating from the apparently intelligent manner we design our houses and cars with internal frames I wondered whether our bodies were also consciously designed by an intelligent force that first built a bonny structure to hold the fleshy part together.

Could the contention of intelligent design of the universe be true?  If it is true, why would that intelligence bother designing people's bodies since they would die and decay, what is the point to it all? It would seem that people accidentally evolved!

Yet the construction of the human body with an internal bonny structure to hold flesh together and the covering of the brain with a bonny skull to protect it from harm suggest intelligence at work.

Indeed, who could appreciate the workings of the human brain without speculating that there is an intelligent force in people?

Could mere accidents have written William Shakespeare's immortal plays, or made Albert Einstein's and Ernest Rutherford's scientific discoveries?

But if there is an intelligent force in people why did it bother constructing people that would die, what is he trying to prove?

The German idealistic philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer seems correct in asserting that the universe made a mistake in producing human beings; people, he said, ought to not exist. Who can appreciate human capacity for evil and wish that they exist? Schopenhauer observed American Whites holding black slaves while masquerading around as loving Christians and decided that they ought to not exist!

So, is there any merit to the proposition of intelligent design?

I know many top notch physicists who are beginning to accept the proposition that some intelligent being(s) outside our universe consciously designed our universe.

If you look at the evolution of the universe you could be forgiven if you believed that someone did it. Fourteen billion years ago, a particle of light emerged from nowhere. It apparently got hot and exploded; it shattered into photons and combined them to quarks and electrons and combined quarks to protons and neutrons and within three minutes combined protons and neutrons into nuclei of atoms.

Anti-matter was also invented; matter and anti-matter attacked each other and annihilated each other (and returned to radiation) but some matter survived to continue the evolution of the physical universe.

400, 000 years later  nuclei captured electrons to form the simplest atoms, hydrogen, helium, lithium; the universe became a cloud of mostly hydrogen. A few million years later the cloud of hydrogen separated into clumps and inside each clump heat and pressure led to the fusion of hydrogen to helium and stars are born.

The initial stars were massive in size and appear calibrated to live briefly and then explode and in their explosion create most of the elements beyond iron.

Both the elements invented inside stars and those invented during supernova were spilled into space and eventually agglomerated into medium sized stars and planets. Those elements were, on planet earth, used to form plants and animals.

If you look at the evolution of the universe it might cross your mind that someone designed this universe. It seems that someone wants people to evolve. Everything appears meant to produce human beings, creatures who can study and understand their universe (last night, out of nowhere, I began pondering the structure of the human body and this morning I hit my computer and typed this easy; that is, the universe tried to understand an aspect of itself through me).

There seems intelligent design in the universe. But if so who did it and what was he trying to accomplish? Since the universe is meant to run down (the second law of thermodynamics, entropy tells us that all organized system must run down) what is the point of having this universe exist at all? I see no point to it.

Observing human beings behaviors one would rather they did not exist. I tolerate human evil because I can attribute it to ignorance but if I were to accept intelligent design I would ask: why would an intelligent force bother creating people who are their own worst enemies? In my view, in their present forms, human beings ought to not exist. If I was designing this universe I would not have people, as they currently are, in it.

I could only have designed our universe if I was insane.  Stop right there. Suppose there is an intelligent designer of the universe and he did it when he was mad? Suppose that in a moment of insanity the designer designed this universe and people?

That line of thinking makes sense to me. I tend to believe that people were designed by an insane force. People are not the product of a rational force but the product of a mad force. If there is God he must be insane to have created people!

If you look at the human body, it seems a wonderful machine and you must remove your hat to whoever designed it. Then you begin pondering what people do with their bodies and stop seeing bodies as marvelous.

People eat food, digest it and extract nutrients from it; the rest of the food is poop which they must get rid of from their bodies. They are like other animals and must poop. It is not a pretty sight seeing people defecate; it were better they did not do that for doing that makes them mere animals. If I designed people I would not have them defecate.

Then you think of sex. People are programed to pursue sex.  Look at people having sex. What do you see? You see two ridiculous people. Imagine the fat and bloated President Trump having sex with a woman would you still have respect for him? Of course not!

No wonder people hide their sexual activity; sex makes them look ridiculous, like mere animals, not the thoughtful gods they seem to be.  Yet, people must have sex for it is through this animal behavior that people come into this world.  Children are born just like other animals are born, through female vaginas. Yukky. I would not design people to reproduce as they currently reproduce if I was the designer of people.

