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Nigeria: One Nation Two Systems: How Ethnic Rivalry and Religious Fundamentalism Threatens Africa's Most Populous Nation. by Paul Oranika - On ChatAfrik BookClub

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This book was written to draw the attention of its readers to the increasing social, economic, and political predicament of African nations. Traditionally, in addressing African problems the western media has focused on such areas as war, famine, and disease, but has devoted little or no time to internal issues and conflicts. Usually by the time the western media covers such news, it is too late. Many people still remember the Biafran quagmire and the millions of lives lost in that war. More recently, the genocide in Rwanda happened under the watchful eyes of the international community. The territorial integrity of Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, is being threatened by ethnic conflicts, but of greater significance is the threat from religious fundamentalism.Over the past five years tens of thousands of Nigerians have died in senseless riots, most of which have religious connotations. Nigeria: One Nation Two Systems chronicles many such riots and also examines some cases of Sharia convictions, mostly of poor women charged with such offenses as adultery or having a baby outside of marriage. While Nigeria remains a secular and democratic entity, some disgruntled politicians have found ways to instigate trouble between Muslims and Christians who have lived in harmony for generations. While the focus of this book is on Nigeria, lessons learnt here also apply to many other nations in Africa.

Paperback: 132 pages

Publisher: PublishAmerica (April 26, 2004)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1413712029

ISBN-13: 978-1413712025

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