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Why Donald Trump is the least trust-worthy of all American Presidents since FDR?

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If Donald Trump says Good morning to you, you have to check your time before you respond back to him. If he tells you there is a guaranteed medical coverage for pre-existing condition even after his repeal of Obamacare and his replacement by his own Trump version, you have to know he is telling a bogus lie.

There can be no guaranteed coverage for poor sick Americans including children and poor senior citizens across the country when all the 50 states are granted waivers in the Legislation to pick and choose what is less expensive and more convenient to them.

It is a set-up by the Reality TV con artist turned President who can sell you a dead cockroach and make you believe you have won a jackpot. Legislators who have to report back to their constituents before and during the next elections would be foolhardy to believe a shred of what Trump and some elements in the Republican Party are telling them. If they do not vote "No" for the Legislation, they have been sold a pig in the poke.

That is why Trump's attempt to pass the Health Care Legislation must fail again if it does not specifically guarantee coverage for existing condition. If it does, then it will be wrong for Trump and the Republicans to claim they have repealed Obamacare. What they have done is "Mend it and not end it" like I suggested long time ago in one of my articles on the subject. Trump cannot take away a right that has guaranteed medical coverage for 24 million American and has the potential to reach up to 46 million people when it is fully implemented. Obama care is like Social Security. You cannot end it without paying a very heavy price at the polls when the rubber meets the road.

When President FDR gave his word to Winston Churchill that America was going to lead the European Allies into the Second World War against Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill did not fly back to England thinking for one minute that Franklin Delano Roosevelt might have lied to him.

When young John F Kennedy looked Nikita Khrushchev straight in the face and insisted he had to remove his nuclear arsenals from Cuba, he left the arrogant Russian leader and Fidel Castro in no doubt that he meant business and that his word was his bond.

When Ronald Reagan called on Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, Gorbachev knew he had to comply. The wall not only came down, the move heralded the reunification of West and East Germany and the fall of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact without firing a single shot.

Trust is a big thing for any American President. If you lose it, you have lost everything. Donald Trump regretfully does not fully understand or comprehend that. He may survive for a little while with deception and empty hubris but he will eventually go down like Richard Nixon before him.

When you compare those great Presidents I have listed above and all of their promises with all of the 489 blatant lies the first Russian-sponsored President has told in his 100 days in the White House, you have to wonder like I do about where America is headed with this kneejerk President who made many big promises he could not keep as President. He made those promises to deceive the people to vote for in deference to his sponsor, Vladimir Putin and because he could not tell the difference between American Democracy and Communist Russia where Vladimir Putin is the ultimate dictator who can make and unmake and where a vocal and virile Opposition does not exist.

In Russia or North Korea, the President's political enemies and the News Media and the Judiciary are quickly suppressed and rendered impotent or subservient to the whim and caprices of the dictator.

Now that Russian hacking of American elections and the collusion with the Trump Administration is under intense scrutiny in the United States as we speak, Russian Vladimir Putin is proactively eliminating and killing whistle blowers like Rachel Maddow or Laurence O'Donnell to mention a few in Russia and elsewhere around the World who could help the investigators connect the dots and to prove beyond all shades of doubt how Russia has helped to impose Donald Trump on America.

The greatest fear that any America should and must have is what happens after the short gun marriage and the very cozy Honey Moon between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin reaches its dead end.

It can be safely assumed that the bride Donald Trump is sure to learn some dirty tricks from her husband, Vladimir Putin who will not hesitate to show Donald Trump how to quickly turn a Democracy into a Dictatorship and how to forever keep himself in power in the United States regardless of what the American Constitution may have said.

A President who has goaded his Party to change the Filibuster rule on the confirmation of a Supreme Court judge and has again urged his Party Majority in Congress to adopt the same rule in passing any Legislation is on his way to total Dictatorship in America.

The Republican Party can forever remain in power while the Opposition is forever suppressed and subdued. Donald Trump does not believe in a 2-Party system and he has demonstrated that conviction in so many ways I would now articulate with the remaining paragraphs of this article.

His cozy relationship and his refusal to ever criticize Vladimir Putin is one big proof of that. The second is the fact that he loves and openly praises and hobnobs with dictators like Kim Jong UN, Rodrigo Duterte and Erdogan of Turkey.

