Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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Monday, 19 February 2018 03:34

A review of the Black Panthers



Ozodi Thomas Osuji


     Last night, I was in my house watching television when my phone rang. A friend, Professor Stephen Schwartz (he teaches biology at the University of Washington, Seattle) was on the other end of the phone. He asked me whether I had seen Black Panther. I said no. He suggested that I go watch it so that we may compare notes on it. I did. 

     As is my habit, when I see a significant movie or read a good book I write a review of it and share the review with the world.  Here is a review of sorts of the movie, Black Panthers. This review is written immediately upon my getting home from the theatre. Perhaps, if I give it more time and let it sink into my subconscious mind I would be more thorough and less hasty in my review? Who cares?

     Let us give some context to the movie. In the 1960s there was an African American separatist movement centered at Oakland, California, called the Black Panthers. Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver and Bobby Seal were the founders of the Black Panthers. The movement attracted all sorts of radical black Americans, including Angela Davis (who was a professor at my Alma Matta, UCLA). 

     The philosophy of the Black Panthers was black separatism, as opposed to Martin Luther King’s integrationism. They, including Stockley Carmichael, aka Kwame Toure, author of the book, Black Power, had had enough of white police abuse of African Americans and living as second class citizens in the USA. They felt that they are a colonized people, packed like sardines into the ghettos of American cities, not given jobs but drugs sold to them by white folks, drugs to use in destroying themselves.

      They organized to try to liberate their colony, what Kenneth Clark called the “Dark Ghetto”, from the colonizer.

      They had read and imbibed such liberation psychologists as Franz Fanon, Black Skin and White Mask, the Wretched of the Earth; Albert Memi, The colonizer and the colonized; Jewish Psychoanalytical studies on what racism did to black folks, such as Kardinar and Oversay, The Mark Of Oppression; Bertram Karon, the Negro Personality; Thomas Pettigrew, A Profile of the Black American; and books by black sociologists, such as Franklin Frazier’s the “Negro middle class” and Stanley Elkins, “Sambo”.

        Liberation psychologists and sociologists pointed out that racism made black Americans doubt their manhood and transformed them into groveling Uncle Toms who laughed and jived but lacked the courage to talk back to the slave master.

     Octavia O. Manini, in his study of the blacks of Madagascar, talked about Prospero and Caliban, how colonialists made Africans perpetual children who looked on white folks as adults and tried to please them and feared what they would do to black folks.

      We were told that the colonizer was a  terrorist who used intimidation and fear to terrorize African Americans into obeying whatever the terrorists asked them to do or else they are jailed or killed; the colonizer intimidated African Americans to accepting that to be black is to be no good.

      Walter Rodney, from British Guyana, told us how Europe underdeveloped Africa by carting its raw resources to the metropolis, Europe, processing them into finished goods and reselling them at exorbitant prices in the periphery, Africa.

      The colonially conquered African American struggled to seem white like. As Malcolm X told us in his Autobiography, Negroes straightened their hair to make it seem like white folks hair; they pretended to be white and were ashamed of their blackness.

     To the Negros of the pre-1960s, Africa was a primitive place and they did not want anything to do with it.

       Liberation psychologists entered the picture and told black Americans that they got it upside down, that white folks are savages and that they ought to have contempt for them, and have nothing do with them. They encouraged black folks to develop pride in themselves.

      Thus, the rhythm and blues musician, James Brown, sang “I am black and proud”, although he still conked his hair, meaning that he had not accepted his blackness!

     As we talk, Michelle Obama, like most black women, still straighten their hair to make it look like Caucasian women’s hair; this means that their standard of beautify is Europe not Africa.

     Indeed, in contemporary Africa the women are still straightening their hair and bleaching their skin to make their skins look white. They say that the highest form of respect is imitation; black folks are still imitating white folks meaning that they see Africa as primitive and want to dissociate from it.

      Liberation sociologists and psychologists tried to wean black folks from their shame over Africa and their black color; they urged black folks to embrace their African heritage and quit being ashamed of it.

      Huey Newton and his black Panthers group trained and armed themselves pretty much as Robert Mugabe did in Southern Rhodesia and Steve Biko did in Southern Africa. Colonized folks organize militia to fight the colonizers.

     The Oakland Black Panthers engaged in running battles with the “man” and his colonial troops, white police in the ghetto. These people struggled but the man apparently defeated them for most of them eventually took refuge in cocaine and other drugs.

      The man inundated ghettos with drugs, to get the denizens to destroy themselves with those mood altering agents, pretty much as Native Americans were deliberately addicted to alcohol and with which they are gradually eradicating themselves from the surface of the earth.

      The brothers used drugs to escape from their painful plight; the man arrested them and imprisoned them for possession of drugs. Three strikes (arrested for possessing drugs) and you are out (you are put in prison for life).

       The man appears to have won the battle and his colonization of the black mind prevails. But has he conquered the African mind?


      This movie, Black Panthers, appropriately began in the ghettos of Oakland, the inner city part of San Francisco, California.  It showed black kids doing what black kids do in the ghetto: shooting hoops (basketball). 

      The movie quickly transmuted to action movie. Think James Bond, 007, in her majesty’s service and licensed to kill on behalf of Albion, Avalon, the misty, emerald Island.

       The scenes read like what one would find in a teenage boys action magazines (in fact, when I was in secondary school in Nigeria we had such a magazine where a black hero was all over the place saving damsels in distress). 

      There is a fictional country in Africa called Wakanda (Uganda or Kenya...I say so because of the Massaih motif in the people’s attire and dance patterns).  The country is incredibly modernized; it has amazing technological prowess. Its technological gizmos are rooted in a rare mineral it possesses, a sort of wonder version of diamond or Chromium.

     With that mineral they performed all kinds of wonders, including healing people by merely placing the mineral on wounds.  Naturally, the rest of the world envied what they have and wanted to get their hands on it (think blood diamonds in Liberia and elsewhere in Africa).

      Out of nowhere, a black chap was shown at a museum in London looking at an axe that apparently was made from this rare wonder mineral. He confronted a lady museum staff telling her that they, the colonizers, stole the axe from his country. Apparently, that was a ruse for eventually he and his coterie stole the axe and escaped in an ambulance. 

      They planned to sell it in South Korea and make loads of dough and eventually find their way to Africa and lay their grubby hands on the source of the wonder mineral. Think Cecil Rhodes colonizing Africa to get all kinds of minerals from Joseph Conrad’s the Heart of Darkness.

       In Soul, Korea we were entertained with high tech gismo scenes, fights in an incredible futuristic city.   The fight entailed the King of Wakanda and his lady warriors (Dahomey’s Amazons come to mind) retrieving what were taken from their country from the folks trying to sell it. They did not succeed and returned to Africa empty handed.

      Apparently, the black American chap who was part of the heist group that stole the wonder mineral from the British museum worked for the CIA and had fought for America in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is supposed to represent the black Americans sold by Africans and thus has some animus and angst towards Africans.

      (Africans are actually not aware of how much anger is in the souls of Africans Americans towards them, for selling them; when their battle with the white man is over they will probably turn their attention to Africans and get even with those who callously captured and sold them and do not feel guilt or remorse for their criminal action but, instead, blame the white man for their iniquity. Africans must apologize to African Americans.)

      His goal was to return to Africa and reclaim what he lost, take back the ruler ship of Africa from the Africans who sold his ancestors to the white man.

      He did return to Africa and had a duel with the king of Wakanda. They dueled to death. He defeated the king and was made the king.

     In effect, the black American has reclaimed the Africa that Africans sold him from; he is now the king of Africa.

      However, his psychology is that of a mercenary; he was out to become rich from selling the rare mineral found in Africa; he was not interested in the welfare of Africans, people in his new kingdom; if anything, he was angry at them for selling him to the white man.

      The king of Africa that he supposedly defeated survived his fall over a cliff; his body was fished out of a river at the bottom of the cliff.  A rival African tribal group kept him alive by immersing his comatose body in ice. Eventually, his girl (kind of like James Bond girl) came along and used a piece of the wonder mineral she had on her to resuscitate him.

     He then went back to reclaim his throne from the returned African America. Both of them fought it out. The cinematography exhibited in the fight is reminiscent of what we saw in Star wars series, it is simply magical and unbelievable. This is big budget movie, not the mom and pop budget type of movie you find in black movies. The shooting of these amazing scenes probably took over a year to choreograph?

      Eventually, the African king killed the African American king of Africa. The movie ended with the African king kissing, and I suppose, marrying his Nubian queen.

