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Forgiveness and the world of light forms

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji


Work book lessons 1-50

What is A course in miracles teaching? It is teaching that the world we see is not actually there and that we projected it out and give it all the meaning it has for us; beyond the meaning we give to it, it has no other meaning; it does not exist and we see what does not exist hence are frustrated and upset because we see something that is not there.

What we can now do is project out another world, do so from our right mind, the Holy Spirit; the new world we projected out with our right mind is still like the world our left mind projected out but this time it is a world of light forms and looks beautiful; it is still a dream, still fictional and not real but it is better than the world in dark form. It is our world reinterpreted with forgiveness.

We look at the world in light forms, aka happy dream, real world, gate of heaven, bridge between earth and heaven (Catholics call it purgatory and Muslims call t paradise) for a while and then decide to stop looking at the self and world in forms and let go of all selves and worlds in forms and return to the formless world of God where we all share oneself and one mind.

A course in miracles, work book for students, lesson 75

A course in miracles was written in poetic form; as such, it does not clarify what it is saying; this tendency to be wooly really annoyed me no end.

Consider the course's central teaching, forgiveness.  What does the course mean by forgiveness? It says that it means overlooking the world.

The world is a dream and what is done in dreams have not been done so overlook the dream to see the dreamers, the sons of God, first in light forms and ultimately in formlessness.

Does this mean that if I see a man raping a child, if I see a person killing another person, if I see a person stealing from other people am supposed to overlook what I am seeing, yes or no?

Give me a yes or no answer; I do not want an elaborate poetry that I need to keep myself busy trying to decipher what it means.

So, what should I do if I see a person doing what seems to me to be anti-social behavior, overlook it, and forgive it?

If I see a person abusing a child and overlook it, forgive it have I not become part of the child's abuse? Of course I have.

If I see you doing harmful things to other people it is my duty and responsibility to make sure that you do not do so; I must stop you and if I cannot I must call the police and make sure that they deal with you according to extant society's laws.

What then is forgiveness? Forgiveness does not mean condoning anti-social behaviors; it does not mean tolerating evil behaviors. It does not mean tolerating Muslim Jihadists running around killing people or misguided Americans running around the world trying to impose their stupid foreign policies on other people or tolerating American government's anti-human policy of not giving all people a single payer health insurance and paying for all young people's education through university.

In the here and now world,  people identify as their bodies and if you attack those bodies they do feel pain and fear and you shouldn't attack them and if you attack  them you must be removed, arrested, tried and sent to prison.

However, it is also true that nothing can happen to us without us wanting to experience it, as the course observed, so those you attack want to experience pain to make their egos seem real to them.

But we want to experience it not out of rational state of mind but from irrational frame of mind. It is because of our ego insanity, the insanity that separation can be made real.

For example, black people want to experience racism hence project out white racists who want to discriminate against them; the two groups experience sadism and masochist; both parties are sick for if they are sane they would not want to experience abuse and abuse others.

So, if you see the dance of the abused and abuser you do something about it. You stop the abuse; you stop racism; you work to change the racist society even though the people in it, out of their sickness, set it up; out of your sanity you work to change that sick society they set up for it warps human growth.

What forgiveness means is that if you see the attacker and the attacked you know that behind their egoistic behavior are other selves, the Christ self, the light selves.

The abuser and the abused literally have other selves, selves in light forms.  If you stop their mutual sick abusive dance and love them you see both of them in light forms.  You will see the Christ in the racist as well as in his victim.

In Nigeria, for example, most people are corrupt and are thieves; yet, there are light selves in them, Christ selves in all of them. If you forgive them, overlook what they are doing you will see that forgiven self, the Christ self in them.

However, you do not have to overlook their criminality; you do not do them any good by tolerating their thievery; you work to stop the mass corruption that has taken hold of the country and prevents it from developing.


The Holy Spirit has already reinvented all of us, whites, blacks, Nigerians, racists in light selves, in Christ selves; yet he wants you to correct the behaviors of people and not just run away from doing so under the impression that you are supposed to overlook the egos world to see the light world.

The light world is already there but you still need to correct the extant world before you go to it.


The course is correct in saying that if you bear grievances and seek vengeance for what other people did to you that you would see them in egos and bodies, hence perpetuate their stay in the world of the ego, the world of darkness and sentence them to living in hell.

Forgiveness takes people out of the world of darkness and takes them to the world of light forms.

If you forgive people, overlook what they did to you, you escape from seeing them as egos and bodies and seeing you as ego and body; forgiveness shows you people in light forms.

Yet, you are not going to exit from this world by merely overlooking its evils. You must be in this world of dense matter and work to get the people to care and love each other.

It is true that lack of forgiveness keeps you and people prisoners of this world; still, we must be prisoners of this world until we have transformed the world and made it a loving world.


Each of us, upon birth in this world, develops a self in body and ego and also develops another self in light form.

In that sense we brought light (a light self) to the egos dark world (see a course in miracles poetry in lesson75).

