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The Miraculous Millionaire - A new Book on Personal Finance

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Publication Date: April 23, 2013

Until now, no book on personal finance has systematically and completely shown the average or ordinary individual how to get rich quickly without risks. No book has been written by one of us and from our perspective. Washington or New York mass media elite do not understand the struggle to make ends meet. The Miraculous Millionaire, therefore, is here to fill a large void.

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Prince Ojong is a West African immigrant from Cameroon. Since the age of five, he has had an American Dream. On August 28, 1983, he finally landed successfully on the American continent. After undergoing culture shock, Prince Ojong decided to make his dreams come true. Instead of wasting his precious time learning endless theories, he dropped out of his PhD program at Howard University in order to embark on a self-study of the moneymaking secrets of America's rich and famous folks. To his bewilderment, a judicious application of the specialized knowledge of the rich was helping him to become financially independent. So can you! If he can do it, you can do it, too. Do yourself a favor. Buy and read his book today!


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