     Most of the female, indeed male characters in the movie are jet black, the darkest variety of Africans, kind of like southern Sudanese (Dinka people). They are not your middle class Negro blacks; Negroes prefer the Coretta Kings of this world (fair complexioned black women).

     Apparently, the goal here  is continuation of the 1960s “I am black and proud” philosophy, not the Ebony, Jet and Essence magazines light complexioned women liked by Washington DC phony middle class negroes (Kwame Toure made fun of such negroes who talk black but prefer white).


      What can one say about this movie? It is kind of like what you would find in teenage boys’ action hero magazines. The plot is pure fantasy and has nothing to do with the real world.

      What makes it exceptional is the cinematography and technological wizardry involved. One cannot really say that one learned a profound lesson from the movie, for its story line is imaginary and not in the realm of the real world.

      It is good that an African-American male action movie was given such attention and expense in making it. We are making progress; black is now indeed beautiful; black folks are proud of their skin color, at least, in the movie, not in real life.

     In real life, Middle Class black Americans prefer brown, mixed black chicks like Vanessa Williams and Halle Berry; indeed, the Clarence Thomas of them marry white women (Franz Fanon and Richard Wright who talked smack on racism married white women).

      I am going to bet that middle class Negroes would be disappointed by the Movie. As Fela Kuti would say, mentally colonized Africans, despite their idle talk of black is beautiful, hate black skin. They will look for an excuse to hate this black centered movie (or should we call it, Molefe Ashanti’s Afrocentric movie?).

       I have already heard that these folks are already making noises to the effect that they have black heroes in folks like Dr. Ben Carson (the single Uncle Tom in the King Narcissist’s cabinet).

     I say go and see the movie, Black Panthers, not because you are going to learn some profound life lessons from it. It is just a teenage boys’ action movie.

       Life is painful; we sometimes need escape into fantasy; this movie is a useful escape into fantasy. Enjoy it but do not think about it. Too much thinking about it spoils it!


Post Script:


      I whipped out this cursory review two hours upon returning home from the theater; I reserve the right to revise it!



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 18, 2018

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

I look around me and see a screwed up world. I want to unscrew up that world. I come up with all sorts of idealistic ways to change and improve the world. But over time I learned that I cannot change other people and cannot change the external world.

I live in North America. I see a country controlled by white men, men who do not want to solve any problem; they always kick the can down the road, never really solving any problem; they muddle through with no problem solved. You know that they are merely buying time and that by and by they must solve the country's problems; they cannot keep on postponing the inevitable solutions.

America operates a capitalist economic system; any one with eyes sees that whereas capitalism is very productive it has problems. In capitalism a few win and the many lose. It is inherent for capitalism to be that way. Thus, to make it fair for all it must be modified.

Socialism, the apparent alternative to capitalism, sounds good on paper but in practice stifles incentive to work hard and produce so it is really not the alternative.  People tend to work hardest when they are pursuing their personal interests and hope to make profits; working for the good of the collectivity does not engender the same motivation that capitalism does. Human beings are selfish animals and work best when they are pursuing their selfish goals.

Never mind what Adam Smith, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke etc. said; I understand the economic and political literature of the West; here, I am speaking from what makes sense to me. Take it or leave it.

Common sense tells us to retain capitalism but borrow whatever is good in socialism and use it to make the capitalist economy  work for most people; this would entail having a mixed capitalist-socialist economy; we must have the public pay for all children's education through university and pay for all peoples health insurance. Having done those and a few other things we leave it to people to fend for themselves.

If you want to be rich go work for it but if material things do not excite you then work minimally for the little you desire for a simple life.

We know that democracy, as it operates in the USA, is really not democracy; what the USA has is a mix of oligarchy and plutocracy, rule by the few wealthy or the agents of the wealthy. Those with money buy political offices for either themselves or for their agents; therefore, we need to modify our political system and move towards Scandinavian type social democracy.

We must tweak our political economy to make it serve all people but the white rulers of the land would not do so.  It is as if they are paralyzed and cannot do the needful thing.

Long ago, I concluded that the rulers of America are contemptible and despicable people. I often refer to them as sub-human beings; they are not what human beings ought to be.

Africans are no alternative to the West. Give Africans the opportunity to rule themselves and their leaders become dictators and thieves. Just about all African countries are ruled by autocrats and kleptocrats. Thus, Africans are really not relevant in discussing what to do about the human polity. One cannot borrow from America and or from Africa.

I am an African and American so I talk about the problems of Africa and America. I am not an Asian and therefore have no qualification to talk about Asia. However, I have studied Asian religions and philosophies: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism; I borrow from them what is good for me.

I pay particular attention to why most Asian economies are corporatist, not capitalist or socialist; in most Asian countries the state works in conjunction with the private sector. Is corporatism the best type of economy or just the type that works well in Asia, given Asians Confucian culture?


Given that the external world seems bleak, what is one to do?  What one needs to do is to recognize that the external world exist not for one to correct it, for one cannot correct it; one cannot change other people's behaviors; the external world and other people exist to show one what one needs to correct in one's self.

The external world is the projection of our collective thinking in the past and present. Since it is the product of the collectivity one as an individual cannot change it; it requires all the thinkers, projectors to change the entire world.

The screwed up external world one sees shows one one's own screwed up inner world.  It is not for me to change the outside world but for me to change one's inner world.

I have ideas on what the external world needs to do to become better. I have ideas on how to reorganize America and Africa (to social democracy with mixed economy) and make them work for all of us. I do not have the ability to change America, Africa and the outside world. What I can do is correct my inner world and apply all those ideas I want to use to improve the world to improve me.

The external world, such as the Igbos whose arrogant behaviors I detest, show me a world that I do not want to be like and urging me to change that world inside me, not change the external world.

I can work on changing the inner me, not the chimera of changing other people. For example, I cannot change Igbos, Nigerians, Africans and Americans but I can change me.

What I see in other people are in me so I must work to change me and not worry about other people and the world.

I know when I am changed; when I am changed I am quiet and am no longer given to anger and annoyance at the apparent rotten external world.

The ego asks me to focus on the outside world and change it knowing full well that I cannot change other people and the external world.

The world would remain the same way it has always been, imperfect, but I can change me so as to respond to it differently, this time calmly, fearlessly and without anger.


The Roman stoic philosopher, Epictetus, said that it is not the outside world and what is happening in it that makes one fearful, angry or sad but how one chooses to see that world. We can choose to see the same old world differently.

Other people's behavior that used to make one angry will still be there but one would respond to it differently.

That is, if one changes one's perception, thinking and cognitions one would change one's emotions and responses to the world.

You can change your cognition and behavior while the people out there remain the same, imperfect.  What used to annoy you, you now respond to with emotional equanimity; you are no longer a yoyo on a string pulled about by factors external to you.

Thus, it is not what other people do that makes you annoyed or fearful or sad but your inner mind, your thinking and perception of what they did.

It is your interpretation of what you think that the world is, what other people do, that affects your feelings, not the world itself.

What the world is none of us knows for sure but our perception of it determines our responses to it.


One must stop trying to change other people, social institutions and the world; if one does so one becomes a grownup person who is calm most of the time; but if one persists in trying to change other people's behaviors and change the world one will remain a child and will be prone to anger, fear and sadness.

Idealism, the wish to change the external world, is probably the most source of personal unhappiness. Give up idealism and embrace realism; realism is living with the world as it is.

One does not have the power to change other people and the world. What one has power to do is to change one's inner self, one's thinking and how one sees the world.

Actually, one does not need to change ones inner self and world; all that one is required to do is to stay quiet and not desire to change anything, inside or outside one. One must give up the wish to recreate one's self and the world and live with the world as it is.

This does not mean tolerating injustice, discrimination and slavery; one must struggle to make the world a just place; it is fear and cowardice that lead people to tolerate social abuses; if you are fearless and are willing to die for justice no one can enslave you.


If you feel physically weak you may have posited an ego ideal and power and seek to become them. You may find yourself pretending to be your ego ideal self and trying to act as if you have the power and strength that you wished that you have.

The fact is that in body you are not strong and not powerful and not ideal; in body you are always weak and imperfect; do not pretend to be powerful and ideal; such pretense leads to developing neurosis, more specifically, delusion disorder.

If you go to nursing homes and assisted living houses where older people (they are usually over age seventy five) live you find older people who have lost their youthful vigor pretending to still have physical power and thus are deluded. Their doctors give them medications for psychosis.

You do not have to develop psychosis by pretending that you are powerful and ideal.  You ought to just be who you are, weak and imperfect; do not pretend that you are what you are not, strong and perfect for you are not.