People are designed in such a way that they must feel lonely and seek the company of each other. If people did not desire each other's company there would be no society; they would be like lions and tigers living independent of one another.

Thus people have relationships. Their relationships are the dances of egos accommodating each other. It is battering.

Do you have what I want?? Are you tall, handsome and athletic and relatively wealthy? Are you a good looking damsel who is relatively intelligent so that our offspring is not going to be dumb? If the answer is yes these two people get together, marry and have children.

Our social relationships are predicated on self-interest calculations (no wonder Richard Dawkins and Edward Wilson say that we have selfish genes in us).

You wonder whether it is possible for people to have non-selfish relationships.  Are loving relationships where people come together and live altruistically, giving to each other without asking for what is in it for them, possible?

As long as people live in bodies they must calculate what is in relationships for them. Altruistic relationships seem possible only in a non-bodily state, in the world of light forms where people do not have to struggle for their bodies needs and there are no sexual behaviors.

As long as people live in bodies that will die their bodies have no value; their bodies are worthless (if you cremate their bodies the resultant ashes are not even worth a penny!).

Human worth is an imaginary social construct; people agree to see each other as having worth and dance their dance of "we are worthy".  In truth people are mere animals.

If you want to you can eliminate people. For example, Adolf Hitler wanted to and killed fifty million persons. As we talk, we have a deluded, psychopathic narcissist in the American White House. He may well incinerate North Koreans to prove to his grandiose ego that he is powerful.  And when he kills North Koreans his racist supporters would give him high fives, for he has made America great again!

As an aside let me say this: If the USA uses nuclear weapons on another Asian country that would be the end of the American racist empire.  The world would reject America and America falls. The world tolerated the first time America used nuclear weapons on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 but will not do so again.

The leader of North Korea is obviously an insane prick but we must find a way to disarm North Korea through diplomatic means instead of incinerating Koreans.

The human body has no worth, I suggested, but I just engaged in a bit of moralism in the last paragraphs! Why do so if the universe is amoral?  If the universe is amoral it wouldn't matter if the man-baby in the White House incinerated Koreans!

It would seem that there is a moral aspect of the universe; otherwise I would not have moralized at the prospect of wantonly killing Koreans just because their leader is an attention seeking fat boy who thinks that talking tough makes him tough.

One could conclude that there is a side to people that is not their bodies, a side that has total worth?  In bodiless unified spirit people would be importance itself but in body clearly they have no worth.

We do not know if spirit exists so let us not go there, at least, not in this morning's essay. Let us return to my question, was this universe a product of intelligent design or evolution?

My answer is that I do not know. Looking at the evolution of the universe I am tempted to accept the anthropic principle. But then I ask: what does the universe exist for, why create it?

At age fourteen I rejected my Catholicism and declared myself agnostic. It seems that I remain agnostic. But how then do you explain what folks call spiritual experiences that I have had? I will not go into religion here. So, let me say that I do not know if the universe was created by an intelligent designer or is a product of accidental, random and chancy events.

What do you think?

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 11, 2017



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

I do analysis that appears critical of Igbos. Igbo intelligentsia writes to me thanking me for having the courage to state their real issues. Every week I get letters from well-meaning Igbos thanking me for what I said about Igbo problems.

On the other hand, some Igbo chaps that clearly are paranoid apparently believe that I hate Igbos and want Igbos dead.

The paranoid person invented a false, grandiose self for him and houses it in body and desperately wants that false self to survive at all costs. He is afraid of his egos demise.

He invented a self in form with which he replaced the formless self that God created him as. He wants the self in form he invented to survive at all costs so that he would win his battle with God (the battle is: who created him, him or God, who is more powerful, man or God?) and have his self-miscreation survive and have the son of God, as God created him die.

Paranoid persons are very conscious of how you treat them. If they feel attacked by you they feel like you are out to kill them and counter attack you so as to survive.

One paranoid Igbo character called Nebu Adiele (this is not his true name, he writes under this false name and is shameless that out of fearfulness he denied his identity;  he projects his shamelessness to other people and say that they are shameless)  posited a false grandiose self and thinks that it is who he is. He defends that false self with everything in his powerless power. He wants the world to see him as he wants to be seen, powerful.

