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Trump want to repeal and replace Obamacare with Voter Suppression and Massive Deregulation as his Ultimate Goal

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If you are looking for just one reason why the racist elements of the Republican Party are supporting Donald Trump despite his pathological lies and delusional personality and collusion with KGB Vladimir Putin of all people, and why they desperately wanted to regain the White House by any means in 2016, this article is a must read for you.

If they ever credit a black President, Barack Obama and the Democrats with universal medical coverage for all Americans which they have written off as Socialized Medicine and therefore dead on arrival, they would have forfeited their right to ever win the White House again even though they could still continue to win in a majority of the 50 states of America. That was why they have sworn to repeal and replace Obamacare and ready to die for doing so. They are ready to work with the Devil to get the job done.

They reluctantly came aboard the sinking boat of Donald Trump because they are counting on Trump to help them kill Obamacare and to "take their country back" thru his massive deportation and deregulation, and tax cutting policies, and a return to America before Abraham Lincoln's  Emancipation Proclamation which was the beginning of the end for White domination of America .

Abe Lincoln is today ranked by acclamation and consensus as the greatest American President that ever lived and the French people helped American to rubberstamp his transformation of America when they gave America the Statute of Liberty now located at Ellis Island overlooking the New York Harbor and Skyline in Manhattan, the Real Estate Capital of the World. But to the ultra-racist white supremacists in America, who permeate the Republican Party, Abe Lincoln was a traitor but they dared not say it loud anywhere in liberal America because they would be lynched. They therefore decided to go along to get along but in their mind they would have wished that Abe Lincoln did not level the playing field for Blacks, for Hispanics, for Asians and other immigrants who came in droves to America and still continue to come.

Donald Trump's ultimate goal is to transform America from a multi-cultural into a mono cultural and mono racist country like Russia, China and North Korea despite their Communist ideology which most Republicans would tell you they hate behind closed doors but there are a few elements within them who want to keep America only for the Whites alone once the original owners the Red Indians have been decimated and rendered powerless and impotent.

Those few elements were terribly traumatized and shocked to see a black man come to the White House only because Democracy is a game of numbers. They don't want another black man or Hispanic or minority ever again in the White House. That is why Hydrocephalus Donald Trump who led the group often referred the Columbia and Harvard trained Constitutional lawyer tenure in the White House as a disaster. I cannot for the life of me understand how an empty barrel of a Watson School of Business product as Donald Trump can ever disrespect any Ivy League product. Donald Trump has gone around telling his supporters in the basket of Deplorable in racial Discrimination that Barack Obama was born in Kenya but smuggled to America and that Barack and Michelle got to Harvard thru a back door. He clearly forgot that Barack came from Columbia and Michelle came from Princeton. I don't know what School of Modelling his First Lady attended before she was smuggled to America.

Republicans like many Christians want to go to Heaven but they don't want to die. Republicans appreciate the value and the appeal of Democracy and Capitalism but never their latitude, their discipline, their empathy and compassion and their tolerance for the Freedom of Expression and the true meaning of "We the People" as defined by the American Constitution, the  8th Wonder of the World.

The Democrats made a horrendous mistake in the 2016 Presidential Election they were expected to win by a landslide because they took too much for granted. They like most political pundits, myself included, actually thought that victory was already in the bag. Democrats and Hillary became too complacent and over confident that the Republicans were surely going to lose because they were on the wrong side of all of the issues that should determine the outcome of the Presidential election in particular.

They knew like the greatest American Speaker, Tip O'Neil of Massachusetts that all Politics are local but they horribly miscalculated and they were totally sloppy in responding to the suspicion that the KGB Vladimir Putin was secretly collaborating with Trump and many in his inner circle to hack the Democratic Leadership Council and using Disinformation Espionage to give the Democrats a false sense of security so they won't see the need to double-check the information they were getting.

President Obama had waited damn too late to climb down hard on Vladimir Putin for his attempts to destabilize American Democracy.  Hillary should never have lost Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania by a narrow margin had President Obama and the Democrats heed the advice of political wizards like Michael Moore and Howard Dean who did not want the 50 state Strategy dismissed with the wave of the hand.

They focused all their energy on winning at the big states like California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts  and mega cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco ,New York, Chicago, Miami and Boston and Philadelphia while totally neglecting the rural areas and the country side.

The Republicans and most especially Donald Trump saw a big opening in that mistake and they took full advantage of it by furthering luring the Democrats into a false sense of security by secretly making overtures to the Russians not so much because they loved Communist Russia but because most of them secretly admired why and how the Russians have managed to shut out the minorities and immigrants  from coming to their country and how they have managed to keep the few immigrants they let in to never come anywhere near the corridors of power.

The Republicans In their desperation to "take their country back" were ready to work and dine with the Devil, bury the hatchet with KGB Russia to learn and emulate some of the strategies that have worked so well for them. They embark on massive voter suppression to keep the Liberals at bay and to make it impossible for a black or Hispanic k or any minority to ever become President again in America.

They justify their goal by quoting Winston Churchill when he said, "It is no use saying we are trying our best, you have got to succeed in doing what is necessary" In their convoluted mind Trump and the racist elements who passionately support him believe that voter suppression and massive deregulation and gerrymandering and Redistricting and suppression of Free Press are the way to go. If Russia, China and North Korea are able to do it so can America. But what they forget that America is neither Russia nor China and our value system and our role in the World are totally different.