If you do not pretend to be who you are not, powerful and perfect and simply be who you are, weak, you tend to be peaceful and happy.


Lately, I have been telling me that I am not a loving person.  So, what exactly is love? What does love mean?

Does love mean being caring for people, being kind and doing things for other people?  Of course, in a world of scarcity where some persons do not have much it is nice to care and be kind towards people; if you have the ability to meet other people's needs you ought to help them but caring behavior is scarcely what love means. That definition of love is negative, for it means meeting needs people have.

In love there is no need outside you and other people for you to meet.

Love does nothing; love simply is. Love is who we are so when we love all we do is being ourselves. Love is peace and joy; peace and joy simply flows from one to other people not because they asked for it but because peace and joy is a giving thing; if you have love you give it to people for the nature of love is giving. Love cannot be contained.


Love is the state of egoless union with all people. In love you give up your ego sense of separation and have a self that does not see itself as separated from other people; love is union with all; in union you have a self that unifies with other egoless selves but neither of you feels apart from others.

In love you are not affirming your ego separated self; in love you are in being with all selves and with God.

I found a need to clarify the nature of love for the ego can appropriate the idea of love and make one feel guilty for not loving people or a person, such as ones spouse.

You cannot not love people; you always love people. However, if you are in ego state you defend your ego and are not aware that at a deeper level you always love all people. God created us as love and we always love but in the world of separation we may seem not to love ourselves and other people. If that is the case there is no need to feel guilty, as the ego wants you to feel; just remove the ego and you know that you already always love you and all people.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 16, 2018



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

This morning I wrote an essay titled: I want worth and you want worth so let us pretend that we have worth.  It is a kind of spoof on Thomas Harris' book, "I am Ok and you are Ok", and Eric Bernes book, "Games people play". Both psychiatrists were transactional analysis psychologists; they told us that when people meet they play games with each other.

When you and I meet, I tell you what I think that you want to hear and you tell me what you think that I want to hear; we tell each other positive things. In so doing we get along with each other.

In my hypothesis, I tell you that you are significant and you tell me that I am significant and thus both of us feel reassured that we have worth and get along with each other.

But the moment that either of us removes worth from the other we quarrel, fight and may even kill each other. I concluded that that being the case we must strive to always respect all human beings, and do so for our own good, to avoid setting people up to harm us.

Today, at a Florida high school, a 19 year old young man, Nikolas Cruz, came to his former school with a rifle and with many magazines and began randomly shooting at students. Apparently, he pulled the fire alarm to get the students to leave their classrooms and come out to the hall ways so as to offer him a large number of targets to shoot at.

By the time he was finally subdued by the police he had killed seventeen people and wounded many others.

Why did he do it? I do not know and no one really knows. He was captured alive so I am supposing that in the next few days and weeks the police and their forensic psychologists would know all there is to know about him and come up with some ideas on his motives.

I have not seen this man but based on what I know about such killers I bet you that he fits the following profile.

He is probably a loner. He probably did not have many friends at school and outside school. He probably did not have the courage to talk to girls and have girlfriends; he probably felt that if he talked to girls that they would reject him and to avoid been rejected he avoided talking to girls hence ended up without a girlfriend (and outlet for his libido). He probably felt that other students (or just one student) did not like him and that they made fun of him (this may or may not be true, it might be only in his mind, what matters is not reality but his belief; folks act on the basis of their beliefs, not reality; what is reality, anyway?).

All told, the young man probably did not feel like he belonged to any of the in-groups and cliques that young people have and felt all alone in the world.

He probably thought about guns and learned what guns could do to people. If you own a high powered rifle that can carry magazines that hold many bullets (some magazines can have space for up to one hundred bullets) and realized that he could buy many magazines, that is, have hundreds if not thousands of bullets available to him to shoot at people. He probably realized how many people he could kill in a short period of time.

In thirty minutes, if you have the right weapon you can kill a hundred or more people. Well, he probably realized the type of mayhem he could inflict on students and that kind of made him feel powerful. Killing many people would make him feel famous and gratify his desire for attention (we are talking about him, are we not; if he had not done what he did I would not be writing this essay this evening).

The musing that he has power over life and death, that he could kill as many people as his gun allows him to, probably made him feel like he is god and made him feel invincible.

Thus thinking, fantasizing, really, he obtained a rifle and magazines of bullets and walked into his old high school and began shooting. The rest is history.

This type of thing happens all the time. So, what is the point in talking about it?  The point in talking about it is that we know the profile of potential killers and can use that information to mitigate their killing.

We can identify such persons and get them the help they need. If this kid was identified by his teachers and school counselors and referred to a good psychotherapist he would have been counseled and probably would not have done what he did?

No one can prevent a person who wants to kill from doing so but if we identify some such persons perhaps we can prevent a few of them from killing people.

I know enough to realize that anti-social personalities, aka sociopaths and psychopaths generally have under socialized sense of fellow feeling; they do not have love and respect for other people; they do not feel compassion for people; they do not feel guilt or remorse from harming people; they simply tell themselves that a person or persons detracted from their narcissistic desire for importance, their pride and vanity and resolve to get even with that person (s).

They may kill that person and not feel bad from doing so.  Sadistic sociopaths actually enjoy harming and or killing people; antisocial behaviors give them excitement and thrill. Planning how to harm and kill people gives the sadistic person pleasure.

We cannot always prevent sociopaths from inflicting injury on society but we can understand them and try our best not to enable them to do what they do.

How do we reduce sociopaths tendency to harming people? We do so from not doing those things that trigger their ego to feel narcissistic rage and seek assuaging their injured pride in killing people.

We know that all people are motivated by desire to seem important and worthy; we are driven by desire for existential significance.

If we look around we know that our bodies will die and smell like feces; we know that nature has no regards for us for any number of things could destroy our lives. We feel like we have no worth. Additionally, we do not see any meaning and purpose, beyond the mythologies of religion, to our lives.

If you make a person feel insignificant you have psychologically attacked him; that attack is actually more painful than physical attack; people do forget physical attack on their bodies but not psychological detraction from their fancied self-worth.

Most people will simply note that you insulted them and move away from you, but probably will not easily forgive you.  But one in many will seek to get back at you. He can do so by putting obstacles on your path or if he is the actively vengeful type by literally attacking, harming or killing you.

If you humiliate folks many will simply ignore you but the chances are that a few will seek to get even with you. They will do it in their own specific way. How they will do it we cannot predict.

If this is the case, and it is, it behooves you, if you are rational, to try not to humiliate any human being. You should never try to shame a person, and make him feel small.

You must always try to uplift people's already downtrodden spirits; existence makes us doubt our significance so do not add to it by insulting people; praise people to make them feel good about their lives. If you cannot say something positive about people then keep quiet and say nothing.

If your belief is that if you humiliate a person he would disappear from the scene you are an idiot. Those who, upon your insult, disappear from the scene are actually those who are more likely to cool headedly plan on how to liquidate you!


Many Igbos come to the public square with only one goal in mind: insult Nigerians, put them down and in every which way they can degrade Nigerians and whoever does not agree with their mostly infantile perspective on politics.

I cannot begin telling you how many put down names these folks called me. Apparently, in their childish minds they have humiliated me and I would then shut up.

The most amazing part of it is that most of these verbal abusers did not go to university and yet they felt qualified to degrade a chap with a doctorate degree from one of the world's elite universities and is a professor. That is how arrogant that these Igbos are.

Instead of making me to disappear, their insults led me to focus on them like a laser beam, study them and came up with fuller understanding of who they are.

Before they begin verbally abusing me, honestly, I did not pay attention to them; as far as I was concerned they did not cross my radar, they did not exist and were not my concern. My concern was, and still is, philosophy, psychology and politics and physics.

But because they undertook to verbally abuse me I studied them and came to the sad but empirically factual conclusion that many of them have delusion of superiority. They fancy themselves superior and place themselves on a pedestal; from that false exalted status they judge other people, find them not good enough relative to their imaginary ideal behaviors and desecrate them.

They forget that if any rational person looks at them he would find them, as Frederic Lugard found them to be: savages of the lower Niger (see Lord Lugard, The British Dual Mandate in Tropical Africa).

They did not develop social structures for governing beyond their villages; they had no Igbo wide political structure for governing themselves hence anthropologists call them primitive, stateless people; they had no writing; they did not develop the wheel, a prerequisite for civilization; they were mostly naked when the white man came to their world; and worse, they were capturing and selling their people to whoever wanted to buy them.

It took the white man, Lugard and his West African Frontier Army, to actually march through their villages in 1902 to stop them from capturing and enslaving their people.