He extended his grandiose self-concept to Igbos and thinks that Igbos are great and wants the world to see Igbos as great.

He sees my analysis of Igbos as an attack on Igbos, read, as an attack on him. He thinks that he is defending Igbos by attacking me.

He has called me all the names that his limited education can muster (I doubt that he even went to secondary school although he claims to be an attorney).

The man reacts defensively to my writing and attacks me; he wishes to take me down and out; he cannot succeed; he is a nincompoop, if he were to try his designs on me I would not hesitate in shooting him dead.

The man sees me as after destroying his ego and body. This means that he values ego and body; self with which he replaces his real self, the formless son of God.

His senseless attacks on me are actually a godsend for me for they enable me to learn how paranoid minds work.

Paranoid persons are partially insane; they are not completely insane. They have delusion but do not hallucinate.

You have to have both delusion and hallucination to be diagnosed as psychotic (that is, as schizophrenic or manic). The paranoid is only partially insane. As such, he can still hold down a job, be a professional. I have dealt with many paranoid medical doctors, lawyers, engineers etc.

Nevertheless, you recognize that paranoids are crazy from the way they take what is meant as general analysis of them and their people as attack on them, as this Nebu fellow does.

I have learned a lot from his warped mind and, as such, ought to be grateful to him.

We learn from every situation we are in and from every person we encounter. I have learned about the workings of delusion disorder by observing the deluded Nebu Adiele. The man appears to be making sense but actually is not making sense; he merely confabulates, makes noise.

Ozodi Osuji

August 9, 2017


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

The terms mind, consciousness and intelligence are the same thing; I cannot define any or all of them.  What, however, is evident to me is that something in human beings, which I call mind or consciousness or intelligence, invented our physical universe.

Mind or consciousness or intelligence is one but has infinite parts and thinks from each of its parts, us. Each of us is a unit of mind, a unit of consciousness and a unit of intelligence.

The universal mind or universal consciousness or universal intelligence collectively invented the physical universe of space, time and matter. How it did it is probably as scientists are beginning to understand through astrophysics' conjecture on the Big Bang and through evolutionary biology conjectures on how we evolved to be where we are today.

Mind invented our world of dense forms, invented the world of light forms (our physical world has a version of it where everything is in light forms).  Mind, in its pure state, is what folks call heaven. Mind dreams through its units, us; it produces our day world.

Our day world can be described as mind's collective dream (each of us is a unit of mind, consciousness and contributes to the nature of our day world).

Each of us, a part of mind dreams at night with its mind quality but its dream is not shared by other units of minds hence only lasts for as long as one is sleeping and dreaming.

On the other hand, the dream of all of us, our day world, is shared and, as such, lasts for trillions of years or however long our universe lasts.

On a personal level, I use my mind to dream my nightly dreams; regardless of the dream figures in it, such as pictures of Jesus and other human beings, it is my mind that produced them. It is also my mind that produced what folks call the visions that I have had.

My mind is joined with all other minds; the totality of our minds equal the collective mind of all of us and that mind is the only thing that exists as a reality; it is permanent, eternal and changeless.

Mind is consciousness and is formless; it is not in human form; you cannot see it or know how it works from where we currently are, in the world of space, time and matter.

For our present purpose, my point is that mind is real and that it does whatever happens in our collective world and in our individual worlds.

In our collective and shared dream mind produces the physical universe we see with our individual eyes. That world is our collective dream.

Each of us sees the collective world differently; each person sees the world as his mind enables him to see it; each person has a history of learning and whatever is in his mind, his thoughts, are projected to the external world; that is, the individual uses his myopic lenses for seeing to see the external world and color it; no person sees the external world objectively, as it is, but sees it as his mind colors the things in it.

At night each of us uses his understanding of the world and things, not objective reality, to dream his individual dreams.


In their true state, God and his infinite creations (aka sons) are formless; they do not have bodies and do not live in space, time and matter; they are ideas inside each other; where one ends and the others begin is nowhere; there is no space between them.

The sons of God, for a whole number of reasons, wanted to separate from God and from each other. Many writers have elaborated on those reasons, including the desire for specialness, pride, and power. Let me add that one of the reasons for separation is the desire to see ourselves in forms, in bodies.

We separated from God and from each other and gradually evolved matter, from photons of light to the human body and now seem to live in bodies. We now see ourselves in bodies and admire our bodily selves.

