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The Kpim of Death: Book Review by Patrick Iroegbu

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The Kpim of Death The Kpim of Death

 The Kpim of Death:  Book Review by Patrick Iroegbu


This book illustrates insightful studies in African philosophy and culture about death, life and social care. It prompts us to reason to know that "as the lawyers engage in laws and legalities, the scientists in producing weapons of mass destruction, the terrorists in preparing the acts of murder, we philosophers learn to live and die for a purpose." What is being born to die? The Kpim of Death is a provocative invitation to all and sundry to expend a little time out of their tight engagements to reflect on what death really means.

This book initiates a significant contribution to knowledge in view of the concept, practices and experiences of death not only in the traditional society but more importantly in the contemporary world - a world that seems to have forgotten that as soon as a human is conceived and born, he is old enough to die. Above all, it penetrates the "ontos-logos" of death by showing us clearly that behind the materiality of this universe lays the reality of the real, which cannot be subjected to the principles of verifiability, laboratory tests and computerization.

In view of its "enwisdomizational potentials, "nkuziological frame-work" and spiritual managerial competence, The Kpim of Death critically articulates and synthesizes the mystery, meaning and experiences of death as it questions and explores deeply the significance of the life and death of Prof. Pantaleon Iroegbu. Contributors to the volume have offered inspiring philosophical, spiritual, cultural and pedagogical insights on death and continuity for social care and development. It is being recommended for those who earnestly seek to be freed from the ignorance and fear of death in the modern world. Yet no matter how we try, we are not friends of death.

Often we human beings try not to discuss death unless when it occurs and only when we are involved. What humans particularly like to do is to avoid dying – will it away, and artificially through medical technology attempt to delay it as much as we can. Scripture on its part teaches us that death is a phenomenon we cannot shy away from paying the due. It is a God given mandate not to frighten humans but to make them live a good life and form a good society while life lasts. We do not die to come back and correct or complete what we left undone. So questioning death is trying to understand what we can do as long as life lasts. It is important to understand the meaning and patterns of death.

The book, The Kpim of Death has therefore attempted to respond to what is the inner sense of state of death, including its meaning or core or kpim of death that humans live with? Is dying the same thing in all cases no matter how one meets death? What stories and cultural patterns are used to release or inform people about death and dying of their loved ones? Here is a book anyone can read and follow.

But as a reviewer, I am asking this, is dying for Nigeria in the hands of Boko Haram Sect and other forms of Terrorist Bands, Kidnappers, including our Political Office Holders that kill with corruption and economic pains worth it? Is dying for Nigeria under the Occupy Movement of the People's Moment worth it? What conditions should prescribe for a good and desirable death?

That Nigeria is incurable of its deepest high level of corruption which impedes economic, social development and human growth must demand that we can make death calls when it becomes inevitable. The current fuel subsidy removal and its consequences tied to the Nigeria's economic cabals is probably one of such calls we can make to re-open Nigeria to the path of growth. It is all yours to be the judge as you read this book, The Kpim of Death.

Pages: 285

Year of Publication: 2007

ISBN: 1-4251-2061-X

Publisher: Trafford Publishing, USA

Editor: George Uzoma Ukagba

Enwisdomizational Kpim Book Series of Father Pantaleon Foundation – for Learning and Teaching Wisdom

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Patrick Iroegbu Ph.D

Patrick Iroegbu is a Social and Cultural (Medical) Anthropologist and lectures Anthropology in Canada. He is the author of Marrying Wealth, Marrying Poverty: Gender and Bridewealth Power in a Changing African Society: The Igbo of Nigeria (2007). He equally co-ordinates the Kpim Book Series Project of Father-Prof. Pantaleon Foundation based at Owerri, Nigeria. Research interests include gender and development, migration, race and ethnic relation issues, as well as Igbo Medicine, Social Mental Health and Cultural Studies.