I doubt that they now value human life, for, as we talk, they easily kidnap and hold their people hostage until monetary ransom is paid to them; they easily sacrifice people to their nonexistent gods.

The point is that these people verbally abuse people without realizing what abused people can do to them.

One Nigerian alone abused by these people can inflict enormous damage to them. The kid at Florida killing and hurting many folks ought to tell Igbos what a determined individual can do to them. They ought to learn and stop verbally abusing people and learn to respect people.

They ought to give up their idiotic sense of superiority and see all people as equal and respect all human beings.

Ah, I am making noise for I know that deluded people like their fictional sense of superiority; no rational feedback makes them give it up. If they no longer see themselves as false gods they would grapple with our existential reality, our nothingness and from so doing become a humble and civilized people.

It does not matter that I am making noise since I know that these people are not going to heed any advice and change their irritating delusions. Nevertheless, folks like me who insist on articulating the truth regardless of whether mankind listen to us or not must do what we exist to do, state the truth as we see it.

In sum, the killing at a Florida, USA, high school tells us that one aggrieved human being can inflict maximum damage on people. The lesson is for all of us to try our utmost best not to alienate any human being.

I was shocked to come to Nigerian Internet forums to read adult Igbos write about their imaginary superiority and taking pride in insulting Nigerians. I could not believe what such folks do. I wondered whether they came from an alien planet and, as a result, do not understand human nature.

Human nature knows that as biological beings we are animals that have no existential worth. We are unique animals in that unlike other animals we want to seem to have worth.

People want you to respect them; if you disrespect them you asked them to kill you. There is a price for being stupid. Nature does not make allowances for your stupidity; it gives you its consequence.

Learn to respect and love all people; do so if you want to have smooth sailing through life; do not do so and your living on planet earth becomes a nightmare of your making.


I am not given to boasting. Nevertheless, the fact is that each of us has certain skills that other people may not have. I have diagnostic skills seldom found in other mental health professionals. Generally, within an hour of seeing a person I can give him a diagnosis, if he has one, and once given he can go to anybody else for assessment and my assessment would not be invalidated.

For example, in 2015 Donald Trump came down an escalator in his Trump Tower and declared his intention to become the president of the USA. Prior to that date I had not paid attention to him; I dismissed him as an illiterate real estate mogul.

Upon seeing the man talk I went to my computer and typed a profile of him:  narcissistic personality disorder with antisocial features. He is always seeking attention and admiration from people and will use you and discard you for he has no love for any one. I posted my assessment of the man in social media. Later on, other mental health professionals began to parrot what took me a few minutes to assess.

In this essay I noted that many Igbos have a tendency to insulting people and that that behavior is rooted in their psychological issues. Many Igbos have group delusion disorder, paranoia and narcissism.

If they are rational they could learn and stop being the pain in the ass that they currently are. A bunch of primitives running around fancying themselves superior persons are a laughing stock. What are they superior in: physics, psychology, chemistry, biology, philosophy, technology?

Imagine what they would have claimed to be if they were in the position of white men, folks who are, at least, in science and technology, two thousand years ahead of Africans; they would have felt like the gods.

Rational white folks know that despite their civilizational advantage all of us, regardless of race and gender, are equal.

You must see you as the same and coequal with all human beings; it is in doing so that you are mentally healthy.

The moment that the fiction of superiority enters your mind you are deluded; to be deluded is to believe what is not true as true and act on it. Delusion is part of psychosis; the other part is hallucinations.

The deluded person can still hold down a job whereas the completely psychotic, such as schizophrenics, seldom can hold down a job.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 14, 2018




Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Each human being desires worth; he wants other people to see him as having worth; I desire worth and you desire worth; two people get together and each expresses his desire for worth  to each other and if both agree and see each other as having worth they relate well to  the other.  Thus, people pretend to have worth and collude with each other to tell each other that they have worth.

The moment that you see other people as not having worth they will see you as not having worth and reject you; seeing you as worthless they believe that you ought to be enslaved or killed.

White racists see black folks as having no worth but see themselves as having worth; having convinced themselves that they have worth and black folks have no worth they feel justified in using black folks to do work for them, discriminating against them or killing them. A community is a group of human beings where members agree to see each other as having worth.

Racists feel that their own people have worth; if they do not see their people as having worth their people would reject them.

If you see a person as having no worth you have told him that you can use him as a slave or kill him; he would know that you have no regards for him; he would become afraid of you and struggle to take you down before you take him down.

We all, at the deeper level, know that society is a dance of let us pretend that we have worth; we know that we do not have worth but pretend to have it and as long as we pretend it we keep each other alive.

Existentially, people have no worth in body and ego? Why so? You can use or kill them. Hitler demonstrated this fact; he used and killed millions of people and no god stopped him from doing so. Hitler saw people as worthless.

As one sees other people one sees his self, so Hitler saw himself as worthless but hid this part from his conscious mind.

Worth is make belief; it is a made up, pretended thing; it does not exist in nature. You can decide that a person around you has no worth and treat him or her as such, even use him as a slave or kill him and no one can prevent you from doing so. Human civilization is a make belief thing; as an unreality any number of things could and do destroy it.

Was Hitler right in treating people as worthless? He was right in accepting that people have no existential worth but he did not have the right to kill any one. He gave his self the right to kill people.

Naturally, those he gave his self-permission to kill did not want to be killed and decided to fight with him, to kill him. The result was war.

One must leave people to live their worthless lives; you must leave people to have their pretended lives of worth.

The world exists to enable people to come and pretend to have worth in bodies and egos so let them have that pretense; all you have to do is to just know about what people are doing and be amused by it (as I am).

Let me quickly add that people have worth in unified spirit (God) but not in body and ego. The ego and body do not exist in reality; they have dream existence.

The physical universe and human civilization is a dream thing; they are not real; they disappear with the dream when the universe ends in a couple trillion years.

There is one law that you ought to obey: you must love you and all people; you must work to provide all children with education at all levels, university included, so that they can live optimally; you must work to provide all people with health insurance; after those public goods you must leave people to live as they desire, provided that they do not hurt other persons.  If the individual hurts other persons they will protect themselves by arresting him and putting him in prison or killing him.


Who do you think that you and human beings are? Take away all the mythologies that you have in your head, mythologies with which you give yourself fictional worth. Remove your religion and psychology of who you think that you are, now what do you see? You see an animal that is not different from other animals such as dogs and mosquitos.

Any human being who so wishes it could aim a loaded gun at your head, pull the trigger and in less than five minutes you are dead meat. Your body will decay and smell like shit.

Future dead flesh is who you are without your fictional worth. If this is the truth it follows that you must treat all people respectfully if you want them to keep you alive and they must respect you if they want you not to harm or kill them.

There is a self that has total worth; that self is the self in unified spirit, in God; we are not aware of that self; that self is sleeping and dreaming our physical universe; that self-projected itself to who you call yourself, the ego in body, a dream self.


Clearly, there is intelligence aka spirit in the universe; I do not know much about it but there is no doubt in my mind that there is intelligence in the universe. I take it as a non-material spiritual intelligence.

That intelligence manifests in body and on earth and feels weak and sees the world meaningless; it seeks ways to make itself feel that it has power and worth.

The individual's personality is his particular manner of finding worth and meaning in a world; to live in body is to be an animal that lives and dies and has no intrinsic worth and meaning.

Personality is the individual's pattern of finding worth and meaning in a world without worth and meaning; his worth and meaning are fictional for there can be no worth and meaning in this world. Worth and meaning can only exist in an eternal place, unified spirit state.

Since people in bodies have no worth and, in fact, exist only in dreams they go to war and kill each other and nothing did happen in those wars for they were dream wars; dream wars, like everything else people do on earth, make them feel alive when, in fact, they are not alive in egos and bodies; they are only alive in spirit; in spirit they are eternal.


It seems to me that I have no worth; you have no worth, either; I desire worth and you desire worth; if you see me as having worth I see you as having worth; if you see me as having no worth I feel angry at you and may even attack and kill you and you do the same to me.

Those people that we say have good self-esteem and self-confidence are folks who believe that as they are, egos and bodies, that they have worth and significance.

Those with low self-esteem have conscious awareness of their existential insignificance. Depression is extreme conscious awareness of one's nothingness.

When a person takes his significance for granted he sallies forth into the world and explores it, as in science and technology; this is one reason why all people must be treated with respect so that they develop relative positive self-esteem so as to be able to do science.

Those with negative self-esteem and self-confidence, such as many Africans, seldom do science and technology. Africans verbally beat their children down so that they grow up having low self-esteem hence lack the inquisitiveness to explore and understand their world scientifically.