Alas, the bodies we made would, give or take, 120 years, die. So a different part of our minds, the right mind, the Holy Spirit remade our bodies in light forms.

Each of us has a self in light form. That is the self-folks who have had near death experience see. That light self is an improvement on our present body of matter; it lasts for as long as the physical universe lasts, trillions of years.

Nevertheless, that light form is not our true self; it too, will disappear when we return to the awareness of our formless selves as part of the consciousness called God.  In our true state we are formless consciousness, mind and creative intelligence.

Post Script

How is what I said here different from what A course in miracles said? It is not different but rephrases A course in miracles in my language. The book said that only mind exists and is real; it said that God is mind and that each of us is a unit in God's mind. It said that we are ideas in God's mind and ideas do not leave their source, so we do not leave God even when we think that we are separated from him and dream this world. We are in God and while there dream our world of separated things. I agree with the book except to say that it said what it said in poetic form and I am saying what I say in prose. We are saying the same thing but in slightly different formats; some will understand it from the way I present it.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 9, 2017


Contemporary astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology tell us that 13.8 billion years ago, out of nowhere and everywhere a point of light came out. That point of light is smaller than a particle.

Visualize the size of a particle. Begin by realizing that there are millions of atoms in the period at the end of this sentence.

An atom contains electrons, protons and neutrons (called particles). That is to say that if there are millions of atoms in a period there must be trillions of particles in a period.

Do particles exist, in fact, or are they conceptual way of saying that atoms have units?   Let us move on.

A photon, a unit of light came out and shattered and eventually formed everything in the physical universe. Yes, that one particle of light became electrons, quarks and quarks combined into protons and neutrons; protons and neutrons unified into nuclei and nuclei captured electrons to form atoms.

There are about 92 naturally occurring elements in the universe and about twenty made in science laboratories. Each element is a different arrangement of the particles in an atom. For example, hydrogen contains one electron and one proton (some of its isotopes have neutrons); carbon has six electrons, six neutrons and six protons; oxygen has eight electrons, eight protons and eight neutrons; uranium has 92 electrons, 92 protons and 146 neutrons.

Atoms (stars are mainly hydrogen) formed star, planets, animals, and people. The entire galaxies of stars and planets came from one particle of light!

The original particle of light contained infinite information; it used that information to form everything in the universe.  This is pure physics; we did not introject human characteristic to physics here. Now let us give physics some human quality.

God is light. One particle of God's light that contains infinite particles, enough to form this universe; one particles of God's light transformed itself into physical light particle and formed this universe.

We can say that God extended his light into everything that exists in the universe. This is not different from religion saying that God created the universe.

One particle from God's infinite light came out and transformed itself into our universe; this is a way of saying that God created the universe.

Light expanded into everything in the universe is a way of saying that the light that is God extended to everything in the universe.

Physics teaches us that energy cannot be destroyed but can change forms. The original source of energy is light. That light energy transformed itself to sound energy, heat energy, electrical energy, mechanical energy, chemical energy and other forms of energies.

The same energy remains the same in quantity but is now in different forms of energy; it has not been destroyed but is in many seeming different things. Light energy is now matter and matter is everything in the universe (may be anti-matter exists in some galaxies but that we do not know for sure).

Your body is literally light energy disguised in the 64 elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen etc.) that compose it.

Light changes forms but cannot be destroyed. The original light that came out of the Big Bang is still in existence, albeit in different forms.   In effect, light is immortal and eternal. Even when the entire universe of matter runs down, when all stars and planets decay they would return to light (cold radiation).

God is light; that God's light is eternal. This is a way of saying that God is eternal. Religionists say that God is eternal; what they are saying is what physics is also saying.

Simply put, God is eternal (but is disguised in the infinite things it manifests in in our universe of matter and the infinite universes it manifests in).

Light contains information and intelligence; that intelligence in light is used to fashion everything in the universe.

We do not yet understand the nature of intelligence in light and I am not interested in speculating about its nature.

All that I need is say is that light is intelligent and that intelligence produced our universe and us. This is the same thing as saying that God is intelligence or consciousness and that he created our world; it depends on whether you are employing the language of religion, metaphors, poetry, or the language of science, objective.


When light transform itself into matter it is now in darkness, hence to live in body, matter is to live in darkness. But it is not quite darkness for that darkness is made of light.

