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What Russia Did To America & How To Avoid A Repeat

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My first preoccupation in this article is to establish up front what Russian Vladimir Putin had done to America that we all should be concerned about if we truly love America is my reason for writing this article. As a proud father of 2 young men proudly serving in the US Military, and as a happy retiree who gets my pensions and social security paid without fail on a specific date of the month.

I wake up every day praying for America and cursing out any nation on Earth which may be trying to mess with America. The medical coverage, the benefit and the peace of mind I get from America is what many Nigerians retirees and pensioners can kill to get in Nigeria. I don't know about you but for me there is so much more about America that is worth fighting for. The Russians trying to endanger the security of America in any shape or form is not something I take lightly, and it is above and beyond partisan Politics.  America has to know what happened and prevent it from ever happening again.

Russia's goal was to undermine American Democracy and to stop their nemesis, Hillary from ever getting elected as President. The second was to sow the seed of discord in God's own country and the leader of the Free World.  Part of that goal was to meddle in American elections and to test their superiority in Cyber Warfare and to avenge the embarrassment they suffered when America and Great Britain led by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had worked side by side to put Gorbachev at the helm of affairs in the Kremlin. Third was America finally winning the long and protracted cold war without firing a single shot

The feat by Reagan and Thatcher had paid off big time as Gorbachev the Russian President started talking about a reset button with the West that he labeled as "Perestroika" in Russian Language. That reset button was a kiss of Death. It led to the fall of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the breakaway of the 15 Russian Republics in one fell swoop without firing a single shot.

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher became instant hero and heroin in the World because the development occurred during their tenure as President and Prime Minister. Vladimir Putin as a Russian nationalist and a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB before his foray into Politics is now simply trying to find his own Gorbachev in Donald Trump who would be micromanaged and forced to do his own "Perestroika" which would help to level the playing field for Russia to regain all or some of her lost ground as a competing super power with America.

America for your information has always beaten Russia to the punch ever since America became a sovereign state on July 4th, 1776. America beat Russia when she took the credit for leading the Allied Powers which included Russia into victory in the Second World War with President Ferdinand Franklin Roosevelt as the undisputed leader in that war when it ended in 1945. Russia is believed to have lost up to 60 million Russians in that war. America beat Russia again when she founded International Institutions like the League of Nations now called the United Nations and when America cited the Headquarters in New York by World acclamation and consensus.

America beat Russia when she led the move to establish the World Bank and the IMF and when it created NATO. America won it when America became the first country on Earth to land the first man Neil Armstrong on the Moon even though Russia was the first to launch Yuri Gagarin into Space with a few years' advantage or edge in Space Exploration. America surely beat America in strategic thinking and vision when Russia sold Alaska to America for a whopping sum of 7.2 million Dollars which is now worth more than 125 million Dollars.

America beat Russia again when America developed the Atomic Bomb in 1944 and when America became the first country on Earth to use it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the orders of President Harry Truman. Russia did not acquire the technology until 5 years later in 1949. Russia tried to hide it but someway somehow America found out and made it public. America beat Russia again when it became the first country on Earth to invent the Computer and the Internet and when it became a leader in Microsoft and Apple technology. America reduced Russia to second fiddle in the World when the youngest American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy at only 42 forced Nikita Khrushchev into retreat when the young President compelled Russia to disassemble her nuclear weapons from Cuba in the backyard of America without firing a single shot.

I could go on and on to explain how America has always beaten Russia to the finished line in the World of Science, in the Nobel Peace Award at Oslo in Norway and for always claiming the highest number of Gold Medals in the Olympics.

But for once in the History of the World, Russia landed a knockout punch on America by putting her first sponsored American President in the White House. America is damn too embarrassed to admit it but it is now a "fait accompli" that nobody can dispute based on empirical facts that the current investigations into the Russian meddling in American Elections would clearly prove and based on intelligence reports from the best Intelligence experts in the world America.

Take it or leave it. It was a shocking upset victory that can be compared to Mohammed Ali's upset victory against Sonny Liston in their first Heavy weight Boxing bout at the Madison Square Garden Stadium in New York. It is a shocking upset victory that can be compared to my alma mater the great University of Connecticut Women Basketball Team's  loss to Mississippi State in a cliff hanger victory that saw Mississippi team wiping out a 21 point lead by UConn by a squeaker in the last few seconds of the game.  It is a UConn loss that would be remembered for a long time in Basketball History.

America must view the election of Donald Trump on the sponsorship of Russia in that prism. I never thought I would ever live to see Russians popping Champaign bottles to celebrate their success in electing their first American President. That was really painful  because I had thought America could never be that careless not to neutralize the move before it occurred.

Vladimir Putin wanted more defeats like that to show America the game is not over till it is over. Russia has successfully found a way to meddle in American Politics and to achieve her goal without detection in the nick of time. She has used the newly-found Russian transient superiority in Cyber Warfare and ruthless Espionage to collude with the first American candidate of a major Political Party who was open and willing to work with him to hit a home run on America.

