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By Slashing the US Contribution to the UN Budget by $285 Million the Egomaniac Demonstrates once more he is a Bully

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America smells like effluvium as it further isolates itself in the world. The US has made good the egomaniac's threat to reduce the US contribution to the United Nation  by $285 million in retaliation for the UN  member's  128 to 9 vote  against  the egomaniac's recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel and move of the US embassy to the Holy City.

No one is surprised when a bully throws a temper tantrum.  One wonders if Trump's theatrical would stop the earth rotation on its lazy axis or halt the sun on its revolution. Can't the members of the United Nations Organization rightly decide to move its headquarters from the American soil entirely to a friendlier location? After all, what  will happen and who needs the Yankee and its wrackety-yerckety syndromes? Give us a break to take a couple of aspirins.

For one thing, the earth would still rotate in its rickety fashion and wobble as a handicapped man  even it a dollar equals a Naira and we finally defeat the boko haram. The egomaniac thinks every shot is his to call. It's not.

The United States has long had the self-arrogated impudence to call the shots as a bully often  does. A bully is a tormentor, persecutor,  tyrant, intimidator, aggressor, or onye aghogho  (Igbo for a trickster). One wonders where the billionaire's billions come from, how many bankruptcies have been filed, or how  many banks went under.

Who remembers the failed Trump University? Who knows the number of students duped of millions? And how many women have had their vaginas squeezed only to be told they were being tested for menstruation? Methinks running a government and running a corporation are entirely two different things.

We aren't worried about the $285 million cut. Any African country like Nigeria can easily be inveigled to fly a messenger carrying that much money in a Ghana-must-go on the Delta Airline on the theory that smaller African nations must follow the lead of America the new global super power. The Africans believe  anything that is stamped with the Almighty Dollar label. Who knows? The money could be pilfered  from  the NNPC slush fund. A bully can do anything seemingly impossible.

On a serious note, how does one characterize the bully and the country he represents? He wages unnecessary wars. He  even toppled  a benevolent dictator who once told the beggar African Unions to stop borrowing from the egomaniac's  nations. Numerous adjectives abound to describe the bully . He is a picture of narcissism. He is carping, captious, caviling, and censorious.

Carping is being characterized by unreasonable ill-natured picking of flaws, such as with the Arabs, Obama's birth place, and the Mexicans. He is captious, meaning marked with ill-natured readiness to find trivial faults such as with Obamacare and where Obama was born. Is Obama American or Kenyan?

One who is caviling is inclined to raise quibbling objections over petty details in order to lower taxes on the one present and balance the budget on the backs of the underclass, the suffering poor. Finally, the bully is censorious when he is harshly critical or severely condemning of persons who do not share his myopic views. This is Donald Trump, inventor of fake news and Russian-gate and rocket man.


EFFLUVIUM: an unpleasant or harmful odor, secretion or discharge of vapor usually from the anus. African visitors to China complain of the Chinese loud exhilaration of this vapor in the public. Africans say it is bad habit, but the Chinese defend the habit as ridding the body of harmful substances.

EGOMANIAC:  A man or woman who is a boaster, show-off, self-aggradizer, self-advertiser like President Trump

TRUMP: Man who carries a gold elephant tusk on his head and talks mean as a tiger when he is politicking.

$285 MILLION: a lot of money that can pave all roads  in Anambra

BENEVOLENT DICTATOR: Maumur Gaddaffi who lived in a tent while building houses for people in Tripoli. He was killed when the Europeans feared he was going to establish the African Union Bank to give interest-free loans to African nations so they do not go to sharks like the World Bank and  the IMF. It is believed that the fall of Libya led to black African slave trade

FAKE NEWS: Story that means the opposite of what is intended. Example (1): You tell a woman she is your wife when you mean she is your sex slave. Example (2) You are told to come to Europe for a big job with big money, and you find yourself in a slave market and someone is haggling to pay $400 to buy you.

ONYE AGHUGHO/ONYE AWUWO: Satanic trickster who uses the back of the cup to measure out garri or rice, and he does it so fast you don't even know the game, that you are being cheated.

OBAMACARE: Health Program of the first black U S President who loves gay people, but African governments will jail you if you follow him.

LIBYAN BLACK SLAVE TRADE: Black men and women left Nigeria and Ghana and a few other African countries to look for jobs they could not find in their homes and the world says: " Libyans  are selling slaves."

RUSSIANGATE: A crime punishable with death if an American invites Russia, a foreign nation, to interfere, meddle in American politics. Nigerians call is treasonable felony during Awolowo's trial.

GHANA-MUST-GO: colorful  sacks which Ghana prostitutes used to carry their belongings when Nigerians got tired and told the ashawos: "Oya. Make you nau go."

NARCISSISM: vanity, self-love, self-absorption, self-admiration, egotism,  conceit, self-importance, big manism.

CARPING,CAPTIOUS, CAVILING, SENSORIOUS:  inclined to find and point out faults and defects,

INVEIGLE: To steal something from someone by trick, charms, deception, or persuasion as when you sell a man into slavery with the promise of a good job.

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