The sentence, I want worth; you want worth sounds like a good title for a book, kind of like Thomas Harris's "I am ok and you are ok". I will consider it as a title for a self-help book I plan to write.

My existence tells me that I seek existential worth and significance and that all people do the same. We do so because we suspect that in ego and body we do not have existential worth. However, in spirit, which is eternal, we have worth and significance.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 14, 2018



In the past, I made the mistake of believing that I could reason with Igbos and correct their insane behaviors (many of them have delusion disorder); I have learned from my mistake; I no longer argue with madmen; I leave them alone.

Many Igbos are literally crazy, they are deluded; they consider their deluded actions normal; you must not argue with them for it is like arguing with insane people.

Instead, if you are up to it, you whack them hard on their deluded heads and unbalance their brains; their shaken brains may make them think sensibly.

Ordinarily, they think like deluded persons and do not know that they are insane. Consider their belief that they are a superior people; all indicators show them as primitive savages; they had no writing and did not discover the wheel. Yet, they fancy themselves supermen.

You do not argue with such people but leave them to live in their fool's paradise. However, when they step out of line you can whack them hard on their deluded heads. That whacking scrambles their brains and at last makes them think and behave like sensible human beings, with humility and down to earth. It is, of course, not feasible to always whack them; I recommend that you just leaving them alone to wallow in their delusion of superiority.

Superiority is their defense against their underlying knowledge that as egos and bodies they have no existential worth.

As noted above, all human beings know that as egos and bodies they have no worth (but have worth in spirit).

If they are normal each of them says, in effect, "I want to have worth; you want to have worth" so, let us pretend to have worth; they give each other pretended worth and in so doing get along with each other.

In abnormal psychology, such as delusion disorder, the individual wants to have worth but does not want other people to have worth. In this light, Igbos want to have worth but take worth away from other people. Those they take worth away from resent them and whack them.

As long as Igbos disrespect other people they are destined to be intermittently attacked and killed. And don't go crying for them when they are attacked and or killed for the attack and killing takes place in dreams.

In reality no one is killed; they and all human beings remain eternal in God. On earth, in the dream of separation if Igbos want to have a  happy dream they have to give themselves pretended worth and give all people pretended worth; if they remove worth from some people those people will attack them and they will keep having their nightmarish dreams.

As egos they will keep blaming those who attacked them whereas in truth they made the attacks on them inevitable by withdrawing worth from them.

Post Script:

I deserve to be paid millions of dollars by Igbos for sharing this information with them; I give it to them for free. Like idiots they do not know who has their best interest at heart; they think that those who collude with their delusion and tell them that they are superior people are their friends; those enable them set up scenarios for them to be killed when they feel superior to other people and or insult other people, as is their habit.  Every human being has what it takes to kill you if he wants to do so; therefore, if you want to live in ego and body you play his and your game of let us pretend to have worth. Give people worth and they keep you alive in the dream of separation and make it a happy dream for you; the moment you withdraw worth from people, disrespect them your life is now in their hands; they decide when to kill you (you make such decision to kill them if they disrespect you).

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 14, 2018


Tuesday, 13 February 2018 00:07

Fear shapes extant human civilization



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Yesterday, I wrote about Africans and Nigerians being fearful cowards who out of fear of harm and death tolerate abuses by the criminals that rule them. What I wrote is observable, empirical fact. However, let me quickly say that the same phenomenon is found in all human beings: black, white and Asians. All people are fearful.

It is fearfulness and the desire to live in body and fear of death that made it possible for governments to coral people and control them.  Most governments are unjust, be they monarchies, oligarchies, plutocracies and so-called democracies; they all entail a few persons telling the many what to do and punishing or even killing them when they do not do as told to do.

It is fear that makes human civilization possible. Without fear people would not be human beings and would not be on earth (by earth I mean our three or four dimensional universe).  Most things that people do on earth are motivated by fear, by desire to protect their vulnerable bodies.

People tend to see the death of their bodies as the death of their egos (the consciousness of separated self in each of them). They fear finitude and oblivion and would do anything to seem alive, even if it means tolerating slavery from the person pointing guns at them.

Only one person in millions would tell the person pointing a loaded gun at them to go ahead and shoot if the alternative is servitude to him; such less fearful persons are the handful of free human beings on earth. The rest of the people are, in one form or another, slaves.

As slaves they have hope of a future freedom from slavery but they merely go from one slave status to another (for example, white Americans are wage slaves whereas Africans and African-Americans are undisguised slaves).

Without fear this world, as we know it, ends; all we do here on earth is respond to danger and protecting ourselves from perceived real or imaginary danger. If we do not have danger that we are afraid of what would we be doing on earth?

To live as a human being means that one must be fearful; therefore, one should leave people to be fearful and not ask them to be fearless for that would mean their exiting from this world.

Both black and white folks are fearful folks; it is fear that keeps human civilization going. The few persons who are less fearful, they are not entirely fearless, for if they are totally fearless they would not be in this world, are the ones who rule the totally fearful.

Unfortunately, less fearful persons tend to be anti-social personalities, sociopaths and psychopaths; they rule this world.  Soldiers, politicians and criminals are less fearful but fearful nevertheless; they are the rulers of the entirely fearful persons in this world.

Every once in a while, a fearless person comes to this world and talks about what he calls God; folks like Krishna, Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ were such persons. These are the folks that establish the world's religions. (Scientists tend to be as fearful as normal folk.)

Fear protects the human body and what it houses, the ego sense of separated self; if one let go of fear the ego sense of separation and its body would disappear into unified spirit self, from whence they came.

Totally fearless people are in formless unified spirit; fear maintains separated selves in bodily forms.

Here is a philosophical question for one to ponder: since our lives are maintained by fear and physical and ego defenses can such lives be positive?

It seems that life in ego (that is separation from other persons and from the whole called God) and body is inherently negative for it is maintained by fear, a negative emotion.

The good, love, can only exist in formless state, aka heaven.

Post Script:

Please reread what I wrote above. This is the type of thinking that preoccupies philosophers. You seldom find such thinking in Africans. Africans seem to live extraverted, here and now lives, lives preoccupied with desire for food and material things and for fictional ego importance; they seem to live lives bereaved of introspection and reflection. I hope that a future generation of Africans would become thinkers, not the present seeming mindless persons one runs into when one is with Africans. Finally, in other papers I explored the biochemistry of fear; that subject is not my focus here.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 12, 2018


Monday, 12 February 2018 07:00

Nigerians are fearful, egoistic cowards


Ozodi Osuji

Nigerians, Africans are fearful folks; they are egos who want to live at all costs; they would do anything to live as egos including surviving as slaves.

They are afraid of taking up arms against their thuggish leaders, or even demonstrating for good governance. They figure that if they agitate for good governance that the thugs' goon squad would be stuck on them and shoot them to death so they tolerate their thievish leaders.

As egos they want you to respect them; they easily feel slighted, not acknowledged and will bear grudges and even kill you for not acknowledging their cowardly egos. They seek respect from you even though they do not deserve respect. They are proud nothings.

If I have a leadership position in Africa I would train all Africans, transform them into fearless persons. Ancient Sparta would be my model. These peoples fearfulness must be changed.

I have just made a stereotypical statement about Nigerians and Africans. What I said is largely true but still stereotypical because a few Africans probably are courageous people who would fight for social justice even if it means being killed in the process?

Many Igbos, as stupid as ever, instead of trying to see how I see them and Africans and ask if there is merit to my obvious negative perception of them will try to tell other Nigerians, Africans: "see how Ozodi sees you folks as cowards, as nothing." They will try to jinn up hatred of people for you if you dare speak the truth of their cowardice (while they pretend to be heroic warriors).

The relevant point here is that some Igbos always try to get people to hate the person they do not like instead of trying to make the changes he points out and asks them to make. They do not want to change their odious behaviors but want the rest of the world to change to accommodate them.

As we know, if you do not want to change and want other people to change while you retain your problematic behaviors even if they change you would not benefit from their change; you benefit from others behaviors if you change your negative behaviors.

In several essays, I pointed out that Africans are savages for selling their people to Arabs and white folks. It is a fact that they sold their people for monetary gain. They shouldn't have sold their people. But they did and feel ashamed of it or should but instead of owning up their criminal behavior they blame white folks for buying their people (they generally do not blame Arabs for Islam does not make Muslims feel guilty for their bad behaviors; it is Christianity that makes its adherents, white folks to feel guilty for their bad behaviors).

Africans do not feel guilty for their role in selling their people into slavery. Instead, they exploit white guilt over slavery. Africans have not stopped maltreating their people; their leaders steal most of the money they could have used to develop their countries and leave their people poor.

