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Dear Mr. Sowore,

We know very well you investigative reporting prowess and how easily you can get into the deep recesses of government to obtain information the government would want us not to know about. We have seen your reports on Governor Obi and the shenanigans going on in Anambra State; we have read the comings and goings in Ekiti State, in Abuja and many other places; and with a vast majority of our politicians and non politicians.

You have become a force to be reckoned in Nigerian affairs.

I have even seen you defend you work in colloquiums and at other International conferences. I have seen you take the heat from irate fans. (Your one known public failing: failure to impeach Okey Ndibe as the speaker of Nigerian Parliament, a dreadful failing)

I am therefore requesting you to deploy your forces to finding out who is publicly lying to Nigerians. The Auditor General has accused EFCC of not submitting to the audit of its books since its inception. EFCC has denied the charge and says that it has submitted the reports to the Senate and to the House.

Could you please find from the senate president David Mark if he has such reports and the Speaker of the House Mr. Tambuwal if their offices have the reports.

There is a lot riding on this. You remember that EFCC told us that they recovered $5 billion from Mr. Abacha's estate and people have been wondering where this money is. $5 billion given to the Nigerian Railways would build the line from Lagos to Abuja in one year flat or the line from PH to Abuja and if managed with grants and loans from other sources, the two lines at once.

Imagine the relief on our death traps called roads.

Imagine if we give that amount to your state Edo. Unemployment, alleged prostitutions, kidnappings etc would all be something of the past. In one generation Edo would be spoken of when we mention Singapore. Edo has the brains but not the resources.

Uniben would be mentioned among the top 100 universities.

And this is just the recovery from Abacha, when you add Igbinedion and others; you get the impression of what I am after. Could you answer this call for us?


Your friend and fan,

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

October 21, 2011

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Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba  currently lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.