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Translating religions language to the language of physics

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Contemporary astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology tell us that 13.8 billion years ago, out of nowhere and everywhere a point of light came out. That point of light is smaller than a particle.

Visualize the size of a particle. Begin by realizing that there are millions of atoms in the period at the end of this sentence.

An atom contains electrons, protons and neutrons (called particles). That is to say that if there are millions of atoms in a period there must be trillions of particles in a period.

Do particles exist, in fact, or are they conceptual way of saying that atoms have units?   Let us move on.

A photon, a unit of light came out and shattered and eventually formed everything in the physical universe. Yes, that one particle of light became electrons, quarks and quarks combined into protons and neutrons; protons and neutrons unified into nuclei and nuclei captured electrons to form atoms.

There are about 92 naturally occurring elements in the universe and about twenty made in science laboratories. Each element is a different arrangement of the particles in an atom. For example, hydrogen contains one electron and one proton (some of its isotopes have neutrons); carbon has six electrons, six neutrons and six protons; oxygen has eight electrons, eight protons and eight neutrons; uranium has 92 electrons, 92 protons and 146 neutrons.

Atoms (stars are mainly hydrogen) formed star, planets, animals, and people. The entire galaxies of stars and planets came from one particle of light!

The original particle of light contained infinite information; it used that information to form everything in the universe.  This is pure physics; we did not introject human characteristic to physics here. Now let us give physics some human quality.

God is light. One particle of God's light that contains infinite particles, enough to form this universe; one particles of God's light transformed itself into physical light particle and formed this universe.

We can say that God extended his light into everything that exists in the universe. This is not different from religion saying that God created the universe.

One particle from God's infinite light came out and transformed itself into our universe; this is a way of saying that God created the universe.

Light expanded into everything in the universe is a way of saying that the light that is God extended to everything in the universe.

Physics teaches us that energy cannot be destroyed but can change forms. The original source of energy is light. That light energy transformed itself to sound energy, heat energy, electrical energy, mechanical energy, chemical energy and other forms of energies.

The same energy remains the same in quantity but is now in different forms of energy; it has not been destroyed but is in many seeming different things. Light energy is now matter and matter is everything in the universe (may be anti-matter exists in some galaxies but that we do not know for sure).

Your body is literally light energy disguised in the 64 elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen etc.) that compose it.

Light changes forms but cannot be destroyed. The original light that came out of the Big Bang is still in existence, albeit in different forms.   In effect, light is immortal and eternal. Even when the entire universe of matter runs down, when all stars and planets decay they would return to light (cold radiation).

God is light; that God's light is eternal. This is a way of saying that God is eternal. Religionists say that God is eternal; what they are saying is what physics is also saying.

Simply put, God is eternal (but is disguised in the infinite things it manifests in in our universe of matter and the infinite universes it manifests in).

Light contains information and intelligence; that intelligence in light is used to fashion everything in the universe.

We do not yet understand the nature of intelligence in light and I am not interested in speculating about its nature.

All that I need is say is that light is intelligent and that intelligence produced our universe and us. This is the same thing as saying that God is intelligence or consciousness and that he created our world; it depends on whether you are employing the language of religion, metaphors, poetry, or the language of science, objective.


When light transform itself into matter it is now in darkness, hence to live in body, matter is to live in darkness. But it is not quite darkness for that darkness is made of light.

Only light exists, some of it is transmuted to matter hence to temporary darkness for it will eventually be transformed back to light. Space, time and matter are disguised light.

To live in body, in matter is to sleep and dream, but one can always wake up to one's original light.


We, all human beings, before coming to earth agreed to see body (and the self that adapts to body, the ego) as who we are and disregard evidence to the contrary. To live on earth, in body we had to agree that we are bodies. We mutually agreed to tell each other that we are bodies and to admire each other's bodies; we signed an agreement not to destroy each other's bodies but instead to value and admire them.

We all know that body can be destroyed. Point a gun at a person and pull the trigger and his body is dead. So we had to make sure that people value our bodies and agree not to destroy them while we live in bodies.

If you are wise, even if you do not value the human body, you must pretend to value the human body if you want to get along with people. You must give people the impression that you value their bodies for if people suspect that you do not value their bodies they correctly assume that you could harm them, even destroy them and they do not want to die so they would fear you.

People get away from you if they do not see you respect their bodies. Women would flee from your presence if you do not admire, value and respect their bodies for they assume that you could destroy them. They want to live in body so if you are a threat to their existence in body they run from you.

Spiritually enlightened persons know that we are spirits pretending to be bodies but even they must not go about telling people that they are spirits for if you emphasize spirit and deemphasize body you could pose a threat to those who want to live in body.

Those who want to live in body know that you must value body to guarantee their living in body. An Adolf Hitler who did not value living in body easily killed over fifty million people. In the modern world we have all kinds of nuclear weapons that if we wanted to we could eradicate all human beings from living in bodies. Therefore, we must make sure that our political leaders value their bodies and our bodies for if not they could kill all human beings.

Simply stated, you must continually reassure people, particularly those around you that you value their bodies; that you value nothing; if you cannot do so then simply stay quiet and do not say anything negative about the human body.

The human body is composed of matter and all matter must decompose. The body is composed of sixty four elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen etc.) that can only stay composed for about 120 years before it decomposes. The various elements, atoms eventually decay to electrons, protons and neutrons. Those particles were made from photons and eventually decay back to photons (light).

Thus, where we see human bodies (matter, space and time) are really light hidden in the illusion of flesh.  Where we see matter (galaxies, planets, bodies, space and time) is nothing but spirit that projected out what seems matter (which is not real).

Matter exists only in dreams; in reality only spirit exists. Having noted this truth one should not go about telling people that they are not bodies for that would scare them; they came here to live as bodies.

It took people billions of years to fashion the bodies they live in; that which took them that long to contrive they obviously like.

So, let people live in their bodies but if you know that body and ego are not real live accordingly and leave people who are not yet ready to live as pure spirits live as bodies (dense body or light body, both are illusions). Leave people to live according to their secret agreement to deny their spirit nature and live as bodies. They are entitled to their illusions. Each person awakens from the illusion when he wants to do so.


Egoism is our attempt to make our bodies seem to have worth when in fact they do not have importance. People confer worth on their bodies even though deep down they know that body does not have worth. All attempts to make body seem important are delusional for body has no worth. Body does not even have a bit of worth but is totally worthless yet we struggle to make it seem to have worth, a futile task.

People want to believe that their bodies have worth; they like you if you admire their bodies, if you admire their bodies they like you for that mean that you collude with them to value what they want to value, their bodies.

If you want to get along with people tell them that their bodies are great but know that they are spirit pretending to be bodies; love the sons of God in people and leave them to pretend that they are bodies.

Under no circumstances must you hate a human being; you are not permitted to harm or destroy people's bodies for they have a right to play with bodies and pretend that they are bodies.

Enlightened and illuminated people smile at people's childish game that they are egos in bodies but leave them to do so.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 8, 2017

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