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Patrice Lumumba : Africa's Lost Leader (Life&Times)

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'Patrice Lumumba, murdered at the age of 35 in 1961, was prime minister of newly independent Congo for just seven months. The Belgian imperialists, desperate to eliminate him from history, had him shot and his body dissolved in acid. As the news came out, weeks later, mass demonstrations shook capitals across the world. Malcolm X described Lumumba as "the greatest black man who ever walked the African continent". Patrice Lumumba was a new icon of resistance - His blistering speech at the Congo's independence celebrations is alone worth buying this book - the Belgians successfully fostered ethnic and regional divisions to protect their mining interests and launched a military uprising - this is not just a heroic and tragic story, it is a vital lesson for struggles today and in the future...' Simon Hester, Socialist Review

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  • Paperback:176 pages
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