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Trump & Putin's Lovefest & It's Ramifications.

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Putin andTrump Putin andTrump

Even though America is arguably too embarrassed to admit it, it is now widely known or speculated by Intelligence experts like Michael Steel of Britain who prepared the powerful dossier that may yet help America to nail the speculation that the Trump/Putin lovefest, co-operation and collusion may have been far criminally intrusive than initially envisaged.

Both Mr. Steel and Malcolm Nance, the Director of Terror Asymmetric Project and FBI Director James Comey have all stated that Russia may have quietly caught up with America or beaten America to second place in Cyber Technology just like Russia did when she became the first country in the World to launch Yuri Gagarin, the first human being into Space.

Mr. Comey added that Russia has been uncharacteristically loud about their newly acquired power and intention. He believed that Russia had wanted to serve notice to America and to the other permanent members of the UN Security Council about her newly acquired power and leverage.

If Russia has used Cyber Espionage to hack American elections or to undermine American Democracy or to help Donald Trump become President without detection, what else could Russia not do to intimidate America or any of her European Allies?

If that becomes the self-fulfilling prophesy, one can easily understand why many of those countries might want to move closer to Russia or seek Russian cooperation and friendship to the detriment of America.

It is rumored that Russia has now acquired the capability to tap into any secret and classified document sent thru the Internet all over the World and can manipulate the information any way she wants like she successfully did to some of the e-mails of John Podesta as Chairman of the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President. She used the capability to blackmail Hillary and to use Disinformation Espionage  to make the Clinton Camp feel complacent not to worry at all about using the 50 State Strategy that Howard Dean had developed as the Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council.

Russia had used the capability to knock the heads of Bernie Saunders and Hillary Clinton so Hillary would never think of picking either Saunders or Elizabeth Warren as running mate. Such a move would have guaranteed the victory of Hillary in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania which Hillary was expected to win easily. Even though Hillary had won the popular vote by 3 million she lost the Electoral College tally by fewer than 150 votes to make Trump the President by "Orinoco Abracadabra" which says "the more you look the less you see" like Houdini or Professor Peller, Nigerian greatest magician  would have proclaimed.

The capability simply means that Russia could easily access any official document ever typed by computer or sent by e-mail by any leakers and whistleblowers all over the World and twist that information to satisfy her own whim and caprices as a Super Power. That was how Vladimir Putin succeeded in making Donald Trump the President of America by force and by fire.

That same capability is what Vladimir Putin has been using to track down and murder all enemies of his Regime in Russia and anywhere in the World. Putin could predictably pass such technology or espionage capability to Donald Trump, so he too could start using the same device and capability to secretly go after and eliminate his perceived enemies anywhere in the World just like Putin has been doing to all of his critics and rivals in Russia. One of them was just thrown out from the 4th floor of an Apartment building in Moscow. Another was killed with a poisoned umbrella to go die a slow death that anyone could not trace back to Putin.

Tell me your friend and I will tell you who you are.  The Yorubas in our wisdom and our rich language  says and I quote "Aguntan to ba  b'Aja rin, o ti dandan ko j'egbe" it simply means a sheep that hobnobs or keeps the company of a dog could end up eating human vomit like dogs do in rural areas in Africa.

The lovefest between Putin and Trump which is currently under investigation, if confirmed, could predictably spell disaster for America and the rest of the World. Putin is a Communist KGB smooth operator who for 17 years now has held one leadership position or the other as KGB Leader, as Prime Minister and now President of Russia.

Donald Trump on the other hand has been a Real Estate magnate and businessman for much of his adult life before his election as President on January 19th in 2017 with some covert help from Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump has criticized other world leaders and traditional allies of America but not once has he criticized Vladimir Putin. Let me state upfront, that American leaders developing friendship with other world leaders is nothing new in Geo Politics. But a capitalist leader falling in love with a Communist leader is a rarity in World Politics unless they are pulled together by a common enemy like happened when American President FDR, British Prime minister Winston Churchill and  Russian Leader Sterling were forced by circumstances beyond their control to briefly team up to defeat Adolf Hitler.

Leaders of similar ideological persuasion are the ones that develop a lasting friendship like the one between President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill, the British war time Prime Minister who had used his friendship with FDR to persuade FDR and America to help Europe to defeated Adolf Hitler in the Second World War that lasted from 1939 to 1945.

President Ronald Reagan became the ideological soulmate of Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister in similar circumstance.  The bond between them had led to America lending full support to Britain in her short War against Argentina over Falkland Islands. Iron Lady Thatcher and Ronald Reagan remained bosom friends till their death.

By the same token President William Jefferson Clinton developed a life-long friendship with Yitzchak Rabin the great Israeli Prime Minister. The friendship had led to the strengthening of the Camp David Peace Accord that President Jimmy Carter had earlier on signed with Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin to promote a lasting peace between Israel and Egypt.

George Bush Junior had told America he had a positive feelings in his guts about Vladimir Putin the first time he met him and he felt he could do business with him or trust him just like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher once said about Gorbachev the Soviet Union Leader who went on to fulfil their expectation when he initiated his "Perestroika" the restructure of the Soviet union in a way that did not threaten the peace of the World or the strategic interest of America and her Allies.

