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Trump the King of Sleaze and a bundle of contradictions and Duplicity.

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Donald Trump lacks the capacity to differentiate between the Truth and Falsehood. It is baffling that America now has a President who is out to seek immediate gratification and congratulations for his platitudes and marketing genius than any concrete achievements or enduring legacies that would touch other peoples' lives other than his own. His insatiable lust for money and self-praise and self-aggrandizement is larger than life. His flammable temperament and his dictatorial inclinations and tendencies make him the wrong person to lead a nation of immigrants and a rainbow coalition of interests and ethnicity. I quit writing about him for some time due to Trump fatigue and because I have come to the conclusion he is irredeemable.

President Trump and his base support are yet to fully understand that because some behaviors in Government are legal on paper does not make it right or ethical. Most British politicians understand that prism as a rule and they all defer to that principle without being pushed or coerced. That explains why a dubious character like Donald Trump could under never have emerged as a nominee of either the Labor or the Conservative Party in Great Britain under any circumstance. I lived and schooled in London and I knew that for a fact.

The British do not have a written Constitution and they do not need one because they all subscribe, first and foremost, to what is fit and proper in a decent and civilized society governed by the Rule of Laws which are formulated and legislated in the Mother of Parliament while the Judiciary is left to interpret those Laws and the members of the 4th Estate of the Realm otherwise called the Media have a duty to keep everything in check and to expose, publicize and ostracize any violators of the Law regardless of their status or position in society.

Not even His Royal Majesty the King or Queen of England talk less of politicians and legislators in the House of Commons and the prestigious House of Lords are exempted. Any British Prime Minister who loses a vote of confidence on the floor of the Parliament immediately calls for a new Election to test and renew his mandate with the electorates. You don't have such discipline and decency that in American Politics hence charlatans like Donald Trump can remain in power for 4 years unless he is impeached or forced to resign.

It is not against the Law in Britain or America to lie or shade the truth or speak in hyperbole if you are not under oath like Donald Trump has done times without number without losing any sleep. He would long have been forced to quit or resign in Britain, if he were Prime Minister just to save the country of any further embarrassment. It is a different ballgame, however, in the United States, and more so, ever since Donald Trump became President.

The new normal under the Trump Presidency is to lie as often as possible with a bold face or to quickly turn the table on those accusing you. Donald Trump is quick to label his detractors and critics as disseminators of fake News or alternative truth whatever that means. He very quickly turned against San Juan Mayor of Puerto Rico for raising needed alarm that her people are dying due to the sloppiness and the logistical inertia of Federal Authorities who clearly got a leg-up from accurate Weather Forecast in America and should have been better prepared to anticipate another Katrina and to take preemptive action ahead of time to be ready for the Hurricane Holocaust that had done so much havoc to Puerto Rico and Virgin islands. The Mayor was the truth teller in that context and the American President was simply the Braggadocio King of Sleaze to say the least.

Donald Trump praises himself if no one would praise him and he raises empty expectation, by talking in superlatives and cheap hyperbole. He is deeply troubled in his mind about how he got to the White House but cannot afford allow that truth to show in his body language as he tries to make the best of very bad situation while praying that somehow people will not take notice.  He is still surviving by his boot straps because the Republican Party that has more or less condoned his treasonable felony with Vladimir Putin and the KGB has lost its moral compass and values because the Party has been crippled by indecision and vacillation on what to do about their own Nebuchadnezzar in the White House.

I cannot help but wonder as I write this piece about what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had actually won the election as expected and predicted in most opinion polls in America and around the world. Donald Trump who had threatened he would not have conceded defeat because he was so sure his collusion with the KGB which had gone undetected by Obama would simply have meant that the election had been rigged in favor of Hillary. He could not anticipate losing the Electoral College tally in particular based on what he and his collaborators had done in the 5 swing states of America.

Most people, myself included, had thought he was just bluffing when he made those threats but it is now crystal clear from his behavior close to one year after his miraculous victory that he would have created a Constitutional crisis and turned the Presidency into a living Hell if Hillary had managed to win.

He predictably would have gone to the Supreme Court now dominated by the Republicans to dispute the election and he would have used his criminal collusion with the Russian to further muddy the waters for Hillary by relying on Cyber Espionage which had been perfected by the KGB as we are now finding out in a drip- drip scenario from all of the investigations being conducted by the Media, the Congressional Hearings and by Robert Mueller the Independent Prosecutor about  any role Putin and the KGB might have played  in helping Trump to win. Hillary would not have been able to govern had she found some way to win the Electoral College tally as well as the popular vote which she clearly won by more than 3 million votes.

Trump had won by relying heavily on the KGB which had used Facebook, WikiLeaks and falsified Tweeter accounts to target millions of Clinton voters in the 5 swing states of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania to turn the table on Hillary.

The facts are now gradually coming out in bits and pieces, and we now know how Vladimir Putin had managed to put Donald Trump in the White House by working hand in hand with some criminally-minded individuals like Manafort and few American institutions and collaborators to destabilize and undermine Democracy in a move that would go down in infamy.

What are most troubling in the development are two pertinent observations. The first is the willingness of the Republican Party to play along with Donald Trump and to coronate him as their nominee even when they had cause to suspect from day one that he was a crook and a pathological liar who had used the same strategy he had used to torpedo Hillary, to earlier on flush out all of the17 more trustworthy Republican candidates that ran against him like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Paul Rand, Ted Cruz and John Kasich to mention a few.

The second was the reluctance and the mistake of President Obama and the Democrats to correctly read the tea leaf at the nick of time and to expose the Russians once it became clear that the 17 American Intelligence Agencies thru intelligence intercepts had detected Russian Espionage to hack the American elections and more so the Democratic Headquarters and to undermine American Democracy from the top by putting their stooge in the White House.

