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1. Using Byron Katie's The work in psychotherapy
USING “THE WORK” By Byron Kathleen Mitchell         Years ago, I, Ozodi Thomas Osuji, read Byron Katie’s books: (1) Loving what is, (2) I need your love, is that True (3) A Thousand names for ...
Created on 18 January 2018
2. Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom is my Hero
(Law and Justice )
... preserves our farmlands. These herdsmen often are nameless and without authentic addressees while committing heinous crimes, including rapes and murders.. If the herdsmen have legitimate gripes against ...
Created on 18 January 2018
3. Trump's Grand Plan For Nigerians
(Nigerian Affairs)
... the Americans.  You cannot fault a man mgbe nwoke na ekwu ezi okwu (when a man says the truth). We Nigerians are all shitholers.  Nigeria is a shithole under the leadership of a clueless shitholer named ...
Created on 18 January 2018
4. What Truth Do We Want the Nigerian Community To Hear Right Now in 2018?
... Our experiment has and produced the same decadent results. Perhaps it is time we did things differently.  Nigeria’s behavior towards a section of its citizens, namely the Igbos, has been decadent, meaning ...
Created on 15 January 2018
5. Is Nigeria Among Republican Trump's List of Shit-hole Nations?
(African Affairs)
... people you know, your eyes will probably fall upon  Peter, Ifeanyi, Segun and many other friends with Nigerian names. You and your friends  didn't have running water in the houses you were born at or grew ...
Created on 12 January 2018
6. This is Nigeria the World knows
A little 2-year-old girl named Chimamada was playing a game she had learned at school . The time was  October, 2015, the year the white man believed that Nigeria would go up in cataclysmic smokes.  The ...
Created on 05 January 2018
7. We Have Questions to ask about President Buhari Bringing Back Nigerians Stranded in Libya
(African Affairs)
... the relationship. It's not easy, it is like returning to a vomit. This reminds us of the Bible story of a prophet named Hosea who was abandoned by a wife who went on to become a temple prostitute. God ...
Created on 31 December 2017
8. My year end thoughts on Igbos
(Nigerian Affairs)
... of chemical Engineering and call him all sorts of abusive put down names.  What they are doing is irritating to Yorubas. Don't Igbos see that they are alienating Yoruba's or do they expect to be liked ...
Created on 27 December 2017
9. America must not allow Trump to redefine American Values his own way!
(U.S. Affairs )
... in America. They include individuals like late Michael Jackson, late Uncle Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, Kenny Rogers, James Ingram, Christina Aguilera and many other big names in the Music ...
Created on 24 December 2017
10. We Support Emir Sanusi II's Call For Drug Testing of Nigerian's Religious and Political Leaders
(Health and Welfare )
... community.  Lord, do not let this writer lose more friends, like I lost my bright friend, a namesake,  brilliant mathematician,  from near Jos;  Joseph  the professor of biology ied of alcohol delirium. ...
Created on 23 December 2017
11. Tribalism? Nigerians Ought To Shut Up Blaming the White Man
... or "jungle."  One particular man from Uganda named Solomon Olebe (now deceased) would invite us to his house for parties, and as we ate, drank beer and  danced  to Congolese and African music,  the feelings ...
Created on 18 December 2017
12. Only return to God heals personality issues
... the world and experiences holy instant; in it one feels oneness with existence; that experience transcends body, matter, space and time. The experience of oneness has been given different names. Orientals ...
Created on 18 December 2017
13. When Man Says: "I'm God"
(African Affairs)
... my wellness, and would even let Himself die, if need be, in my behalf. The Igbos name their sons Maduabuchi (man is not God), Onyebuchi (who is like unto God?) or Onyekachi (who is greater than God?). ...
Created on 08 December 2017
14. The Teflon President with 9 lives on his way out!
(U.S. Affairs )
... obstructed him every step of the way during all of his 8 years in the White House all in the name of partisan Politics. You would have thought they would have left him off the hook the moment he left ...
Created on 07 December 2017
15. And His Name Was Naija
No one knew that one day the world would need oil no more There was once a Man.  His name was Naija. And he was a prodigal. Wasteful, reckless, profligate; his friends were the trusted Europeans. He ...
Created on 05 December 2017
16. How Can We Help Folks Back Home to Help Themselves?
... Moses, the people you are helping are apt to get angry with you, attack you, or rob you due to their attitude of entitlement. Rampant complaints obfuscate the real issues. A 45-year-old relative named ...
Created on 03 December 2017
17. Chukwuma, the igbo njakiri king
(Nigerian Affairs)
... She said that she will think about it and called me. I asked her to get his number. Of course, he had given her a false name (as he gives all of us false names) and had called her from a pay phone. I ...
Created on 26 November 2017
18. Nebu Adiele, the igbo cowardly Mandela
(Nigerian Affairs)
... Actually, I quit Nigerian Internet forums in 2010. That is over seven years ago! However, some persons have their own e-groups which included my name. It is kind of difficult to prevent those individualized ...
Created on 23 November 2017
19. Pastor or Husband: Who's In Charge of the House?
(Relationships )
... Grandparents were the luckiest human beings on earth. Trouble came when  jaywalker Pastor named Serpent strayed from his path and sauntered into an area Serpent was not supposed to be. Satan was an uninvited ...
Created on 18 November 2017
20. Igbos desire for prestige is pathological
(Nigerian Affairs)
... them. They name their children with names that make them feel important, such as Adaeze (the first daughter of a king), and call themselves His Royal Highness because a white man, Lord Lugard, made their ...
Created on 10 November 2017
... holiness. First, we cannot come to God without first expressing belief and faith in God (Mark 9:23). Secondly we must come in the Name of Jesus Matthew 6:9. The third condition is that we cannot expect ...
Created on 08 November 2017
22. Nnamdi Kanu and Igbo political behavior
(Nigerian Affairs)
...  Psychoanalytically, I know that the jungle denizen writes about me because he is asking me to love him. As a lost soul he wants to be loved and calls me put down names so that I feel guilt and out of ...
Created on 29 October 2017
(Nigerian Affairs)
... Umara Yar Adua. I recall that the Sokoto Prince and London School of Economics product, named "Tripple A" Alhaji Abubakar Alhaji as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Planning and Finance ...
Created on 19 October 2017
24. The Afrika Restaurant
(Nigerian Affairs)
This Is a true story of Dan Iloegbu who thought he had honest--to-goodness Nigerian friends. Names are changed to protect friends.  Dan's  friends were Igbo and Yoruba men he grew up with in Lagos and ...
Created on 15 October 2017
25. We are God
... 50 to 80 km (31 to 50 miles); Stratosphere: 12 to 50 km (7 to 31 miles); Troposphere: 0 to 12 km (0 to 7 miles). The major constituents of dry air, by volume are:: Gas Volume(A) Name Formula ...
Created on 15 October 2017