He openly wants to do business and make money off those countries without exception. Part of the reason he is so adamant on not releasing his tax returns unless forced so to do thru a "Sub Poena" is because  he clearly knew those tax returns would give him away and predictably lead to his impeachment for criminal conflict of interest and prosecution.

It is not Rocket Science. His former Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn has not committed any less egregious crimes than Donald Trump has committed as the investigations would conclusively reveal.

Donald Trump is not trust-worthy because he over-promises what he knows he cannot deliver. Win or lose he quickly declares victory in his own convoluted mind and he moves on to make another futile promises.

He does not believe in doing his homework on any subject and you can tell he is so empty and ignorant. He only trusts his own judgments and instincts and that is why he is so addicted to twitting at odd hours of the morning because he believes more in manipulations than any constructive engagement.

With Donald Trump, the more you look the less you see. He could easily have beaten Houdini in his game if he has followed that line of business. Donald Trump can have a one hour telephone chat or hold a long meeting with another foreign Head of State like he did with President Xi of China and Justin Trudeau of Canada and Vladimir Putin he would summarize their discussion in just one sentence while his counterpart would reduce their discussion into a 2 or 3 page Communique because they don't want to be misquoted or totally misunderstood.

Donald Trump on the other hand thrives on misleading the Public. He wants to be unpredictable. He actually wants to be misquoted so he can leave a wiggle room for numerous errors and total misrepresentation.

He is so limited in his communication skills that he would always use the wrong word which conveys a different meaning from what he had meant to say. He described Obama as bad and sick, a description that my 8th grade granddaughter would not make.

He described Andrew Jackson as having a tough mind and a large heart which is a bit contradictory, and he credited the American Civil War to Jackson even though the man had dies 16 years before the war.

Donald Trump cannot tell the difference between Victory and Defeat. He wants to be the Judge and the accuser in his own case. He blows his own trumpet all the time on nothing to preclude others from saying anything negative about him.

He would praise you if you praise him. By the same token, he would go after you if you dare criticize him even when he is totally wrong and derelict.

He could predictably start using institutions like the FBI and CIA to do his dirty job for him and he could begin to use them to go after his perceived political enemies on both sides of the isle.

He is bent on protecting the income flow of his many businesses around the World in places like China, the Philippines and his Trump Towers in Istanbul and his hotel chains in Moscow and Leningrad, Ukraine and his business interest in Egypt.

That is why he must cozy up to those dictators in those countries. He is actively pushing the building of the Wall to barricade Mexico not because the move is going to permanently or effectively solve the problem of immigrants crossing the borders but because that is an area where he can personally make a lot of money because he would be the one awarding those contracts to companies he can manipulate

And fleece. It is a "win- win" proposition for Donald Trump and that was why he once said he would be the first American to profit from running for President, win or lose.

Building walls to stop immigrant crossing is not as fool-proof as it sounds and it penny-wise and pound-foolish if you really think about it. That is why very few countries would ever try to build walls to stop or totally minimize illegal boarder crossings like Donald Trump is promising to do. He first of all boasted and gloated that Mexico was going to pay because he was so arrogant. When Mexico called his bluff he took a hike on that telling some cock and bull story that America would now pay and Mexico would reimburse America.

If any country could ever stop immigrant crossing, Nigeria should long have considered the move with Niger or Chad. Citizens of Niger in border towns with Nigeria like Maradi and Niamey and citizens of Chad regularly cross the borders to Nigeria to vote in Nigerian elections and to graze their Cattles causing a lot of havoc in Nigeria as we speak, it has never occurred to Nigeria to build the kind of expensive wall that Trump is contemplating. He is twisting arms in Congress today to get the job done. It is a wrong move that ought to go down in defeat. It makes no sense at all.

I saw a bit of what I am telling you during my several visits to Niger and to Chad for the few years I served as the Secretary to the Joint Economic Commissions of Nigeria with the rest of the World in the early 80s.

All that Donald Trump cares about is making money from all of his pet projects as President.

America made a fatal U-turn when she carelessly allowed Trump to collude with Vladimir Putin to find his way to the White House.

I rest my case.

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