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Saturday, 10 September 2011 05:09

The Generic White Man Has Inferior Spiritual Mind

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This essay says that people from Europe tend to be very good in the sciences and technology; that they are so because they see themselves as separated selves housed in bodies, egos, and tend not to see themselves as spiritual beings. It says that because they denied their spiritual selves they tend to feel inadequate and inferior, deny their inferiority and project it to black folks and thereafter see black folks as inferior to them. It concludes that whereas each of us, individual and groups, must do what he does well that all of us must pay attention to both…
Saturday, 10 September 2011 05:07

Thoughts on the personality of Malcolm X

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I first read Malcolm X while in college, I believe in a sociology class. The professor, a white man, used him to make the point of how a man's life can be turned around when he finds a purpose for living. He said that Malcolm, like most black Americans, was shut out of the American mainstream and lived life on the margins of society, which included criminal behavior. But when Malcolm found a purpose to live for by joining the Nation of Islam he turned his life around and became a model citizen, a man who fought for his race's…
Saturday, 10 September 2011 05:06

The White Man Has A Need To Degrade Human Beings

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From observing the present and historic activities of white men the author says that they appear inherently deficient in loving behaviors and appear to enjoy degrading people hence are probably sadistic. The essay wonders how to teach white folks love? It speculates that perhaps being loving persons is the only way to model love for other persons; for white folks to become loving they must see and learn from loving persons in their world.   I did not have business that took me to American courts until I was going through divorce hence did not know much about America's jurisprudence.…
The purpose of this piece is to provide a response to Dr. Ozodi Osuji's recent article entitled 'Thoughts on the Personality of Malcolm X'. It is of course written in the spirit of wholesome and positive debate, and in what I believe to be an overarching quest for a positive exchange if ideas and the acquisition of knowledge. It is not intended to serve as a polemic, or, given the esteem to which Malcolm is held by swathes of black and African opinion, an argumentum ad hominem. The aim is to present a counterpoint wherein facts, where they can be…
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 04:50

Africans are back to Slavery to the Americas

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This article says that Americans giving thousands of Africans the opportunity to migrate to America annually is a continuation of Africa's sorry history of exporting her people to other continents while those in Africa live desperate existence from Africans inability to do what they have to do to be like everyone else. WITH THE VISA LOTTO AFRICANS ARE BACK TO SLAVERY TO NORTH AMERICA   I understand that these days the Americans offer Africans with high school or more education the opportunity to compete to obtain a lottery Visa (20, 000 for all Africa?), and that Africans fall all over…