Putin had found his own Gorbachev in Donald Trump and he went to work by making sure that Trump has emerged as the Republican nominee from a long list of 22 candidates who initially entered the race on the Republican side.

That Donald Trump won the nomination was Russia's number one victory against America. The number 2 was infiltrating the Republican Convention in Cleveland to ensure that the Republican adopt a platform favorable to Russia and her adventures in Ukraine and the Crimea. The number 3 was developing a covert operation and Disinformation Espionage and strategy that helped to demonize and blackmail Hillary Clinton while extolling the virtues of a con artist and ruthless business man named Donald Trump.

Nobody is alleging that Vladimir Putin and the KGB ever tampered with the results of the elections in any of the 50 States of America because that could never have been possible. What Russia did was to irredeemably damage Hillary Clinton beyond redemption to help Donald Trump win.

Some of us understand that elections are often lost or won before the first vote is cast in most third world countries like Nigeria and in Communist  countries like Russia or North Korea to mention a few where selection is what they do and where the Opposition is given no chance at all to win because the odds are seriously stacked against them from the "get go"

The real question now is whether or not Vladimir Putin was able to achieve his goal? I have to say yes because Donald Trump is President of the United States today by the special grace of Vladimir Putin and he has started praising and eulogizing Russia, saying and doing things that American Allies around the World could never have believed possible with previous American Presidents. Angela Merkel got a little taste of that when she had to go out of her way to beg for a handshake that Donald Trump was too reluctant or too arrogant to give.

America is in a big turmoil or disarray right now. That is what Putin wants and needs to achieve his own agenda. The newly American President is so unpopular 60 days into his presidency that he could not accept an invitation to go throw the first pitch at an American Football Game for fear he might be booed or stoned. Donald Trump felt so insulted yesterday that he angrily walked away from the Hall where he had gone to put his signature to an Executive Order right before television Cameras.

Russia is very much engaged today on destabilizing Ukraine and the European Union and there is Little America can do right now to help Ukraine because Donald Trump is President. Even though the Russian candidate had won and Hillary Clinton had lost by technical knockout, it has been one hell of the first 100 days for President Trump at home and overseas as he moved from one blunder to another and he tweets his way to oblivion.

The first showdown was in Yemen and the second was in Syria where the naked Emperor lost the propaganda war against ISIS. The encounter had ended with American troops starting an uproar that helped ISIS to claim a propaganda victory because they claimed, and rightly so, that Donald Trump had bombed the hell out of more than 100 innocent and defenseless civilians and children than the ISIS foot soldiers the troops were sent to kill. Donald Trump merely scored a Pyrrhic victory where America clearly lost more than he gained from that attack, all things considered.

Donald Trump has ignorantly described the current investigation into what Russia did and why as nothing more than a witch hunt without telling America who the witch is. The witch to most Americans is Vladimir Putin who has pulled an Espionage stunt that should be very troubling to the rank and file of Americans at home and abroad.

It therefore makes sense for America to want to get to the bottom of what happened, to stop further continuation and escalation of Russia meddling and destabilization of American Democracy and to ensure it never happens ever again.

The former Soviet Union had found herself in the same "Cul de sac" like America has found herself now. They did when Gorbachev came from nowhere to emerge as the President of the Soviet Union with some soft spot for America and the West. That was why Russia quickly got rid of Gorbachev only to replace him with the alcoholic Boris Yeltsin who also showed himself to be a stooge of the West.

Russia moved very quickly to get rid of Boris to settle for a KGB smooth operator in Vladimir Putin who is determined to pick up the pieces for Russia and finding a way to disrupt American Democracy and to put a candidate in the White House who can help Russia get to where she needs to be to remain competitive with America.

What Donald Trump and the 62 million voters out of 135 who participated in the 2016 election are too embarrassed to let the World know is what I am about to expose with this article.

It is the same point that the 306 out of 538 Electoral College handpicked candidates who voted for Trump at the Electoral College would want to sweep under the rug by all means but Americans must not let them.

The Trump supporters wish that the investigation going on in the Senate and in the House Committee on Intelligence must not focus on what Russia had done and how to prevent a reoccurrence.

What they want to know is who leaked the information about what Russia had done and how to criminalize and punish the leakers and the whistle blowers.

Donald Trump actually alleged that former President Barack Obama was among the leakers because he falsely claimed that Obama had wire-taped his residence in New York and had revealed classified information that endangered his security and the security of America. He wants Obama tried and put in jail for so doing but he has so far failed to provide the evidence to back up his claim.

He as the major culprit and the target of the investigations now wants America to be pursuing shadow while leaving the real substance and crux of the matter because he knows he is as guilty as Hell, and he does not want the whole world to know how he has managed to come from behind in the polls to score an upset victory against Hillary Clinton despite his losing the popular vote by close to 3 million.