Only light exists, some of it is transmuted to matter hence to temporary darkness for it will eventually be transformed back to light. Space, time and matter are disguised light.

To live in body, in matter is to sleep and dream, but one can always wake up to one's original light.


We, all human beings, before coming to earth agreed to see body (and the self that adapts to body, the ego) as who we are and disregard evidence to the contrary. To live on earth, in body we had to agree that we are bodies. We mutually agreed to tell each other that we are bodies and to admire each other's bodies; we signed an agreement not to destroy each other's bodies but instead to value and admire them.

We all know that body can be destroyed. Point a gun at a person and pull the trigger and his body is dead. So we had to make sure that people value our bodies and agree not to destroy them while we live in bodies.

If you are wise, even if you do not value the human body, you must pretend to value the human body if you want to get along with people. You must give people the impression that you value their bodies for if people suspect that you do not value their bodies they correctly assume that you could harm them, even destroy them and they do not want to die so they would fear you.

People get away from you if they do not see you respect their bodies. Women would flee from your presence if you do not admire, value and respect their bodies for they assume that you could destroy them. They want to live in body so if you are a threat to their existence in body they run from you.

Spiritually enlightened persons know that we are spirits pretending to be bodies but even they must not go about telling people that they are spirits for if you emphasize spirit and deemphasize body you could pose a threat to those who want to live in body.

Those who want to live in body know that you must value body to guarantee their living in body. An Adolf Hitler who did not value living in body easily killed over fifty million people. In the modern world we have all kinds of nuclear weapons that if we wanted to we could eradicate all human beings from living in bodies. Therefore, we must make sure that our political leaders value their bodies and our bodies for if not they could kill all human beings.

Simply stated, you must continually reassure people, particularly those around you that you value their bodies; that you value nothing; if you cannot do so then simply stay quiet and do not say anything negative about the human body.

The human body is composed of matter and all matter must decompose. The body is composed of sixty four elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen etc.) that can only stay composed for about 120 years before it decomposes. The various elements, atoms eventually decay to electrons, protons and neutrons. Those particles were made from photons and eventually decay back to photons (light).

Thus, where we see human bodies (matter, space and time) are really light hidden in the illusion of flesh.  Where we see matter (galaxies, planets, bodies, space and time) is nothing but spirit that projected out what seems matter (which is not real).

Matter exists only in dreams; in reality only spirit exists. Having noted this truth one should not go about telling people that they are not bodies for that would scare them; they came here to live as bodies.

It took people billions of years to fashion the bodies they live in; that which took them that long to contrive they obviously like.

So, let people live in their bodies but if you know that body and ego are not real live accordingly and leave people who are not yet ready to live as pure spirits live as bodies (dense body or light body, both are illusions). Leave people to live according to their secret agreement to deny their spirit nature and live as bodies. They are entitled to their illusions. Each person awakens from the illusion when he wants to do so.


Egoism is our attempt to make our bodies seem to have worth when in fact they do not have importance. People confer worth on their bodies even though deep down they know that body does not have worth. All attempts to make body seem important are delusional for body has no worth. Body does not even have a bit of worth but is totally worthless yet we struggle to make it seem to have worth, a futile task.

People want to believe that their bodies have worth; they like you if you admire their bodies, if you admire their bodies they like you for that mean that you collude with them to value what they want to value, their bodies.

If you want to get along with people tell them that their bodies are great but know that they are spirit pretending to be bodies; love the sons of God in people and leave them to pretend that they are bodies.

Under no circumstances must you hate a human being; you are not permitted to harm or destroy people's bodies for they have a right to play with bodies and pretend that they are bodies.

Enlightened and illuminated people smile at people's childish game that they are egos in bodies but leave them to do so.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 8, 2017


Tuesday, 08 August 2017 18:52

God is light and other matters

From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal:

I deliberately throw out nuggets of information that cross my mind on a regular basis. I know that if a reader is smart he can take just one of the ideas I give away for free, think about it and develop it and even write a doctoral dissertation on it!



Physics has established that light energy exists; it has shown that light energy, which came out of nowhere during the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago, contains infinite information.  It has established that light energy transformed itself to sound energy, mechanical energy, heat energy, electrical energy, chemical energy and other forms of energy. Everything in the physical universe was made from light energy and therefore is light, albeit in disguised forms. QED

Biological science has demonstrated that we think with light. When we are thinking what is really taking place is the dance of electrons in our brains.