As we speak, Nigerians are kidnapping and holding their people hostage for monetary ransom; they have learned nothing from slavery; they do not govern Nigeria (Africa) right.

Given the poverty in Africa, Africans are trying to get to Europe in rickety boats and are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea. But do their leaders care about the humiliating death of their people?

If truth is said, most Africans would like to come to the West (Europe and North America) to secure menial jobs.  They want to live the good life and feel secure and protected by the white man's laws. In their African countries they would not do what they have to do to give their people jobs and social security.

The mere fact that they come to the West as economic refugees tells you all you want to know about them: they cannot govern themselves right! This is despite their empty claim to be responsible for Egyptian, Greek, Roman and everything good in human civilizations.

Let me repeat my perception and if you do not like it you correct me or go jump into the ocean and drown yourself: Many Igbos and Africans are contemptible and despicable; all they do is steal money and with which they masquerade around as African big men but beyond that they do not care for the good of the collectivity; in my opinion, as they currently are they are garbage.  They need to change if they are to become human beings.

Thinking Africans know that I state the truth of their incredible past and present behaviors. Africans are always selling their people, and not caring for their people.

Igbos like the apes called Daniel Akusobi and Nebu Adiele try to jinn up hatred for me for speaking the truth; apparently, they expect me to join them in their lying lifestyle.

I do not forgive evil souls; those two criminals therefore will, in one form or another, be punished; they need to learn to live the truth instead of trying to get people to embrace their lies.

Post Script:

Here is Aristotelian syllogism:

All Nigerians are cowards (major premise)

Ozodi is a Nigerian (minor premise)

Ozodi is a coward (conclusion).

This is proper syllogism. However, Ozodi acknowledges his cowardliness and tries to change it; most Nigerians and Africans, on the other hand, deny that they are cowards, hide it and project it outwards and see other people as cowards. In the meantime, they live cowardly and despicable lives, such as tolerating the rule of thieves in their countries.

Ozodi Osuji

February 10, 2018



Ozodi Osuji

From the moment that I subscribed to Nigerian Internet forums I read Biafra Internet warriors calling Nigerians negative names. If you dared not support their point of view they go to war insulting you. They fish out degrading names from their Igbo-English dictionary and call you such names. Apparently, in their minds they hope to shame you and hope that out of shame you would go away and leave them to stay at the forums to abuse other people.

Here is a question: who have they verbally abused that left the forums so that they have the field? Those they abused the most, such as Bolaji Aluko, Joseph Igietseme and Ozodi Osuji are still around. Those, in fact, learned to tune them out and not even bother reading and responding to their predictable but jaded verbal abuses.

They say that if you do the same thing, over and over, again, and keep on getting the same results and you keep on doing it hoping to obtain different results you are insane.

You do not shame people into abandoning their truth. You persuade them with whatever rational resources is available to you. Even then you may not be able to change people's core beliefs. It is actually not for you to change people. If you hope to change people you are playing god hence insane.

You make friends by not insulting people, but by loving and respecting people. You show people your perception of reality and leave them to decide what to make of your perception.

Nigeria must be restructured into twelve states with each major tribe a state, for example, Igbo state, Yoruba state, Edo state, Ijaw state, Efik state, Benue state, Niger state, Bornu state, Hausa state etc. This arrangement lets each ethnic group rule itself and develop at its pace (in a kind of confederation, as exists in Switzerland...there the Germans, French and Italians rule themselves in their respective regions).

This must be tried and if it does not work out well then we try total separation from each other (in the long run all Africa must have an Africa federation with each ethnic group a state, for a total of about 500 states in Africa Federation).

In the "Art of War", Sun Tzu (5th century BC) advised that you get close to your enemy, to study and know him, and not chase him away.  The book has been around for over twenty five hundred years. It and Carl Von Clausewitz (1780-1831), "On War" and Niccolo Machiavelli (1532), "The Prince" are employed in training military officers in the armies of the world. Igbos should try being tactful and diplomatic rather than their irritating tendency to insulting folks; insulting folks makes them your enemies; your enemies dig in and fight you and if you do not have what it takes to defeat them they  win over you; Hausa, Fulani and Yoruba are the winners in Nigeria's politics. If what you have always done does not work out well for you then try something else. Try respecting people instead of identifying with a false, deluded, superior self and from that fictionally exalted self-give yourself the neurotic permission to degrade people. You do not have existential right to degrade anyone and if you do you must be degraded by those you degraded. As you do to people are done to you by them. This is called karma (what goes around comes around). Give love and respect to people and you get love and respect from people; give insults to people and you will be given insults by people. Igbos give insults to Nigerians and Nigerians insult them by marginalizing them in deciding who gets what, when and how (this is Harold Laswell's definition of power- politics).

Ozodi Osuji

February 9, 2018


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

New age religions, such as Church of Religious Science and Unity Church, extrapolating from the well-known idea of projection (an ego defense mechanism posited by psychoanalysts) say that the external world is our collective projection; they literally believe that the world one sees represents one's and other persons collective thinking, is our collective dream.

In psychology, the idea of projection is employed in less encompassing manner. It means seeing something in one, or suspecting that one has something, and one does not like it; and one denies it and projects it to other persons and now see it in them. One may become hostile to the person one sees what one rejected in one.

For example, if a white man desires to have sex with black women he may deny it and see black men who make out with white women and hate and attack them. His hostility to such black folks represents his denied desire.

All he has to do is accept his original desire to have sex with female human beings from all races and he would no longer be hostile to folks who he believes want to have sex with his women. There is no such thing as his women. There are human beings who are women; they do not belong to any particular person or race.

New age religionists employ the concept of projection differently. To them the entire world is the projection of our individual and collective thinking. The individual, at the conscious level, usually does not know that the world he sees with his physical eyes represents his thinking and is his dream; however, he may know that his nightly dreams reflect his thinking and beliefs.

In dreams one thinks and ones thoughts are projected into pictures, the world one sees while one sleeps and dreams. New agers say that our day world is also our thinking projected into images for us to see our thinking.


In this light, the external world does not exist without the thinker.  If you stop thinking the world would no longer exist for you.

The universe has existed for 13.8 billion years. That means that you, in as much as you see the universe, have existed for fourteen billion years.

You have been sleeping and dreaming the universe; you have been thinking and projecting your thoughts out into the seeming solid world you see during the day world. The physical universe literally represents the sum of your fourteen billion year thinking (dreaming).

You are the son of God who dreams this universe. That one self is often called the extension of God.

God created one son and the son, like God, created his own son and the sons create their own sons, ad infinitum. God and his sons are in each other; there is no space between them.

The son of God wished to separate from God and now he and his creations seem separated from God. The son of God, all of us, thinks through all his infinite selves.

One self thinks through me and you.

The earth has obviously produced trillions of people during its four and half billion years' existence. Those trillions of people are in each of us.

The son of God and his creations, who are one with him, collectively think and their thinking produced this universe.

Each of the trillions of the sons of God is the one son of God and did the thinking of all the sons of God.

Admittedly, this line of thinking is wooly; it does not make sense but let us sheath our swords and follow its pattern of thinking and see where it leads us.


If the external world represents my thinking, whatever I say about other people and things I say about me. The external world is the projection of my thinking; the world mirrors my thoughts.  Without my thoughts there would be no external world and things for me. (Where I say I please replace with you.)

I have written a lot about Igbos; let us rethink my perception of Igbos from new age solipsistic line of thinking. In new age solipsistic light, whatever I say about Igbos I say about me.

What I see in Igbos I see in me.  If I see things in Igbos that I do not like those are things I see in me and do not like.

Since what I see in them is objectively there in them it is in me. However, other people see in them what I see in them; what is considered objective in our world is what all of us see; what we call reality is our social consensus on the nature of things; it is not necessarily the truth; we do not know what the truth is.


Instead of trying to change the external world change your pattern of thinking that produced that world.

I want to change the world (in this case, Igbos); I cannot change the external world for it is my projection. What I can change is my thinking and in so doing project out a different world, a different people.

I must change my thinking so as to project different Igbos out.  I cannot change the Igbos that already are out there for they merely represent my past and present thinking; they cannot change until I change my thinking about them.

It is my thinking that produced external things so logically if I want to change external things I have to change my thinking, not what I projected out.

Our thinking has already produced the galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals and people. Those objects are now there in space and time and we cannot wish them away. But we can think differently and produce different forms of them. Indeed, our different thoughts have already produced different universes; there are infinite universes, not just our physical universe.

