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You overcome guilt and fear by askingthe Holy Spirit to guide you

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Guilt results when someone feels like he did something wrong and fears that he may be punished by the person he wronged. Thus, guilt and fear tend to go together.

Normal human beings are prone to guilt and fear feeling. There are a set of human beings called antisocial personalities, aka sociopaths and psychopaths who do not feel guilt and fear; indeed, the sadistic criminal enjoys hurting people, his mind does not have guilt or fear. Folks like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin killed millions of people and did not feel guilt or fear from their murderous actions.

Let us leave such aberrant persons alone and deal with normal human beings. Normal human beings do feel guilty from their wrongful actions, do expect punishment for their wrongful actions and do feel fear from anticipating punishment.

Whereas all normal persons understand the guilt and fear related to our conducts on earth there is another form of guilt and fear that is there but most of us are not conscious of it. Therefore, you should pay attention for it is this type of existential guilt and fear that I am going to address here.  We have what I call existential guilt, what Christians call original sin. It is rooted in our sense of separation.

We and God are unified as one self. We remain unified with God. We desired to experience the opposite of union. The opposite of union is separation. We could not separate from God for separation is impossible. As it were, we closed our spiritual eyes and went to sleep and in our sleep dream a universe of separation. This dreaming began with the Big Bang, about 13.8 billion years ago. We have been dreaming that we are separated from God and each other for fourteen billion years.

We have God's power in us. We misused that God power in us to invent space, time and matter and used matter to invent galaxies, stars, planets, plants, animals and human bodies.

In effect, we have invented an alternative universe, a universe different from the formless, unified universe that God created.

God is literally a wave of spiritual light and each of us is a particle in that light. Wave and particle are one, so we and God are one. Spiritual light is consciousness and knowledge; God is infinite knowledge.

We attacked the unified universe of God and seem to have shattered it into smithereens; we seem to have fragmented God and each of us takes a fragment and calls it his present self.

The present self we now call ourselves are separated selves or egos. The ego is a replacement self; it is not our real self; our real self is unified with God and with each other.

As long as we identify with the substitute ego self we feel like we did something terribly wrong. We feel like we attacked and destroyed the unified world of God. We feel guilty. We know how powerful God is so we fear that he might come after us and punish us.

Thus, in our minds is a sense of guilt and sin. Catholics call it original sin (separation is the original sin; Garden of Eden is heaven aka unified state from which we separated).

We feel like we sinned against God and expect God to punish us for this sin. To be a human being is to have a sense of guilt and sin and expectation of punishment in our subconscious mind.

Stop right here and ask yourself whether you do not feel guilt and expect punishment and fear punishment? You may enumerate all the wrongs you did on earth and think that they are the reasons why you feel guilty and expect God to punish you and fear him. That is not true; the real reason is your separation from God. To separate from God is to sin (except that we cannot separate from God hence cannot sin).

Will God punish you?  Let us see. You are a part of God. If God were to punish you he would be punishing his self.

A man who punishes a part of his self is a mad man. God is not mad and therefore cannot and does not punish you to punish his self. God will not punish you for your supposed sin of separation from him.

Moreover, for God to acknowledge that you are a sinner means that he believes that you have separated from him. If you could separate from God he would die and you could die for pieces of a whole cannot exist unless the entire whole exists. You cannot separate from God and therefore could not have sinned against God.

God knows that you did not separate from him hence have not sinned. God knows that you are still a part of him hence is innocent, sinless, guiltless, and holy; you remain as he created you, an extension of him hence one with him. You are eternally one with God and eternally sinless.

This is what God knows but you do not know it. In your subconscious mind is belief that you separated from God because you now can see a separated world of space, time and matter and see people living in bodies, people who take time to reach from one to the other.  To you separation is real.

To God separation is not real. God knows that you merely closed your eyes and dream a separated world and what is seen in dreams is not there in reality.

Our physical universe is a dream and has not occurred. This may seem fictional to you until you have God experience and suddenly awaken to the unified world where you know yourself as still one with God and all of us and immediately realize that your experience on earth was a dream in your spiritual mind and you laugh for having taken that delusional dream seriously.

Listen, God has total power; no force in the universe can defy God's power; no force can invent an alternative universe; but all of us, the children of God can and do dream alternative universes.

Yes, there are infinite universes and we do dream that we are in them; all the multiverses are dream states; we dream in them and do what we have to do to awaken from each dream and awaken in God.

We stay awake in God and may be drift to other dream states, to other universes where we dream whatever they offer us; we have done this kind of thing forever and ever.

On earth we feel separated from God and feel like we committed original sin and feel sinful and expect to be punished.  God knows that we are not sinful for we have not separated from him.

Indeed, God does not want to destroy our earth, our dream; he wants to make the dream a happy dream for his children.

God makes the dream happy for us by asking us to listen to the Holy Spirit, the self he created when we separated from him. God planted the Holy Spirit in our right minds.

Thus, there are now three seeming Gods: God the father, God the son (us) and God the Holy Spirit. (In Igbo metaphysics: Chukwu, Chineke and Chi).

The Holy Spirit is in our right minds; it helps us correct what we do with our left minds, the ego; it helps us correct our perception; it helps us to see each other as one and love and forgive each other.

God respects the idols that his sons made (our egos and bodies and world) but wants us to use those pesky egos and bodies to love one another in our world of space, time and matter.

Use your separated self and body to love other separated selves and bodies and your stay on earth becomes a happy dream. It is still not real; it is still a dream but now a happy dream, a happy fiction and happy insanity; for as long as you see yourself in separation you are insane but now you have happy insanity.

If while in the world you recognize that everything you do on earth, even bad things, you do with the power of God in you (for you cannot do anything by your power) you do not feel guilt and fear.

You ask the Holy Spirit to guide you before you do anything. If you feel guided by the Holy Spirit, God in the temporal, separated universe, you would no longer feel guilty and fearful or expect God's punishment.


Did you get what I just said? Let me repeat. If you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and since you know that the Holy Spirit is love so guiding you means that you love and forgive all people you would no longer feel like a renegade, a usurper of God's power. You will feel like you are using God's power justly to love all his creation. You would feel guiltless, sinless and holy and innocent.

Here is the added kudos for you.  God has all power. If you identify with God you have all the power of God available to you. That is correct; as long as you accept that everything you do is done with the power of God in you, not the stolen power you used to invent the physical universe, all the power of God is available to you to do with it as you wish provided that it serves social interests.

If you steal power from God you are powerless although you still have power to invent your world but if you see all power as inhering in God you have all the power in the universe.

With God's power you can literally tell a mountain to move and it would move (mountains are in your dreams and you can move things around in your dreams).


The salient point made in this essay is that if we separate from God we feel guilt and fear punishment by God and that if we realize that we cannot separate from God and know that everything we do we do with the power of God in us we do not feel guilty and sinful and do not expect punishment.

God is energy not a person. God energy is in you, in me and in all things; God is the energy with which his sons do positive and or negative things.

If we use the God energy in us to do positive things, what serves our mutual interests, we do not feel guilty and sinful and do not expect God to punish us.

To avoid feeling guilty and fearful one must always ask the Holy Spirit to guide one in all one does on earth, in the dream.

The moment you act by your separated power you return to guilt and fear feeling. By yourself you must feel sinful and weak but by accepting that everything you do you do with the power of God in you and you express gratitude to God you do not feel powerless and sinful.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 30, 2017

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