By the same token, President Barack Obama the first black President had developed a lasting friendship borne out of mutual respect with Angela Merkel the powerful German Chancellor who became the prima facie leader of the European Union, and a strong ally of America. The friendship did not in any way threaten the peace and security of their two countries and their strategic interest in the World their way of life or their democratic Government and their Capitalist ideology.

The friendship between Putin and Trump is like the love between the fox and the chicken or the friendship between the cat and the mouse. It is a lovefest they both deny in public. Trump would tell you he has never met Putin and Putin will tell you he has never and will never meddle in American Politics to voluntarily help Trump.

They are both pathological liars who love to cover their trail. They are like "Olokose" and "Omude" in Yoruba Mythology. "Olokose" the husband does not copulate in the day time and his wife "Omude" does not copulate at night.  They claim to be 2 parallel lines that would never meet.

I dare to say that the unholy lovefest between Putin and Trump has serious ramifications for American interest and American allies around the globe. I therefore strongly support the need for America to now appoint an independent prosecutor to handle the investigation about whether or not Vladimir Putin ever had a role to play in hacking the last American elections and their possible motivation for so doing.

The Senate Committee and the House Committee on Intelligence which have oversight responsibility to do the investigation have done a fairly credible job until recently when Congressman Nunes of California, the Chairman of the House Committee has started betraying his partisanship by playing the role of a spy  for the White House. He has become a lap dog for the White House rather than faithfully discharging his duties and responsibilities as a watch dog to keep the Executive Branch in check in strict compliance with the Separation of Powers as clearly stated in the American Constitution.

Congressman Nunes cannot approbate and reprobate at the same time. He cannot be the Judge and the Accused in his own case. He has irredeemably damaged his own credibility. He therefore cannot remain the Chairman of that Committee when it is now clear he has been leaking information to the White House without the knowledge of any one in his Committee including his ranking member Adam Schiff who as a member of the Gang of 8 in Congress is allowed to have access to the same information the Chairman receives.

Congressman Delvin Nunes has been guilty of serious dereliction of Duty and disloyalty that totally impugns his integrity and disqualifies him as Chairman of the Committee. His perfidy speaks to the urgent need to appoint an independent prosecutor with the statutory powers, the adequate number of staff and "sub poena" powers to carry out the investigation within a specified time frame.

That Delvin Nunes has scheduled a Hearing and cancel or postpone it without telling his ranking member. He is definitely trying to cover up for the President and his public statement has confirmed that. He openly confessed at a recent Press Conference that he knew the President had taken a hit from the first open Hearing of his Committee.

That he could commit such a Freudian slip was a fatal error on his part and a proof that his chairmanship of the Committee has been irredeemably compromised in Law and in the Court of Public opinion. His Committee can no longer continue the investigation as clearly and rightly stated by Senator John McCain and all the Democrats on the Committee.

Americans from both sides of the isle must reserve the right to get to the bottom of the investigation. The Republican President is the target of the Investigation today tomorrow it could be a Democratic President. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. Delvin Nunes is a leaker by racing to the White House to leak classified information to the President without the knowledge of any of his Committee members.

There are no two ways about it. Delvin Nunes has to recuse himself as Chairman and lend his voice to the quest for an independent prosecutor if he has nothing to hide. If he fails to do that he must be forced as a public figure to resign his job as Chairman because his integrity has been badly compromised.

I cannot stress the point enough. Media juggernauts like CNN Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Poppy Harlow Errol Louis, and Fareed Zakaria to mention a few have said the same thing. MSNBC whistleblowers like Joe Scarborough and his colleague Micah, Chris Matthew, Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, Michael Steel and Malcolm Nance have all said the same thing.

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell have been phenomenal in their articulation of why an independent prosecutor is now urgently required to get to the bottom of the investigation. They have all made the case better than I can ever make it. Americans should support them one hundred percent. Speaker Ryan who claims to be above board like Caesar's wife must do the same with immediate effect and automatic alacrity.

The final point that bothers me the most as I put finishing touches to this write-up is the fact that Donald Trump as President of the United States might now start to use his bully pulpit to start doing everything his bosom friend Vladimir Putin has been teaching him to do.

He might start going after his perceived enemies named above and start taking them out one by one as Putin has been doing to all of his critics in Russia and elsewhere around the World. If that happens, none of the individuals named above will be safe and that is going to be a drastic departure from the America the whole world has come to know and admire.

It was mind-boggling to me when Donald Trump once admitted on television cameras that America has been known to use the same techniques Vladimir Putin has been using to eliminate his enemies. That could only means he would have no qualms using the same techniques if he has his back turned against the wall.

That is the scary part and that should scare the hell out of all of you reading this. I do know for a fact that America had been rumored in the past to be involved in the death or the fall of African leaders like Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Samora Machel, Moammar Ghadafi, Osagiefo Kwame Nkrumah, Sylvanus Olympio, Sekou Toure, Murtala Mohammed, Sani Abacha, and Idi Amin Dada or Yassar Arafat to mention a few, but I have never witnessed any American President openly admit that in defense of his Russian counterpart. Never!

It was a first in American history that tells me loud and clear that Americans ought to get to the bottom of the investigation that Trump and Putin's lovefest may have gone over the top to the detriment of America.

Need I say anything more?

I rest my case.

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