They have argued that change doesn't occur in the absence of the political will to make it happen. Yes they are right about that but not when you clean the swamp only to put more alligators and crocodiles in like Trump has been doing with the firing of political appointees in the Justice Department like Indian-born Preet Bharara who is set to investigate Donald Trump's criminal behavior pre and post his election as President.

Bharara was a no-nonsense US federal attorney who scared the hell out of Wall Street because of his integrity and independence streak and could easily have nailed Donald Trump as an insider who knew his onions and whose integrity is unimpeachable come rain or shine.

Their lightening rod to get the job done for the Republicans  is Donald Trump who has been the most vocal champion for the white supremacists when he tried to delegitimize the first black President whose agenda and popular appeal were going to make it impossible for the Republicans to ever regain the White House.

The king pin of their strategy is something they have been very successful at doing in the last 50 years because the Democrats not paying enough attention. The name of the strategy is Voter Suppression and Gerrymandering and Redistricting to put minority and immigrant voters at a disadvantage to be able to alter the outcome of elections in most of their stronghold in the South and a few places in the North.

It is a clandestine way to keep most of the Democratic- leaning voters from having a chance to vote in most elections using subterfuge that would not be so obvious to the Democrats except the very smart ones like Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren and individuals like Bernie Saunders and Al Sharpton, and liberal Media like the CNN Ace reporters like Fareed Zakaria, Christiana Amanpour, Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Poppy Harlow  and MSNBC and their Ace reporters like Razor blade sharp Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthew Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell and Joy Reid to mention a few. Donald Trump constantly tries to use his power as President to discredit them and to totally destroy their credibility. Very soon he would start repealing and replacing Laws that protect them from prosecution and harassment.

That is why he is now talking of using the Republican majority in both Houses of Congress to pass laws he would be more than willing to sign into Law just to put the Media and the leakers and whistle blowers in chains like is done in Russia  and many of the totalitarian regimes around the World.

The long list of such leakers and whistle blowers includes late Night Talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Steve Cobert, and Kimmel and many of the geniuses like Alec Baldwin on the Saturday Night Live Shows and Hollywood stars in California and the liberals  and Gays and Lesbian  groups scattered all over the country but more so in the densely populated  urban centers like Los Angeles,  San Francisco Silicon Valley, New York , Miami, Fort Lauderdale in Florida, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland Ohio, Boston, Newark, New Jersey, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio Texas to mention a few.

Republicans all jumped aboard his ship once he crossed the Rubicon of the Primary season and they were very pleased how he was able to get the Soviet Union and WikiLeaks to go after their Nemesis in Bill and Hillary  Clinton who the Russians blamed for being the brains behind the fall of the Soviet Union and the dismemberment of the Warsaw Pact as a counter force to NATO, and Western Alliance like the  European Union which was created or sponsored and funded by America and few of her allies like Britain. France and Germany

Vladimir was looking for a chance to find his own Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin in the West to destabilize American and Western Democracy and they found a willing tool in Donald Trump. Republicans all forgot, however, that Putin is not a leader to be taken lightly in the world of Espionage. There is no doubt as we are now finding out that Putin has helped Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson to become President and Secretary of State by force and by fire.

Vladimir Putin has enough information and ammunition he could use to destroy both of them if for any reason they tried to pull a fast one on him and if they failed to deliver on any of their "Quid pro quo" promises to him. Donald Trump is only thinking of now and never on the future consequences of many of his actions or decisions. His policy is live for now and let tomorrow take care of itself. America would cross that bridge after they reach it. There is no room in the Trump World for the kind of team building with American traditional Allies for more than 100 years.

Trump only trusts his own judgments. He only responds to his own feelings about things and he thinks he is smarter than anyone else. He doesn't know what he is doing as brilliantly captured by Michael Lewis in his newly published book titled" The Undoing Project"

I want to end this article the way I started it  that permanently  keeping the white House in the control of the Republicans by rigging future elections ever before the first vote is cast is part of the ultimate goal of Donald Trump and the Republicans. Repealing and replacing Obamacare the greatest accomplishment of the Democrats in close to half a century is designed to achieve that. Other Voter Suppression strategies include currying the favor of Jews, the largest voting Block in America while declaring war on Blacks and Hispanics and other minorities and making it harder for them to vote or be voted for.

They figure it out that many of those poor immigrants would have no choice but to die if most of them are denied medical coverage or if they are given mere pittance of a tax rebate on their annual salaries and left on their own to go buy Insurance on their own unlike what obtains under Obamacare where Insurance Companies cannot refuse to cover them and where Hospitals cannot refuse them treatment under penalty of the Law.

No less than 20 million would again lose their coverage under Trumpcare in addition of course to the 26 million which were not covered before now by Obamacare. All in all no less than 46 million to 50 million American would have to go back to the status quo before Obama became President. Trump and the Republicans do not have the best interest of the poor and the down-trodden in America at heart based on all of the above analysis. Mending the existing Obamacare with legislation to make it better would have been the way to go. The Slave Emancipation and the Social Security Legislations by Abe Lincoln and FDR were not perfect when they were first signed into Law but they were all improved upon by subsequent Legislations and Amendments.

Republicans and Donald Trump must not be allowed to throw out the baby with the bath water. That is exactly what they are doing. It is going to blow up on their faces sooner or later. The whole nation must not let them succeed.

Need I say anything more?

I rest my case.

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