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Christianity 101 - A First Steps Program : by Apostle Paul

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Christianity 101
A First Steps program introduces the concept of Christianity to the new convert in a non-denominational manner. The purpose is to explain the scriptural basis of the various activities observed in Christian fellowships and gathering. It is known that tele-evangelists have succeeded in convincing many people to become Christians.Yet, when they join a new church, they need to be sure that they have made a wrong decision. Hence, this book explains the meaning of relevant rituals that may appear strange to the new Christian, this way they are not only able to get some direction, and form the basis of the questions that will asked of their spiritual leaders.Therefore, it is an essential ingredient for spiritual Christian growth.

Number of pages: 218 pages

Format: 5.25 X 8.0 inches (13.335 x 20.32cm). Black and white text on white paper.
ISBN: 978-1-4392-0296-8


A certain beauty of Generation Y is recognition of the powers of individual social freedoms in decision making. The implications include the requirement that all proponents of certain positions openly debate their supporting information in order to convince a Generation Yer to adopt that position. Subsequent decisions are believed taken by merit.

Modern technology ensures that information is more readily available today. Further, Generation Yers are well-equipped to make independent research using the power of technology before making up their minds. We discovered that Satan loves to use this knowledge to flood the air waves with misinformation.

He has largely succeeded in making people believe so much in their personal intellect and sanctity to the extent that there is very little need to go to church; especially since being morally sounds implies that you are unlikely to offense to no one else.

The resulting dilemma is that when a new convert approaches the church in order to start the spiritual growth process, the environment can appear to be such a cacophony of confusing activities. Closer examination reveals variety in interdenominational application of similar activities. Satisfying a probing mind who does not necessarily communicate his/her reservations may not be easy.

Christian leaders who recognize this potential may recommend this resource for new converts to help them settle into Christian because it addresses many practical issues directly, and challenges the young mind to self study of scriptures relevant to life's daily experiences. It can be used cross-denominationally without detracting from the true intent of God's requirement from specific Christian ritual or activity.

It is a beginner's guide to Christianity at a level slightly higher than the repentance and acceptance of the grace salvation stage. The book takes the new convert that next step forward towards maturity.

Table of Contents
Christianity 101 -  A first Steps Program

Volume 1: Basics in Christianity 
Chapter 1: The Surrendered Life 
Chapter 2: God’s Family 
Chapter 3: Sin-From Grace to Grass 
Chapter 4: Why did Jesus Come? 
Chapter 5: Sanctification 
Chapter 6: Water Baptism 
Chapter 7: Baptism  in the Holy Spirit 
Volume 2: Discipleship 
Chapter 1: Divine Destiny of the Family 
Chapter 2: Inheritance of the Righteous 
Chapter 3: Obedience to God 
Chapter 4: The Treasures of a Christian 
Chapter 5: God’s warning to all 
Volume 3: Leadership 
Chapter 1: Prayer – Our Source of Power 
Chapter 2: Evangelism – Sharing the Good News 
Chapter 3: Weapons of Warfare  

Christianity 101 is deliberately divided into three sections to reflect a synopsis of the responsibilities of the various stages of spiritual growth. These steps lead to breaking down the various activities with a view to explaining the expected roles of the new convert as he familiarizes himself with the church experience.

Therefore, Christianity 101 assists the new convert in appreciating the various rituals carried out in the church, the requirements for celebrating those rituals, and the responsibilities of the celebrant according to the scriptures.

Section 1 – Basics in Christianity assumes that the new convert has never been exposed to the church environment as a member before. Section 2 – Discipleship assumes that the new Christian has decided to move on to become established as a Christian leader or proactive team member. Section 2 educates him on characteristics expected of spiritual office holders. Section 3 – Leadership is about spiritually empowering established Christians for various church and leadership roles that they may be asked to serve.

Every chapter incorporates some rather challenging review questions to refresh the contents of the study of the chapter. This is very important because Christians often get entangled in relating many of the scriptural references to the subject matter. The review questions help us to refocus on the issues under consideration. 

Book reviews

Christianity 101 is a fast-paced "must read"  for Christians struggling with the issue of how to live and understnd the precepts of Christianity. It will compel new and seasonal Christians alike to delve deeper into their studies and test the reaches and understandings of thier doctrinal views. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will lead everyone who has the pleasure of reading Christianity 101 to gain a clearer vision of who really they are in Christ.

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