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"TRUMPISM": Like a bad dream you don't ever want to remember

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We ordinary mortals on the Democrat side at least see "Trumpism" as nothing  short of a bad dream but I strongly believe that God Almighty who made it possible to begin with sees it differently because the Scriptures tell us that God uses the foolish things of the World to confound the wise. "Jehovah Jireh" "Jehovah Nissi". "Araba Nla to so ile Aiye ro" The mighty Force that holds the whole world together deliberately allowed Trump to emerge as the nominee out of a long list of better candidates the Republican Party could have nominated.

The Almighty God had done it to pave the way for Hillary to fulfill the purpose for which she was created. Many of us wondered aloud today as to why the Republicans allowed the monster to go that far in his race to the top of the ticket.

Yes the Republican Establishment saw it coming, but Mr. Trump had tapped into the frustration of some elements in the Party to keep himself going and he was wrongly believed by the Establishment to be rich enough to finance his own campaign without taking a dime from the Party or the donors. The Republican-dominated US Supreme Court by default had allowed that when they ruled there should be no limit to how much any candidate can spend on his campaign.

Smart Alec Donald Trump took undue advantage of that ruling when he himself boasted he was a Billionaire when his financial statements showed otherwise. It was his tax returns that would have given him away, but the Law as written has allowed him to lie that he could not release it because he was under an IRS audit.

I never for one moment believe that Donald Trump could ever emerge as the nominee of the Republican Party. Man proposes but God disposes. I was rooting for a Jeb Bush or a John Kasich and I wrote articles predicting that one of them would be the Republican nominee but I was proved wrong. God created Judas Iscariot to fulfil his purpose for Jesus. God allowed Trump to cross the Rubicon of the Republican primaries to make him the rich Goliath who would easily lose the war to a David in Hillary with better preparation, better experience and party organization, better judgment, better temperament and name recognition to easily put Trump away when all is said and done. That was God at work.

Donald J Trump the rabble rouser came from nowhere, changed all the rules and for the reasons I have explained above, miraculously emerged as the nominee of the Republican Party. The Party could not have chosen a worse candidate. Just like Barack Obama miraculously emerged in 2008 to pave the way for Hillary in 2017, God threw Donald Trump into the mix to make it that much easier for Hillary to laugh last and laugh best in this election.

The last ditch attempt the Republicans made to stop Trump had proved to be too little too late. The Republicans created the monster and they have got to live with him and shelve their plan to ever regain the White House any time soon. I ascribe all of that to the permissive will of God who knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end.

I made a statement long time ago in one of my articles. I said American voters in the final analysis quite often get it right when they enter those polling booths to pull the lever for the right candidate.

They pulled the lever for JFK instead of Richard Nixon. They did the same for Lyndon Johnson instead of Barry Goldwater. They chose Ronald Reagan instead of Jimmy Carter. They opted for Bill Clinton instead of George Bush Senior. They went for George Bush Junior instead of the highly decorated War hero John Kerry. They chose the Rookie Barack Obama instead of the War Hero and Prisoner of War named John McCain. They chose Obama instead of Mitt Romney.

They are surely going to do it in Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton who as far back as 1969 was adjudged by the unanimous judgment of her classmates at Wellesley College as the one most likely to one day emerge as the first woman President of the United States 46 years before any of us but God ever knew anything about it.

The development may not be significant to many of you reading this, but it is very significant to me as a Historian and someone who completely shares the Nancy Reagan instincts and superstitious inclination. Nancy never allowed her husband to go on any appointment without first getting clearance from her Horoscope juggernauts and palm readers.

I have been following Hillary and her husband since her husband's first run for President in 1992.

I have read all of the books written by the couple including the one titled, "It takes a Village" authored by Hillary herself. I read another book titled, "The Clintons: Their story in photographs" all  in preparation for the biography I was writing on Samuel Oluyemisi Falae, a former Nigerian Secretary to Government and former Minister of Finance  who narrowly lost the Presidency to Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999.

That was how I came to know so much about Hillary who in roughly a fortnight from now would be President-Elect-in-waiting and the first female Leader of the Free World by the special grace of God, if the espionage of the KGB and Vladimir Putin is not allowed to interfere with or derail the American elections as envisaged or expected by Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is raising treasonable doubts about the election because he has to know something that the rest of us don't yet know about. American Authorities therefore must not take anything for granted or pretend that the KGB would not try to disrupt the elections if they are able.

