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USA Cannot be a Super Power Without Europe

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President Trump's first foreign trip as the US president directed the world's attention to Trump's world view: a pivot to the Mideast. It also showcased the beginning of the dissolution of NATO.

In Middle East, the red carpet was rolled out for Mr. Trump as the leaders of the Arab League gathered in Riyadh to welcome his team with bouquets. They celebrated the change which Trump's election signaled. Trump enjoyed his visit. And on to Jerusalem where an even more elaborate celebration was held.

It was, by all accounts, the best segment of the 9-day foreign travel.

It is a result full of ironies as it demonstrated how fickle the human mind is. No part of the world received as much ridicule from Mr. Trump as a candidate, and in his first days of Trump's administration, as the Arabs and Islamic religion. It took the courts and demonstrations by Americans to stop Mr. Trump's efforts to ban Muslims from entering USA. But here we find the President being hailed as a hero to the Arab course. Mr. Trump's allegiance to Israeli leadership has been on display for over a year.

What was the common bond? We will see if Iran explains everything. On the surface, it would seem that the messiah, the one to bring peace between Arabs and Israelis, is finally here. That would be quite an accomplishment should it happen.

Come with me now to the president's trip to Europe. Trump campaigned as the most Christian prince. He deplored the treatment of Christians by Muslims. He extolled the heroics of minority Christians fighting corrupt Muslim leaders and promising Armageddon on Muslims. His travel ban was a down payment of the evils he would unleash on Islamic countries. But when he got to the headquarter of Christendom in Rome, his reception was tepid at best

Another irony. What went wrong?

What went on in Rome was a mere harbinger of what happened in Brussels and Sicily. In these places, there were videos of actual pushing and shoving by heads of states led by Mr. Trump himself; there were refusals to shake extended hands; and finally scolding of NATO countries and leaders by Mr. Trump. The overall result was Mrs. Angela Merkel's frustration expressed by demanding that Europe should take caring for themselves into their own hands and not relying on USA. President Trump returned the favor by his own tweets that USA has been getting a raw deal in the relationship. Mr. trump refused to assert that an attack on one NATO nation is an attack on all NATO members.

America will not necessarily join if one NATO nation is attacked.

The implication of this statement is earth shaking or should be. It means that NATO is dead.

To the world America is the only Super Power in the world standing. This Super Power status is earned because the world sees America in the context of its NATO membership. On a one-on-one engagement USA cannot defeat Russia. US cannot defeat China and perhaps one or two more countries. Just as it did not win in Korea, in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, etc. It is with NATO behind her that US can overwhelm any country or any combination of countries in the world. Neither Russia nor China has comparable backing. If US detaches herself from NATO she will become just another strong country in the world.

Does Mr. Trump understand this? Does USA understand this?

Former President Reagan is credited with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Could it be that the current Russian ruler Vladimir Putin will succeed in dissolving NATO? That too would be an accomplishment. The Trump's administrations relationship with Russia is a subject of inquiry by an independent attorney, by both the senate and the House. Will anything come out of it. Will it come out soon enough to save NATO? Only time will tell.

Mr. Trump is on his way to becoming the best president US ever had if he is able to bring peace between the Arabs and the Israelis. Or becoming the worst president US ever had if he succeeds in weakening USA by pulling out of NATO and thereby helping Putin accomplish his most ambitious foreign policy wish.

We shall see.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

May 31, 2017

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Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba  currently lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.