Electrons are light with some mass but otherwise are light; electrons are light that have the necessary mass in which information about physical activities are stored.

God is spiritual light. That spiritual light can transform itself to physical light. Spiritual light transformed some of itself to physical light, light energy. It used that light energy to construct everything in our universe.

Stars, planets, plants, animals, people were all constructed with light energy; light transformed itself to electrons, quarks and quarks combined into protons and neutrons, which became nuclei and nuclei captured electrons and atoms are formed.

Matter is composed of atoms; all atoms came from light so everything in the universe is in the final analysis made of light.

Albert Einstein demonstrated that matter is composed of light multiplied by the speed of light times two: E=Mc2.

The universe is made of light and light contains information; light thinks (physical light is used by spiritual light to think).

We, the parts of spiritual light, in anthroposophical terms, the sons of God, contain the light of God; that is, we contain information, we contain thinking energy, we contain creative energy and use that creative energy, light of God, in us to do whatever we do on earth, good or bad.

We use the light of God in us for creative purposes (to love, to unify with) or to mis-create (to separate and hate).


Once a person is born into a body, regardless of whether he chose it before he was born or got into it by accident, he is going to experience the effects of that body on him.

The individual's body and social culture he is born in affect his behavior; to deny that fact is to be insane. Your body and culture is your fate in the world of space, time and matter.

This is not karma dictated by unknown spiritual forces but something that can be observed in the world of the here and now; your body and society affects what you do; for example, you cannot run the Olympic 100 meters dash in less than ten seconds if you were born paraplegic and is in a wheel chair.


Fear is a function of desire, the desire to live in ego and body; fear protects the wish to live in ego and body; if you do not have the wish to live in ego and body you cannot even feel fear talk more giving in to it.

If you give up the wish to live in body and ego you would no longer feel fearful; this is doable and has been done by many people.

Without fear and anger, paranoia and depression your body is calm; your body is a neutral agent for your mind to do with it whatever you want to do.

However, as long as you still live in the world of body, space and time you need food, medications, clothes and shelter for your body to be protected; if you are stark naked you would die in cold winter, unless you can rise above space, time and matter and be in a place that is not given to our earthly winters, but as long as you live on earth you must do things to adapt to the requirements of space, time and matter.

If you are spiritually advanced what are you doing to adapt to the requirements of matter, space and time?  You have transcended fear and are spiritually at a higher place what are you doing on earth?

You cannot just lie on your back in your room doing nothing, you know; so, what are you doing to make your life exciting?

You cannot go about asking people not to be fearful for they would not listen to you, for they know that they need fear to alert them to danger and take protective measures so as to survive in body.

So, what is your realistic vocation in the world after you have spiritualized yourself? Do what new age religionists do, retain identification with body and do the phony healings of that body such as energy work?


You are not body and your mind is not separated from God and all people; your mind is joined with all minds and with God's mind; in that state of union your mind is healed.

To be healed is to return to unified state, which is to love; you have returned to love and love all people and forgive them what they do in the dream of separation for it has not been done.

You are no longer pursuing ideal ego, and using it to mask your perception that the world of egos is nothing, and using it to judge you and other people as good or bad; you are now nonjudgmental hence calm and get along with all people.

So, what would you be doing on earth if you are healed? You would be living peacefully and happily.

How do you make money? Is it by the magical means of wishing for it, such as winning the lotto and or people putting billions of dollars into your bank account, as my deluded Igbo friend, Olumba was expecting to happen to him?

I must confess that a strict reading of metaphysics suggests that it is possible to get money through supernatural means. The still prideful Olumba lies on his bed all day long praying to God to make people put billions of dollars into his bank account and he uses that money to build a replication of Solomon's temple in his village (this is delusional thinking) and in the meantime is old, blind and dying!

One should make money by selling to people what they desire that one can produce and sell to them. I give away information on self-transformation; I could charge for that information.


The question that I am asking is really this: how should a teacher of God live his day, what should he be doing and how would he get the money and resources he needs to live on? Is it by depending on the public to support him (as so-called ministers of God do by fleecing people or by depending on tax payers to carry him on their backs)?

A course in miracles says that you should do nothing until the Holy Spirit tells you what to do and says that the Holy Spirit will give you all the money you need to do the work he wants you to do and that your life would be light, and you feel like you are carried along by breezes on a cool summer evening.