Some have described "Trumpism" as nothing more than a little bump on the road for Hillary but I beg to disagree. "Trumpism" backed by the KGB could turn out to be deadly. It therefore must be nipped in the bud before it does greater harm or put more unexpected obstacles on the path of the first woman ever to put 18 million cracks on the glass ceiling of male domination of American Politics.

Hillary lost narrowly to Barack Hussein Obama in 2008. Barack Obama was the John the Baptist of American Politics and the "Dream" that the great Martin Luther King had spoken so eloquently about before his assassination in 1963.

The year 2017 opens a new chapter for Women in American Politics that nobody can stop. I can tell you that Hillary would win this election but she would not be the last woman President. She would be followed many years down the road by another female President who would be drafted to run. My Crystal Ball tells me that other woman is going to be Michelle Obama. That is a subject for another day.

What I am about today is what is going to be the fate of "Trumpism" starting from the early hours of November 9 after Trump should have lost to Hillary in a landslide.

I dare predict here and now that "Trumpism" is going to be remembered only as a bad dream that many of us would like to forget. I know that the entertainer and the businessman in Trump might want to turn his huge disappointment into an appointment or opportunity by seeking to turn 'Trumpism" into a Movement. He would try but he would not succeed because he is not a Mahatma Gandhi or a Martin Luther King.

Some elements of "Trumpism" could be taken over by Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, John Kasich or Jeb Bush who would separate the wheat from the chaff and use whatever is left of "Trumpism" to rebuild and redefine the Republican Party in a way to rejuvenate or reinvigorate the grand old Party. The Party would need to do that if they ever hope to regain the White House again in 8 years or more because I have a premonition that Hillary would, most likely,  be a 2 term President.

Mr. Trump would have to quit politics altogether to devote all his energy to rebuilding his tattered image and reputation. He could float a Television Station of his own because he loves publicity too much. He would like to be a king maker now that it is clear to him he could never be King having made so many enemies in his first attempt. The man just lacks the judgment and the temperament to be President.

The winning streak Donald Trump often claims has been demystified for good by Hillary and her methodical preparation for the presidency. Even though Trump would always tell you he knows how to win, I can see he has suffered some spectacular losses in his life that he would not readily admit.

How could a man who had divorced 3 times and could be contemplating a fourth claim to be a winner?  How for goodness sake could a man who has filed no less than 6 bankruptcies in his life claim to be a winner?  How could a man who always prefer to settle a case out of Court and pay a heavy ransom any time he is backed into a corner ever claim to be a winner? I just don't get it.

Mr. Trump lost out in his bid to float an Airline. He lost out in his bid to build a fraudulent Trump University and may lose out again in a case filed against his Foundation by the Attorney General of New York because his Foundation was not properly registered to do business in New York.

He still has many cases pending against him in Court he is still going to settle out of Court to avoid embarrassment.  He is currently threatening to prosecute New York Times for publishing the allegations made against him by some women who have alleged that Trump groped or touched them in a sexually suggestive ways they did not like or appreciate.

The list has grown to 11 the last time I checked. Donald Trump who threatens to sue New York Times and his accusers is yet to file any case in Court against them till now. His campaign has right now hit the rock bottom and would stay there till November 8.

Donald Trump has suffered the worse humiliation and embarrassment of his life by losing to Hillary three times in their debate for the Presidency. The man is irredeemably damaged and he will go on to lose to Hillary on November 8. Hillary was right after all when she told the whole world, and rightly so that Trump lacks the character, the judgment, the temperament, the integrity and the brain power and the role model instincts to be President of the United States.

Donald Trump is already sensing defeat. He is now looking for somebody to blame other than himself. Whatever he is doing right now is sheer bravado. If you discount whatever assistance the KGB has promised him in this election, there is nothing left.

It is now common knowledge that Vladimir Putin has been hoping to use Trump to destabilize America just like he strongly believed that America had used Gorbachev to destabilize the defunct Soviet Union. All those Cyberattacks the KGB had planned to use to manipulate American elections have become known to those computer wizards at Silicon Valley and the CIA and would be neutralized with effortless ease before they do any lasting damage to the November elections.

It's all over for Donald Trump.

I rest my case.

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