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Living from the Real Self by Ozodi Thomas Osuji Ph.D

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Living from the Real Self gives the reader a fuller appreciation of the complexity of human beings, their physical and spiritual aspects, not in an either or manner but by focusing on both of them. It is a more realistic way to address people's psychological and existential issues and yields better results.

One must have clarity of vision, purpose, goal and objective. The author wants to give people a systematic way of looking at their lives and behaviors, to provide a manual that helps them to better understand themselves. He is interested in what is helpful to people in adapting to the realities of this world while recognizing the reality of a spiritual world. This world seems like a dream (as Hinduism observed) but people still have to find a sound philosophy that enables them to adapt to it as it is. A sound philosophy must provide a systematic view of existence, a view that helps people to make the most of their world.

Published: 9/11/2009
Format:Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

About the Author

Ozodi Thomas Osuji has a PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles; he has over twenty years of clinical and college teaching experience. This book contains some of the insights he has gained from his experiences. He lives in the Seattle, Washington area with his wife and three children.

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