It would be nice if folks can actually live as A course in miracles describes but I have not seen anybody that has lived this way; however, Jesus, from the descriptions in the Bible, apparently lived that way but since his time two thousand years ago no one else has lived that way.

So, one still have to figure out a way to live in this world of space, time and matter, how to make a living and what to do on a day to day basis, a meaningful vocation.

I will start giving weekly paid lectures to the public on using spiritual and secular psychology in solving living issues. In a typical lecture I draw 300 people; now suppose that each of them paid, at least, $20 how much is that? $6000 for a two hours talk!



What is in a person's mind is reflected in the world he sees; this means that the world one sees is the out picturing of what is in one's mind. What is in one's mind colors the world one sees and experiences!

What is in one's mind does not bring about a different world; for the world is brought about by all of us, collectively; and that includes the people of the past, present and future; all God's creation played a role in bringing the world into being; the individual alone cannot bring the world into being except in his nightly unshared dreams.

Our day word is a shared world, we collectively made it up. What the individual does is color the world he sees and experiences with his inner state of mind; each person experiences the same world differently, according to what is in his mind.

For example, I was a very fearful person; I was unable to make up my mind on what to do with my life; my world showed me people who treat me as I treat me and, more importantly, showed me a threatening, fearful  world.

If I have no fear of people and the world in me and have love for all people in my mind the world would reflect that back to me and show me people loving me.

If my mind is calm and fearless I will see a world where there are no individually induced dangers (the collective dangers confronting all people will still be there) and things are cooperating with me.




People in the world of light forms have passed through our world of dense forms and have mastered how to adapt to it (if you have not mastered our world upon your physical death you return to our world to keep trying until you master it and after which upon death you no longer return to it).

From the world of light forms folks individually and collectively guide people living in the world of dense forms.

Each of us has a group of people in light forms guiding him; they do not invade his mind, space but quietly put ideas into his head and or arrange situations that he enters and learns from.

Geniuses like Albert Einstein and Ernest Rutherford were helped by people in the world of light forms who have understood how matter works.

The study of Science and technology is guided by folks in light forms. Thus, those people keep themselves quite busy helping us.

I am guided by people in light forms, such as Jesus Christ. Jesus wrote in poetic form and helps me rewrite what he wrote in poetry into prose.  I am saying nothing that he did not say but I am saying it in ordinary language that I and people like me understand.


You can moderate all the things that folks do on earth and your life becomes easier but if you completely let go of them you leave the earth and go to the world of light forms, aka happy dream, gate of heaven.


By themselves things are neutral; I give them the only meaning they have for me; other people give the same things the meaning they have for them.

Ultimately, things, matter, do not have any meaning and do not exist (all matter is reducible to atoms, particles, photons and in trillions of years' time to nothing).

If I gave this table the only meaning it has for me, and gave every event the meaning it has for me, I can change the meaning they have for me.

I can look at things from the ego and give them ego meaning; I can change and look at them and look at them from the Holy Spirit; that is, from love hence give them meaning.

Either ego or Holy Spirit is meaningless but one approximates the truth than the other. The truth is that the material world I see does not exist and as such is meaningless; seeing a meaningless world forces me to try to give it meaning via making ideals of it.

Idealizing things does not make then less temporary; whatever is temporary is meaningless; only formless and eternal unified spirit has meaning.


If the world is what I say that it is, it follows that everything is my interpretation. Perception is interpretation. I can interpret a sound as made by ghosts and have fear or interpret it as nothing and have no fear; my interpretation affects my behavior, my response to the neutral stimuli.

If I respond to everything according to my interpretation of them, the question is: what is their objective nature? Matter, atoms, particles and eventually nothing!



Loving people, upon physical death, live in the world of light forms and from there positively try to influence us; they do not force themselves on us.

People who while on earth were evil, unloving persons, upon death, go to live in the world of darkness; a world between earth and the world of light forms and from there try to influence those on earth negatively; those are what folks call evil spirits; they do not influence you unless you are receptive to them, just as positive spirits cannot affect you unless you are receptive to them.

We have freedom and spirit can force itself on you.

PS: The above statements are my interpretations of random ideas in A course in miracles that crossed my mind this morning; in these interpretations the book is no longer abstract but commonsensical; that is my job, to render the book commonsensical, not the abstract poetry it currently is.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 8, 2017


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