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Stock Market Trading: The Beginners Guide for Profitable Investing: by Paul O. Oranika – ChatAfrik BookClub

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Stock investing is a real business and some of the world's richest individuals got to where they are through investing wisely in the stock markets. It is also true that many people do not understand the basics of stock investing. The main goal of this book is to explain in simple terms the process of stock market investing. This book teaches you what you need to know about stock market investing. It covers many areas of investing including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, treasury bills, derivative

investments, options, futures and commodities, Forex trading and others. For advanced investors this book offers them information and strategies on how to enter and exit their market positions through the use of research indicators such as traditional and technical analysis. Upon reading this book, a new investor should be armed with sufficient knowledge and education to begin investing on their own through valuable information they acquired from this book. Emerging Market investment is an ideal strategy for stock investments. The Nigerian Stock Market has done well judging from its trading history. For Nigerians residing abroad, investing in the Nigerian stock market is a good opportunity to put away money for their retirements.

There are many advantages for investing in the Nigerian stock market. With the low naira currency valuation, 1 U.S. dollar is equivalent to about 152 naira as at May 18, 2010, it is an excellent opportunity to build a retirement nest egg by stretching the value of the dollar. Taking advantage of low naira conversion rates, Nigerians living abroad could channel money into their stock investment accounts. Commission rates and other fees are much lower than fees charged by developed markets. For instance a N100, 000 investment (about $660) would be charged a total commission of less than N400 (about $2.50). Commission rates for industrialized world markets range from about $9-25 per transaction. For Nigerians at home, investing in the stock market provides them with the opportunity to participate in the profits generated by companies. Many of the companies pay out yearly dividends resulting from profit sharing generated by the firm's business operations. This could serve as additional income for them. There are also huge tax advantages accruing from stock market investments particularly through investments aimed for longer term, for purposes of retirement. This book takes you through the needed steps to begin investing in stable Nigerian blue chip companies.

ISBN-13: 9781451229882

Publisher: Publish America

Publication date: 8/25/2010

Pages: 186 

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