I see the Igbos around me as self-centered, as good at working for their individual benefits and, at most, for what benefits their family (man, wife and children) but beyond that are not interested in other people's welfare.

The Igbo works hard to make money, build a house and buy a car and generally improve his life but does not bother with other people's interests.

He would build a mansion but does not want to pay taxes to generate money with which society builds and maintains the road in front of his house.

I see the Igbo as selfish and of no use to society.  In doing something I do not rely on Igbos for I assume that they would be working for their individual interests, not for the collective good of an organization.

Indeed, if they could they would reap off the organization for their personal good. If the organization dies they would laugh and make fun of whoever set it up, call him put down names and move on to reap off other organizations.

As we talk, they are busy reaping off public institutions in Nigeria; government offices are seen as from where to steal but not to do good for society.

In so far that Igbos set up businesses it is generally the sole proprietor type of business organization; as is well known, this type of business structure generally dies with their owners deaths.

Igbos seem incapable of checking their egos so as to work in groups (so as to form partnerships and corporations). Bring  them to work in groups and each of them wants to be the boss even though he may not know what the organization is set up to do.

In my perception, Igbos are unreliable; in business matters I avoid them as one avoids the plague.

Now, if Igbos are my projection it follows that what I said about them is what I say about me. Igbos are my thinking projected out; they mirror my thinking.

However, since they are objectively as I described them it follows that my thinking is objectively as I describe Igbos.

I cannot change my thinking in the past that produced the present Igbos that I see; however, I can change my present thinking so as to help produce different Igbos.

Obviously, it is not only my thinking that produced Igbos; the thinking of the twenty five million current Igbos and millions of past Igbos produced extant Igbos.


In my judgment, as they currently are, individualistic, Igbos cannot successfully run modern business organizations and cannot organize a successful modern polity. They are too involved in personal achievement to work for the good of the collective.

I believe that to make Igbos able to run corporate business and modern governments and their bureaucracies Igbos have to be taught to think from the perspective of what is good for the community; they have to be taught socialism to counteract their tendency to primitive capitalism. Igbos so-called republicanism has to be replaced with socialism, as in social democracy.

What I want to teach Igbos is what I want to teach me since my current self is like the Igbos I see with my eyes. What I see in Igbos I see in me. I do not deny what I see in me and project it to other people and delude myself into believing that it is not in me but only in them.

I deliberately localized my subject of analysis to Igbos. You can choose other subjects. For example, if you are black you can choose white folks. You can see white folks as your projection. What you see white folks doing represents your thinking and beliefs. White folks behaviors mirror your past and present thinking.

Since the son of God is one, white folks thinking are also your thinking. If they are racist your thinking produced racist folks. You cannot change the external racist folks for they represent your past thinking. What you can do is change your thinking.

From now on, think loving thoughts; if all of us do so we shall begin to see less and less racist folks in our world.


The thinker is not his thoughts. The thinker can have different thinking and use them to project out different people and things.

Since I do not like the Igbos behaviors that I already projected out, that is, I do not like my past thinking about me, I can have different thinking of what I should be and project it out to future Igbos.

I want Igbos that care for the collectivity, for public good and who are not self-centered and selfish. That is, my thinking would no longer be self-centered and selfish and would be public serving.

I am the thinker of my thoughts. I am not the thinking and beliefs I have in my mind.

The Igbos of the present, self-centered, and the Igbos of the future, public centered, are not me. They are mere products of my past thinking and my changed present and future thinking but not me.

Who I am is the thinker (mind); the thinker is the inventor of the physical universe. The inventor itself is pure consciousness.

As part of God, the son of God, human beings are always thinking and producing different universes but they are not their thought and universes; people are not the universes their minds produce.

In essence people are neither good nor bad; their thinking can produce good or bad worlds.

The son of God, you and I, is not the projected out seeming good or bad people we see in our world; he remains innocent, guiltless and sinless; he is always the holy son of God who remains as God created him, joined with God and all his brothers.


The world we currently live in reflects our past and present thinking. In that world we believe in separation and have thinking that produced and perpetuates a separated world. Each of us believes that he has separated interests and works for his personal good; most of the times we cooperate for our mutual good but sometimes we work at the expense of other people's good.

Since each person is mostly looking out for his self we can and do harm each other; we set up a society and its government to protect us from the depredations of other people.

Our justice system assumes our separated interests; if you do not respect other people's separated interests you are a threat to them.

If you steal the police, hopefully, arrest you; and the courts try you and sentence you to prison. You are punished.  If you act criminally you will be apprehended and punished (some people have guns and would like to shoot you to death).

Our world has its ego based laws and one must respect those laws. I believe that criminals should be imprisoned and those who have killed people should be killed.

I am not talking about fantasy that says that if you changed your mind and think differently that the entire world, since it reflects your thinking, would change. The fact is that our collective past thinking produced our present world.

If at the individual level the individual begins to have only loving thoughts and does not harm anyone in any way or shape he is going to attract into his presence those who also have love in their thinking.  If all you have now is thoughts of love those in your immediate environment would be loving persons.

However, that does not mean that the entire world would love. There are still antisocial personalities out there who do criminal things.

Your changed mind and thinking contributes to a changing world but there are seven billion people out there, many of whom have wicked thoughts; their wicked thoughts contribute to the evil we see in the world.

We have one person change at a time. Think loving thoughts and you begin to change the world but it would take billions of years to produce a loving world. A loving world is inevitable but it is not going to happen overnight.

The physical universe would remain to offer all people the opportunity to realize that they are one shared self with one shared mind hence learn to love one another.

Our sun will be around for another five billion years. It will begin dying in two billion years when it runs out of hydrogen and begins fusing other elements, gets hotter and dries the waters on planet earth. That leaves humanity another two billion years to learn love.

The point is that one wants to change the external world, such as change Igbos; one cannot change external others; one cannot change Igbos for they represent ones past and present thinking.

What one can change is ones present and future thinking. If one changes ones thinking about Igbos, since the external Igbos already reflect ones past thoughts projected out (stars and galaxies and the entire universe are our past thinking) one is now thinking differently about one's self.

I am aware that the line of thinking I am writing about is not our usual line of thinking. I suggest that you consider it and see if it makes sense to you.

And before you cavalierly dismiss it as rubbish please be advised that over four billion human beings accept it as true.

Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism teach what I called new age thinking; new age thinking is borrowed from Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. Over four billion Asians are Hindus, Buddhists and Taoists.

Africans were until recently cut off from interacting with members of the other races, white and Asian folks. Africans concentrated in their own ways of thinking oblivious that other people have different patterns of thinking.  As a result of been cut off from other cultures Africans remained stagnant. Africans did not benefit from cross cultural interactions and diffusions of ideas from culture to culture.

One of my jobs is to expose Africans to the ways different people perceive phenomena so that they expand their perceptual lenses and change.

In this essay, I gave you, the reader, Oriental approach to thinking; make of this line of perceiving phenomena what you like.


Solipsism is not limited to New Age and Asian thinkers; George Berkeley, one of the prominent Western philosophers adopted it as his philosophical approach to phenomena (he saw his self as an idealistic monist). Therefore, ponder it and decide if it is true or not.

It is actually the only approach that could possibly make God's existence acceptable to the rational, scientific mind.

I believe that eventually science will learn that there is a mind (consciousness) that wrote mathematical equations and translated them into our physical universe.

Our physical universe, in my view, is the product of the thinking of a mind with amazing intelligence. That supreme intelligence is not his thoughts.

We are not our thoughts; mind is apart from matter, space and time; mind and its owner, a spiritual self, is eternal, permanent and changeless but its thinking and resultant universes do change.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 6, 2018



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Most rational Americans can see that in his attempt to prove his legitimacy, Donald Trump is wrecking America's hallowed institutions. And he does it with the collusion of the Republican Party!

The question is this: what is the alternative to Trump and the Republicans? Does the Democratic Party have an alternative agenda for America?

The Democratic Party, so far, does not have a positive Agenda for America and is not really an alternative to the Republican Party. At least the Republicans have patriotism; Democrats don't even have that!

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi want to make America a haven for homosexuals. They want to pass all kinds of laws that say that an observably sick life style that, at best, should be tolerated as folks tolerate cancer, is natural.

They want to teach American children that two men sticking their penises into each other's anus are doing the right thing.

The Liberals want to make schools accommodating of whoever believes that he has sex identity issues. If one student in a high school of over 1000 students considers him self-transgender the school must construct bathroom(s) for her. And where are the thousands of dollars needed to construct the bathroom going to come from? You guessed it, from the tax payers. And where do the tax payers get such money? They borrow it, of course.

