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Wakaman Politiks by Ehi Agboaye Ph.D - on ChatAfrik BookClub

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Wakaman Revolution Don Start-o!
Oyibo take wakaman make boi-boi. Soja bulala am with koboko, then tiff we money go Switzerland. Politician  say, “Vote for me!” Them reach Abuja start to fight for okuko with tolotolo leg; isi ewu, and cow leg for make ngwo-ngwo with pepper soup! Chop, wakaman no get! Work, he no see! Light and water, for where; who born monkey! Wakaman carry una shit for head; plant una food; clean una road; polish una shoe; wash una cloth; cook una food; and cut una grass.     

Why People Go Vex With this Book                                                                                  
This book go open wakaman eye! If Naija man eye open, ah-ah! Tori get k-leg be that now! Na him be say, man don put san-san for acada and we leader them garri. Them want make you be iti-boribo, so you go be them boi-boi. Them fear be say, if you sabi wetin them know, you fit start ugbarugba weh acada call people’s revolution weh happen for Russia, France, and Cuba. Weh wakaman them come sabi them right, them kongba eye open like monkey weh see banana. Oya! Them start to kill them leader.
Naija: Oga Kpata-kpata For Afrika
People say, “Naija be Oba Afrika!” We get everything nyafu-nyafu: Crude oil; population; acada; fine-fine titi sef! Shebi Naija for be good example? For where! Head, we politiks no kuku get! Wayo-o, na Naija! Tiff-tiff 419-o, na we! We people parable say, “Na sofly-sofly old man weh no get teeth dey laugh.” And, “Man weh chop too much ewa must control him yansh for public.” Naija don too open mouth; and people come sabi say Onogie Afrika no get teeth. Naija don too chop ewa; he no fit control yansh for public. Our mess just dey scatter people nose everywhere! Gbere oba! Crown no dey head, but he dey make plenty noise.  
Black Man, Black Heart
Why only rich man, politician, and oga soja them dey drink good water for Naija; and wakaman still dey drink pkoto-pkoto, rain, and river water? Why mama Bimbo still dey use otukpa? Why we leader them get latrine for house, but sufferman dey shit for bush? No be wickedness that? We leader them troway face for corner like say them no sabi say wakaman dey suffer.

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