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You Cannot Lie Your Way to the White House

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One advantage of the long US electoral process is that it gives the public a chance to see and scrutinize the candidates. The process allows time for lies to be uncovered especially since there are opposing candidates digging into one’s past and a vigilant press checking and rechecking everything aided by an educated populace. And an independent judiciary.

One candidate trying to lie his way to the White House in this election circle is Mr. Ted Cruz (TRUST-ED). His logo is Trust_ED which he coined because he has been looking forward to clashing with Mrs. Clinton who he believes has “Trust” challenges. It is turning out that the entire Cruz campaign is based on lies, lies, and more lies.

  1. He lied about his qualification to be a US president. The constitution has it that to be a president one must be US born. Mr. Cruz was born in Canada by a US woman. Canada we are told is close to US both in political orientation and geographically but IS NOT USA. They do not vote in each other’s elections; or in any way pretend to be the same country. This matter is now in the court system and would eventually reach the Supreme Court. It is unfortunate that Mr. Anthony Scalia is not there but other strict constitutional interpreters will read what the words say and would tell him “it ain’t so.”
  2. He lied about Nigeria and Nigerians and how Nigerians come into this country as criminals, prompting scattering demonstrations by Nigerians over his use of a broad brush to paint the peaceful, hardworking Nigerians as criminals. Yes a few Nigerian opportunists met with him but the vast population were appalled. He never really apologized.
  3. He lied that his rival presidential candidate, Ben Carson has dropped out of the race just before the voting in IOWA and started after Mr. Carson’s votes which he got. After the voting he apologized to Carson but kept the votes. Do whatever you have to do to win seems to be the goal; if you have to lie here and there so be it. That is not the way to the White House. No one can lie his way to the public housing in District of Columbia.
  4. He lied about Marco Rubio as soon as he found out that his rival is gaining ground. He challenged his faith and implied that Mr. Rubio does not trust the Bible completely. His office even showed a video with Mr. Rubio’s hand on the Bible. The “small” missing point is that the video was doctored. It quickly became evident and you guessed it, he apologized to Rubio just as he did to Carson and pretended to have done to Nigerians.

The list is endless. This why no member of the US senate of which he is a member has endorsed him and nobody in any leadership position in GOP has cast his/her net with him. It would not have mattered this much if he is not promoting himself as Mr. TRUST (Trust-ED) himself. It has been my experience that those who are trying to hide somethings often go out of their way to show that they are what they are not. Many white folks who appear to be the most racist turn out to have black kids and many anti-gay people turn out to gays. Just as those who most preach monogamous living have mistresses or masters.

All the candidates in this race from both parties have accused Mr. Cruz of possessing a penchant to lie. Mr. Trump in his bombastic way says that he “has not seen anybody that lies like this man.” This may be politics but sufficient evidence is emerging to support the claims.

It is possible that this latest lie about Mr. Rubio might be the final stroke that broke the proverbial “Carmel’s Back.”

You cannot lie your way to the White House.


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

February 23, 2016

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Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba  currently lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.