If Hillary Clinton had won the presidential election I believe that that by now she would have done what the other fool, Angela Merkle, did in Germany: opened the gates and allowed millions of Muslims to come in. These fools do not know that the goal of Islam is to take over the world (it is written in the Koran).

If the number of Muslims in the USA reaches a critical mass, they would be blowing themselves up in suicide bombs all over America, creating chaos and anarchy; as the people are terrified they seize the opportunity to impose their desired Muslim Caliphate on the country and embark on a theocracy where sharia law is imposed on the land.

Obama and Clinton wanted to Islamize America, there is no doubt about that; they were already telling us that America is not a Christian country and that the founding fathers were not Christians. These liberals are idiots!  They have no brains in their heads; they certainly do not study history to realize that Islam has one unshakeable agenda: take over the world. Liberals aid the religion of violence to take over the world.

Liberals promote Multiculturalism. Every group is allowed to practice their culture; this is based on the notion of cultural relativism, the idea that all cultures are good.

The Hindu culture that burned its widows on their dead husbands' funeral pyre is as good as the Christian culture that asks for widows to be provided for?

The Muslim culture that relegated women to third class social status is as good as the culture that allows women to do whatever they want to do?

Multiculturalism is recipe for the balkanization of America. What America needs to do is socialize all Americans to a science based culture.

As I look around I do not see any positive program that liberals offer America; all I see are programs that would destroy America.  So, I ask why don't Democrats do what they are supposed to do, be an alternative party to the primitive individualism of conservatives.

Conservatives make no bones about their political ideology; conservatives see the function of government as to provide national security and leave the individual to fend for his self.  They accept competition where the fittest survive and the weak die out (after they have been used by the strong). I get it. Capitalism is the natural economic theory of the Republican Party.

Why don't the Democrats preach the opposite of the Republican conservative ideology? Why not robustly embrace social democracy, accept mixed capitalist-socialist economy, accept the government participating in the economy, regulating the economy and generally doing what provides the people with work?

Why don't Democrats make it clear that they want publicly paid, single payer health insurance for all Americans; why not state that all children would be provided with publicly paid education through university and technical schools?  Why not promise to make America over to what we see in the Scandinavian countries?  Why try to be the mini Republican Party?

Why are the Democrats destroying America by normalizing sexual perversions? If Hillary had won she probably would have worked to legalize pedophilia; she would have told us that some children and adults want to have sex with one another and that as long as such desire exist it is natural and okay.

Why do liberals attack Christianity, the basis of Western civilization, and make it easier for Islam, a religion of violence, a religion bent on destroying the West to thrive in America?

I do not see any agenda by the Democratic Party that I would consider a rational alternative to the wreckage that Trump and the Republicans are inflicting on America.

Maybe this is how empires decline and fall: those ruling them fail to do the right things and the barbarians take over.

It is probably not too late to change the Democratic Party's focus; the Democrats must become a full-fledged social democratic party and provide an alternative to the anachronism called the Republican Party.

If Democrats do so they would begin winning elections but as long as they remain the Party of perverts and Muslims they are not going to return to power and they should not return to power.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 4, 2018



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

As you look at Donald Trump's behaviors since he supposedly won the presidency of the USA you cannot help but appreciate that he probably feels that he is an illegitimate president and he is fighting to convince the American people that he is legitimate.

Why would he feel illegitimate? Hillary Clinton won more popular votes than him; in most countries Hillary Clinton would be the president but given the quirks of the American political system whereby the Electoral College elects the president Trump won.

And he did not even win the Electoral College by much compared to Barack Obama and other Presidents; he merely managed to squeeze in.

Trump tried to dismiss his loss of the popular vote by claiming that Democrats had many illegal aliens vote on Election Day. This is rubbish.

I have worked as an election worker and know how difficult it is to vote at America's elections. To vote you have to preregister. To register you have to show the county where you live your government issued identification cards, such as the US Passport and or your state Driver's license and your social security card.

On Election Day you go to the precinct assigned to you, which is usually the one closest to your residence. If your name is on the list allowed to vote at that station and your ID is okay the election worker issues you the ballot paper and you go into a private booth and mark your preferences and go slide it into the ballot box (where it is immediately counted by the computerized box and the result sent to the county elections office; by 8 PM on election day the county knows who won the election).

If you do not speak English and do not have the proper IDs you probably would not be brazen enough to try navigating the voting process knowing that many election and precinct workers are watching your every move. In fact, if you have the slightest foreign accent people pay close attention to you and check your ids more carefully.

Please note that to vote you have to show government issued IDs such as US passport and or state Issued driver's license and your social security card.  Many African Americans do not have government issued ID cards and therefore are prevented from voting; moreover, since they are poor and move around a lot their names may not be on the precinct where they currently live hence the voting officials may not see their names on their list and would not permit them to vote.

If black folks who are born in America find it difficult to vote how is it possible for illegal Latinos, whose brown color and Spanish language makes them foreigners, to find it easy to vote?

Simply stated, it is highly improbable that illegal aliens voted for Hillary Clinton.

Then there is the Russia issue. There is suspicion that the Russians helped Trump win the election. This may or may not be true; there is the Robert Moeller investigation of the matter so we must withhold judgment on whether the Russians colluded with Trump to steal the presidency.  In the meantime, Trump feels that folks doubt his legitimacy and is struggling to seem legitimate.

Donald Trump's fear of illegitimacy notwithstanding has actually accomplished a lot. He has passed a massive tax cut for the rich; as a result, we already are hearing that insufficient revenue is coming into the US treasury. That is no matter; the US government would borrow money from China to function.

If borrowing does not solve the shortfalls in revenue, Republicans would want to cut what they call welfare programs that help the poor such as social security, Medicaid and Medicare; they want to eliminate those and probably will, sooner or later, succeed.

And I wish that they succeed for that would finally enable the poor to realize that the idea of democracy in America is a sham, they would  know that the country is a plutocracy and oligarchy; the scale would fall from their eyes and they would begin the struggle to make America a fair country, make it a social democracy where the public paid for all public education through university and vocational training and provided the people with publicly paid single payer health insurance (not the mickey mouse of Medicare where you still have to pay 20% of your medical cost and if you do not have the money you are as good as uninsured).

Trump's other programs, such as building a border wall at its border with Mexico, remains boondoggles. He had promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. Mexico will not pay for it. That means that Americans would pay for its estimated $28 billion dollars. Since the man cut taxes and insufficient money is coming to the treasury so where is he going to get that money?

You guessed it, borrow it from China! The country's debt today is over $20, trillion. By the time Trump is done the debt would be over $25 billion ($25 trillion is what economists tell us is the maximum debt load that the $17 trillion US economy can carry).

Perhaps, given his history of declaring bankruptcy and walking away from his debts, Trump would declare bankruptcy for the country and walk away. It remains to be seen if he can do that, convince China and the other countries the USA owes to forgo the moneys that Americans owe them.

Trump promised to build or rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure; to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure probably would take five trillion dollars. The government does not have that kind of money; even if it wants to borrow it I doubt that other countries can lend it more than $2 trillion dollars. The roads, airports and railways are probably not going to be modernized.

On the immigration issue Trump is probably going to have some success; he probably will eliminate visa lotto, chain immigration and manage to keep the Daca folks.

America's immigration needs to be revamped. America cannot take in every third world person who wants to come to America; I see eye to eye with Trump on the immigration issue.

Third world folks should stay in their countries and fight for clean governments; they should stop their corruption and stop running to other countries where there is good governance and blooming economy.

The USA should only have merit based work permits for those persons with the skills that the country desires but otherwise stop admitting immigrants. There needs to be a cooling off period to give newly admitted immigrants who are not American by culture time to do so.

America must stop multiculturalism and give all Americans a single, scientific culture so as to avoid the balkanization of the country.

America must stop admitting Muslims into the country; if there are too many Muslims in America they would make moves to take the country over; they would be exploding themselves in suicide bombs trying to create chaos and then take over the country; that is how they took over the Middle East. We do not need the religion of violence in America.

In the meantime, Donald Trump struggles on to convince his self and the American public that he is legitimately elected. To accomplish this goal he is, as we see, increasingly subverting the FBI, the Justice Department and accusing the media as fake media. By the time the man is done America's hallowed democratic institutions would have been destroyed.

If Trump is not checked he probably would transform America to a third world country. If he succeeds he speeds up America's decline and fall. This needs not happen. Therefore, Trump must be checked.

Trump, if you colluded with Russians to obtain the US presidency please do the country a favor and resign; please do not destroy America's institutions to hide your guilt.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 4, 2018



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