We are the light of the world and brought that light to the darkness of the egos world. This means that the Holy Spirit has already remade our body and ego form in light form and that if we choose to love people and work to improve the world and not condone evil we shall occasionally see ourselves and all people in light forms.

This does not require us to run away from the evils of this world; we must stay here and make it a happy dream (happy dream is the world of light forms; real world, holy relationships all exist in the world of light forms).

The problem with writing a book in poetic form is that what it says is not clarified; A course in miracles lacks clarity and that is why I undertake to clarify what it is saying is simple prose.

The book will go out of circulation in a few more decades, not because it does not contain the truth but because it is written in poetic form that lacks clarity; people are looking for clarity.

This is the inherent problem with speaking and writing from the unconscious mind, which is what Helen Schucman did, without allowing her conscious mind to filter what is coming from her unconscious mind.

A part of her unconscious mind called itself Jesus and through that identity wrote her book. If she had used her conscious mind to understand what she is saying she would have known that the ego, holy spirit, Christ, left mind, right mind, God are all parts of the individual's mind.

There is no Christ and Holy Spirit out there remaking our world; the Holy Spirit is our higher self that we use to improve the world that our lower self, the ego made.

We as the sons of God are the ones who made the ego and its world, as well as the world of light forms, the real world, the happy dream.

Indeed, we (the parts of the whole) and God (the whole) are the ones that created heaven, for God is not another person; he is our collective self.


Talking about darkness and light are gnostic ways of representing the world of good and bad. To Gnosticism, the world of the ego is the world of darkness; the world of God is the world of light; to bring light to darkness is to live in the world in a godly manner.

I wished that Helen Schucman had taken her function seriously and translated her poetry into prose that has clarity. I guess that she had to do her part leaving me to do my part of clarifying what she said, so as to make her message enduring.

Very few people have understood what she said before I came along to help them understand it; folks merely rewrite her book without really understanding it.


Quantum physics suggests that there are many universes.  A course in miracles talked about three of them: our present world of dense matter, the purified form of our world called the world of light forms, and the world of God that is formless.

These three worlds are in us and we are in them. We project out the world we see. It is also us who project out heaven, our real home (we are aliens in our world of dark forms and light forms).

Heaven is real but the world of dense matter and the world of light matter are false, are dreams, and are fictional and insane, are delusional for they do not exist and seem to exist because we want them to exist.

In a few hundred years science will prove the existence of these three worlds to be true so we are not talking mythology here.

A course in miracles merely talked about the three worlds in a poetic metaphors; science will prove them using its verifiable parameters.

Consider the idea of entangled particles communicating across great distances instantaneously without recognition of space and time; this is what religionists talk about when they say that they can talk to anyone telepathically.


The worlds we see with our physical eyes do not exist; it is a mirage; it seems there but is not there. It is there because we want it to seem to be there.

The world comes into being because of our wish for it; it is like a dream where what the dreamer wishes calls forth a dream world and he sees that would in his dream and thinks that the world is there but when he wakes up he knows that it is not real.

Our wish for separation from God called forth the existence of the world we now see, the world of space, time and matter. We want the world and see it. Because we desire it we value it. But since it does not exist we are really valuing nothing.

The world is our handiwork, we made it and are proud of it; it is our baby, we gave birth to it and are proud of it, but we are proud of nothing.

God knows that we are proud of nothing. He knows that we do not want to let it go. So, he says, let me improve the nothingness my children made and are proud of. He, through his Holy Spirit, remade the world of dense matter into the world of light energy.

We have bodies of matter that will die and decay so our bodies are nothing. The Holy Spirit remade our bodies with pure light and the bodies of light will last trillions of years before they are gently translated to formless heaven.

The point here is that we in the world value the world; we feel disappointed when the things of the ego are gone. We are attached to our world.

Teachers of God, such as Gautama Buddha, say, okay, so you like this nonsense you call your world, eh, go ahead and value it but do so with detachment; know that it is tinsel; it is here today and gone tomorrow, it is transitory and ephemeral; do not become too attached to it so that when it is gone you do not feel excessive psychological pain.

Your parents are dead and eaten by worms. Stop right there and think about it. How valuable were their bodies if they are earned by worms? Their bodies have no value. The only thing that matters is the love between you and your parents, so love them and they should love you.

(A primitive Igbo mechanic called Chukwuma told me that he makes a lot of money and told me how much money he is making, slightly over one hundred thousand dollars a year, and he is almost seventy years old; I was making more than that in my thirties but the ape is bragging about his wealth; another Igbo monkey called Nebu Adiele told me that he is richer than I am, and it turns out that he is a security guard! Igbos are always boasting about their wealth; like immature children they are not aware that the things of this world are transitory and that wise folks do not value them; I am here to teach them to stop valuing nothingness and value what matters, the things of God, to value the eternal, permanent and changeless things of spirit).

On earth we value nothing; God gave us something better to value, the world of light forms. That world is still a fantasy, still unreal, still insane in that it is in forms, for reality is formless  but it is a better insanity (is a happy dream) than the changeable world we call our physical world.

In the long run we must stop valuing sand, the things of this world, and value the eternal: spirit, love and union.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 21, 2017


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