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Akin Awofolaju Ph.D

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As a corporate executive with extensive fortune 100 corporate background both in personal and corporate business. Dr Awofolaju is a management guru, managed many organizations in leadership capacity. His company is one of the leading Leadership Development, Training and Executive Educational Programs in Tri States Area. He is an American Board Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Executive Leadership Development educator, Certified Strategy Planner and also a Strategic Thinking Expert.

He has been a top ranked Human Capital Engineering Resources & Leadership Development for executive educational industries in NY/NJ Regions for three consecutive years and also leadership development expert for the fortune 100 companies where he worked as an award winning leadership professional with over 17 years of management experience, demonstrated analytical skills. Dr. Awofolaju is a member of over twenty professional bodies amongst which are the American Association of Fraud Examiners, the Nigerian Institute of Management, American Economic Association, and International Research for Income & Wealth, etc Author, a prolific writer and columnist on contemporary issues.

Dr Awofolaju is a motivator and mentor with a collaborative, entrepreneurial management style with expertise in translating the big picture into specific business leadership strategies. Dr Awofolaju was a leading Executive (New York/New Jersey regions) for Verizon Wireless Telecommunication Company in America, where he worked for over 10 years before he started his own company. Dr Awofolaju managed team of senior-level managers, and for his entire career there he was the top performer in his region, as well as nationally. As a management expert, he has broken many sales and marketing records with several awards and recognitions and also attended Advanced Program at Harvard University Business School & Cornell University   graduated from S.C Johnson Postgraduate Business School in Executive Leadership Development & Strategic Thinking/Planning. 

He has spent a significant amount of time in continuous personnel leadership development of his team as their team leader. Dr Awofolaju also managed over 500 high-performance driven  team that generated over 450 millions of dollars when he worked as Regional Account Executive for British Petroleum Company for Tri- States ( PA/NJ/NY) - 1999 -2001. His strengths are his motivational and mentoring skills. A keen listener and creative thinker, Dr Awofolaju has been a consultant for individuals and businesses since 1991. He managed European financial powerhouse as President/CEO - Bayland Investments Company in Eastern Europe (1991- 1999), he discovered executive keen interest in his experience and insight into maximizing peak performance. 

Dr Awofolaju developed the leadership development & training program that unleashes potential of individuals or organization value adding by opening up creativity and recharging passion requisites for consistently perform at their best. Dr Awofolaju's focus resonates with others because it sheds light on why people do not perform to their potential even when they're talented and committed. Dr Awofolaju works with various CEO's, corporate executives be it in Wall Street, business professionals to athletes – professional basketball players. Dr Awofolaju’s wide range of clients illustrates how anyone can benefit from performance coaching. He makes you to better maximizing your potentials, it is everyday for greater results. Dr Akin Awofolaju has been a consultant for individuals and businesses since 1991, when he discovered executives' keen interest in his experience and insight into achieving peak performance.

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