The Obama Administration and the Clinton Campaign by extension had underrated the Russian collusion and conspiracy with the Trump Campaign team to make Hillary lose by putting all of their eggs in one basket and all of their hopes on opinion polls.

The KGB clearly saw that and they put in motion some clandestine strategies to give Hillary and the Democrats a false sense of security that Hillary was going to win by a landslide and that explained why Donald Trump had begun to fly the kite that if he lost, he would never concede defeat. Either way, Vladimir Putin and the KGB would have achieved their goal thru their rear guard action. They knew that if America was in turmoil, Russia would remain free to pursue its Geo political ambitions and competition with America without let or hindrance.

That is why Chris Matthews is exactly right when he continues to ask what is the strategic urgency of the Trump's plans and policies in North Korea, in Iran, in Afghanistan, in NATO, in the Ukraine and Crimea and in wanting to reverse all of the policies that had worked so well to guarantee Peace around the world for America and her Allies for close to a century?

The man who campaigned on draining the swamp is doing the exact opposite by importing a few more alligators and crocodiles of his own by appointing a few more millionaires like him like Minuchin and Price with so much conflict of interest like him and who have no problems at all taking undue advantage of their position in Government under a President with no moral scruples and who believes he can do no wrong at all, because he is far smarter than any of his predecessors.

Donald Trump himself has become the Swamp indiscriminately using the Air Force One and renting his 5 star Hotels at exorbitant prices to his Cabinet members and billing the Federal Government 5 times the price per night. At the rate Trump he is going and combined with all of the Havoc done to America by the Hurricanes, there is no telling where all these financial Hemorrhage is going to leave America if the man survives in office for 4 years,

Trump claimed to know more than all of the American Generals combined and there is no smarter negotiator than him anywhere in the world. He strongly believes he is the only one with enough brains and guts to put Vladimir Putin in his place by first making overtures him and rewarding him for helping him to achieve his goal to be President of the United States. He remains the only one in America who can tame Vladimir Putin and suddenly stop him and his KGB from going ahead to undermine and compromise Democracy. Putin has seen vulnerability in America that he could continue to exploit. The stench of Corruption in the Trump Administration is fast becoming unbearable and unsustainable because Trump is taking a script from Vladimir Putin.

That is why America needs to get to the bottom of the Russian hacking of American elections to prevent a reoccurrence in the future. Vladimir Putin's success in America has emboldened him to want to try the same thing in Great Britain, in France and more recently in Germany where Angela Merkel quickly moved to neutralize Russia and its plan to sabotage the German election just like he did to the French election.

Donald Trump does not tell the truth on anything. He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare as his first order of business and to extend medical coverage to all Americans including those with pre-existing conditions and illnesses. It has turned out to be a cock and bull story all the way. He is now promising a Tax Reform but what he is proposing is a Tax Giveaway to one percent of the richest people in America.

Donald Trump has been talking about how well the Relief efforts have been going in embattled Puerto Rico which has been devastated by Hurricane Maria, praising himself and his Administration while the eye witnesses on the ground on the Island and Virgin Island tell a completely different story as told on television by San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz who is now begging Donald Trump to save her people from imminent death and to stop putting a lipstick on a pig like he has been doing telling bogus lies and making the whole world believe his Administration has been performing wonders in Puerto Rico.

US Naval Floating Hospital Ship is just been dispatched to Puerto Rico today from Virginia clearly 8 days after the horrendous devastation of three and a half million citizens of America who are busy crying for help as we speak.

It is almost like Trump took his foot off the gas by blaming logistical problems for his dereliction of duty. Puerto Ricans who live in the Commonwealth are not allowed to vote in American elections and they do not participate in the Electoral College Tally. Only the over one million that live in Florida and the few millions that live in New York and other states of America are granted the right to vote in American elections. Their voices don't count as far as Donald Trump is concerned. The day of reckoning will surely come just like Katrina became the worst yard stick for judging the Bush Presidency for all of his 8 years in office.

I end this piece with my major concern on the danger of dismissing what Vladimir Putin had done to America in the last elections as a witch hunt and "Nothing burger" as Donald Trump and some of his blind loyalists in the Republican Party would have us believe because they strongly believe the same strategy could forever keep power in the hands of the Republican Party because the KGB are never going to let go as warned all of us by the CIA. They are going to repeat what they did because it has been so effective and successful.

Party bickering usually must stop at the Water's edge but Donald Trump does not understand that. The new Republican mantra is hear no evil and see no evil as long as the Russian meddling favors their Party. It is now known that the Russia Meddling goes far deeper than the Clinton versus Trump.

I used to think a whole world of Mr. Zuckerberg and how individuals like him and late Steve Job have revolutionized Cyber Technology like the Apple computers, Facebook and Tweeter Accounts and WhatsApp applications around the globe. Establishing improvised and mini television studios used to be a capital intensive proposition before the You Tube Technology came into prominence. Today you could start a podcast of your own in the comfort of your living room and be able to reach millions around the world in a video and audio presentation free of charge.

The Russians clearly saw that and they decided to work with Zuckerberg and WikiLeaks  to obtain personal data of voters most especially in the swing states of America and to disseminate fake News that carried the potential to completely alter the landscape for candidate they hated because they knew she would not betray or sell America for monetary gain . They used that strategy to infiltrate the American elections and to put Donald trump in the White House. Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief remains till tomorrow the greatest defender and apologist for Russia.

Where that development leads America still remains to be seen if America does not get to the bottom of what happened. We are all trusting on Robert Mueller to help establish all of the facts by connecting the dots of the greatest scandal and embarrassment the country has ever suffered in the hands of Russia. Many will surely go to jail and the Trump Presidency will come to an abrupt end. It is a prediction

I rest my case.

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