What the nihilists in the Trump Camp are suggesting is nothing but an exercise in cover-up and distraction as I would show with the few remaining paragraphs of this article.

This article would also speak to how the confidence of American strategic Allies in the United Nations, in NATO and in the European Union and how their faith in American leadership has been badly eroded or shaken, and could negatively affect or shape their future relations with America in the foreseeable future and for as long as Donald Trump remains the President of the United States.

That exactly is what Vladimir Putin wants. He has succeeded in sowing the seed of discord among those Allies. With their back against the wall because of Donald Trump and his policies, those Allies like France and Germany, if not Britain might have no choice than to turn to Russia for some help and rescue mission now that a possible traitor is the current land lord of the White House. They are afraid and scared and they need assurances they are not getting from Trump who is in the pocket of Vladimir Putin as we speak.

If the NATO and the European Union fall apart, American leadership of those two giant Organizations would be so weakened therefore giving Russia a chance to fill up the vacuum.

It is insanity to me that those who are supporting Donald Trump are yet to fully understand that Trump has become a pawn in the Chess game of Vladimir Putin. They would fully understand it if there is no cover up like the one that Devin Nunes the Chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence is determined to propagate because it is now clear to all and sundry the man is secretly working for Donald Trump. He himself deserved to be investigated and sent to jail if found guilty of a cover-up for Trump.

Can you really blame Vladimir Putin for embarking on his mission to destabilize America? The resounding answer to that question is an emphatic "No" I believe I have as much stake in America as Donald Trump if not more. I am deeply concerned about what Russia has done to cripple America.

Vladimir Putin had sponsored WikiLeaks to start a relentless campaign of calumny and negative information on Hillary Clinton because he was scared of a Clinton victory and what that could mean for Russia and for him as the Russian leader because Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State was a thorn in his flesh.

He managed to fund the campaign of Donald Trump by wiring money to Donald Trump's Businesses going back more than 10 years as the Trump Tax Returns would easily show when it is released in support of the investigation. That is why Donald Trump is hell bent on not releasing those tax returns come rain or shine.

Donald Trump has once boasted in one of his stump speeches he would be the first American candidate to make profit from running for President win or lose. He mistakenly unmasked his collusion with Russia when he openly called on Russia to help him retrieve all of the missing E-mails of Hillary Clinton in a Freudian slip.

Steve Manafort, his campaign manager was allegedly paid 10 million per month by a Russian company with ties to Vladimir Putin for working without pay for Donald Trump. Sooner or later the investigations would reveal all of those dealings and helped to connect the dots of what actually happened and how the last Russian Ambassador Keyislak has been the center of the whole espionage during his tenure as Russian Ambassador to America.

Russia had used what is called "Reverse Targeting" in Espionage to avoid detection while all these scandals were going on. It was a method to get intelligence information about somebody or a country by focusing your attention not on that person or country but on people close to that person or on another country close to the country you are targeting.

Disinformation Espionage was a big part of that as no less than 139 of the Clinton Campaign staffers including Podesta were targeted by Russia in a relentless propaganda war during the primary season and during the main campaign for the White House. Putin helped Trump by spreading fake News about Hillary that cannot be traced back to him. The day Hillary got dehydrated and nearly fainted at a Public function to mark 9/11, Putin and Trump went to town spreading false News that Hillary was just too sick to be President and it worked very much against her in swing states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania she could easily have won.

KGB Putin in spite of all he did to help Trump still anticipated or left some room for a Hillary victory and  cripple Hillary from the "get go" if he ever got elected. If Clinton had won the Presidency, the Republican Majority in both Houses of Congress, would have initiated quick impeachment proceedings against her. She would not have been given a breathing space to govern. Putin is happy Hillary did not win, but their candidate Donald Trump now has a whole lot of questions to answer for his scandalous and treasonable victory.

Either way Putin wants to weaken America by micromanaging the man he has helped to put in the White House. The issue wasn't the point that Donald Trump won the election the issue was that the Democratic Party lost the election as beautifully summarized by Bernie Saunders in a recent speech.

My last point before I end this article is how to prevent a reoccurrence. The simple answer is for America to take the investigation very seriously and to take out partisan politics and posturing from the treasonable scandal Donald Trump has unleashed on America based on his desperation to become the President of the United States by force and by fire.

His collusion with Russia to undermine American Democracy is not a partisan issue. It is a serious national security problem for America and must be viewed as such.

If America does not fully understand what Russia has done to America, it can hardly take steps to prevent a reoccurrence in the future. America cannot solve a problem she does not understand.

The bottom line is for America is to get to the bottom of what happened and to device the ways and means to prevent a reoccurrence behind closed doors so America would not give Russia another leg up about what to do to neutralize whatever plans or response America may be planning to make.

I rest my case.

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